WiFi Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra StickerA WiFi router is a device that emits RF Radiation at full power (or signal strength) continually as long as it is on. A cellphone on the other hand, emits RF Radiation continually, but not at full power. A cellphone only emits at full power when it is doing things like sending or receiving a call. So because WiFi devices continually emit at full power, this makes their radiation particularly dangerous.

Some WiFi devices are hard wired into a wall, like a smart WiFi home thermostat. For those the best solution is to purchase things like a smart thermostat that does not use WiFi. But most WiFi items we have in our home are loose, like a WiFi Router or a baby monitor. These things can be placed in steel mesh containers which will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation they emit. The steel mesh containers I have found that work well I have listed below. As I find more of these I will add them to this page. Below I also list links to the best places to get these items.

1. WiFi Router Guard

WIFI Router GuardA Wifi Router Guard is an extraordinarily wonderful solution. The reason I say that is because it blocks 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by a WiFi router, and somehow the WiFi still works. Obviously by far the safest solution would be hard wire internet through your whole house so you can plug your laptop in where every you need to. But if you cannot do that, a WiFi Router guard is a great alternative.

In the below video I use a meter to test how much RF Radiation is emitted from my 5 GHz router. Then I stick it into a WiFi Router Guard and test it again. Please take a couple minutes to watch this video and see for yourself how well it reduces the RF Radiation.


For Larger WiFi routers they have Larger WiFi Router Guards (see picture on the left). Some people prefer this model even for smaller routers. They just like the upright approach. I prefer the smaller one for smaller routers. It is just a matter of taste. I have also seen people use these router guards to put other WiFi devices in them such as small baby monitors, echos and the like. The main thing that matters is the metal mesh container must be made of highly conductive metal, like steel or copper, to work well. As I find other conductive metal mesh containers that I can test and know that they work well, I will add them to this page. I do like to test them first before I put them on the website if I can.

WiFi Router CoverWiFi Router Cover: This is a competitor to the above WiFi Router Guard. It is works really great and is a bit more sturdy with a slightly different design. I really like it. I have tested this extensively in my home and it also blocks 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation and I can still use the WiFi anywhere in my 3 bedroom home. To me it works equally as well as the WiFi Router Guard. It just depends on what style you prefer. One nice thing about the WiFi Router Cover is that they donate a portion of their revenue to some worth while charities. If you click on the previous link for them you can read about that on their website. Below is the video of me doing a test and review of this product:

2. Aulterra Neutralizer Products

Aulterra EMF Pendant

The Aulterra Neutralizer products have an amazing amount of science behind them. I go over all of the science in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“.

Kim Dandurand developed this technology in 1996 when he was engaged in a major environmental cleanup project where this technology was used to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

He then funded a bunch of studies to see if these same paramagnetic minerals would neutralize RF Radiation. What he learned was that they do 2 things. First they decrease the intensity of the radiation. And second they neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation rendering it harmless to human DNA.

Basically, the way I understand it, the paramagnetic minerals within the Aulterra stickers form a magnetic field that changes the man-made waves emitted by WiFi devices into a more natural form. This reduces the damage they cause by about 95%.

Aulterra stickers will reduce the intensity and the damaging affect of WiFi or Bluetooth Radiation. All of the rest of these products I talk about on this page limit the quantity of this radiation that you are exposed to. In my estimation both methods are equally important.

The below is a video of a man getting a blood test done two different ways as a comparison. The first was done after him talking on his cellphone. And then the second test was done after him talking on the cellphone with the Aulterra Neutralizer Stickers on his cellphone.

3. JRS Eco 100 Wireless Router – A Low Radiation WiFi Router

JRS Eco 100A JRS Eco 100 5 GHZ Wireless Router is a WiFi router that is designed to emit much less RF Radiation than a typical WiFi router with the same capacity and speed. For my full written review of this product go to this article on this website: “JRS Eco 100 5 GHZ Wireless Router Review – A Low EMF Router“.

Also the best feature about this low EMF WiFi router is what is called its “Eco-Mode” setting. This is a feature that makes it so that this router stops emitting any RF Radiation at all, as soon as you disconnect all of your devices from its WiFi. To better understand what I mean by this watch this short video where I test the JRS Eco 100 5 GHz WiFi Router with a meter, and demonstrate the Eco-Mode.

4. Steel Mesh Waste Basket

Walmart Mesh Basket

This Steel Mesh Waste Basket works very well. I love it. It may not be the most aesthetically ideal container for all situations, but if I had a grand-kid over and their mother insisted on having a baby monitor, I would stick it in this. It is great to stick cellphones in, or anything else that emits WiFi. Again as I find other containers that will be more practical in other situations I will add to this page.

Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy

Also here is one other option called the Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy also available on Amazon.com. Its image is on the right side. If you look at the below video I actually test each of these items with a meter so you can see exactly how well they protect against RF Radiation. Seeing the test is very educational so I highly recommend you take a few minutes and watch them. Then you know exactly what they do and what their limitations are.

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