How To Protect Yourself From Smart Meter Radiation – Get The Facts!

Smart Meter with lockSmart meters are dangerous and it is important to know how to protect yourself from them. A smart meter creates two different types of EMF Radiation in your home. The first is it emits RF (radio frequency) Radiation. And the second is it causes each circuit in the building to radiate Dirty Electricity (electric smog) from the electrical wiring through the walls of the building.

To protect yourself from the smart meter’s RF Radiation you can block 90% to 95% of it by covering the smart meter with a metallic mesh screen made of highly conductive metal (such as aluminum window screen). You can make the cover yourself or purchase a pre-made version. Dirty Electricity caused by the smart meter can often be filtered away by installing a filter designed for this purpose. I discuss both of these solutions in detail below.

In this article I will take you step by step through how to protect yourself and your family from the EMF Radiations caused by your smart meter. I even have some videos below where I show you exactly how to do these things. (See also the Recommended Protections page of this website.)

Protecting From The RF Radiation

Well you have several options in this regard. I will now go through each of these options one at a time. The first two option involve having the smart meter removed and replaced with a traditional analog meter. This is by far the best solution because an analog meter emits zero RF Radiation and does not cause the wiring in your home to emit Dirty Electricity.

But sometimes either of these routes is just too big of a hassle, and people decide to keep the smart meter and shield the RF Radiation and filter out the Dirty Electricity. That is where the other options below come in.

Opt-Out Program

The first option involves calling your power company and see if they have an “opt out” program. Some power companies due to popular demand have set up an opt out program where they will remove your smart meter and replace it with an analog meter. For this they charge an upfront fee and an extra monthly fee to cover the cost of the replacement and sending out a meter reader to your home.

If your power company does not offer an opt-out program you can still call them an try to get them to take off your meter. That is how opt-out programs got started in the first place. Enough people who did not want the smart meter on their home called until finally they agreed to do it. Then they set up the opt-out program.

Buy An Analog Meter

Analog Meter There are companies that will sell you analog meters. They will be refurbished or re-manufactured analog meters, but analog meters last a very long time.

If you go this route you will want to hire an electrician to install this for you. Replacing the smart meter is fairly easy, so it won’t take them long. So the electrician shouldn’t charge too much.

It involves turning off the power to your home, pulling off the smart meter and putting on the analog. These meters fit in to the electrical box by 3 metal prongs plugging into the box similar to a plug plugging into an AC electrical outlet. You could die if you get shocked so it is something you are going to want a professional to do.

Now let me add a caution of warning on this option. There are some legal issues to consider before doing this option. If you go to Electra Health that is the best place to buy the analog meter. They are pretty inexpensive. But you will want to read all of their articles on the legal way to go about doing this option so that you don’t get into trouble.

I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. So I highly recommend you read all of the fine print on Electra Health’s website if you take this option and make sure you do things the right way. You might even want to talk to a lawyer first. A lot of people have done this route, so I know it can be done. I chose to buy a Smart Meter Guard, and correct the dirty electricity as described below.

The Smart Meter Guard

Smart Meter Guard A Smart Meter Guard is the round metal mesh screen pictured on the left. It is designed to fit right over your smart meter and you can install it in minutes with a screwdriver.

I installed mine myself and I am not an electrician, but did not see anyway that I could be electrocuted by it. You don’t have to take anything apart. It just fits on right over the smart meter. It is really pretty slick. If installed correctly, a Smart Meter Guard blocks somewhere between 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by your smart meter.

Since the electrical box that smart meters are attached to are solid metal, the RF Radiation cannot go through it. However if you measure inside your home right behind the electrical box, you still get a very high reading of RF Radiation because it just goes around the box. That has been my experience on every smart meter I have tested.

But since the Smart Meter Guard fits right up next to the electrical box, and tightly around the smart meter, their is no place for the RF Radiation to escape except for through the Smart Meter Guard. That is why it is so effective at reducing the RF Radiation.

RF Radiation has a very difficult time going through parallel lines of metal, as long as the metal is highly conductive. You will still need to deal with the dirty electricity that your smart meter causes to be emitted from your homes electrical wiring. But this will mitigate the regular RF Radiation.

Smart Meter Cover

Smart Meter Covers The Smart Meter Cover is a competitor to Smart Meter Guard. It works in the exact same way. Really the only difference between the two is that the Smart Meter Guard is built more sturdy. To me it looks like it will last longer. It is also twice the price. I still went with the Smart Meter Guard, but the smart meter cover will still block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by your smart meter.

But again, since the Smart Meter Cover fits right up next to the electrical box, and tightly around the smart meter, their is no place for the RF Radiation to escape except for through the Smart Meter Guard. That is why it is so effective at reducing the RF Radiation.

RF Radiation has a very difficult time going through parallel lines of metal, as long as the metal is highly conductive. You will still need to deal with the dirty electricity that your smart meter causes to be emitted from your homes electrical wiring. But this will mitigate the regular RF Radiation.

Smart Meter Radiation Test

In the Smart Meter Guard Product Review video above I did the test on the digital meter on my home. In the below video I use a high frequency analyzer to test an actual smart meter on the outside of a home. This video was part of a series where I go through an enter home and film myself testing each room for both RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity.

In that series I also describe how to solve each radiation problem I identify. You can see this entire video series in my article “The Protect Your Family From RF Radiation Guide

The below video is short but is definitely worth watching. It will show you how much RF Radiation a middle of the road smart meter emits.

In the next short video I measure the smart meter radiation from inside the home, so that you can see what that looks like.

Now that you have seen the above two video smart meter tests, imagine how much worse it might be if this smart meter was on a bedroom wall, rather than a kitchen wall. With such high power RF Radiation being emitted every 30 seconds, not only is the radiation unhealthily high, but it messes with people’s ability to sleep.

