20 Negative Health Symptoms from RF Radiation

Ringing In EarsOnce people begin studying RF Radiation they often wonder if it has any negative effects on the human body? “Can it cause cancer or is the worst thing I have to worry about is having a little trouble getting to sleep?

RF Radiation has been proven to cause negative health symptoms such as infertility, cancer, crib death and DNA damage (especially in fetuses and infants) according to many peer reviewed scientific studies. There are also other symptoms such as sleep issues, headaches, cognitive issues as well as other auditory problem caused by RF Radiation.

So no you are not losing your mind! Your symptoms are not all in your head. RF Radiation has real biological effects on the body that can ruin our health or at least ruin our quality of life.

Most Common RF Radiation Health Symptoms

Sleep Problems Pic1. Sleeping Problems

This is one of the most common symptoms that goes away once you reduce the RF radiation and dirty electricity levels in your home back down to normal levels.  Our brains function with electrical impulses.  It only stands to reason that increased electrical radiation is going to interfere with the brain’s normal ability to function. Things that are “WIFI” such as smart meters, internet routers and cordless phones blast a continual stream of RF radiation through the entire house all of the time.

I read recently a personal story on the internet where a couple noticed that both of them when they were sleeping would have their legs shutter every few seconds while sleeping.  The husband timed his wife while she was sleeping and her legs would involuntarily shutter or tense up about every 30 seconds.  The wife also observed her husband when he was sleeping and saw the same thing.  They had no idea what was causing it.

Since it was happening to both of them they assumed it was an outside stimulus.  Finally they learned about RF radiation and realized that there power company had installed a smart meter on the outside of the wall of their bedroom.  They purchased a High Frequency Analyzer meter and it showed a huge pulse of radiation that maxed out the meter every 30 seconds when they measured in their bedroom.  It was coming from the smart meter.  As soon as the power company replaced the smart meter with an analog one the radiation levels were back to normal and the leg shuttering stopped.

Girl Computer Fatigue2. Fatigue

Obviously if we are not sleeping well we are going to be tired and fatigued.  But there is more to it than that.  If you Google “rf radiation fatigue” Google gives an excerpt of an article on the website for the “National Center For Biotechnology Information” that says “RF-EMFR” radiation “can cause fatigue, headache, dizziness, tension, sleep disturbance“.  There are a lot more health problems than that but this is one article that speaks specifically about fatigue.

If you search on the internet there are many personal stories of people who were just always tired and feeling run down having no energy.  For many of them it is the solving of the radiation problem in their home that eliminates their feeling of intense fatigue.

Concentration Problems3. Learning Problems and Concentration

In the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy on ScinceDirect.com it states “Among the more commonly reported changes are sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia, concentration/attention dysfunction”.

In an article entitled “Brain Electricity and the Mind” by Jon Lieff, M.D. he states “It is popularly thought that the major electricity in the brain consists of neurons’ electric signals along axons to the synapse to another neuron. This electrical signal, called the “action potential” travels along the axon and usually triggers the delivery of a neurotransmitter to another neuron.”  In other words human thinking is an electric process that takes place within the neurons in our brain.  Radio Frequency (RF) radiation is an electromagnetic field.  This can mess with the normal function of our brain’s ability to think and concentrate clearly.

headaches4. Headaches

The US National Library Of Health in an article entitled “The Effects of Exposure to Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in the Treatment of Migraine Headache: A Cohort Study” (Wow! Long title!) it says:

Findings have indicated that increased usage of mobile phones may be concomitant with higher rate of headache attacks due to the low radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF). The aim of this study was to determine the effects of low RF-EMF on the treatment outcome in migraine patients…

Out of 114 individuals who participated, 82 (71.9%) were female and 32 (28.1%) cases were male. The number and severity of migraine headaches were correlated significantly with an increased use of mobile phones during day and Wi-Fi per week (p<0.05). The usage of fixed-line telephones had no significant relationship with the study variables (p>0.05).

