How To Test For RF Radiation – A Helpful Guide!

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This article is part three in a four part series entitled “Protect From RF Radiation: A Helpful Illustrative Guide”. The purpose of this part of the guide is to teach you how to test each room in your home for RF Radiation.

The purpose of this overall guide is to teach you how to identify and correct every source of RF Radiation you and your family are being exposed to in your home. So the articles in this guide you are going to want to bookmark, and take your time going through them. If this is something that is important to you, then you will want to read each part carefully as well as watch each video. This is meant to be your guide as you go step by step through your home and identify and correct all of the radiation problems you have.

Within the pages of this guide I take you room by room, with my video camera, through a real house and show you how to test for both RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity. And then I tell you exactly what I would do to solve each problem. You not only get to read about it but you get to watch me do the tests on video. If you go through your home as I do here, and make the needed corrections to lower your RF Radiation exposure down to safe levels throughout your house, your family will be healthier as a result. So I hope that you will use this guide so that it can benefit you.

This guide includes a 4 part series. Each part has its own chapter. You can get to each chapter by clicking on the corresponding link below:

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation Basics
  2. How To Use High Frequency Radiation Meters
  3. How To Test For RF Radiation
  4. How To Test For Dirty Electricity

How To Test For RF Radiation

HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer!
HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer!

Okay now in this section we will use the HF-35C High-Frequency Analyzer. Again, in the video section of this article, I will physically do room by room tests for you to watch, and I will show you what to do. But it will help you a lot in watching those videos if you have already read and understand this material in this written portion. Knowledge truly is power.

As you walk into each room with the analyzer, what you will want to do is point it in all directions of the room. When the meter starts freaking out reading high then you move in that direction and identify what device is the one that is emitting the radiation. Again your goal is to be able to go through every room of your home and have each room read (in all directions) about 3 to 6 micro-watts per meter squared.

If you have a WIFI router properly protected with a WIFI guard, it might read as high as 100 about 5 to 8 feet away, depending on the strength of your router. So, you want to have your router at least 15 or 20 feet away from where any person in your home will be spending a lot of time, and have it in a router guard. More on this later. And remember walls do not matter when it comes to this radiation. Think radio waves. This radiation goes through walls like they are not even there.

The types of things that you will pick up radiation readings on with the High-Frequency Analyzer will be any “WIFI” type of things in your home. So, things like baby monitors, cordless phones, anything Bluetooth, your WIFI tv; also, any smart items that function via WIFI. AI technical devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Sonos One or Apple Homepod. These, in my opinion, are way too big brother creepy for my taste anyway.

It is not a “conspiracy theory” that the tech companies can listen through our microphones and see through our cameras. That is why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg keeps a piece of black tape over his laptop camera lens unless he is using it for something because he does not want to be spied on. So, these AI things take the whole spying concern to the next big brother level. But I digress.

This is where your hard decisions come in. If you are really attached to Alexa, but she is radiating the crud out of your family, what are you going to do? You can get a guard like a large WIFI router guard to put her in. But then that might not be aesthetically pleasing. I just would not have an Alexa. So, these are the decisions you will have to make. But what the High-Frequency Analyzer does for you is it lets you know exactly what devices are putting off how much radiation so that you can make educated decisions based on actual fact.

For the videos in this guide my plan is to go room by room to test for RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity in this home. Most of the videos below are different tests of different rooms in this home. There are a few additional videos that I did from my home and other places testing things that I thought would  be helpful information as well so I included them too. The videos where I test for Dirty Electricity are on the “How To Test For Dirty Electricity” article.

Smart Meter

When you measure your smart meter with the High-Frequency Analyzer you will see that it blasts out very high amounts of radiation about every 20 to 45 seconds depending on how your power company has them set up. Stand about 3-5 feet away from the meter as you take your reading. You will want to measure it both from next to the meter on the outside of your home, as well as inside your home next to the exterior wall that has your smart meter on it.

smart-meter-gaurdI always say this but the best way to mitigate your smart meter issues are to get it the heck off of your house. Have your power company remove it and replace it with an analog meter. But if you can’t get them to do this, or choose to not deal with the hassle, you definitely will want to get a smart meter guard like this on the left.

This can be installed very quickly with a regular Philips screwdriver. Once you have installed it and tightened it you will want to stand back about 3-5 feet again and take a new reading with your High-Frequency Analyzer both from outside and inside of your home. If installed correctly this will block around 90% to 95% of the radiation coming out of the smart meter in all directions.

These are a Smart Meter Guard and Smart Meter Cover product video reviews from a while ago. I am including them here because they show how much radiation these protections block.

Here again is a link to the best place (best quality) to get the smart meter guard.

WIFI Router

Your WIFI router is a huge constant source of RF/Microwave radiation in your home. Placing it into a WIFI Router Guard as shown here on the right will stop 90% to 95% of the radiation coming out of it. And unless your house is very large, you still should be able to get an adequate WIFI signal in most if not all of your home.

