8 Best Ways To Protect Your Home From EMF Radiation

Radio Frequency RadiationThe most common reaction by people once they learn about all the health dangers resulting from EMF Radiation, is they want to find ways to limit their exposure and protect themselves from it. EMF Radiation is linked to things like cancer, brain tumors, DNA damage & infertility. Protecting yourself properly involves a variety of methods such as changing some habits to getting some shielding or blocking products that will help protect you.

The best ways to protect yourself from EMF Radiation are 1. get quality meters, 2. properly hard wire your internet & devices, 3. put the wireless devices you do use (including your smart meter) within metallic screen shielding covers or boxes, 4. get shielding cases for your cell phone, tablet and laptop, 5. get a corded cell phone air tube headset with a ferrite bead, 6. install quality EMF neutralizers in home and near devices, 7. install Dirty Electricity filters in each problem circuit in your home, and 8. switch from cordless to corded phones.

There are 3 basic types of what is called “EMF Radiation”, 1. electric fields, magnetic fields and RF (radio frequency) Radiation. The above steps include protections for all three types. In this article we are going to go through each of the above 8 ways to protect your home in more depth and explain them. The goal is to reduce your overall exposure to EMF Radiation to as low as possible, and neutralize the radiation you are exposed to so that it is much less harmful.

1. Get Quality Meters

Best EMF RF Meters and DetectorsIt surprises me how often people want to correct their EMF Radiation problems without having to buy the meters. I get it. Meters can set you back a few hundred dollars. But you don’t really know if you have a problem that you need to correct, or that the protective measures you implemented worked, unless you test the before and after with a good meter. They will save you both money and peace of mind in the long run.

The two most powerful most toxic forms of EMF Radiation is RF Radiation and the electric and magnetic fields that radiate from the wiring in your home referred to as “electric smog” or “Dirty Electricity”. So if money is an issue you can get away with only buying the two meters that measure each of these. You will need a meter that measures RF Radiation, and you will need a meter that will plug into a regular AC outlet and measure the Dirty Electricity in that circuit.

Unfortunately these are generally the two most expensive meters and will set you back a few hundred dollars in total. The only other meter is one that measures electric fields and magnetic fields from electronic devices and you can get really good ones for around $30. Before you buy any of these meters I recommend you going to my article where I talk about the pros and cons of the meters I like entitled “9 Best EMF Meters and Detectors – My Top Picks!“.

2. Properly Hard Wire Your Internet & Devices

Ethernet Wall OutletThe simplest way to think about RF Radiation is anything wireless. When devices connect wirelessly (like your cell phone making calls or laptop connecting to your WiFi router), that wireless connection is RF Radiation. And as we said earlier it is one of the two most powerful and toxic forms of EMF Radiation.

So it follows then that by far the best way to protect yourself from this wireless RF Radiation, is to not have anything wireless; hard wire everything. But do it properly. Use shielded ethernet cables to transmit any internet signals and do as little as is humanly possible wirelessly (like just your cell phone if possible).

Be careful to not fall for “hard wiring” gimmicks (which are not really hard wiring) where they send internet signal over the normal electrical wiring in your home. Sure you don’t have RF Radiation when you do this, instead you have horrible amounts of Dirty Electricity. You are trading one powerful form of toxic EMF Radiation for another. Ignorant people who don’t know any better promote this. Please watch the below video where I show an example of this and measure how dangerous this is for you with a meter.

That being said if you wire things correctly and send your internet signal over shielded ethernet cables (like we are supposed to) then you are eliminating RF Radiation completely and causing little if any Dirty Electricity. This is the safest way to have internet. Any device in your home that needs the internet if it connects this way is not causing RF Radiation. I hope this all makes sense.

3. Use Metallic Screen Shielding Covers Or Boxes

Metal Mesh Radiation Protection BoxesWhen I say this to people I generally get a blank stare. They don’t know what I am talking about. RF Radiation has a difficult time traveling through metal mesh screens as long as they are made from a highly conductive metal. They block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation while still allowing enough signal out for the device to function.

For example if you put one of these on a smart meter it will allow enough signal out so that it will still send the needed information to the power company (my power company has never complained), but it will block almost all of the RF Radiation going into your home from the smart meter. The one I use is called the Smart Meter Guard

The same is true with a WiFi router. My two metal mesh boxes of choice for a WiFi router are the Wifi Router Guard and the WiFi Router Cover. Both work the same. It just depends which design you like best. In the below video you will see me measure before and after with a meter. They block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation, but still allow enough signal out so that in my small 3 bedroom home I can still use WiFi anywhere in my house. See what I mean in the below video.

In my article entitled “Cellphone Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!” I talk more about the other baskets I show in the above picture such as the metal mesh bucket I like to keep my cell phone in at night to protect me from the radiation. If you go to that article I give links to where you can get all of the other metal mesh basket items I show in that picture. Putting any WiFi emitting devices in a basket like this really reduces your exposure.

4. Cell Phone, Tablet & Laptop Shielding Cases

Radiation Shielding CasesCell phones, tablets and lap tops emit all 3 types of EMF Radiation. You do not want them sitting on your lap without a blocking shield that you know works. Some of the radiation will still travel around these shielding cases, but in the case of tablets and laptops (if you get a case that is big enough) it will be very little.

