9 Best EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases of 2023 – Based On My Tests

SafeSleeve EMF Protect Cellphone CasesThe purpose of an EMF protection cell phone case is to not only protect your cell phone from damage should you drop it, but also reduce the amount of EMF radiation coming out of the phone from entering your body.

Even when using the best EMF cell phone case, you never want to hold your phone up to your head as shown in the above image. While the case will significantly reduce the amount of EMF Radiation from reaching you by blocking it, some will still come around.

So what are the best EMF protection cell phone cases? The best cases use the best Faraday EMF blocking materials in their cases, while also having the best practical and attractive design so that we will want to use the case. No matter how well the phone blocks EMF Radiation, if you can’t stand to have it on your phone, what good is it? 

In this article I am going to first show you a short video I did where I film myself testing with a meter several of the EMF protection cell phone cases I talk about in this article so that you can see how well each works.

Then we will get right into my top 9 list, and what the pros and cons of each are.

My EMF Cellphone Case Test

In the below video, I use a radio frequency (RF) meter to test the RF Radiation coming out of my cellphone. I test my cell phone by itself, and then I test it with different cases.

I did not have every case I talk about in this article so I was not able to test them all. But I still think this video shows how well these types of cases work.

Not all protection cell phone cases are created equal! What matters most is the quality of the Faraday material used to block the EMF Radiation. There are basically two types:

The first is a fine metallic mesh screen material, and the second is various fabrics that have metallic fibers woven into the material. I have seen both works extremely well. It just depends on how conductive the metal used is, and the quantity of metal used.

The most important secondary consideration is the design of the phone case. I have learned that no matter how well a cell phone case blocks EMF Radiation if people can’t stand the design, they will not use the case.

The 9 Best EMF Protection Cellphone Cases Are:

Okay, I am excited to get to talking about each on my list. I hope you find it as interesting as I find it fun talking about these.

This is a comprehensive list of the absolute best EMF Protection cases for your cell phone in 2023 based on my personal experience, research, and testing.

1.SafeSleeve EMF Radiation Blocking Cell Phone CaseExcellent Protection. Largest selection of cases for various phone models. Highly rated design and color choices. Excellent customer service.
2.DefenderShield EMF Protection Cellphone CaseHigh-quality design and similar selection to SafeSleeve. Uses "Ultra Armor+™ Shielding Technology."
3.Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet CaseFeatures aluminum Faraday blocker and offers significant RF radiation reduction. Affordable option.
4.WaveWall EMF Protection Anti-Radiation Phone CaseExcellent EMF blocking capabilities. Made in the UK. Beat SafeSleeve in EMF meter tests.
5.Waves Protect Radiation Protection Cellphone CaseUtilizes high-quality Faraday shielding material. Concerns about front and back cover shielding.
6.RadiArmor Anti Radiation Cellphone CaseClaims to block 99.9% of RF Radiation with quality shielding material.
7.RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone CaseEffective Faraday shielding material but limited design and selection.
8.Silent Pocket Faraday Bag Smartphone SleeveHigh-quality privacy pouch for when you need extra security and privacy.
9.Phone Guard EMF Privacy PouchAnother privacy pouch with excellent shielding material. Two slots for different levels of protection.

1. SafeSleeve EMF Radiation & RFID Blocking Cell Phone Cases

Safe Sleeve Protection Cell Phone Cases

My favorite out of this list without any doubt is the SafeSleeve cell phone case, and here are a few of the reasons why:

First of all, it’s actually just the best EMF-blocking phone available, especially for the money. Whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android, or just about anything else, they’ll have a case that fits perfectly and protects you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Not only that but SafeSleeve as a company has some of the absolute best customer service, which really matters when buying products like these. I’ve bought and owned just about all of SafeSleeve’s products over the years, and can say that they are a great company to work with, and they make really high-quality products.

Click here to shop their iPhone Cases
Or here to shop cases for other phone models.

I was buying these cases for both my wife and me, as well as for a couple of our college-aged children. Not all of my family liked the design of the Wave Wall or the other cases in the list, but everyone liked the color choices and design of the SafeSleeve cases.

My wife and daughter got to have their pink-colored cases!

Now that I and my family have all had our SafeSleeve phone cases for several years, they are finally wearing out enough that we will need to replace them soon.

