How To Protect Yourself From Cellphone Radiation

Almost everyone nowadays has a cellphone, not only in the United States, but around the world. Even in many “third world” countries almost everyone has a cellphone. I recently spent about 3 weeks in a bunch of the little towns around the Province of Albay Philippines. Many people lived in bamboo, wood or concrete huts along the highways but they all had cell phones. It amazed me.

To protect yourself from cellphone radiation follow these 3 steps:

  1. Don’t ever hold your cellphone up to your ear, and don’t ever use a Bluetooth or regular corded headset. Instead attach a Ferrite Bead on the bottom of your corded headset, and use that.
  2. Put An Aulterra Neutralizer on your cell phone. This will change the Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation into a more natural and less harmful form. (I know this sounds weird but there is some good science behind it. See below)
  3. Get a quality Protected Cellphone Case that will block 99% of the cellphone radiation exiting one side of your phone. Keep that side towards your body and store it in a purse or loose jacket pocket; not in a pocket right next to your body.
  4. Get a WaveCage or a steel mesh waste basket for everyone in the house that has a cell phone. Keep everyone’s cellphones in those at night, and keep them at least 10 feet away from you, and above your body, while sleeping.

So in a nut shell you want to block and shield yourself from as much of the cellphone radiation as possible. And you want to neutralize any cellphone radiation that you still are exposed to. Now let me elaborate a bit on each of those 3 steps:

Ferrite Bead
Ferrite Bead

Step 1. A Ferrite Bead will filter out 90% to 95% of the radiation that would otherwise travel up the cord like an antenna into your ear. If you can handle the weight of an air-tube headset, that is the safest. But it still needs a ferrite bead attached to its bottom so that the cord leaning against your body does not radiate you.

In the below video I show you what commercial ferrite beads look like that are used on things like our laptop power cords. I also show you how you can use a ferrite bead to protect yourself from cellphone radiation.

A ferrite bead is such a simple and inexpensive item that many people overlook their significance and importance. They are commonly used on all types of electronics cords to filter off any high frequency spike and surges (like Cellphone RF Radiation) from going up the line. Everyone in in your home who owns a cellphone should have one of these on their earphone or headset cords.

Aulterra Neutralizer StickersStep 2. The Aulterra Neutralizer products have an amazing amount of science behind them. I go over all of the science in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“.

Kim Dandurand developed this technology in 1996 when he was engaged in a major environmental cleanup project where this technology was used to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

He then funded a bunch of studies to see if these same paramagnetic minerals would neutralize RF Radiation. What he learned was that they do 2 things. First they decrease the intensity of the radiation. And second they neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation rendering it harmless to human DNA.

Basically, the way I understand it, the paramagnetic minerals within the Aulterra stickers form a magnetic field that changes the man-made waves emitted by WiFi devices into a more natural form. This reduces the damage they cause by about 95%.

Aulterra stickers will reduce the intensity and the damaging affect of WiFi or Bluetooth Radiation. All of the rest of these products I talk about on this page limit the quantity of this radiation that you are exposed to. In my estimation both methods are equally important.

The below is a video of a man getting a blood test done two different ways as a comparison. The first was done after him talking on his cellphone. And then the second test was done after him talking on the cellphone with the Aulterra Neutralizer Stickers on his cellphone.

Protected Cell Case
Protected Cell Case

Step 3. Some radiation will still go around the case and into your body so try to keep your phone in a purse or a loose jacket pocket where it is not pressed directly against your body. Still always keep the protected side of the cellphone towards your body, even when inside a bag or purse. Cellphone radiation is a carcinogen, so the idea is to keep as much of it from hitting your body as possible. Here is the link of where to get a Protected Cellphone Case.

Radiation Protection

Step 4. Don’t sleep with or near your cellphone. If you have a landline phone in your bedroom then completely turn off your cellphone at night. It does not emit radiation when turned off or in airplane mode. If you must keep your cellphone on in case of emergencies, put it as far away from you as possible, in a metal mesh WaveCage, but within hearing range. A WaveCage will block 90% to 95% percent of the radiation.

(See the Recommended Protections page of this website for where to get ferrite beads, the WaveCage and a protected cellphone case.)

In the video below I demonstrate a WaveCage. Plus I test a bunch of other similar metal mesh baskets that you can use as protection. The video is short, but very informative. I highly recommend watching it. Seeing is believing!

At risk of sounding like a broke record I really want to encourage again everyone to watch the above video. Towards the end of the video is where I demonstrate how to use the ferrite bead and the corded headset. Reading it is one thing but it helps if you actually get to see everything as well while it is being explained.

5G Cell Phone Radiation Danger

Cellphones emit RF Radiation, the exact same radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook food. Microwave Radiation is RF Radiation. Most people do not realize that. The amperage or power of the signal might be different, but it is the exact same radiation. There are literally hundreds of studies from as early as the 1960’s to today that link RF Radiation to cancer. I link to a few of these studies in my article “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“.  And in 2011 even the World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogen” or cancer causing. Here is a link to that document by the International Agency For The Research On Cancer.

In the RF Radiation world, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous it is to us. Well many of you may have heard that the new 5th generation (5G) cell phones are preparing to roll out. It will take a while for it to all roll out because they will need a lot more mini cell towers first so that people will still have a good signal. The reason they want to switch to 5G is because the upload and download speeds will be much faster. But there is also a whole lot more RF Radiation concerns with 5G than with the earlier technologies.