With cell phones you don’t want to hold your cell phone up to your head like it shows in the above picture even with a shielding case. Too much radiation goes around. With a cell phone you want to either set it on the table and use the speaker phone option, or use an air tube headset with a ferrite bead which we will talk more about below.

Because of this many people choose not to have a protection case for their cell phone. Since it does block some radiation, to me I would rather have it than not. In the below video it shows me testing cell phone radiation protection cases with a radiation meter.

For my tablet the shielding case model I really like is by Safesleeve. The one I personally use you can check out here Safe Sleeve Tablet Case. I use their cell phone protection case too here Safe Sleeve Cell Phone Case. Some people like the DefenderShield models also.

5. Air Tube Headset With Ferrite Bead

Tauki Air Tube HeadsetThe picture above shows a lady using an air tube headset. What looks like beads about 10 inches down the cord from her ears are the speakers. The sound travels from their up air tubes (similar to how a doctor’s stethoscope works) up to her ears. The idea here is to keep the RF Radiation that travels up headset cords (like it would an antenna) from making it all the way to the hole in our heads we call ears. This keeps the radiation from reaching our brain.

The only problem with these headsets is that below the speakers the cords still carry the RF Radiation. Anywhere where the cord is close to or touches the body, some RF Radiation is transferred to the body. This problem can be almost entirely eliminated by placing a ferrite bead at the base of the cord where it exits the cell phone.

Ferrite beads are often used by electronics manufacturers to protect computer boards from spikes of high frequency electricity (which is what RF Radiation is) from traveling up the cords and into the circuit boards. They will do the same thing for cell phone headsets. I show some examples and explain ferrite beads and air tube headsets a bit more in the below video.

In my article “Cellphone Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!” I talk about air tube headsets and link to the ones I like best.

6. EMF Neutralizers 

Aulterra Radiation Neutralizing ProductsIf you notice the router, cell phone and laptop all have a round sticker placed on each one of them. These are the types of products I used to think were strictly placebo, until I saw the video with the blood test and then later read the actual science. There are a lot of companies out there selling competing products with these. I still think of those as placebos or snake oil because I have never found any with any science like these have. I only trust thing I can either test myself (like with a meter) or read the science on.

I go over the science in a lot more depth in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Review“, but I will touch on it briefly here. The basics of it are that their founder by the name of Kim Dandurand identified the crystalline properties used in these products while engaged in a major environmental cleanup operation in 1996, in which they were used to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

They worked so well in these cleanup projects that once he was done with this project Kim funded a research program at the Quantum Biology Research Laboratories.

“Experiments showed that human DNA reacted adversely to EMFs emanating from a cell phone. Tests on human DNA proved that with an Aulterra Neutralizer attached to a cell phone the natural coherent fields from the Neutralizer had successfully harmonized the incoherent EMFs rendering them harmless to living tissue.”

So put more simply, there is a natural paramagnetic field that is emitted by the minerals in these products that react with and “harmonize” EMF Radiation. It makes these man-made harmful waves more natural and renders them “harmless to living tissue”. The below video shows how harmful EMF Radiation is to our blood, and how these products protects our blood from this harm. It is a powerful test that shows how well these products work. If you wish to read the actual science or purchase some of their products you can do so at their website here Aulterra.com.

7. Dirty Electricity Filters

Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter And FilterDirty Electricity is one of the two most powerful forms of toxic EMF Radiation. It occurs on and electrical circuit whenever their is an electrical device either plugged into it or wired to it that tries to alter the normal AC current in any way (such as changing AC to DC). Manipulation of the electrical current causes spikes and surges of higher than normal frequencies to travel through the electrical wiring. These higher frequencies become airborne and radiate through the walls and into the living space of the building.

The above picture shows both the meter you need to test for Dirty Electricity on an electrical circuit, as well as a filter that you can plug into an outlet on the circuit that will even out and filter off the higher frequencies so that they don’t become airborne and radiate through the walls. To purchase on of these meters and the filters for Dirty Electricity see my article “9 Best EMF Meters and Detectors – My Top Picks!“. In the below video I demonstrate how to use this meter and the filters.

8. Switch From Cordless To Corded Phones

What I am talking about in this section is if you have a land line phone, use a corded rather than a cordless phone. A cordless phone is wireless. And it is more harmful even than a cell phone because it is sending its RF Radiation signal full blast 24/7 like a WiFi router. At least a cell phone is generally only emitting and full blast when sending or receiving a phone call or data. A corded landline phone emits no RF Radiation and only the tiniest electric and magnetic fields. It is much safer.

In this below video I test a cordless phone with a meter so that you can see for yourself how much RF Radiation they emit:

Final Thoughts

If you are still reading this article here at the end then you must have found it helpful. Thank you for reading the article. If you have found any benefit in this article please email it to people you know who you think might be interested in it. Please also share it on your social media sites.

For more information on protecting your home please see our article entitled How Do I Protect My Home From RF Radiation? And for examples of products that help protect you please see our article entitled 50 Products To Protect Yourself From RF Radiation. In our article “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home” we list links to a few (of hundreds) peer reviewed scientific studies that have been done that link RF Radiation to cancer and other biological problems.

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