It is recommended that the patients with migraine headache limit mobile phone use and instead, use the fixed-line telephone for their daily telecommunications.”  In other words this RF radiation these devices are putting off are causing people headaches.

Ringing In Ears5. Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears)

In the Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology in an article entitled “Tinnitus and cell phones: the role of electromagnetic radio-frequency radiation”, it says about this study:

EMRFR can penetrate exposed tissues and safety exposure levels have been established. These waves provoke proved thermogenic effects and potential biological and genotoxic effects. Some individuals are more sensitive to electromagnetic exposure (electrosensitivity), and thus, present earlier symptoms. There may be a common pathophysiology between this electrosensitivity and tinnitus.

There are already reasonable evidences to suggest caution for using mobile phones to prevent auditory damage and the onset or worsening of tinnitus.” Again, our brains function using electrical impulses.  If we bombard them with massive electromagnetic radiation it is going to cause problems.

Eye Problems6. Eye Problems

If you search in Google the term “rf radiation eye problems” Google gives an excerpt of an article from the website www.wi-cancer.info wherein there is an article that talks about how young people exposing their eyes to so much close up RF radiation is damaging their eyes.  It says “A person who damages his eye lens forfeits proper eye focus and image quality. … It has been observed that irradiation causes the formation of cataracts in the lens of the eye….The lens of the eye appears to be most susceptible to RF/MW radiation at frequencies between 1-10 gigahertz.”

Between smart phones, computers, video games and other electronics that use WiFi internet our kids are bomb blasting their eyes with serious amounts of RF radiation.  This has been attributed to causing everything from dry eye to cataracts as we saw described above.  The bottom line is it isn’t good for adults, let alone young developing eyes and brains.  It is important that we take precautions to protect our kids from as much of this harmful radio frequency radiation as we possibly can.  See my Recommended Protections page for things you can do to protect you and your loved ones.

Heart Problems7. Heart Problems, Heart Palpitations and Heart Arrhythmias

A paper published by the University of California-Berkeley, entitled “Radiation from wireless technology affects the blood, the heart, and the autonomic nervous system” describes the different studies they conducted regarding health problems caused by RF or microwave radiation.  In one study the subjects were subjected to radiation from the base of a cordless phone.  Here is an excerpt from this article describing the test.

“In the original study (11), 25 subjects from Colorado were tested, and although most subjects did not react adversely to the radiation from the cordless phone base station (see Figure 5, subject A), a few did react with either tachycardia (rapid heart rate) or arrhythmia irregular heart rate) (Figure 5, subject B). The reaction was often immediate and coincided with exposure to the radiation. When the radiation ceased, the heart returned to normal.”

We know that the commands the brain sends to the heart to beat are done through the central nervous system.  It is comprised of electrical signals sent through nerve cells or neurons.  This radiation can cause serious disruption to our human electrical system and therefore our body functions.

Leg Cramps8. Leg Cramps

This symptom is related to a of the other ones that we have discussed already.  If you go back up to symptom #1 which was sleeping problems I tell of a story where a couple had leg spasm at night when sleeping every time their smart meter sent out a radiation pulse which was about every 30 seconds.  They had the power company replace their smart meter with a analog meter and the problem stopped.

There have also been studies done where scientists have concluded that in severe cases of intense exposure certain minerals and nutrients have been depleted by the body such as magnesium and potassium which may attribute to leg cramps.

Dizziness9. Vertigo (Balance Problems)

Okay I had to include this symptom if for no other reason that I liked the picture of this guy about to lose his balance and fall on the dock.  It looks like he is in his Karate pants practicing his Karate Kid “Crane Kick” or something.  Hopefully he saved it and did not get hurt.  But seriously in researching this symptom I could not find any studies that specifically talked about causing people or animals to lose their balance or equilibrium.  There are many places on the internet where people who are having headaches, concentration and sleeping problems complain that they feel dizzy and are having trouble balancing while doing normal mundane tasks. 

And it has been well established that when people are dealing with various health issues they complain of “feeling like I am 100 years old”.  One of the symptoms people have who make this complaint are these lack of stability or balance issues.  This may be why people with high exposure to RF radiation who get very sick complain of this same issue.  It may just be a byproduct of being very sick.

