How To Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation – A Helpful Guide!

TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit RouterProtecting ourselves and our families from WiFi Radiation is something that more and more people around the world are getting concerned about. I get so many questions on the topic that I decided I needed to devote a whole article to it. Below I will list the basic steps out in list form, and then I will explain each step later in the article.

To protect yourself from WiFi Radiation Follow These Steps:

  1. Don’t Live Near A Large Cell Tower
  2. Paint Home Exterior With EMF Radiation Shielding Paint
  3. Hard Wire The Internet In Your Home
  4. Install A WiFi Router Guard
  5. Install A Smart Meter Guard

In the remainder of this article I am going to first talk briefly about the dangers of WiFi Radiation, and then I will get into the details of the various options you have in protecting yourself completely from it.

WiFi Radiation Dangers

Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi RouterWiFi Radiation is a form of electromagnetic spectrum in the microwave portion of the spectrum. Microwaves are the upper half of the Radio Frequency (RF) portion of the spectrum to be more specific. This is a non-ionizing part of the spectrum. I said a whole bunch there that is confusing if you are not familiar with it. Just know that a WiFi router emits the same non-ionizing radiation that a cell phone, Bluetooth, or cell tower emits. They function at various frequencies but it is all withing the same portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is all variations of the same type of radiation in other words.

There are literally multiple hundreds of peer reviewed non biased scientific studies performed by scientists and doctors from all over the world that have linked this form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation to things like crib death, cancer, DNA (unwinding) damage (especially in infants and fetuses, and infertility. I have links to many of these studies on the Scientific Studies page of this website.

On that page I also have a couple of really informative videos by an expert in this field. He is a British Physicist by the name of Barrie Trower. He has studied the dangerous effects of microwave radiation starting as a young man in the military and throughout his career as a professor.

In 2011 the World Health Organization was finally forced to classify this form of non-ionizing radiation as possibly carcinogenic. And Kevin Mottus of the US Brain Tumor Association has stated that within the Radio Frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous the radiation is to living organisms.

A WiFi Router Is Like A 5G Mini Cell Tower In Home

Cell TowerWhat is getting a bit less publicity is the fact that most families in the modern world today stick what I like to call “a mini 5G cell tower” within the walls of their own home. This is called our WiFi router. For example the “TP-Link AD7200 Wireless Wi-Fi Tri-Band Gigabit Router” is a 5G WiFi Router that emits 3 bands of RF Radiation. These are the 4G 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands as well as the 60 GHz 5G band. It is literally a mini 5G radiation tower in your home.

And remember what Kevin Mottus of the US Brain Tumor Association said about frequency. He said withing this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the band or frequency, the more dangerous it is. Nobody has ever had a device in a home emitting a 60 GHz frequency before. (We are the guinea pigs!) Previous routers emitted the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz. The new 5G routers will emit all three!

I believe with this model you can turn off the various bands if you choose. However most people don’t because they want the device to be able to connect with all of the other “smart devices” in their home. So with these routers people have all 3 different frequencies being emitted in their home all at once. That is exactly how a 5G cell tower will work, they will also emit a variety of lower frequencies so that they can connect to different devices and devices can bounce between frequencies if needed to maintain a reliable connection.

The Steps To Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation

5g City ImageWiFi (wireless) Radiation is all around us. It is being beamed at us from every cell tower in our area, from our neighbors WiFi Routers and from the electronic devices (such as cell phones) carried by people everywhere we go. Not to make anyone paranoid but even if you had no electronic devices in your own home, if you live in a city or suburban neighborhood, you are getting WiFi signal from your neighbors and from the cell towers in your area. So what can we do? It really is fairly easy and inexpensive. Here we go!

1. Don’t Live Near A Large Cell Tower

5G Cell Tower Palm TreeWhen choosing a home try to pick a home as far away from a cell tower as you can. You definitely don’t want to live close to a large tower like the one shown hidden in the palm tree in the picture on the left. They emit the strongest signals at the widest variety of frequencies. If you live near one now, put your house up for sale and move. At least to me it is that important.

In the below video I do a test with a High Frequency Analyzer of the WiFi Radiation being emitted from one of these large cell towers. This tower is right next to a small office building where I used to have an office. They installed the tower since I left. It is totally amazing to me that the people in that building (and surrounding buildings) have to work with that radiation beating down on them every day.

You want to do your best to live as far away from any cell phone tower, no matter how big or small. But if you live in a city that is going to be getting more and more difficult. But you should be able to at least not live by one of these giant ones that are transmitting with such a great power level out put. Then if you do live next to other houses or even a small cell tower, you will want to follow something I talk about below, painting your home with EMF shielding paint.

2. Paint Your Home With EMF Shielding Paint

EMF Shielding PaintEMF Shielding Paint is a black paint that you can paint on the exterior or interior of your home that has metallic particles in the paint to block the various forms of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation, such as WiFi Radiation. I saw kind of a mini documentary one time on a family that owned a home in Europe and the city set up a large cell tower literally right next to their home. Rather than sell their home and move, (which I would have done) they painted the entire exterior with several coats of this paint (and then painted primer and the color they wanted over top of it) all over their house.