5G will use ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity compared to 2G, 3G or 4G. These earlier technologies use between 1 GHz to 5 GHz frequency. 5G will use 24 GHz to 90 GHz frequency. To put that into perspective 90 GHz is basically 90 billion electromagnetic waves hitting the cells in your body each second. This is much more radiation than we are with earlier technologies. The U.S. Military has a microwave crowd control weapon called the “Active Denial System” which works by heating up the surface of its targets like the skin of people in order to disperse crowds. It operates using the RF Radiation frequency of 95 GHz, just 5 more GHz than 5G. And some say that down the road 5G may use higher than 90 GHz frequency in some applications.

Why A Ferrite Bead Is Important

Ferrite Bead
Ferrite Bead

A ferrite bead is a plastic cylinder or tube that you run your cellphone headset cord through at the base of the cord about an inch from where it is plugged into your phone. Inside the plastic it has a metallic interior which creates an electromagnetic field around the headset cord. That is very basic description but is sufficient for our needs here.

If you have ever seen a round plastic cylinder or tube on the cord for your laptop or camera you probably have not ever thought much about it. Many have them in on form or another. What they do is they create an electromagnetic field around the cord to absorb the “noise” or electromagnetic surges and spikes that occur on the line as the cord converts AC power to DC power. These surges and spikes could hurt your device, which is why it was included on the cord. The same principle applies by adding a ferrite bead to the base of your cellphone headset cord.

The cord is designed to only run enough power up the cord to run the small speakers in your ears. RF Radiation grabs onto the wiring in the cord like an antenna and wants to travel up the cord and into your ear. This is basically like a surge or spike in that it is higher frequency electricity. The ferrite bead will use its electromagnetic field to absorb the “noise” so that not much more than just the electricity that is supposed to be traveling up the wire is so. Ferrite beads are used a lot in electronics, so they are nothing new. Here is the link where I got my Ferrite Beads. They are so cheap and are the single most important part of cellphone radiation protection.

Why A WaveCage Is Important

Radiation Protection

A wave cage is a metallic mesh container or bucket that is made out of a conductive metal. You can see it in the picture to the left. You want one that is big enough to hold your cellphone without your cellphone sticking out of the top. RF Radiation has a very hard

Walmart Mesh Basket
Steel Mesh Waste Basket

time traveling though paralleled lines of conductive metal like a screen or the side of the WaveCage. Here is the link to where I purchased my WaveCage. It is not as ascetically pleasing but if you do get desperate you can get a steel mesh waste basket that are made out of a conductive metal and work very nicely.

If you don’t want to purchase a WaveCage you can get one of those waste baskets and set your cellphones in one of those for the evening. Just be sure and set either the WaveCage or the metal waste basket up on a dresser so that the base of it is above the level of your body when you are sleeping. You get better protection that way. And you want it to be as far away from your body as possible and still be within hearing range. If you can at least be 10 feet away that should be far enough.

The WaveCage will block about 90% to 95% of the radiation coming out of your cellphone. It will still let enough of a signal out that your phone will still ring if someone calls you. And so then you can still use it that way as an alarm clock if you wish to. Just know when someone calls or your alarm rings you will be getting up and walking to your phone to answer the phone or turn off the alarm.

One word of caution. You will be tempted, I know I have been, to set the phone in the WaveCage on your night stand right next to your bed. This is too close. I promise you there is still enough radiation escaping the WaveCage that it will enter your brain and you will not sleep as well or as soundly as you would otherwise. Also if you have a higher bed the WaveCage may not be higher than your body. This is important as well because their is not top to the WaveCage.

Why A Protecting Cellphone Case Is Important

Protected Cellphone Case
Protected Cell Case

If you have read my articles or watched my videos on smart meter radiation you will already understand the principle behind why your cellphone case needs to have a side that protects you from radiation. A smart meter puts off very high RF Radiation but it is attached to a metal electrical box on the side of your house. What is interesting about that metal box is that it blocks all of the RF Radiation that is emitted by the smart meter. There is a significant amount of radiation that still goes around the box and gets into the house. But the metal box does block radiation from going through it.

The same is true with a radiation protection phone case. Yes radiation will go around the side of the phone case that has the copper or other metallic fibers woven into it, but it will block a significant amount. If you do not have the protection in your case you get full blast RF Radiation not having to go around anything. I hope that makes sense. You still do not want to carry the phone right next to your body if you can help it though.

What I can tell you is that I have tested the radiation coming out of a cellphone with a meter. When you are taking a reading from the side of the phone that has the protection case between the phone and the meter, the radiation is significantly reduced. Not by 100%, but significantly.

Cellphone On Speakerphone

In the meantime if you do not have a corded phone or the ferrite bead, the next safest way to use your cellphone is on speakerphone mode sitting on a table in front of you. This is not ideal for all phone conversations so I highly recommend getting the ferrite bead and the other items like the WaveCage and the protected phone case. But in a pinch that it the next best way to use your cellphone.

One other small tip: When it makes sense, such as at church, or some other place where you cannot afford to be disturbed with a phone call, consider turning your phone off or on airplane mode rather than just turning the volume down. I would not recommend doing this for extended periods of time. You want people to be able to reach you. But if you can get in the habit of turning your phone off or on airplane mode whenever you are somewhere that you know you cannot be disturbed, you will be amazed at how often this will be. Doing so will save you some unneeded RF Radiation exposure. Just a thought.

Please also see our articles entitled “15 Ways To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation” and “Is 5G Safe or Dangerous? Here are the Facts“.

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