One last thought before I leave this symptom.  It does seem plausible that if RF radiation is messing with our body electrical system enough to interfere with our thinking and other bodily functions, it certainly could effect ones equilibrium.  That is controlled by our central nervous system just like the rest of our body.  Just saying.

10. Cancer

According to www.cancer.org “The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is part of the World Health Organization. One of its purposes is to help identify causes of cancer. IARC stated that there is limited evidence that RF radiation causes cancer in animals and humans, and classifies RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (Group 2B). This was based on the finding of a possible link in at least one study between cell phone use and a specific type of brain tumor.”

In an article entitled “Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation as Carcinogenic to Humans” it states “Other experts agree that the increased evidence now establishes RF radiation as a human carcinogen. For example, researchers Dr. Lennart Hardell and Michael Carlberg have published several epidemiological studies that found increased brain cancer associated with long-term cell phone use and conclude that “RF radiation should be regarded as a human carcinogen causing glioma.” In addition, published epidemiological research has also found persons diagnosed with brain cancer had decreased survival rates associated with higher wireless phone use.

In response to skeptics who claim, “There is no evidence,” researchers point to published research that has consistently found increased cancer risk in well-designed case control studies that have looked at persons who used cell phones for more than ten years.”

11. Stress, Agitation, Anxiety, IrritabilityStress, agitation, anxiety, irritability

In the “Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy” there is this study as follows:  “Johnson Liakouris (1998), Study of personnel in U.S. embassy in Moscow exposed to microwave EMFs, Statistically significant increases in neurological (peripheral nerves and ganglia), dermographism (skin responses), irritability, depression, loss of appetite, concentration difficulties, peripheral ganglia and nerve ..”

Many people who have significant exposure complain of unexplained anxiety and irritability.  And the feelings change when in different buildings and often in different rooms of the same building. It is this feeling different in different buildings or rooms that helped many to realize it was some sort of outside stimulus and finally narrow it down to radiation as the cause.  Many of these symptoms go away as soon as the radio frequency and dirty electricity radiation exposure is reduced.

Life is way too short to feel like this guy in the image.  Let’s protect ourselves from unnecessary exposure and get back to better health and a better life!

Depression12. Depression

Boy this is a common one!  Almost everyone that complains of hypersensitivity to RF radiation complain of feelings of deep and abiding depression.  It is like a deep fog and sadness that you just can’t shake.  It is terrible.  It is uncontrollable.  And medications often don’t seem to help.  No wonder!

This is similar to number 12 on the list Stress, Agitation, Anxiety, Irritability.  RF radiation just messes with your well being.  We are made mostly of water and minerals and our bodily functions are controlled and regulated through electric impulses.  Radio frequency and electromagnetic energy, (electricity) pulsing through our system and cells in unnatural levels disrupt our body’s natural ability to regulate itself.  Much of our moods are controlled by chemicals released by the body and this radiation depletes and disrupts it.  In short we don’t feel good.

Having a seizure13. Seizures

This is a scary one.  There have been many reports of people who have a history of having seizures seeing the frequency number increase when exposed to RF radiation.  There are also those who have never had seizures before start having them when exposed and then have them stop once the radiation exposure is removed.

A website called www.uptodate.com describes what causes a seizure as: “The brain contains billions of neurons (nerve cells) that create and receive electrical impulses. Electrical impulses allow neurons to communicate with one another. During a seizure, there is abnormal and excessive electrical activity in the brain. This can cause changes in awareness, behavior, and/or abnormal movements. This activity usually lasts only a few seconds to minutes.”

Regarding Epileptic seizures it states: “People with epilepsy have a type of brain dysfunction that intermittently causes episodes of abnormal electrical activity. This can be caused by any type of brain injury, such as trauma, stroke, brain infection, or a brain tumor. In some individuals, epilepsy is an inherited condition. In many cases, the cause of epileptic seizures is not clear.”