They even removed their roofing and painted the plywood surface of the roof and then installed a new roof over it. Their final touch was getting drapery liners made with highly conductive metal fibers woven within them (you could not tell by looking at the liners) so that they blocked the radiation from coming through the windows. Since the drapery liners were thin and sheer, they could open their drapes but keep the liners closed, and get sunlight into the room.

When they were all done they measured the inside of the home with an RF Radiation meter, and the home was way down in the safe levels around 6 micro-watts per meter squared, if I remember correctly. So they were safe inside their home, but whenever they were in their yard they were getting blasted with that WiFi radiation. With the roll out of 5G I suspect products like this are going to become more and more necessary as they start putting mini cell towers everywhere.

3. Hard Wire The Internet In Your Home

Ethernet Wall OutletBefore I get into talking about this solution I should mention I do an in depth article on this very subject you may want to check out entitled “How To Install Hard Wired Internet – A Helpful Guide!” If your goal is to protect yourself from WiFi Radiation from devices that emit it within your home, the most thorough way to do this is to simply turn off the WiFi on any devices within your home that emits a WiFi signal. Most of these devices have the option to turn WiFi off. If not replace that device with one that does.

The next step is to hard wire your home with EMF shielding internet cables to take the internet to every room in your home where you need it. This gives you the ability to connect any smart devices via these internet cables rather than by doing so wirelessly. If the WiFi feature of every electronic device within your home is turned off, (such as your WiFi router, or baby monitor) they are no longer emitting RF or WiFi radiation. This is by far the best and most complete way of removing this radiation from devices within your home. This method can also be quite expensive depending on your situation.

Important Caution: There are some “hard wiring solutions” out there which really are not hard wiring. Instead what these devices do is run your internet signal over the regular copper electrical wiring in your home. Some EMF protection type websites tout this as a fast simple and effective solution to protect yourself from WiFi (RF) Radiation. These people are very much misinformed. Running internet signal over normal electrical wiring trades one form of cancer causing radiation for another. It causes very high levels of dirty electricity to be emitted by your electrical wiring. This is bad news. Please don’t fall for this well intended bad advice.

Below is a short video where I run internet over the electrical wiring in my house and test it and show you the extreme levels of cancer causing dirty electricity that it causes. Please take a short few minutes and watch this video.

Now if hard wiring your home is too expensive, below is a great almost as good option that is less expensive, putting all your WiFi devices in protective metallic mesh “cages.

4. Install A WiFi Router Guard (or cover)

Wifi Radiation Protection Items

If hard wiring your home is to cost prohibitive, there is an almost as good less expensive option. This step involves taking WiFi Radiation emitting devices, such as your WiFi router, and placing it inside a highly conductive metal mesh cage that will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted. And as long as your home is not too large it will still allow enough signal out that you can use the WiFi. I go over these options in more detail in my article entitled “WiFi Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!

In the below video I test my 5 GHz WiFi router for radiation with a meter both before and after putting the router in one of these metallic mesh boxes called a “WiFi Router Cover” which is similar to another box called the  “Wifi Router Guard“. In this video you get to see exactly how well these boxes protect you. Please give it a few minutes watching.

There are also other wireless devices that we have in our homes that emit this same Radio Frequency WiFi Radiation. Things like baby monitors, Amazon’s Alexa, cordless phones ect. There are metallic mesh boxes that can help protect you from these devices as well. Here is a short video where I show you how some of these work by testing them with a meter. I have links to where you can purchase these baskets in this article on this website entitled “WiFi Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!“.

The principle behind all of these metallic metal mesh boxes and baskets is that Radio Frequency Radiation has a difficult time traveling through consecutive lines of metal such as these metal mesh materials. So they are a wonderful solution to this problem.

5. Install A Smart Meter Guard

There was a whole lot of publicity and hubub about the dangers of smart meters about a decade ago. People seem to have forgotten about them for some reason today. A smart meter is a powerful emitter of WiFi Radiation. Depending on the meter and the power company that installed it, these meters can emit up to 60,000 micro-watts per meter squared, which is 60 times the US safety limit. And the US safety limit of 1,000 micro-watts per meter squared is about 250 times what it should be. The goal should be to get your home down to around 3 to 6 micro-watts per meter squared. I go into all of the options to protect yourself from smart meter WiFi Radiation in my article “Smart Meter Protection Items“.

In the below video I test a Smart Meter Guard and Smart Meter Cover and show you how well they protect against smart meter radiation. I test the smart meter both before and after putting these protection items on the meter.

Final Thoughts

So to kind of wrap things up here there are some very simple things that can be done to both block the WiFi Radiation from coming into your home from the neighbors houses and nearby cell towers, as well as things you can do to protect yourself from the WiFi Radiation being emitted by devices inside your home. Some of these methods are better as well as more costly, and others are a close second and still very effective.

I hope that you found this article helpful. If you are reading this article all the way through and have gotten to this part, thank you. If you have found this article at all helpful please share it on your social media as well as email it to friends and family. This is a very important topic and doing that really helps us get the word out and spread the message. We really appreciate it when our readers take the the time to do that for us.

One final thought. Remember if you would like a deep dive into the science showing the dangerous effects of WiFi Radiation please see the Scientific Studies page of this website.

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