You Should Turn Off Your WiFi Router at Night! – Learn Why!

WiFi NightI get asked quite often if it is a good idea to turn off your WiFi devices each night before you go to bed. People say “will it really have that much of an effect?” Boy oh boy will it.

One of the best things that you can do to improve both your sleep and your overall health, is to turn off all of your WiFi devices at night. You don’t really need these devices on since your sleeping. And having them off will keep them from interfering with your brain waves and keeping you from getting that deep, healing and restful sleep we all need.

In this article we will first talk a bit about the dangers of WiFi radiation and why it is important to turn it off at night. We will then talk about some ways to turn your WiFi devices off automatically. And finally we will talk about some other ways to limit your overall exposure to this radiation.

WiFi Radiation Dangers

In this below video British Physicist Barrie Trower describes how he saw WiFi Radiation (which is a form of microwave radiation) cause things like DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses) and crib death. The first 5 or 6 minutes of this video establishes his credentials but he gets to the health problems he saw WiFi cause at about the 6 minute point in the video.

(Note: There are hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies that link RF Radiation to things like cancer, DNA damage and male infertility.)

Netgear RouterWe hear a lot of talk about the dangers of cellphone radiation. Cellphones emit RF Radiation just like a WiFi device does. The only difference is as long as you have your Bluetooth (a form of WiFi) and WiFi turned off on a cellphone, the phone is not always emitting RF Radiation at full strength. A cellphone typically is only emitting at full strength when sending or receiving a call, or when accessing data such as GPS.

On the contrary WiFi devices such as anything Bluetooth or a WiFi router, emits RF Radiation at its full strength constantly twenty four hours a day seven days a week, whenever it is turned on. And the higher the frequency that your WiFi router uses, the more intense and potentially harmful its RF Radiation remittance is.

(Before we get into the rest of this article I just want to mention one things. There is a way to protect yourself from this radiation. The science behind it is the same they use to neutralize and clean up chemical and radioactive waste sites. You can check it out here “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“.)

WiFi Interferes With Sound Sleep

Prior to my wife and I going through our home and eliminating all of the different forms of harmful electromagnetic radiation in our home, it had been years since either of us could remember having a dream while we slept. As soon as the RF Radiation was gone we could not shut off our dreams. They were frequent and vivid for both of us.

Many people who have their smart meter (which emits WiFi radiation) on the wall of their bedrooms often complain that they just can’t sleep restfully at night. Smart meters emit RF Radiation in powerful pulses which disrupt the brain activity of normal sleep. Similar complaints are given from people who have WiFi in their homes, either a WiFi router or other WiFi devices. It does not seem to affect everyone, but it has been shown to affect some people.

WiFi RF Radiation Tested With A Meter

In the below video I test a 5 GHz WiFi router with a meter so that you can see how much RF Radiation they emit. Then I put the router in something called a Wifi Router Guard so that you can see how much RF Radiation it blocks. At the end of the video I talk about how much WiFi reception we still get in our small 3 bedroom home with our WiFi router in the router guard.

By far the safest way to deal with internet is to hard wire everything with regular low EMF computer cables in the walls of your home. If we ever end up building our next home that is what we are going to do. We can hard wire all of our smart devices that way. Then we can turn off WiFi altogether and we do not have to worry about it.

But if you are in a situation like we are at the moment, where you do not have a home that is hard wired for internet, then the next best solution is to get a Wifi Router Guard. This will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation and will still allow enough signal out for you to be able to use your WiFi for basic things. If you ever need stronger WiFi then you can temporarily open up the WiFi Router Guard and then close it again once you no longer need it full blast.

Other WiFi Devices Tested

It used to be that people just had a WiFi router in their home. But nowadays people are getting many Bluetooth and other WiFi devices in their home. This is all RF Radiation we are voluntarily exposing our families to. As I stated above, my recommendation is to hard wire the electric devices we want in our home and turn off WiFi completely. That is the safest way to do things.

If you must have some WiFi devices in your home, you may consider protecting your family by putting them into steel mesh baskets such as I show in the below video. These baskets are for small not very powerful WiFi devices. It is important to make sure the basket is higher than your body if you are near a device in one of them. See the video below.

On the WiFi Radiation Protection Items page of this website I have links to where you can get these various steel mesh baskets on Amazon. These can help reduce the WiFi radiation in your home or office. You can put any small WiFi device in them including things such as baby monitors or your Alexa.

How To Turn Off Your WiFi At Night

There are several ways to turn off your WiFi router every night. Some are automated and some are manual. So let’s talk about the ways to make this happen.

1. Manually Turn Off WiFi Router Each Night

Electrial Power StripThis is the least glamorous method, but it is effective. As you make your rounds at the end of the day you can simply go into your WiFi router room and either unplug it, or turn off the power strip it is plugged into.

At the end of each day I always make the rounds anyway around my home just to make sure everything is locked that should be, and all of the lights are off. It is really no big deal for me to just flip the power switch off on the power strip where my WiFi router is plugged into. It takes two seconds and I am done. The only thing is then you have to remember to turn it back on first thing in the morning.

