Aulterra EMF 5G Neutralizer Review

Graph From Aulterra Neutralizer StudyI get a lot of questions about Aulterra EMF Neutralizers and other “similar” products. Now that the word is getting out about the harmful effects of EMF Radiation, many companies are coming out with products to protect us from this radiation. I have found through my research that they are not all created equal. I tend to stick to the ones that either use existing established science, or that have actual peer reviewed scientific studies proving that they work.

Aulterra Global, a company based in Hayden Idaho, has a very interesting approach to solving this problem. I think what both impressed and surprised me the most about them, is the amount of science and research that has gone into both the development and testing of their products. As I get into the scientific tests I think you will agree with me that Aulterra is one of the most studied products on the market.

This is not the type of product that I have recommended on this website before. The products that I generally recommend are products the that block or shield the physical body from RF Radiation. This product does not do that. Instead it attempts on a molecular level to neutralize the radiation and its effects on the human body.

In the past I have dismissed these types of products immediately without giving them a second look. But what caught my attention was this below video. I am very familiar with these types of blood tests and have been tested myself for nutritional types of deficiencies in this way. So I know that these tests work and how quickly your blood can be affected. Take a quick look, if you would, at this short video. I think you will be as surprised as I was.

That video impressed me enough that I went to their website I then began to look at the research related to their company, which I go over below. I also looked at the website of some of their competitors. What I noticed was Aulterra has had a lot of tests and studies done on their products whereas the competition (at least the ones I have found so far) did not show any. But this blood test impressed me the most, since I am so familiar with them.

The studies show that the Aulterra Neutralizer protects from RF Radiation it two different ways. First it lessens the intensity or output of RF Radiation and it changes the radiation such that it reduces the damage it does to DNA by 95%.

The Aulterra Neutralizers

Aulterra EMF PendantAulterra Neutralizer StickersThe signature product produced by Aulterra Global is called the Aulterra Neutralizer pictured on the right. It is a sticker made up of three micro-thin layers of rare activated earth elements. It is “a proprietary blend of activated paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of manmade EMF exposure on human DNA by converting them into safe substances.”

On the left is one of their latest products they call the Aulterra Energy Pendant. It is a fairly large quality piece of jewelry filled with the Aulterra neutralizing rare activated earth elements. What I love about this pendant is that when wearing it your body is protected from all EMF Radiation sources (including 5G) no matter where you go throughout your day.

In doing my research for this review I read through some of the scientific studies testing these products. I also called and asked questions of the representatives of the company itself. I have ordered some of their products as well and will discuss my experience with them personally later in this article. I also talk about all of their other neutralizing products later in this article.

To pick up either one of these amazing neutralizers, or to just research the product further click on this link to be taken to the company website: Aulterra Neutralizer.

How They Work

The Aulterra Global website states that the “Aulterra Neutralizer retunes the EMF frequencies of electronic devices like cell phones and computers to transmute the energy so it no longer causes harm to the body’s DNA.

The secret of the Neutralizer lies in the crystalline matrix mixed into the ink of the Neutralizer patch. Neutralizer’s developer, Kim Dandurand identified the crystalline properties while engaged in a major environmental cleanup operation in 1996, in which it was deployed to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

He then investigated whether the paramagnetic substance could be used to neutralize the EMFs from electronic equipment as well as landfill sites. Kim Dandurand funded a research program at the Quantum Biology Research Laboratories.

Experiments showed that human DNA reacted adversely to EMFs emanating from a cell phone. Tests on human DNA proved that with an Aulterra Neutralizer attached to a cell phone the natural coherent fields from the Neutralizer had successfully harmonized the incoherent EMFs rendering them harmless to living tissue.”

So put more simply, there is a natural magnetic field that is emitted by the minerals in these stickers that react with and “harmonize” the cellphone radiation. It makes these man-made harmful waves more natural and renders them “harmless to living tissue”.

The Science – Studies Showing Reduction In RF Radiation

Graph From Aulterra Neutralizer Study

I looked first at an executive summary found on Aulterra Global’s website summarizing four experiments that were done using both a cellphone and a cordless phone.  Here is a link to this summary. The first portion of the conclusion of this summary reads as follows:

“The results of these experiments indicate that the Aulterra Neutralizer weakens cell phone and wireless phone radiation by reducing the intensity of their signature frequency peaks. In all experiments the Neutralizer was effective across the entire radio and microwave spectrum of radiation emitted by these devices.

This inhibitory effect was also independent of the various experimental conditions, i.e. whether there were interfering cell phone signals in the immediate environment or whether there were human voices being transmitted over the line. In some experimental conditions the neutralized phone had radiation emissions similar to those of the background ambient noise.”