Common sense says that Epilepsy does not sound like a condition that you want to be dumping high volumes of electromagnetic radiation into.  If you have Epilepsy it seems logical that unnatural levels of this radiation would increase your amount of seizures.  And many people claim that this radiation cause them to have seizures when they had no prior history of Epilepsy or of seizures.  Scary stuff.

Back Pain14.  Arthritis, Sharp Stabbing Pains, Body Pain

Arthritis is a group of painful and degenerative conditions marked by inflammation in the joints that causes stiffness and pain.  Many other types of pains doctors say are either directly or indirectly caused or exacerbated by inflammation.

Many studies on RF radiation not only show that electromagnetic frequencies disrupt and damage our nervous system, but that many of the symptoms of exposure show signs of inflammation.  DR Jay Davidson of DrJayDavidson.com says “We already know that radiation causes immunosuppression and inflammation.”

Some of those suffering from hypersensitivity to RF radiation also suffer from either arthritis or other types of pains resulting from various types of inflammation.  And once the exposure to electromagnetic radiation is reduced the inflammation and its associated pains are often reduced right along with all of the other symptoms.

You know there is a reason when you go to the dentist they put a big lead vest on you to protect your from the radiation.  It is bad for you.  RF radiation may be from a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum but it has been proven to be harmful to our bodies in many scientific studies none the less.

Nausea15. Nausea, flu-like symptoms

As mentioned above DR Jay Davidson of DrJayDavidson.com says “We already know that radiation causes immunosuppression and inflammation.”  He went on to say “In the body, inflammation begins with allergies, and can progress to autoimmunity. As the immune system fires at the wrong targets, it is unable to protect against a growing infection.”  Immunosuppression is the partial or complete suppression of the immune response of an individual.  In other words RF radiation weakens our immune system.

As a result of this many people who have been significantly exposed to RF radiation complain of a weak immune system and that they seem to catch colds and the flu more often than they used to.  But many complain that the exposure itself cause them a nauseous feeling and flu like symptoms even if they don’t actually have the flu.

Some people say that their nausea would increase in different buildings or different parts or rooms of a building just like other symptoms.  It is often this that makes them begin to realize that it is not a bug or something internal within them, but their body’s response to some outside stimulus.

Nosebleeds16. Sinus Problems and Nosebleeds

Now this symptom is not one that I could find any study that specifically mentioned these symptoms.  But as I read many articles all over the internet about this subject there are personal stories where people complain of these symptoms existing until they corrected the RF radiation problem in their environment.

It also makes sense that since RF radiation weakens our immune system that a natural result for some people would be sinus problems.  And so if you develop sinus issues or a cold or a runny nose this can cause trauma to the inner lining of the nasal cavity.  There are tiny capillaries in that inner lining and if it becomes raw, inflamed, or damaged in anyway due to dealing with the effects of the cold or flu, this may be the cause of nosebleeds in those with RF radiation exposure.  Many people state complain of these symptoms and say that when they reduced their exposure to the electromagnetic radiation the sinus problems and nosebleeds stopped.

Coughing17. Respiratory Problems and Cough

Boy this is another common one!  It seems like almost everyone that complains of hypersensitivity to RF radiation complain of respiratory problems and coughing.  Again “DR Jay Davidson of DrJayDavidson.com says “We already know that radiation causes immunosuppression”.  Your going to have some coughing and respiratory problems, i.e. colds and flu, if you have a weak immune system.  This goes without saying.

So what can we do about It?  By far the best treatment for the effects of electromagnetic or RF radiation is to take the necessary steps to reduce exposure.  Our bodies are amazing machines.  They can heal ourselves once we remove all of these system killing, carcinogen filled, electromagnetic radiation.

When you talk to someone who had been having some severe symptoms of one kind or another resulting from RF radiation exposure, they say it is like they have their life and health back again.  It is as though this great big cloud or fog was lifted off of their mind and a normal sense restored to their body

Rash18. Skin Rashes and Facial Flushing

A fair amount of the stories you read on the internet about their exposure to RF Radiation the talk about skin rashes and facial flushing.  Normally these stories come from people who have been exposed to RF radiation in high enough quantities and for a long enough period of time that they have damaged themselves to the point that they are considered “hypersensitive” to all types of electromagnetic radiation.

