Is WiFi Radiation Dangerous? – Get The Facts!

wifi routerMore and more people are becoming educated about WiFi Radiation and the possible dangers it can pose to our health. As people begin to read the actual science about WiFi Radiation for themselves, they are beginning to really spread the word.

WiFi Radiation is dangerous because it can unwind a person’s DNA and damage their cells to the point that they become malignant. It can cause things like breast cancer, brain tumors and even infertility in people with too much exposure. And the scientific studies have found that the greatest risk of health complications is to infants and fetuses.

People now realize that the story they get from government, tech industry and main stream media sources (that claim because WiFi Radiation is “non-ionizing” it can’t possibly be harmful to living organisms), vary greatly from what the WiFi Radiation independent science actually says. These sources apparently have a political or financial stake in the game.

In contrast there are literally hundreds and hundreds of independent peer reviewed scientific studies (I linked to a few of them above) that say just the opposite. For example here is a link to letters from 250 scientists calling on different government entities to halt the role out of the new 5G technology. If you read these letters they describe what the actual science has found on the subject.

WiFi Router Radiation Test

In the below video I test my Netgear 5 GHz WiFi router with a meter to show you how much RF (radio frequency) Radiation they emit. Most WiFi devices emit at full blast all the time because they are looking for other devices to connect with. In this video I also demonstrate a simple metallic mesh screen box you can use to block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation coming out of your WiFi router, while still allowing you to use the WiFi.

In my article “Wifi Router Guard Review – Get The Facts!” I go into more detail about the Wifi Router Guard, how it works, and I even show a competing version that is slightly less expensive. And I link to where you can purchase either in case that is something that is interesting to you.

What Is WiFi Radiation?

Wifi radiationWiFi is a wireless connection that allows people to access internet anywhere they go.  It operates the same in any wireless device.  Encyclopedia Britannica does a great job of breaking down what WiFi radiation is and exactly how WiFi works in layman’s terms:

“WiFi uses radio waves to transmit information between your device and a router via frequencies. Two radio-wave frequencies can be used, depending on the amount of data being sent: 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz. What does that mean, though? Well, a hertz is just a measurement of frequency. For example, let’s say you’re sitting on a beach, watching the waves crash to shore.

If you measured the time between each wave crash, you’d be measuring the frequency of the waves. One hertz is a frequency of one wave per second. One gigahertz, on the other hand, is one billion waves per second. (Thank goodness beaches aren’t like that—it probably wouldn’t be too relaxing.) The higher the frequency, the greater the amount of data transmitted per second,” –Encyclopedia Britannica.

It is these “radio waves” that we call radiation. As I mentioned above the correct term is RF (radio frequency) Radiation. This is the most powerful form of EMF (electric magnetic field) Radiation. Part of the RF Radiation section on the electromagnetic spectrum is called microwave radiation. This is RF Radiation between about 1 GHz and 300 GHz.

What Makes WiFi Radiation Dangerous

7 Worst Radiation DangersThe thing that makes WiFi Radiation so dangerous is the fact that it is a man-made unnatural form of electromagnetic radiation. So when it comes in contact with our tissue it interferes with the electrical systems in our bodies and disrupt the ways our cells function.

As I said earlier scientific studies even show that this radiation and destroy and unwind our very DNA. That should be scary to everyone. It can enlarge and distort our blood cells and cause them to clump together and not be able to absorb oxygen like they are supposed to be able to do.

Here let me show you a video example of the kinds of physical bodily harm I am talking about. In this below video a man has his finger pricked and a few drops of his blood are analyzed under a microscope so that we can see what his normal blood looks like. Then they have him talk on his cell phone for two minutes and while he is doing this they prick his finger again to test his blood again. You will see with your own eyes what RF Radiation does to a person’s blood.

As you saw in the above video there is a way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of RF Radiation. To read more about this, and how to get this protection, as well as the science behind it, see my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Review“. This video is an example, but they also have peer reviewed scientific studies proving their claims. I won’t go into the details of that here in this article. Go read my other article I just linked to for more information. My point here is to show the harm that WiFi Radiation can cause to the cells of our bodies.

How To Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra StickerI get a lot of questions from people about WiFi Radiation and how to protect ourselves from it. Even though it is quite simple, people often make it more complicated than it needs to be. But I will break it down for you and make it simple here.

There are 4 basic ways to protect yourself from WiFi Radiation. The first and best way is not to expose yourself to it. Simply hard wire your internet and turn off all of your WiFi or wireless devices. The second is to put as much distance as you can between WiFi devices as you can. RF Radiation dissipates with distance. Set your cell phone on your desk and use speaker phone, put your WiFi router in a far corner of your house as far away from where your family lives and sleeps as possible, etc.

Third, use conductive metal mesh screen boxes or baskets to block the radiation emitted from your WiFi devices (such as the WiFi Router Guard I showed above). And fourth, as shown in the above section use scientifically proven methods of changing the WiFi Radiation being emitted from your devices from the dangerous man-made form into a more natural less dangerous form of radiation.

After years of researching this topic these are the very best methods to use. I listed them in the order of importance as well. I like to use them all. Whenever possible I turn off the WiFi feature and hard wire the item or simply do not use it, so that there is no WiFi Radiation to be exposed to. When that is not possible I distance myself from the WiFi as much as I can.

I also put all my WiFi devices into metal mesh screen boxes or buckets whenever I can to reduce my exposure even more. And I have the Aulterra products throughout my home and on every wireless or WiFi device to neutralize the harmful effects of the radiation as well. That is the way I approach it.

Final Thoughts

The scientific studies find that WiFi Radiation is extremely dangerous because it causes so many health problems in our bodies. We can choose to ignore it as I did for years, or we can educate ourselves, look at the actual independent science and come to our own conclusions. Once we have done that then most of us feel a desire to spread the word.

The best way to begin spreading the word is to email the articles and videos from this website to your friends and family as well as sharing them on all of your social media accounts. There has been a huge awakening I have noticed from people doing those sorts of things just in the few years since I have started this website.

Thank you for reading this article and educating yourself. Please click on the links and do your own research as well. I have linked to quite a bit of science with the links in this article. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and thank you in advance for spreading the word!

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