2. Program A Set Schedule For Your WiFi Router

This is the most “techy” solution of the bunch. But it is not very difficult. What this means is that you can login into the software that runs your WiFi router, and you can change the internal settings so that the router turns on and off automatically on specific days of the week and times of the day.

If you got your router leased to you through your internet provider, a simple way to learn how to do this would be to call the tech support phone number for your internet provider, and have them walk you through doing this over the phone.  You will just want to make sure you are sitting at your computer when you call them. Before calling them be sure to right down your router’s make, model and serial number in case they ask you for this information during the call.

For those of you that are a bit more techy, you can do a Google search typing in something like “How to set a time schedule on “your make & model” wireless router”. If you are really lucky you can try typing the same thing into YouTube and maybe you will find a YouTube video showing you how to do it for your model of router. Here is an example of one of these videos showing you how to do this for a Billion BiPac 7800N Router.

If your system is similar to the one shown in the video then this video may be all that you need. If not then you should be able to find instructions on either YouTube or Google. And remember if you got your WiFi router from your internet provider, their tech support line should be able to walk you through how to do this.

3. Automatic Electrical Outlet Timer

Automatic Electrical Outlet TimerWhen I lived in Spokane Washington I lived in a home with a very large backyard on the end of a culdesac. In my backyard I built a small chicken coup and bought a couple of egg laying chickens. To keep the chickens warm in the icy winters I installed a heat lamp in the top of the chicken coup and I used one of these mechanical timers to turn the heat lamp on and off at specific times of the day.

I also installed regular lights within the coup and set them on mechanical timers like this as well. When the days get shorter chickens will start skipping days and not laying as many eggs. But you can trick their biological clocks having lights go on as it starts to get dark so they do not feel like it is night yet. Then you have it turn off around 10 pm so that the birds still get plenty of rest. They work like a charm.

Mechanical electrical outlet timers like this could be used very simply to turn your WiFi on at off on a schedule just like it did with the lamps for my chickens. This way your WiFi is always on whenever you want it to be on and turns itself off when you want it to be off. Programming the WiFi router is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated way to take care of this issue. But mechanical timers are practical, inexpensive and will certainly do the job nicely.

Problems With Not Turning Off WiFi At Night

WiFi Keeping Me Up At NightLack Of Sleep: You feel like this guy looks in the image to the right! You don’t get any sleep and feel exhausted. Well at least many people do.

Our body is made up mostly of water and it runs off of electrical impulses like a giant electrical circuit board. When you have too much electromagnetic radiation, especially unnatural man-made electromagnetic radiation going through you it can interfere with your normal bodily electrical impulses.

The most obvious problem this can cause is that it keeps our brains from being able to completely relax and rem sleep during the night. This is when we get our best rest and when our bodies rebuild themselves. When this function is not able to happen normally, we drag, and can’t completely rejuvenate. This affects everything we do during the day as well, such as work and play.

Poor Health: Earlier in this article we talked about the real health problems scientists say the various types of EMF Radiation (such as WiFi radiation), cause us to have to go through. Well the more we are exposed to this radiation, the more it will affect us. Turning off the WiFi at night can reduce by at least half the amount of this radiation that we are exposed to in a 24 hour period of time.

So if you can hard wire your internet, do that. If not get a WiFi Router Guard and set your WiFi on a schedule so that it turns off when you are a sleep or not using it. This can be done both when you are at work and at home. This world is hard enough when everything in your body is working in tip top shape. But it is much harder when you are dragging due to lack of sleep and/or other preventable health problems.

What To Do To Limit RF Radiation Exposure

Since the RF Radiation emitted by all types of WiFi devices (especially WiFi routers) has been shown by hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies to cause a myriad of fatal and life altering health problems, the less exposure you can get to it the better. Why leave it on at night when you are asleep and not even using it? It does not make any sense.

And we should do whatever we can to also limit our exposure to RF Radiation during the day as well. There are many things we can do. First of all remember distance is our friend. RF Radiation dissipates with distance. Having your WiFi router at the other end of the house rather than in the same room with you while you work all day saves you a lot of unnecessary exposure.

Putting your WiFi router in a steel mesh WiFi Router guard reduces the RF Radiation by 90% to 95%. If you have it at the other end of the house as well you are exposed to still less.

The same is true with WiFi emitting devices such as cellphones. If you put your cellphone on speaker phone and have it sitting on the table, you will be exposed to less RF Radiation than you will if you hold it up to your head. A lot of this is just common sense.

If you must have smart devices in your house and you hard wire them then you can turn their WiFi off completely. This way you can have the convenient devices you like, without exposing your family to the toxic WiFi radiation these items often cause.

The bottom line is once you have researched this topic and read enough of the scientific studies to believe for yourself that there actually is a danger here, that is the first step. Then the rest is just a matter of learning the things that limit exposure and employing enough common sense and self discipline to do the things you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Well I hope that this article was helpful. This really is not complicated. It is not rocket science. But it does take a bit of research to see which side of the EMF Radiation debate really has the science behind it. Remember I have links to some of the hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies on the Scientific Studies page of this website.

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