We have all loved the cases and the design. We couldn’t be happier.

There was another brand that had a great selection, and that is the Defender Shield, which I talk about below, and to be honest their designs were pretty comparable to the SafeSleeve.

2. The DefenderShield EMF Protection Cellphone Case

DefenderShield EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

Strictly based on the quality and design of their product, DefenderShield is absolutely the second-best EMF protection cell phone case on the market.

They are too costly for the money in my mind to outrank SafeSleeve. But they have a very similar selection and design as does SafeSleeve.

DefenderShield uses their “Ultra Armor+™ Shielding Technology” which they claim is superior to other shielding systems. I have not tested one of their cases with a meter myself, but I have tested so many that it seems like a stretch to think it could really be much better.

My recommendation would be look at both SafeSleeve and DefenderShield and see which design you like better. If you like the design of DefenderShield enough better to be worth the extra cost, and if they treat you nicely when you call them, then I think they might be a good choice. That being said I don’t think you will be unhappy with SafeSleeve either. Their designs are very similar and their quality is excellent.

3. Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet Case

Vest EMF Radiation Protection Cell Phone Cases

I am putting the Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet Case as number 3 on my list mainly because it has a design I like similar to SafeSleeve and DefenderShield. I don’t have a Vest case to test, but fortunately, there is enough good information out there on this one that I feel like I can speak intelligently on how well it will block EMF Radiation.

If you watch this video produced by Vest, it shows pictures of the metallic metal mesh that it uses as a Faraday blocker. It uses aluminum which is highly conductive, so you can’t do much better than that.

The more conductive the metal, the better the Faraday effect is. And Vest says they have 2 layers of it so there should be adequate quantity there to do a good job blocking.

There are two YouTube videos I found testing the RF radiation-blocking capabilities of the Vest case. In this first video they test the case properly and it shows a very significant reduction of RF Radiation.

In this second video, although the guy was well-meaning, he used the meter wrong which is why he saw no reduction in RF Radiation.

He was testing with an older version of the TriField meter. The sensors on the Trifield are right up near the top of the meter. (I know I have a Trifield) So when he set the meter on the phone, the sensors were right on the edge of the case and were picking up all the RF Radiation coming around the edge of the case. Some RF Radiation come around all these cases.

To do a good job testing the blocking power of the material you need the sensor to be more in the middle of the case, not on the edge. Hopefully that makes sense. This case looks to be a great option. And it is very inexpensive. I don’t know if the quality of the case its self is as good as the ones I list higher on the list. But it looks good from the video. And having two aluminum screen blockers it should block the radiation good. I don’t think you can go wrong for the money.

4. WaveWall EMF Protection Anti-Radiation Phone Case

Wave Wall EMF Protection Cell Phone Case

The WaveWall EMF Protection Phone Case is another great protection cellphone case as far as its EMF blocking capabilities are concerned. WaveWall uses a high quality fabric with metallic fibers woven in it, like I spoke about above. And WaveWall did the best in my above video where I test each one with my RF Radiation meter.

I still personally prefer SafeSleeve. WaveWall does not have the selection of cases that Safe Sleeve has. They don’t design different size cases for the various models of cell phones. They have a more “universal” approach which I am not a big fan of. WaveWall is made in the UK, but Safe Sleeve is made in the US. So for US residents the shipping could be more expensive too.

However the main thing in my mind WaveWall has going for it is how well they did in my meter test. They beat SafeSleeve, not by a lot, but they still beat them. But how well it did in that test is why I am ranking it number two on my list.

5. Waves Protect Radiation Protection Cellphone Case

Waves Protect EMF Protection Cell Phone CasesThe Waves Protect Radiation Protection Cellphone Case is one that I had to really debate where to put on my list. These guys use a high quality Faraday shielding material in this case. It works very well. Again this is not one that I own so I have not been able to test it with a meter. But based on the design and the metals used in their shielding material, it should work well.

My only concern with them is the fact that they put the shielding material in the front and back cover of the phone. Often that can actually increase the RF Radiation by causing the phone to work harder to find the signal. It depends on the rest of their design. I would like to get one of these and test it.

They have a really nice case design as well that has a pocket for credit cards that make them RFID protected as well as a pocket for you to place and extra sim card for your phone. I am so used to the flap on the front from my SafeSleeve that I am not sure if I would like this phone design as well I guess it depends on how well the case stays closed when I’m not using the phone.