In other words in all four studies the Aulterra Neutralizer reduced the unnatural output of harmful electromagnetic radiation very close to normal natural levels.

Study Showing Protection Of DNA

DNA Unwinding

This is a in-vitro study that was done in September of 2007 by Maria Syldona, PH.D. at the Quantum Biology Research Lab in Ridgway Colorado. Here is a link to this study. In this test the lab found that cellphone radiation caused an “unwinding” of the two strands of the DNA helix. So in other words they found that cellphone radiation breaks the two strands of DNA apart.

When the experiment was repeated using the same cell phone, but with an Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker placed on the back of the cell phone, the breakage of the DNA was attenuated by 95%. That is a significant improvement by anyone’s standards.

In the conclusion of this study Dr. Syldona says “This finding, when taken together with experiments demonstrating that the shielding device also reduced the intensity of cellular phone radiation, supports the conclusion that the Aulterra Neutralizer inhibits the effects of cellular phone radiation on DNA in-vitro.”

For links to other summaries of these studies see:

Good For More Than Cellphones

WiFi Router With StickerWiFi routers, baby monitors, cordless phone bases, and handsets all should have these stickers placed on them to harmonize the harmful effects of the radiation.

For devices like a very large screen smart TV, the company recommends multiple stickers. My one married daughter has a TV that takes up half of their TV room wall. The representative from Aulterra Global said something that big should have a sticker on each corner.

And everything in your house that emits WiFi radiation should have a sticker placed on it. You can put the sticker under the cover if you prefer for them not to be visible. Things like a smart meter or a microwave oven that puts out such powerful emissions should probably have two stickers each. Personally I might even put two on my WiFi router.

Why Not Have Double Protection?

If it were me, I would still put my router in a WiFi Router Guard. I would also buy a low frequency, or at the very least an Eco-Mode baby monitor. For my cellphone I would still get a radiation blocking cellphone case, an Air Tube Headset, as well as a ferrite bead.

In other words using these other devices along with the Aulterra Neutralizer makes you double safe. (I would throw away my cordless phone and use a corded landline phone.)

The neutralizer will reduce the harmfulness of the radiation, and reduce its intensity, while these other devices will reduce the quantity of radiation. I am very excited about the extra protection the Aulterra Neutralizer will afford, especially for my adult children. (There is a story here that I won’t go into – I digress.)

My Experience With Aulterra Products

I go over my initial experiences with these products in the below video.

Other Aulterra Neutralizing Items

The Whole House Plug Or USB

Whole House Hold Plug Aulterra Whole House USBWhat is exciting to me about these is that either will add protection to every RF Radiation emitting device in your house, that is plugged into one of the circuits of the house. I really, really like that. They are not a one house fix all however. They will add extra protection to your WiFi router for example, but you still need to put a sticker on your WiFi router. Again think of these as an extra tool in your defensive tool belt. You will be safer if you have it for sure. Remember we want to be double safe! Especially for our little ones!

Now I asked Aulterra Global how these items worked. I asked if they ran electricity through the paramagnetic material inside of the plug or USB. I was told no that that is not how this works. They are not an electric device, nor a dirty electricity filter. What they do is they have their own paramagnetic field that they emit. By placing them so close to metal that is touching or inserted into the wiring of the house, they harmonize the electrical flow of the electrical fields that wiring creates. And this benefits all of the devices plugged into the house. But it does not replace the need for a sticker.

They say one Whole House Plug or USB is good for up to 5,000 square feet of structure. If your home or apartment building is bigger than that, you will want more than one. To pick up one of these Whole House Plugs or USBs, or to research it further, click on this link to be taken to that page of the company website: Aulterra Whole House Plug.

The Energy Pillow

Aulterra Energy Pillow The idea behind this is pretty darn cool too. If you can stick a sticker with the paramagnetic material on a cellphone to protect you, what about all of the miscellaneous radiation going at your body while you are sleeping? You need some extra protection there as well.

If you throw one of these small pillows in your bed with you, and keep it as close to your body as you can throughout the night, its field will surround you and harmonize all of the radiation coming at you through the air while you are sleeping.

You will find that you will sleep deeper and be more refreshed in the morning. RF Radiation disturbs your brain wave functions and makes it so that you cannot sleep as restfully or deeply as you otherwise would. This energy pillow will protect you and harmonize all of the harmful electromagnetic radiation that would other wise disrupt your restfulness.

To pick up one of these great Energy Pillows, or to research them further, please click on this link to be taken to that page of their website: Aulterra Energy Pillow.

