HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer Review

HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer!A HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer is a meter that measures RF (radio frequency) Radiation. It is a meter that can measure frequencies between 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz. It weighs just a bit more than a pound. It is a directional meter, which means that it will pick up radiation coming from a specific direction.

The limitations of this meter are that it will only measure RF Radiation, and not things like dirty electricity, electric fields or magnetic fields (although in my experience most devices giving of higher frequencies also give off frequencies within this meter’s range – so it works great). And it is limited to frequencies in the range I listed above. It will measure up to 2,000 micro-watts per square meter.

That being said I have tried quite a few different meters that read RF Radiation, and the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer is by far my favorite. Being a directional meter makes it very handy to use to go through a building and detect the items emitting the most RF Radiation.

In this article I talk a bit about RF Radiation, and why it is dangerous. They I go over my experience with measuring my own home with the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer. This will give you an idea of why it is useful and exactly what you can do with it. I also demonstrate it in a below video.

Why Measure RF Radiation?

So the most common reason people coming to this site would be interested in one of these meters is because it can tell them exactly how much of this harmful radiation the devices in their home are emitting. Then they can either get rid of each device, or purchase items that shield them from the radiation each emits.

RF Radiation is highly toxic. In 2011 The World Health Organization listed RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogen”, meaning “cancer causing”. And there are hundreds of scientific studies linking RF Radiation to cancer. It has also been linked to things like brain tumors and infertility.

In the below video, using my HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer, I do a quick test to see how much radiation is emitted from my digital meter. Then I put something called a “Smart Meter Guard” on it (which blocks between 90% to 95% of the radiation) and test it again. This video will give you a really good idea of how the HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer is used. The video is short, but informative. I highly recommend you watch it.

Most people who get a High Frequency Analyzer and go room by room through their house are amazed at how much radiation they are being exposed to. And as soon as they get their home back down within the safe ranges, most tell me they notice immediate health related benefits. On the Recommended Protections page of this website I list links to what I believe are the best places to get things like the HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer and the other protection items.

Benefits Of Reducing RF Radiation

Until recently, my wife and I hadn’t been dreaming at all.  We simply weren’t reaching that deep level of sleep where dreams take us on magical adventures.  I have a theory.  For the past couple of months, we lived in a town home.  This town home was fairly new and had four smart meters on the outside of our bedroom wall.  We had been hearing about the dangers of the radiation from smart meters.  This is when my research and interest in dirty electricity really started.

According to researchers, smart meters are a major source of radiation.  Some experts link this type of exposure to sleep problems, headaches, and other serious health issues.   I didn’t even realize we weren’t dreaming until we moved into our new home and I was transported to a different world every night.  Both my wife and I all of a sudden were dreaming vividly every night.  It had been so long since either of us could remember having a dream that it caught our attention.  That’s when we made the connection.

Buying A High Frequency Analyzer

All that radiation was really affecting our quality of sleep and quality of life.  I have since vowed to make our new home as radiation free as possible.  To mitigate any radiation exposure in our home, I first needed to know the full extent of our problem.  So, I ripped the Band-Aid off and purchased a HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer off Amazon.  With in a few days, my Amazon Prime package arrived, and I couldn’t wait to get started. To be honest, I was a little nervous.  Did I really want to know? Yes, I did.  So, I channeled my inner ghost buster, unwrapped my frequency analyzer and got to work.

For starters, the high frequency analyzer will run you a few hundred dollars.  At first, I was skeptical of the price tag, but once is arrived I quickly realized it’s worth its weight in gold.  The product is designed for professionals, but it’s easy and simple to use for the average homeowner.  It’s very well built, and its meter is easy to read.

Let’s start with the basics of this meter and what it measures.  The High Frequency Analyzer is designed to detect the level of radiation being emitted from various products inside and outside your home.  It’s currently rated the best selling ‘transition or intermediate level RF analyzer’ on the market right now, with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

So how does this ghost buster looking product actually work? Great question.  According to the manufacturer of this product, the product is equipped with a sensor (logarithmic periodic antenna) to detect the level of radiation emitted from a specific source, such as your smart meter, cell phone or WiFi router.  It displays the peak value of a specific source and the average.  I found this specific feature very valuable.

What’s also cool is you can go back and mitigate specific sources of radiation and see how the levels have changed.  I’ll dive deeper into the levels inside my home in just a bit.  This analyzer uses 9-volt batteries with an average use time of about 6 hours or so.  Before I turned on the analyzer, I skimmed over the directions to make sure I would get accurate readings.  The device is fairly intuitive, which was refreshing for such a high-tech device.

One quick note before using this device.  You’ll want to make sure you have the meter switched to PEAK.  You want to know what the PEAK level of radiation is from each particular source. This information is much more valuable than the other, RMS setting.  Radiation is measured in micro-watts per square meter.  In the United States we have very lenient safety standards when it comes to how many micro-watts per square meter of radiation we can safely by exposed to.

The Biointiavive Working Group suggests safety limits between 100-1000 micro-watts.  The problem is most high-tech devices emit much more than this and can cause a lot of health problems.  According to researchers, the most common causes of radiation are cordless phones, WiFi routers, lap tops, cell phones, gaming systems, microwaves and other modern-day devices.

The World Health Organization recently classified radiation emitted from these sources as a possible carcinogenic in humans.  So, you can see why knowing the levels of radiation inside your home is so important.

The Office

You won’t find Steve Carell in this version of The Office.  In Fact, there is nothing funny about the levels of radiation I discovered in a space I use for hours at a time.  For my first test, I found myself standing in the middle of my office.  I work from home, so I have all the high-tech devices I need to get my work done efficiently.