Being in the states myself I like that these guys are based out of the US. From going over their website they appear to have a good selection. I am impressed enough with the information about this case on their website that I am planning on purchasing one of these for my next cell phone case to try it out. Who knows I may have just found my next favorite.

6. RadiArmor Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

RadiArmor EMF Protection Phone Cases

The only reason that RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cellphone Case are down this low on my list is because they are based in China. Since most of the readers of this website are from the US and western countries, I am not sure how difficult it would be to get service from them should you have a problem.

But as far as the design product, the design is the type that I like best, very similar to SafeSleeve and DefenderShield.  From the information on their website and my experience with these types of products, the quality and effectiveness of RadiArmor looks like it would be great. (This is one that I personally do not own so I can’t test it with my own meter.)

On their website they describe the cloth that they use in these cases. While they don’t list the type of metallic fibers they use in the cloth, they claim it blocks 99.9% of RF Radiation. I totally believe it because I have tested similar cloths and know that they can block that much of the radiation. If it blocks as much as they claim it must be a very high quality cloth and use highly conductive metal fibers.

7. RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone Cases

RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

I am putting the RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone Cases as number 7 on my list only because their design sucks as does their selection. They don’t keep up as new cell phones come out, and so they often don’t have a case designed for the newer phones. The other problem is the case  I ordered for my phone, didn’t fit my phone very well. It was a loose fit and my phone kind of slopped around in it.

The good thing about RFSafe is the nano technology of the Faraday shielding material that they use is highly conductive and so it does a decent job of blocking the RF Radiation. As you saw in my above video it did not do as well as the SafeSleeve or the WaveWall in my meter test however.

I have known about this company for years, and have purchased a couple of phone cases from them. And my impression of them is that they know what they are doing, they are just very disorganized and not really on the ball. They remind me of the brilliant mad scientist kid with a dirty bedroom. Their website is hard to navigate, as I said earlier their selection is poor. I think they could do a lot better and sell a lot more cell phone cases if they would improve their design and selection and get on the ball.

8. Silent Pocket Faraday Bag Smartphone Sleeve

Silent Pocket Faraday Bag Smartphone Sleeve

I put two privacy pockets as number 8 and 9 on this list. They are not the kind of cell phone cases that most poeple choose to use all the time, but I think they are important to have for times when you need extra security and privacy. This one, the Silent Pocket Faraday Sleeve is really nice and very high quality.

Out of all of the phone cases I list in this article, this one, and the one below this have the very best shielding material. They use fabrics with highly conductive metallic mesh fibers woven into them.

This is ideal for times when you don’t want to be tracked, and want to “go off the grid” so to speak. There is so much identity theft nowadays, especially when traveling, that I think all of us should utilize privacy pouches like these.

9. Phone Guard EMF Privacy Pouch

Phone Guard By SmartMeterGuard

I have one of these Phone Guard pouches. They have a fancier design now that looks sleeker than what you see in this image. I suggest you click on the above link and check out their sleeker new look.

Out of all of the phone cases I list in this article, this one, and the one above this have the very best shielding material. They use fabrics with highly conductive metallic mesh fibers woven into them. This one has two slots in the pouch. In one of them your phone is completely covered in the fabric. When in that pocket the EMF Radiation is totally blocked, so much so that the phone will not even pick up a signal; nor can it send a signal. This pouch is great for privacy.

The other slot in the pouch only blocks the radiation on one side so that the cell phone can still function. Again a pouch like this is not something most people like to use all the time. Most of the time I keep my phone in my SafeSleeve case as am example. Below is a video where I filmed myself testing this pouch with a meter.


Do I Use An EMF Protecting Phone Case?

Defendershield Cellphone CaseYes I do. It is not the only item I use to protect myself (as you will see later in this article), but since these cases do reduce the radiation (I have tested many and have proved it over and over to myself) I would rather have them than not.

When it comes to something as harmful as RF Radiation coming out of the phone, less is better. Radiation shielding phone cases do reduce the radiation.

The cellphone I have at the time of writing this article is a Samsung Galaxy A6. I like it but apparently it is not a huge seller for Samsung, because I have not been able to find a radiation-shielding phone case company that makes one for that model size. So I have just been using the bag called the “Phone Guard” I show in the above video. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as a nice phone case.

