Smart Meter Protection Items

Smart Meter GuardAs word has gotten out about the dangers of the EMF Radiation caused and emitted by smart meters, companies have been stepping up the last few years offering really good smart meter protection items to the market. The radiation most people think about smart meters causing is the RF (radiation frequency) Radiation they emit. Most people don’t realize they also cause every circuit in the building to also emit toxic “electric smog” or Dirty Electricity.

There are several different types of smart meter protection items. First, there are covers or guards that block the RF Radiation that is emitted by the smart meter. And second, there are filters that you can install into the circuits of the building to reduce the amounts of Dirty Electricity smart meters cause. 

A smart meter is one of the single largest emitters of RF Radiation in our homes today. They do not emit continually at full power, like a baby monitor, cordless phone or a WiFi Router does. Instead they emit full power blasts every 30 to 45 seconds, depending on your power company. However their full power blasts can be up to 60,000 micro-watts per meter squared, which is about 5 times the full power of a typical baby monitor, cordless phone or a WiFi Router.

My Recommended Smart Meter Protection Items

So if you are concerned about lowering your smart meter radiation exposure, there are 3 really good options below. I also include links for the best place to purchase each.

1. Analog Meter

Analog Meter Replacing your current smart meter with an Analog Meter, even with paying an electrician to install it for you, is by far the best route to go. Analog meters do not emit any RF Radiation, nor do they cause any Dirty Electricity on the circuits in your home.

Now let me add a caution of warning on this option. There are some legal issues to consider before doing this option. If you go to Electra Health that is the best place to buy the analog meter. They are pretty inexpensive. But you will want to read all of their articles on the legal way to go about doing this option so that you don’t get into trouble.

I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. So I highly recommend you read all of the fine print on Electra Health’s website if you take this option and make sure you do things the right way. You might even want to talk to a lawyer first. A lot of people have done this route, so I know it can be done. I chose to buy a Smart Meter Guard, and correct the dirty electricity as described below.

If you choose to keep your smart meter, to reduce your RF Radiation down to safe levels you will need to attack this in two ways. First, you will need an RF Radiation blocking smart meter guard or cover (see below). And second you will need to bring your Dirty Electricity on each circuit in your home back down into safe levels.

2. Smart Meter Guard

Smart Meter Guard

Smart Meter Guards are the premier solution to stopping the RF Radiation that is emitted from the meter itself into the air. They are more expensive than Smart Meter Covers (see below), but they appear to be slightly higher quality materials and construction. My opinion is if money is not a concern for you then I would get the Smart Meter Guard because it will probably last a bit longer. But both are built well.

The Smart Meter Guard blocks 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation that the smart meter emits. Remember that the electrical box smart meters are connected to are made of solid metal. RF Radiation can not go through that box at all. But without a Smart Meter Guard or Cover the radiation will go around it and into the home. When you have a cover made of conductive metal mesh like the covers I show here, and it is installed properly, the only place for the RF Radiation to escape is through the cover or guard. And the Smart Meter Guard blocks 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted.

In the video below I test a digital meter with a High Frequency Analyzer to show you how much radiation it puts out. Then I test it again with a Smart Meter Guard installed over it. It is a short video but very much worth watching!

3. Smart Meter Cover

Smart Meter Covers

Smart Meter Covers are a competitor to Smart Meter Guard. They are about half the price and will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by your smart meter. They do not have the metal band around the top or up the side. For a while I was hearing that Smart Meter Covers was getting back ordered more often than the other suppliers. However in talking to them it sounds like they have taken steps to correct this problem. I did get mine very quick.

Check out the price here on their website,

If you look at the below video I do a before and after test on a smart meter cover. If you are trying to decide between getting a Smart Meter Guard or a Smart Meter Cover I would suggest watching both videos, the one above and this one below. Really the only difference is the construction which I show in the below video.

Needed With Options 2 or 3

Graham-Stetzer-Meters If you choose to keep your smart meter and put a smart meter cover or guard over it, you will also need to correct the dirty electricity it causes. A smart meter is connected to each circuit in your home. It causes Dirty Electricity on each circuit in your home.

Dirty Electricity is spikes and surges of higher frequency electricity, high enough to become airborne, that radiates through the walls of the structure. It is one of the most dangerous forms of RF Radiation. Any device connected to an electrical system that attempts to manipulate the normal AC current in any way, such as converting AC power to DC power, produces Dirty Electricity.

Graham Stetzer Filter The good news is in most cases Dirty Electricity is easy to mitigate. All you need to do is to take a Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter, shown above left, and plug it into each circuit in your home. If the circuit reads 50 or higher, you place a Graham-Stetzer Filter, shown left, in one of the outlets in that circuit. If it is 49 or lower, you don’t need to do anything.  If you want to purchase a combination package click on this link meter-filter combination.

One filter will generally lower most circuits down to the Dirty Electricity safe range of 49 or below.

Gas/Water Smart Meter Guard

Gas/Water Meter Guard If your gas meter has a smart meter on it, the Gas/Water Smart Meter Guard is a great protection! It wears well and will cut out 90-95% of the radiation just like the smart meter guard. It is another great solution that works very well. It protects your family from being blasted by smart meter RF Radiation. And this takes all of 1 minute to install. No tools are needed!


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