However, remember by far the best solution is to hardwire your internet into all of the rooms of your home where you will want to be using it, and then log in to the settings of your router and turn off the WIFI completely. That is what everyone should do.

wifi router guardHowever, if you must have WIFI, this WIFI Router Guard is your solution. Should you have times or places in your home when your WIFI signal is too weak, then you can always open the lid temporarily on your WIFI Router Guard until you are done using the WIFI the way and where you were using it. Then go back and close the router guard so that it does not continue to blast through your house. This gives you the ability to choose when you get the full radiation and when you don’t.

If you have a physically larger than normal WIFI router, you can get a larger WIFI Router Guard. They have a large version. You will find the links to these on the Recommended Protections page of of this website.

This is a WiFi Router Guard product review I did a while ago. I am including it here so you can see how much radiation it will block.

Here is the link to where you can pick up this WIFI Router Guard should you wish to.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are a big problem because we all have them and they put out a ton of radiation multiple times the US safety limit. They often max out your High-Frequency Analyzer when you are not even making a call. So many people sleep with them either in bed with them, or on the nightstand right next to their pillow. They use their phone as their alarm clock. And all of that radiation is going through you while you are sleeping, keeping you from resting deeply. And the radiation is a carcinogen according to the many studies and the World Health Organization, which means it causes cancer.

Radiation ProtectionThe best thing to do with a cell phone, in my opinion, is to get yourself a metallic wire mesh bucket like this that you can set your cell phone in, and then set your phone at least 5 feet away from your body when you sleep. Here is a link to were I purchased the one in the picture on the left. It is called a WaveCage. A good quality metallic wire mesh bucket like this, as long as it is made out of good conductive metal, will block 95% of the radiation from your cell phone.

This is a picture of one of my old cell phones in this small mesh bucket. Here is a link to that will show you where I purchased the metallic mesh waste basket. They sell these metal mesh wastebaskets (see below right) that are made out of conductive metal that do a really good job and block 95% of the radiation also. Since these mesh baskets have an open top you will want to put your phones in them at night and then set them on a dresser or armoire so that the bottom of the basket is higher than your body by a bit.

Walmart Mesh BasketAnd you want it set at least 5 feet away from where you are sleeping. (My wife and I set the mesh baskets with our phones in them in our master bathroom so they are about 20 feet from our bed at night.) Then you can rest assured that the radiation that is making it to your body will be in the 3 to 6 micro-watts per meter squared safe area. But you should sit at your bed with the High-Frequency Analyzer and point it in the direction of your phone in the basket, and check for yourself so you know for sure. My recommendation is to always test, never guess.

Now the next issue with cell phones is holding it up to your head. Don’t do this if you can ever help it. That just blasts microwave radiation straight into your head. Bluetooth earbuds are even worse. Then you are sticking microwave radiating devices directly into your ear holes, which are holes in your head. That blasts the radiation directly into your brain.

Air Tube HeadsetThe best solution is some sort of an air tube headset. Here is a pair I bought off of Amazon. The reason for getting an air tube headset is because with a regular headset the radiation runs right up the cord into your ears just like an antenna. With an Air Tube Headset, the radiation stops at the base of the air tubes and do not go all the way to your head. The previous link is to where you can get one on if you wish. I also have links to where you can get these on the Recommended Protections page of this website.

Ferrite BeadThe only problem with the air tube headset is that the radiation in the cord is still up against the main part of your body. You can stop 90% of the radiation from going up the cord by sticking a ferrite bead on the bottom of the headset cord right next to where it plugs into your phone, as in this picture to the right.

Some people just love these air tube headsets. You can hear great with them and they function great. The only complaint some people have with them is the weight. They can be a bit heavy and pull from your ears.

What I do is I just use a regular headset with one, or maybe even two ferrite beads at the bottom cord near where it plugs into the phone. Sometimes if I am not feeling like using a headset at all I will just turn the phone to speaker mode and set it on my desk in front of me about a foot from my body. Ferrite beads are super cheap, and are the most important part of your protection from cellphone RF Radiation.

Tablets & Laptops

Whenever possible keep the Bluetooth and the WIFI turned off on your laptop. Turn it onto Airplane Mode. Try to always use it where you have an internet cord you can plug directly into your laptop rather than going wireless. This prevents most of the radiation.

A tablet typically only gets wireless internet. If you must have one of these get in the habit of turning off the Bluetooth and wireless by turning on Airplane Mode. There are a lot of things most people do even on these devices that are saved on the device and do not need the internet. So whenever possible, put it on Airplane mode. This way you control when you are getting microwave radiation and when you are not.

There is still radiation that laptops and tablets put off even when they are on Airplane Mode. It is not radiation typically that your High-Frequency Analyzer will pick up, but it is there nonetheless. So, for this, you should always use these devices on a desk and avoid sticking them directly on your lap, especially when the device is not on Airplane Mode.

If you go to the Recommended Protections page on this website you will see this picture to the left above, or one very similar to it. If you click on the link it will take you to where you can purchase these.