Aulterra Enhance

Aulterra Enhance The paramagnetic minerals used in Aulterra products are non-toxic to take orally. In fact they are good for you. The obvious benefit here is that it fills your body with these paramagnetic substances creating internal and external fields to neutralize and harmonize the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation hitting the cells of your body.

Okay this next bit is a bit scientific. The company explains it best and I could not do a good job of restating it, so to quote them this is what they say about enhance:

“How does Enhance neutralize radiation and toxic metals? All particles coexist as waves and all waves coexist as particles. It is also well known that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but rather changes form. It can be said that the subatomic particles that make up toxic substances also exist in waveform.

Another way of looking at the coexistence of particles and waves is to say that matter oscillates between particle and wave-form. This way, depending on the detection technology, energy can be ‘caught’ in either form. Enhance can help ensure that the energy is “caught” in the safe form.

To pick up Aulterra Enhance, or to research it further, please click on this link to be taken to that page on the company website: Aulterra Enhance.

Aulterra Enhance Powder

Aulterra Enhance Powder In case you would like to make your own capsules, or would rather mix the powder into water or a smoothie and drink it, Aulterra offers the Enhance supplement in powder form as well. It is called Aulterra Enhance Powder. It is the exact same paramagnetic mineral mix as comes in the capsules, just in powder form.

To pick up Aulterra Enhance Powder, or to research it further, please click on this link to be taken to that page on the company website: Aulterra Enhance Powder.

Aulterra Neutralizer Stickers

When I got these products I was super excited to get them. Again I had read the science and watch the video above that showed the testing of a man’s blood both before and after putting the sticker on his cell phone. Again I have personally had those exact type of tests done on myself before when I was having some medical problems that 5 different specialists could not figure out the problem. A simple blood test like that diagnosed my issue and solved the issue that had been making my life miserable for the past few years. So I am a believer in those blood tests.

The first thing I did when I got the products is go to the stickers. I had ordered a 3 pack. I also ordered the Aulterra Enhance, an Aulterra Whole House Plug, and the Aulterra Energy Pillow. Anyway like we men usually do I started trying to take the sticker off to apply it to my cell phone before reading the directions.

In doing so I was not impressed with the stickers at all. I could not hardly get them off of the card that they came attached to. It was tough. And it was almost tearing paper off of the card to get the stickers off. When I did finally get them off they would not stick to my phone. I was thinking “what the heck? this is not very impressive”. Then like a dummy I finally read the instructions. It made a big difference lol.

In the instructions for the Aulterra Neutralizer Stickers it clearly says “Peel your Neutralizer disc from the card it is attached to; be sure the white backing remains on the card“.  Ha! That is what I did wrong. There was no white backing still attached to the card. So then I looked at the back of the sticker again, and the white backing was still attached to the sticker.

So I then attempted to take the white backing off of the back of the sticker. It came off very easily, kind of like that is what I was supposed to do in the first place. And then the back of the sticker was very sticky and attached very well to the back of my cell phone. Okay now I am impressed again lol!

I use all of the other precautions that I talk about on this website already, so my exposure to the RF Radiation is at minimum. But I still can’t help but get some from my cell phone. So now that I have had the sticker on my cell phone for a while now I honestly cannot yet say if I feel any difference. Again I keep my exposure to a minimum anyway. But what I can say is that after reading all of the science on it, I feel better having it on my phone.

Also since doing this review I have also read a ton of the reviews on Amazon on this product. Of course there are some people who thought it was a rip off and felt no difference whatsoever. But there were a ton who had personal stories about how the stickers stopped the migraine headaches they had or the sensitivity they had whenever they were exposed to RF Radiation.

Again remember my philosophy is the best way is to attack RF Radiation with both types of protection. Get a ferrite bead for the base of your Air Tube Headset, get a RF Radiation blocking cell phone case and get a steel mesh basket to stick your cell phone in at night. Then let the Aulterra neutralize the RF Radiation as well, so that any you are still exposed to is no longer as harmful to your body.

Aulterra Energy Pillow

I was excited to get the Aulterra Energy Pillow. It is small and kind of feels like a bean bag except it feel like it has sand inside rather than beans. What it has inside it is the same minerals that are inside the stickers and in Aulterra Enhance. My wife and I just keep that pillow on the middle of our bed at night. Again we have almost no exposure to EMF Radiation while we are sleeping anyway because I have corrected all of those issues already. But I can say I have felt like I was sleeping more restfully and soundly since putting that on our bed. And I have noticed just an increase general feeling of well being.

It is hard to say how much of that is from the pillow, since I have so little exposure at nigh anyway. But after reading the science and the fact that this technology was also used to mitigate nuclear radiation from dump sites, I am glad to have the pillow around.

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