And since we moved to a rural part of our town, I rely on wireless internet to get my work done. This means everything I use is basically giving off a wireless signal: printer, computer, laptop, Bluetooth, cell phone- you get the idea.  I was hesitant about turning on the analyzer, did I really want to know? Yes.

Okay, here’s goes nothing.  According to the manufacturer, you need to stand a few feet away from each source while your analyzing.  Oh, and don’t forget to turn your cell phone off while running these tests.  Cell phones can give you false readings if you’re trying to analyze another radiation emitting product.  First, I turned off everything except my WiFi router.  I wanted to isolate this source and determine how much radiation it was giving off.  Boom.

The High Frequency Analyzer starts making a pulsating noise.  It kind of sounds like a radio broadcast interrupting this ‘regular scheduled show for this important announcement’ kind of sound.  You know what I’m talking about? Yes. THAT sound.  Sure enough, my Wi-Fi router was off the charts.  And by off the charts, I mean maxing out the analyzer. This means my WiFi router was giving off more than 2,000 micro-watts per square meter.  I knew it was going to be high, but this high? Yikes.

I ordered a WiFi internet router guard on Amazon as well, which is basically a metal shield, and put the router inside.  I measured again and to my amazement, the level of radiation emitted from the router was nearly cut in half.  I couldn’t believe it.  Without this meter, I would have really never known how much radiation I was exposing myself too, on a daily basis.

I repeated this test several times, testing my WiFi printer, computer and laptop.  The results were all high and disturbing.  Because of these readings, I have made simple changes to reduce my exposure in my office.  Ever since I analyzed the radiation, I turn off my printer when I’m not using it.  According to my HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer, the printer emits zero radiation when it’s turned off.  Phew. That’s a relief.

Living Spaces

How many high-tech devices do you have in your living room, bedroom and kitchen? Go ahead and count.  I’ll wait right here.  Oh, you’re back! So, you have your cell phone, your kids each have a cell phone, your television is connected to the internet too.  And don’t forget about that Xbox you 6-year old just had to have for Christmas.

My point is we have a lot of devices in our homes, and my home is not the exception.  I started my testing in my bedroom, where I keep my cell phone at night.  For this test, I kept my cell phone on because I wanted to see how much radiation was being emitted while I was sleeping at night.  Turns out, there’s a lot of radiation coming from that phone.  I can’t believe I used to sleep with a phone right by my head.

Thanks to the information from the frequency analyzer, I know put my cell phone and my wife’s cell phone in a metal bucket, on the other side of our bedroom.  According to the HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer, the bucket is acting like a barrier between myself and my phone.  My level readings were cut by 90%.  While there is no safe level of radiation exposure, I feel a lot better about having my phone in my room at night now.

After all, what if there’s an emergency and someone needs to get ahold of me? And I still use my phone as an alarm, so I would like to keep it my room, if possible.  As I walked through my house, I was constantly surprised at how quickly the HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer maxed out.  Anyone who want to protect their family should consider this high frequency analyzer an essential tool.  You have a smoke detector to detect fires.

You have a carbon monoxide detector to alert you when the dangerous chemical is present in your home.  Why wouldn’t you have a detector designed to pick up radiation levels in your home? It just makes sense to purchase a High Frequency Analyzer.

High Frequency Analyzer and The Roof

Armed with my high frequency analyzer, I stepped outside to see how much radiation was emitting from my meter.  I’ve watched so many videos recently about the dangers of smart meters and the radiation levels, I was curious to see what my levels would be.  Turns out I don’t have a smart meter at all, but a digital meter instead.  Ahh. That’s the sound of relief.

The frequency analyzer measured a level of 200-400.  While, this is still not ideal, it could be worse. Smart meters have been known to emit up to 60,000 micro-watts per square meter. Smart meters are basically high-tech meters that consistently send information about your energy use back and forth from your home to the power company.  This meter replaces the need for anyone to ever stop by and check your meter reading.  While this may be great news for the power company, it’s not so great for your health.

Well known scientists and doctors across the world believe smart meters are responsible for an increase in cancer, ADHD, sleep problems, heart disease, obesity and headaches.  After that list of possible health complications, smart meters don’t seem so smart after all.  To reduce my level to radiation from my digital meter, I purchased a smart meter guard from Amazon and covered my meter.  Once in the protective metal mesh covering, I tested the meter again.  Bam.  Just like that the level of radiation dropped by 90%.  I’ll take that.

Next stop: The roof.  Okay. I actually didn’t climb onto the roof.  It’s metal and there’s a foot of snow on the ground right now.   So, I tested from inside.  On my roof, I have one of those alien, circular like devices, also known as a dish.  I was really curious to see how much radiation was coming off that thing.

With my HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer in hand, I waved it back and forth while inside, standing under the roof line where the dish is secured.  To my surprise, the levels were really low.  Hardly a reading on the analyzer.  How could this be? Thank you metal roof.  Having a metal roof was not only protecting me from the blizzard outside, but the storm of radiation as well.

They say knowledge is power.  It’s cliché, but it’s true.  If you don’t know what the problem is, how will you fix it?  A High Frequency Analyzer is the first step in identifying the sources of radiation in your home.  The results are shocking, to be honest.

But, I’d rather know now then later when I start developing headaches and other health issues.  I highly recommend the HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer for anyone concerned about their exposure to radiation.  It’s an investment in your health, safety and in my case, quality of sleep.  Sweet dreams.

For more information on smart meters and the RF radiation that they emit please see our articles entitled “What Is RF Radiation“, What Is Wrong With Smart Meters? and How Dangerous Are Smart Meters?

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