Electromagnetic Radiation Basics – A Helpful Guide!

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I meet a lot of people who hear about one or two things that give off dangerous levels of RF Radiation, like maybe Bluetooth earbuds or cellphones. Then they are surprised later to learn that other things in their house are just as bad, if not worse, like a baby monitor for example. And many people that hear about wireless RF Radiation never learn that the wiring in their home may be putting off “electromagnetic smog” also called “Dirty Electricity” which is another form of RF Radiation which can be just as harmful.

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to identify and correct every source of RF Radiation you and your family are being exposed to in your home. So this is an article you are going to want to bookmark, and take your time going through it. You will want to read it carefully as well as watch each video. This is meant to be your guide as you go step by step through your home and identify and correct all of the radiation problems you have.

In this guide I take you room by room, with my video camera, through a real house and show you how to test for both RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity. And then I tell you exactly what I would do to solve each problem. You not only get to read about it but you get to watch me do the tests on video.

I wrote this guide because I really wish I would have had it all laid out for me in one place when I first started my research on this subject. It would have saved me a lot of time and research. If you go through your home as I do here, and make the needed corrections to lower your RF Radiation exposure down to safe levels throughout your house, your family will be healthier as a result. So I hope that you will use this guide so that it can benefit you.

This guide includes a 4 part series. Each part has its own chapter. You can get to each chapter by clicking on the corresponding link below:

  1. Electromagnetic Radiation Basics
  2. How To Use High Frequency Radiation Meters
  3. How To Test For RF Radiation
  4. How To Test For Dirty Electricity

Electromagnetic Radiation Basics

Before we get into how to diagnose and fix the radiation issues that you have in your home, it is important that you first understand a bit more about what electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is. Knowledge is power. Once you understand the basics of EMR, you will make better decisions, and solving your problems will be much easier. The people I have seen that do the worst job at protecting themselves are those who are the least educated about it.

It can’t just be this invisible force that somehow is supposed to be causing radiation in your home, or it can seem like an invisible boogie man. This is not about fear tactics over some made-up danger. Electricity is real. Electrical and magnetic fields are real. Radio waves and microwaves are real.

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies on the negative health effects of too much exposure to EMR. See “Scientific Studies” to find links to some of these studies. And even the World Trade Organization has listed it as a “carcinogen”, meaning it causes cancer. Basic knowledge about this will help you see things for what they really are. When we are dealing with real facts, with real understanding, it motivates us to make real corrections. It also prevents us from acting out of fear and over-correcting.

Okay, are you ready? Here we go. It is pretty simple and we are going to go through these basic ideas pretty quickly. It is important that you understand the rest of this section, so please re-read it several times if you need to, so that you are sure you understand it. It will make the rest of the process much easier if you do.

There are a lot of acronyms put before the word “radiation” thrown around the internet nowadays. In a few of my videos, I refer to the terms “Microwave radiation”, “EMF Radiation” & “RF Radiation” as synonymous. This is correct in that they are all electromagnetic radiation, but they come from different frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. If you look below you will see an image that shows a picture of the electromagnetic spectrum.

If you go lower on the spectrum that is shown on this chart, you have regular AC electricity that flows through physical power lines. This is the type of electricity that flows through the power lines in your house and makes your toaster work and lights your light bulbs. As AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming Radio Waves. These radio waves are the same kind of radio waves that make the radio in your automobile work, so you can listen to music in your car.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

All of the types or frequencies of electric and magnetic fields shown on this chart are electromagnetic radiation or “EMF” or “EMR” radiation. However much of the time on the internet when people use these terms they are really meaning the part of the spectrum included in “RF Radiation”.

In the Electromagnetic Spectrum, the “Radio waves” and “Microwaves” portions of the chart is what is referred to as “Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation”. In this section of the spectrum, the higher the frequency, (meaning the shorter the wavelength), the more dangerous it is to living organisms. (This is obviously not the case in the infrared and visible light portion of the spectrum.) From about 30 Hz to about 1 GHz frequency are “Radio waves”. From about 1 GHz to 300 GHz are “Microwaves”. As these radio waves move up the spectrum into the microwave frequencies, they can be used to cook food or as military weapons. Microwaves or “Microwave radiation” is simply higher frequency radio waves. Put another way RF Radiation includes both the “Radio waves” and “Microwaves” sections on the above chart. Microwave radiation is definitely something you want to avoid your body being exposed to as much as possible.

On the highest end of the frequency spectrum, you get into ionizing radiation which are things like x-rays and gamma rays. This area of the spectrum is all bad news biologically speaking. Be sure to study the electromagnetic spectrum image if you have not already. It will really help
the above few paragraphs make more sense.

I need to speak for a moment about “Dirty Electricity”. I have seen the term “Dirty Electricity” listed pretty low on some electromagnetic spectrum charts or images. It is important to understand that the higher the frequency, the more dangerous the radiation. So, it is a bit deceptive when charts show this dirty electricity at the very bottom of the spectrum right where AC electricity starts to become airborne.

Dirty Electricity” is one of the most dangerous forms of electromagnetic “pollution” or radiation. Electricity becomes “dirty” when the electric power lines or wiring within your home contain frequencies other than the normal 60 Hz electrical current (50 Hz in Europe); higher frequencies in other words. These higher frequencies piggy-back on the electrical wiring in your home and radiate into your living environment. The most common cause of dirty electricity in a home is anything that converts AC power to DC power, or that has to manipulate normal AC current in some way, in order to operate.

This guide includes a 4 part series. Each part has its own chapter. You can get to each chapter by clicking on the corresponding links here: 1. Electromagnetic Radiation Basics, 2. How To Use High Frequency Radiation Meters, 3. How To Test For RF Radiation, 4. How To Test For Dirty Electricity.