The 10 Most Important Products To Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation

Woman Wearing Aulterra Pendant

Finding ways to protect ourselves and our families from the dangers of EMF Radiation is on the minds of more and more people throughout the world every day. As people find and read all the scientific studies linking this radiation to things like cancer, brain tumors, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses) and male infertility, a great awakening is happening.

When it comes to protecting myself and my family from EMF Radiation, I take a two pronged approach. First, since I know that in today’s world I will never get our EMF Radiation exposure down to zero, we use products scientifically proven to change the harmful man made EMF Radiation into a more natural form that is far less harmful to the body. And second, I still want to reduce our EMF Radiation exposure down to as close to zero as possible. So I do this using various EMF Radiation blocking Faraday type products as you will see below. 

I have been studying this for years now and tested this stuff with meters for myself. And in this article I will go through what I feel is the 10 most important products everyone should have to protect their families from EMF Radiation. And I list them in their order of importance.

The 10 Most Important Products To Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation Are:

1. EMF Radiation Neutralizers

EMF Pendants

These types of products I use to totally laugh at and consider them snake oil until I finally read the science behind them. Now they have so much credibility in my mind they rank first on my list. Years before Kim Dandurand started his company called Aulterra Global he was working on a chemical and radioactive waste cleanup site. There he saw them use certain minerals to “neutralize” the harmful effects of the chemical and radioactive waste that they had cleaned up.

Curious he paid a reputable lab to run tests on these minerals to see if they had the same effects on EMF Radiation. And in the results the tests showed that they did. In the below video I talk about the scientific test that had the most credibility in my mind and why. Please take a few minutes and watch the below video.

Basically what these products do is they “neutralize” or “harmonize” the EMF Radiation. That basically means that they put of a paramagnetic field around you, or the device they are on, which changes the man made harmful EMF Radiation into a more natural, less harmful form. I keep these on all of our cellphones and other WiFi devices. I also put Aulterra’s “Whole House” and “Whole Car” units plugged into my home and car to attack the EMF Radiation from both sides.

The two companies Aulterra Global and EMF Harmony are the only two companies that I have found over the years that have actual peer reviewed scientific studies done by reputable labs that verified that these products do what they say they do. That is why these two are the only two that I trust. Without tests like these who knows what people put in their products.

2. Faraday WiFi Router Covers

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra Sticker

A WiFi router emits a tremendous amount of RF Radiation (the most powerful form of EMF Radiation). And they emit at full blast 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are one of the largest emitters of RF Radiation. When you put your router in an EMF blocking Faraday metal mesh box, like the Wifi Router Guard or the WiFi Router Cover, it will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation.

And what is cool is you still get to use your WiFi. My home is about 3,000 square feet including the basement, and even though we keep our WiFi router in a Wifi Router Guard with an Aulterra sticker on it, I still get to use my WiFi anywhere in my home. About once a month or so it might run slower than normal, and when it does I open the lid on the WiFi Router Guard until I am done doing whatever I was doing. But like I said that doesn’t happen very often.

The video below shows me measuring the output of my WiFi router both within and without the Wifi Router Guard. I test it with my RF meter so that you can see exactly how well these WiFi router covers work.

And then here in this video I do the same test with the WiFi Router Cover. I hope both videos are helpful.

3. Corded Cellphone Headphones With Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Bead

Now the safest type of corded headset is very popular with people concerned about cellphone radiation, and that is called an air tube headset. If you click on this link it will take you to my article on air tube headsets. However even an air tube headsets needs a couple of Ferrite Beads attached to the bottom of the cord for it to totally protect you. I still always keep an Aulterra sticker on each of our phones as well.

Personally I don’t use an air tube headset because they are heavy and clunky and I think uncomfortable. And if you put a couple of Ferrite Beads on the bottom of a normal corded headset (as shown in the above picture), so little EMF Radiation makes it through the cord and to your body or head, that I think you are fine (my personal opinion). A Ferrite Bead acts like a resistor and filters off all of the highest frequencies traveling up the cord.

But still, you will want to talk on your phone on speakerphone with it sitting away from your body on a table whenever possible. Only use a headset when you have to. Distance is always the best protection. I explain how and why to use Ferrite beads in this below video.

4. Radiation Blocking Cellphone Case

SafeSleeve EMF Protect Cellphone Cases

The next most important protection item in my view is a radiation blocking cellphone case. And these things are sweet!  And they are a must in my humble opinion. As you will see in the below video they block a significant amount of the EMF Radiation emitted from the phone. They don’t block it all; some still travels around. But it blocks enough to be worth having. I still always keep an Aulterra sticker on each of our phones as well. And you still don’t ever want to keep your cellphone in your pocket or hold it up to your head like they show in the above image.

You probably could if you have an Aulterra sticker on your phone. But why tempt fate. I have read so many studies on the actual cancer etc. that EMF Radiation causes, that I might be a bit paranoid. But none the less I use all these protection devices and I keep as much distance between myself and my cellphone as I can.

Anyway my favorite brand of radiation blocking cellphone cases are those made by SaveSleeve. They are very close to the best when it comes to blocking radiation, and their design is just so much better than most of their competition. They are what my wife and I use. Here is that cellphone case video I spoke about earlier.

5. Radiation Blocking iPad & Laptop Pad

Tablet/Laptop Radiation Protection Items

The next most important protection item is radiation blocking pads for your iPad or your laptop. Please never set these devices directly on your lap (if you value the genetics of your offspring). I don’t recommend setting your iPad or laptop on your lap even if you have them on the radiation blocking pad because still some will travel around the pad. But it is much safer with the pad.