According to HealthLine.com “Skin flushing or blushing describe feelings of warmth and rapid reddening of your neck, upper chest, or face. Blotchiness or solid patches of redness are often visible when blushing. … Flushed skin is a common physical response to anxiety, stress, embarrassment, anger, or another extreme emotional state.”

Doctors who deal with rashes and facial flushing from RF radiation exposure theorize that the body itself has been so stressed for so long that the whole body is hypersensitive and that this sometimes manifests in this manner.

thyroid-disorders19. Endocrine Disorders, Thyroid Disorders and Diabetes

On www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov it says “Many studies have been done on the effects of ionizing and non-ionizing electromagnetic waves on the cell line of spermatogenesis, sexual hormones, and the structure of the testes. Also, about the hormonal cycle, folliculogenesis and female infertility related to EMF have been given more consideration.”

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) or Radio Frequency (RF) radiation damages the hormone systems of the body.  This can cause a myriad of disorders and some say even Diabetes.

What we know for sure based on the studies is that people get endocrine and thyroid disorders that they feel was caused by the radiation because when they reduce the exposure the conditions tend to improve significantly and sometimes entirely.  In some studies where mice have developed malignant tumors they sometimes have occurred in these glands as well.

20. Children Behavior Problems & Mental Effects

In an article entitled “Children and Electromagnetic Radiation by Lena Hedendahl, M.D.” she discussed many different studies on how this radiation affects children.  It this article she says “”

RF radiation is basically microwave radiation.  You know the radiation we use to cook food?  We surround our kids with this radiation and they have developing minds and bodies which are affected more dramatically even than adults.  For one thing they have thinner skulls.  Yet we let our kids use cell phones, tablets and laptops.  At the same time their minds and bodies are bombarded with radiation from smart meters, cordless phone stations and 5G WiFi routers which exceed by 60 times the the already massively inflated US safety limits for this radiation exposure.  Very scary.


So here we are.  We have discussed 20 serious health symptoms either proven by major scientific studies analyzing the effects of RF radiation on the population, or that many people affected by this radiation claim they had because of this exposure and that were resolved once the exposure was reduced.

It is time we take this serious and protect ourselves from this radiation. There are many things that we can do.  We can buy the meters we need to test our homes and the gizmos and gadgets we have in our homes.  Then we can do things like:

  1. Switching from a cordless phone to an analog phone.
  2. Calling the utility companies and insisting that they come out and remove the smart meters and replace it with an analog one.
  3. Turning off the WiFi on our router and run a Ethernet cord from the router to our computer.
  4. Purchasing a radiation protection case for our cell phones as well as a safe corded air tube headset with a filter on the start of it so that it does not give off any radiation.
  5. Testing our homes for dirty electricity and installing the filters in our homes to bring the radiation levels in our home wiring back down to normal levels if needed.
  6. If the power company refuses to remove the smart meter then at least purchase a smart meter guard to block all of the radiation it emits.  Even with this guard smart meters still cause your home wiring to put off a lot of dirty electricity which can be reduced by installing the needed dirty electricity filters.
  7. If you have to have a WiFi router in your home then purchase a router guard which will block 90-95% of the radiation it puts off.
  8. Finally turn off all of the WiFi capabilities in your other gadgets around the house such as printers, TVs ext and hard wire everything.

If you need to purchase any of the protection devices mentioned above you can find links to what I think are the best ones at the best prices on my Recommended Protections page on this website.  Also for more information on RF radiation please check out our articles called “The 7 Worst RF Radiation Dangers In Your Home” and How do I protect my home from RF radiation?

That is it guys!  I hope you find this information life improving and helpful!  Here’s to a safe and wonderful life! Other references that helped with this article are osha.gov, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, fcc.gov and cancer.org.