Laptop Radiation Shield
Ipad/Tablet Shield Protection

These, pictured on the left and right, are shields, the Ipad/Tablet Shield Protection and the Laptop Radiation Shield, you can place under your tablet or laptop that will block the radiation from going down into your lap. This is for when you can’t use a desk for some reason and need to have it on your lap. Some radiation will still go around the shield into you, but it will block most of it.

Cordless Phones

Cordless phones are not as popular as they used to be now that so many people use their cell phones as their main phones. A lot of people no longer have land lines. But still, if you have a cordless phone and test it with your analyzer you will find that the base and each of the handsets put out a constant blast of electromagnetic radiation just like a WIFI router does. The simple and best fix: throw them in the garbage and replace them with corded wired phones that put off zero radiation.

Again, if you have to have a cordless phone, there are some with an “Eco Mode” that does not put out radiation unless sending or receiving a call. Why do the manufacturers refer to this setting as “Eco Mode”? Because electromagnetic radiation is pollution. It is a carcinogenic pollution, meaning it causes cancer. That is the truth. To get more information about Eco-Mode phones see my article “12 Examples Of Eco Mode Analog Cordless Phones“. I also have links to where you can purchase them in that article also so you can if you choose to.

This next video is a test I did of a cordless phone a while ago. It shows what an extreme amount of radiation they put out; on par with a WiFi router or a baby monitor.

Baby Monitors

Yes, when you test your baby’s room you will learn that the baby monitor has WIFI and many of them put out more radiation than the High-Frequency Analyzer can read. And babies having thinner skulls that are still developing are much more vulnerable to negative effects from electromagnetic radiation. I would recommend not having a baby monitor at all.

  1. But if you have to have a baby monitor, the older, lower frequency analog ones are the best. The lower the frequency the better. And the newer the baby monitor the higher frequency it will have, generally. The best baby monitors fall into the following 2 categories:“Low Emission Analog Baby Monitors: (Preferred) Analog monitors typically use the 49 MHZ frequency band, which is much lower than the 1.89-2.4 GHz frequency that digital monitors use. Analog baby monitors do not offer video; they are audio-only.” You can tell if a monitor is analog because there will be a “channel” switch that lets you manually change between at least two channels to minimize interference.
  2. “Low Emission Digital Baby Monitors: There are a few options for digital baby monitors that do reduce the amounts of electromagnetic radiation, for example by using voice-activated features. If it is digital it will almost always say “Digital” on the box.

Remember by far the safest and best thing for your baby is to 1. Have no baby monitor, 2. Hardwire a camera and a microphone using no WIFI as your baby monitor or 3. Use the oldest, lowest frequency analog monitor you can find. And 4. Find one that as voice and/or motion activated that only puts off radiation when it hears or sees noise or movement.

Here are a couple of baby monitor systems I tested so that you can see how safe they are:

The safest obviously is not having a baby monitor. But if you must have one I have put together a list of some of the lower emission ones in my article “7 Examples of Low Emission Baby Monitors“. I have links to where you can get them in that article as well.


Many newer televisions have WIFI and even Bluetooth now. These give off massive amounts of radiation just like anything else WIFI or Bluetooth. The simple answer: hard wire your television to the internet and learn how to get into the settings of your TV and turn off the WIFI and Bluetooth. If you have interactive games and accessories that can access your TV by Bluetooth or WIFI, almost all can be hardwired. Even if you have to order longer cords from Amazon or the manufacturer, it is better than blasting your family with the radiation.

If you do have something that you use on your television that just cannot be hard wired, and must connect to your TV via WIFI or Bluetooth, get good at turning your TV Bluetooth or WIFI when you want to use this feature and off again as soon as you have completed it. This way your radiation exposure is limited to just the time you use the device, not 24/7.

Alexa, Echo & Other “Smart” and “AI” Devices

Don’t use them. That is my short recommendation. Many smart devices can be hard-wired into the internet if they need it so that they do not need to function via WIFI. Using Bluetooth instead of WIFI does not solve anything as it is still radiation. Remember that these devices will still cause dirty electricity on the circuits it is plugged into, so be sure and also check for and correct for that.

If you have to use a device like this that must have WIFI or Bluetooth to function, I would put the device on a piece of aluminum foil (you could cover the foil with a doyly or tablecloth for aesthetic purposes) under one of those Walmart metal mesh wastebaskets. Some of those wastebaskets actually look quite nice. Doing this should reduce the radiation by 95% or so. Again, always test it with your High-Frequency Analyzer to be sure.

Here is a test of a microwave oven I did a while ago. I include it here so that you can see how much microwave radiation they leak.

This guide includes a 4 part series. Each part has its own chapter. You can get to each chapter by clicking on the corresponding links here: 1. Electromagnetic Radiation Basics, 2. How To Use High Frequency Radiation Meters, 3. How To Test For RF Radiation, 4. How To Test For Dirty Electricity.