These pads use the same blocking material they use in radiation blocking cellphone cases. If you watched the above video you saw a test with a meter I did on radiation blocking cellphone cases. Since there is more space in these pads for iPads and laptop the pads actually work a bit better than the cellphone cases. So they are a must in my opinion. My favorite brand of radiation blocking iPad & laptop pads are those made by SaveSleeve.

In the beginning of the below video I talk about the importance of having these pads and I show a couple of examples.

6. Faraday Basket For Your Cellphone At Night

Radiation Protection

This is one item I consider invaluable but that many people overlook. The most important time of day to keep your EMF exposure as close to zero as possible, is while we sleep. That is when our body is healing and EMF waves interfere with brain and other neurological activity. And we spend a third of our lives asleep.

My personal favorite of these Faraday metallic mesh baskets is my WaveCage Mini which you can see in the image above. It is just the perfect size for the average cellphone. How I use it is when I am sleeping I put my cellphone in my WaveCage Mini and set it on a shelf that is above my head and at least 4 to 5 feet away. From that distance I don’t detect any RF Radiation coming from it to where my wife and I sleep. I have tested this with my favorite RF meter the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer.

Below is a video I did testing various metallic mesh baskets for their Faraday qualities. Some work better than others. What matters is how conductive the metal is used in their construction.

7. Smart Meter Faraday Cover

Smart Meter Test

The above image is me testing how much the Smart Meter Cover blocks of the RF Radiation coming out of my smart meter at home. There is an almost identical product built by a competing company called the Smart Meter Guard. I have tested both of these products and verified for myself that both block around 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by my meter.

I often get asked which one I use myself. I have both and have used both. I most often use the Smart Meter Guard, just personal preference, but both fit and work great. Below are both videos showing my actual tests of each using my favorite RF meter, the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer. First here is my test of the Smart Meter Guard.

And then here in this video I do the same test with the Smart Meter Cover. I hope both videos are helpful.

8. Important EMF Radiation Meters

Best EMF RF Meters and Detectors

There are in my opinion 2 basic types of meters that each of us needs. The first is one to measure RF Radiation, the most powerful form of EMF Radiation. And the second is one that you can plug into an electrical circuit in your home or office and measure the dirty electricity on each circuit in a building. This is the second most toxic form of EMF Radiation.

With both RF Radiation and dirty electricity they are highly carcinogenic and you don’t really know how big of a problem you have without having these meters to measure them. I get questions from people all the time asking me about their specific problems with these two types of radiation. There is no way really to accurately2 answer their questions such as “how far do I need to have my WiFi router from the more used parts of my home?” without measuring their router with a meter to see how far the meter can pick up the signal. I hope that makes sense.

I should mention here that I did an article called “11 Best EMF Meters and Detectors of 2023 – A Complete Guide!” where I analyze all of the EMF meters that I am familiar with and tell you what I think the benefits of each are. But for this article I will just tell you my favorites. My favorite RF Radiation meter is the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer, although I am really liking the new GQ EMF-390 Meter too. And my favorite dirty electricity meter is the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter. With your Graham-Stetzer Meter you will also need to have some Graham-Stetzer Filters.

There are meters that also measure electric fields and magnetic fields that are emitted by any small electronic device. If I wanted to measure those I would get the GQ EMF-390 Meter because it will measure those as well as RF Radiation. Personally I don’t think meters that measure electric and magnetic fields are critical to have. I have a ton of them and never use them. In every device I have ever measured these fields only extend about a foot out from the device. Now that I know that I never have any reason to use those meters. (Just my opinion.)

9. EMF Protective Clothing

Belly EMF Protection Clothing
EMF Protection Aprons

Fetuses are so easily harmed from EMF Radiation that I think these EMF protection belly covers are so important for expecting mothers. The next most important areas are our reproductive organs as well as the DNA in our sperm and eggs. They make EMF blocking underwear too which is super important as well. Protecting our brain is way high up on the importance list as well. They make EMF protection shirts, hats, aprons and even bedding.

With this category basically we are limited only by our imagination. I have linked these things made by EMF protection companies, but if you can sew, you can purchase the EMF protection fabric and make whatever you want.

10. EMF Protection House Paint

EMF Shielding Paint

I should warn you that this EMF protection (or blocking) paint is black paint. It doesn’t come in a variety of colors; black is it. So think of this as the first coating. Then you would need to paint a primer over top of it and whatever color you wanted. This is a very important tool however depending on your situation.

I watched a YouTube video a few years ago where a couple had a cell tower built right next to their home. They started getting sick and feeling the reactions from the radiation but their city government wouldn’t listen to their concerns. They purchased a bunch of this paint and painted their whole house. They even removed their roofing and painted the plywood sheeting under their roofing, and then reinstalled their roofing.

To finish off their protection they got cloth drapery liners and installed those under all of the drapes in their home. They literally got the RF Radiation meter to read basically nothing in their home. They still had to deal with the exposure when they were out in their yard and garden, but at least they were protected in their home. Not everyone will need this product, but if you do it is important to know it exists.

Final Thoughts

After studying this topic for years now and doing many EMF Radiation tests with meters, these are the things I feel are the most important to correct, and the products (in order of importance) I feel are the absolute best to protect us.

So please take the time to watch the videos I have embedded in this article as well as the links included. And do your own research as well. The most important thing is that you educate yourself on all the scientific studies done on EMF Radiation and learn what you can do to protect yourself.

To get more information on ways to protect your home from RF radiation please see our article entitled 8 Best Ways To Protect Your Home From EMF Radiation.  To learn more about the way RF radiation can affect your health please see our article entitled 20 Negative Health Symptoms from RF Radiation.  Please see also our article called The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home.

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