What I like about the Phone Guard is that it is bigger than my phone, so I find that even though it only shields on one side, I get less RF Radiation coming around the bag. If I could get a case that fit that model I would do that instead. That being said I just want to say that the other items I use to protect myself from RF Radiation that are so very important I go over later in this article.

Protections That Compliment These Cell Phone Cases

Keep Your Distance From EMF Emitting Devices

Cellphone Safe DistanceAll types of EMF Radiation dissipate with distance. Distance is your friend. For example even though I have my cellphone in the SafeSleeve EMF protection cell phone case, I do not keep my cellphone in my shirt or pants pockets. It is way to close to my body if I do.

And when I use my phone to make a phone call, I try never to hold the phone up to my head if I don’t have to. Tahis is true even with an emf protection cellphone case.

What I do instead is I set my phone on my desk out in front of me and I use in on speakerphone. If I ever can’t use speakerphone then I use a corded headset with a ferrite bead at the bottom of it. I will go into the specifics you need to know about the ferrite bead and air tube headset later in this article.

You may be asking yourself “then why do I need an emf protecting phone case?” That is a valid question. My answer is because there are rare situations when I have no choice but to hold the phone up to my head. And if I have to, I want that protection there. As you have seen in my above video, these cases do block a significant amount of the radiation, I would rather have them than not.

EMF Filtering Ferrite Beads

Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Bead Laptop Charger

When you use any kind of a cell phone headset the RF Radiation travels up the cord similar to an antenna. With a regular corded headset it travels all the way up the cord into your ears, which pipes the radiation right into your ears.

Ferrite Beads are not a new technology. They are used all the time by companies that make computer equipment to protect computer boards from high frequency spikes and surges. In fact they act like a resister in that the higher the frequencies are that are traveling up the cord, the better the Ferrite bead works.

The image on the top right shows an example of a ferrite bead computer manufacturers put on chargers for things like a laptop. The ferrite bead protects the laptop from spikes and surges of high frequency electricity that travels up the cord and could damage the device circuit board.

A ferrite bead designed to be manually placed on a cord (see image above left) will do the same thing to the RF Radiation traveling up the cord. RF Radiation is high frequency electricity that could damage you. A ferrite bead will block around 90%$ to 95% of the RF and other EMF Radiation traveling up the cord. Some will still make it through, but it will filter off 90%$ to 95% of it.

In the below video I show you how to use a Ferrite bead and I explain a bit more about them to you.

EMF Neutralizing Stickers

Galaxy A6 Back with Sticker

The Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker is an item that has a surprising amount of scientific research behind it.

I detail all of the scientific research in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“.

At first, I was a doubter about these types of radiation protection products. I thought people were just getting a placebo affect.

However my opinion changed significantly for Aulterra’s products when I started reading the scientific studies this company ran on their products.

Kim Dandurand came up with this technology in 1996 when he was working with a major environmental cleanup project that used this technology to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

Kim was so impressed that he then paid for a bunch of scientific studies himself, in order to see if these same paramagnetic minerals would neutralize RF Radiation.

The tests showed him that this technology does 2 things. First they reduce the intensity of the radiation. And second they neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation and render it harmless to human DNA.

Simply put, the paramagnetic minerals within the Aulterra stickers form a magnetic field around the cellphone or other device they are attached to. This changes the man-made waves emitted by the device into a more natural form. The stickers reduce the damage RF Radiation causes by about 95%. Check out the price here on their website at Aulterra.com

Below is a review video I did showing you all of the Aulterra products, and discussing my experiences with them. If you are interested in this the video will be worth your time to watch it.

I never thought that I would promote this type of a cellphone radiation protection item. But researching the science was very convincing. I still do all of the other radiation protection items I talk about above even though I put the stickers on them. But I am convinced enough about the Aulterra products that I put them on my WiFi router, cellphones, and any other Bluetooth or WiFi items I have. And I put them in metallic mesh cages etc.

Final Thoughts

I really hop this article was helpful. If it was please share it on your social media sites. That really helps us get the word out and we really appreciate it when people do that. Thank you for reading this article!

For different takes on this topic from other EMF Radiation researchers please see these three articles emfacadamy.com, irda.org, and techwellness.com.

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