RF Radiation Dangers

RF Radiation includes both normal types of radio wave such as your AM and FM stereos use, and microwaves. Microwaves are just higher frequency radio waves. (See the electromagnetic radiation chart below.) I have had people tell me that microwaves are not dangerous because infrared and visible light are higher frequency forms of electromagnetic radiation. They just do not understand the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

Electromagnetic radiation is considered to be “microwaves” between 1 GHz and 300 GHz frequency. Yet a microwave oven can cook your food at 2.45 GHz frequency. And the US military’s “Active Denial System“, which is a microwave crowd control weapon, can heat up people’s skin enough to cause them to disperse 1,000 meters away using 95 GHz frequency. (By the way the new 5G cellular technology will use between 24 GHz to 90 GHz frequency. The new 5G WiFi Routers use 60 GHz frequency.)

So I guess they are right, microwaves are not dangerous! Well they are right about one thing, infrared and visible light in many forms are not dangerous. But that is a different part of the spectrum, and does not apply to the radio frequency portion.

In the radio frequency portion of the spectrum (which includes both “Radio waves” and “Microwaves” on the below chart), the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms. That is why normal AM and FM radio waves are not dangerous. They are low frequency.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Scientific Studies

There are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies that link RF Radiation to a variety of health problems. Cancer, DNA damage (especially in fetuses) and mail sterility are a few examples. See the “scientific studies” page of this website for links to some of those studies.

Also, in 2011 the World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic”, which means “cancer causing”. You can also find a link to that on the scientific studies page of this website (see above link).

Protection From The Dirty Electricity

We all are familiar with the fact that AC electricity flows through physical power lines in our homes and makes our toaster work and lights our light bulbs. As AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming Radio Waves.

When high frequency spikes and surges happen as a result of a device or appliance that is trying to manipulate or change normal AC current in some way, such as converting AC power to DC power, they are of a high enough frequency that they are dangerous to our health.

The good news however with Dirty Electricity is that unless it is caused by some sort of poor electrical job, like a grounding problem, it is very easy to reduce the radiation down to safe levels. Each circuit in a home needs to be tested and then solved if their is an issue. We will now talk about what you need to do to correct dirty electricity issues.

Testing For Dirty Electricity

To test for Dirty Electricity you need something called a Graham-Stetzer Microsurge MeterAll you need to do, as I show in the video, is to plug the meter into each circuit in your home and look at the number that shows on the meter. If it is above 50 it is out of the safe zone and you need to correct the problem. If it is below 50 they you don’t need to do anything. In my home I just stuck one Graham-Stetzer Filter in an electrical out let in each circuit in my home that was over 50, and it brought each one down to between 20 and 30, well in the safe range. If you want to purchase a combination package click on this link meter-filter combination.

In this following video I test a circuit in my kitchen for Dirty Electricity. This is what you do. You go through each circuit in your home and do this test. Please watch the following short video and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Now the most common is that one filter will solve the problem for each circuit. I have seen a few that needed 2, but there are diminishing returns when using additional filters. If you ever stick a filter into an outlet of a circuit and it does not lower the reading hardly at all, then you know something else is going on. That is when you need to call an electrician in to check out the problem. Again like I have said that is not overly common, but does happen.

Just to give you an example on this, there is a man that I know of that the circuit in his kitchen read close to 2,000 on the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter. When he put a filter in it the meter reading only lowered less than one hundred. So even with a filter it still read close to 2,000. He hired an electrician and found that he had a grounding problem on that circuit. As soon as the electrician corrected it, with a filter the circuit read well below 50.

Benefits Of Low RF Radiation Levels

When I first started learning about all of this I began to research and read the findings of the scientific studies. Reading those studies, many studies, caused me to realize that this was a real and serious problem. That motivated me to order high frequency meters, both of the ones I mentioned above, and I began testing my house. I expected the worst because my wife and I had been both not feeling our best for quite a while.

To my surprise, although we did have some devices emitting some very serious amounts of RF Radiation, fortunately in my case the things wired into my house were not as bad as some I had watched on the internet. We live in an older home but all of the wiring was completely re-done just a few years ago. With that and the fact that I don’t have any smart devices wired into our home, the Dirty Electricity issues were simple and easy to fix. The meter on our home is a digital meter rather than a smart meter, by that I mean it only emits about 1700 micro-watts per meter squared when it spikes, rather than 60,000.

I did have too high of dirty electricity on every circuit, because of the digital meter, but a Graham-Stetzer Meter in each circuit lowered each down into the 20’s. The big emitters in our house were things like our cellphones, and WiFi Router. So I ordered the cellphone protections, Smart Meter Guard, WiFi Router Guard and the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter & Filters and we were good. Every room in our house read around 3 to 6 micro-watts per meter squared (except the room with the router reads 40’s) with the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer, and each circuit in my home is in the 20’s on the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter.

Once this was all accomplished about a week went by and my wife mentioned to me that she had been sleeping so much deeper and restful, much more than before. I hadn’t thought about it but I had too. Then about a week later my wife asked me when the last time was that I had had a dream that I could remember. I told her I could not remember the last time I had had a dream in years. But that I had had vivid ones almost every night for the last few weeks. My wife’s eyes lit up and she said “me too!”

Neither of us could remember having dreams in years. But with the reducing of RF Radiation we both started having vivid dreams almost every night. And we both slept more soundly and restfully than we had in years. I have also noticed that I just generally feel better. My wife normally suffers from winter depression. But she now feels generally cheerful.

Please see also our article entitled “Are Smart Meters Really Dangerous?

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