Is Sleeping With Bluetooth Headphones Safe?

Sleeping With Bluetooth HeadphonesIt is common for teenagers especially, but even adults sometimes, to fall asleep with their Bluetooth headsets on. As I began to learn about the harmful effects of (RF) radio frequency radiation such as Bluetooth, I started researching in to Bluetooth devices particularly, to see how harmful they were.

So is sleeping with Bluetooth earbuds, headbands or headphones safe? Studies have shown that the more powerful the signal, the closer the device is to the body, and the longer the exposure time, the more dangerous RF Radiation can be.  Falling asleep with Bluetooth headphones (or earbuds) is particularly harmful because the RF Radiation which they emit, which has been linked to things like cancer, brain tumors, DNA damage and infertility, is transmitted directly into the brain.

In this article we are going to discuss why the RF Radiation Bluetooth devices emit is dangerous; and why our opinion is that Bluetooth head devices should simply be avoided altogether. However if this is not possible we will also talk about some things you can do to protect yourself from the exposure if you have to be around it.

RF Radiation Dangers

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies (click on this link “scientific studies” to see links to some of these studies) that link RF Radiation to a host of various health problems and diseases including those I mentioned above. I am not sure what your opinion of the World Health Organization is. I am not a fan. The United Nations and other “international organizations” in my opinion are way too corrupt. But I digress.

However even they were forced to finally classify RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic”, which means “cancer causing”. There is a group scientists in over 40 countries claiming that big industry controls the argument and is purposely hiding study findings from the general public. These scientists are doubling their efforts to get the word out because of the roll out going on of the new 5G cellular technology, which they say will be even more dangerous.

Even though there are so many independently funded peer reviewed scientific studies, still government, technology industry, and technology industry funded sources misrepresent the truth by saying things like the following quote by “Bluetooth devices emit low levels of nonionizing radiation. Exposure to low amounts of this type of radiation is not harmful to humans.” As I have discussed above nothing could be further from the truth.

Then other publications such as simply discuss the safety of Bluetooth headphones without bring up the topic of RF Radiation at all. Makes my head spin.

Bluetooth Headphones Radiation Test

In the below video I use a high frequency analyzer to test a Bluetooth headset as well as a Samsung Galaxy smartphone so that you can see exactly how much RF Radiation each emits. You will be surprised. The video is short but definitely worth watching. It is a way to see it for yourself visually rather than just reading about it.

For more information on the protection items mentioned in the video, such as the WaveCage bucket and Ferrite Beads, click her on this link “Cellphone Radiation Protection Items“. There are some fantastic simple items that will protect you from most of the RF Radiation you are being exposed to by your cellphone. I describe them for you and also provide links to the best places to purchase them, should you wish to.

RF Radiation Scientist

A British Physicist by the name of Barrie Trower spent his whole life studying microwave radiation and its effects on the human body. In the beginning of his career he was trained on microwave weapons by the British Royal Navy. They taught him extensively what different frequencies could do to the living organisms. He saw them use stealth microwave weapons on groups of people the government did not like. He said it was a great weapon for a government because the people did not know they were being attacked. All they knew is how sick they were getting.After he retired from the British Navy he worked the rest of his career as a Physics professor teaching and studying microwave radiation.

In the below video Barrie talks a bit about his career, and what he studied. Then about 6 minutes into the video he begins to tell about some of the terrible things even low exposures to this radiation can do to people. It is about a 14 minute video in total, but well worth watching. If you are serious about learning if RF Radiation is dangerous, you can’t get a more qualified expert than this, to teach you about it. And he does it in plain English. He is very easy to understand.

Home RF Radiation Sources

We all love our technology. Our smart gadgets make life so convenient. Literally almost all of the information we could want to know we can find with a few clicks of our fingers on our laptop, tablet or cellphone. We live in the information age when it really is all at our fingertips. Most people have heard that cellphones might cause cancer. But what many of these same people are surprised to learn is that there are many other sources of this very same radiation all around us in our homes. Our homes, or more specifically the RF Radiation in them, are literally killing us.

Smart Meter Radiation

Many power companies around the country have been installing over the last decade smart meters on our homes. The electricity in your house still works, you just don’t see the meter man walking through the neighborhood any longer reading everyone’s meters. They don’t have to. Smart meters have very powerful transmitters installed in them that can communicate with cell towers in the area and send your power usage information back to the power company office.

You would think that the smart meter would only need to transmit this information once a month or so, so that the power company knows how much to bill you. But instead smart meters transmit every 30 to 45 seconds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smart meters emit up to 60,000 micro-watts per meter squared every 30 to 45 seconds. These are the most powerful RF Radiation signals most of us are exposed to. These transmissions are not only very unhealthy for us, but they interfere with our brain function and make it difficult for us to sleep deeply and restfully, and some times we can’t even dream vividly enough to remember.

Smart Meter Guard

In the below video I do a simple radiation test of a digital meter so that you can see how much radiation it emits. Then I show you a cover called a Smart Meter Guard that you can install over your smart meter which will block around 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by a smart meter. This is important and very much worth watching. For more information on how to shield yourself from smart meter radiation see the Smart Meter Protection Items page of this website.

WiFi Router Radiation

What makes the RF Radiation from a WiFi router so dangerous is that they emit it at full power 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And they are powerful so that the signal will travel through the whole house, and often to your neighbor’s house. Longer exposures to RF Radiation are more dangerous than brief exposures. And a WiFi router never rests.

However there are some very simple protection items you can get that will block almost all of the RF Radiation from being emitted from the WiFi Router.

WiFi Router Guard

In the below video I do an actual test with a high frequency analyzer so that you can see the massive amount of RF Radiation my 5 GHz WiFi router emits. Then I stick it in a WiFi Router Guard so you can see how much radiation the WiFi Router Guard actually blocks. It blocks around 95% of the RF Radiation. But the amazing part is that I still have plenty of WiFi all over my 3 bedroom home.

Obviously the safest way is to login to your WiFi router’s settings and turn off the WiFi signal, and just hard wire internet throughout your house, so that you can just plug in your computer to the internet where ever you use it. But if you cannot afford to d0 that, or if for some reason you must have WiFi, a WiFi Router Guard is an amazingly effective alternative. We can still watch Netflix and YouTube videos anywhere in our home. And my college son never complains. For more information on how to shield yourself from WiFi router radiation see the WiFi Radiation Protection Items page of this website.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, there are many sources of RF Radiation that we are exposed to in the average house. In my article The Protect Your Family From RF Radiation Guide I take you room by room through a home and test for both RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity. It is not just a written article, but it has a ton of videos. I film myself going room by room and doing this testing. Then I also describe to you what I would do to solve each problem I encounter. It sounds complicated but this process is actually quite simple and straight forward.  I hope that this website, as well as this article was helpful and educational. That is my goal.

Please also see my articles entitled “Bluetooth vs Wired Headphones Radiation; Which Is Safer?”

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