What Is RF Radiation?

When things radiate or emit energy, this is radiation. When most people think of something giving off “radiation” they typically think of nuclear or gamma ray types of radiation. These are types of electromagnetic radiation, as is Radio Frequency Radiation. But x-rays and gamma rays are at the opposite end of the electromagnetic spectrum from Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation, including RF Radiation, are the waves or photons of the electromagnetic field that radiates through space carrying energy. For example, we all are familiar with the fact that AC electricity flows through physical power lines in your house and makes your toaster work and lights your light bulbs. As AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming Radio Waves.

These airborne electric and magnetic fields or radio waves are a lower frequency version of what people commonly refer to as electromagnetic radiation. A gamma ray is an example of an extremely high frequency form electromagnetic radiation.

The explanation of electromagnetic radiation can be explained best with a visual representation of the electromagnetic spectrum. Below is an image depicting a very basic diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum.  On the lower end of the spectrum is regular radio waves, such as AM and FM radios, as well as microwaves. On the higher end of the spectrum you have x-rays and gamma rays.

The “Radio waves” and the “Microwaves” sections of the below spectrum is what is referred to as RF Radiation. Regular radio waves are a longer wave length and lower frequency form of RF Radiation. Microwaves are a shorter wave length higher frequency form of RF Radiation when compared to AM FM type of radio waves.

Electromagnetic Spectrum


Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted in particles or waves at different wave-lengths. The shorter the wavelength the wave is said to be a higher frequency. The longer the wave length the lower the frequency. In the radio wave portion of the spectrum, the higher the frequency the more damaging the radiation is to biological creatures. Since radio waves have the longest wavelength and the lowest frequency they are the least dangerous to living organisms.

The type of radiation that a microwave oven uses to cook your dinner is the exact same type of radio waves used in cell phones. In other words a 2.4 GHz wave is identical whether it is used in a cell phone or in your microwave oven. The only difference really is the power of the wave, or the wattage. A typical cell phone in 2019 uses between .6 and 3 watts. A microwave oven uses between 600 to 1200 watts. The radiation is the exact same, the power or wattage used is what is different.

Fun fact, the “G” in 2G, 3G, 4G& 5G stands for “generation”. So 2G means 2nd generation and so forth. The “G” does not stand for GHz like some people think.

The Coming 5G Health Crisis

So what frequencies do these different generations use? Well 2G, 3G & 4G cell phones operate using radio frequencies between .8GHz and 1.9GHz frequencies. A microwave oven typically uses 2.45 GHz. The new 5G (fifth generation) cell phones operate using between 30 GHZ and 300 GHz!

5G cellular will operate on what is referred to as “Millimeter Wave Technology” which sounds all new, techy and exciting, but should really concern everyone. It will likely turn what is now a serious health risk (our current bombardment with RF Radiation) into a world wide public health crisis.

When fully implemented 5G mini cell towers will be located every 2 to 8 houses. That combined with the 5G radiation coming from our WIFI routers and cell phones will bathe our societies in this new higher frequency radiation on a scale we have never seen before. This round-the-clock millimeter microwave radiation will be far more potent than anything before experienced from the electromagnetic spectrum. The potential health hazards arising from this promise to be significant.

The reason that 5G will need mini towers every 2 to 8 houses is because of the density or short wave length of this band of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation used; this millimeter wave technology. Waves this short and dense do not travel well and they get interference from objects like trees, houses and even rain. So using this band of frequencies will cause very poor cell phone reception unless the towers are positioned every 2 to 8 houses.

There are many health studies since the 1960’s regarding different types of electromagnetic radiation, as well as those frequencies that are considered radio waves and microwaves. There are hundreds of those studies that show that Radio-Frequency radiation have negative health effects and/or cause cancer. See the page “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home” for links to some of these studies.

I am not a fan at all of the World Health Organization, but I digress. However, the International Agency for Research On Cancer, which is an agency within the World Health Organization classifies Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields as a possible carcinogen to humans. The definition of a carcinogen is something that causes cancer.

When the day comes when we are surrounded by this high energy and high frequency 5G radiation 24/7 the health effects people are having now will be magnified. If we know that the lower frequency radiations that the above studies were done on cause so many health problems like cancer, turning up our exposure and the intensity of the exposure should only increase the health problems.

RF Radiation Sources

In our world today the sources of man made RF Radiation are increasing in quantity and intensity. Some people reading this may get depressed and think that they are going to need to go live like the Amish and give up all of their conveniences to be safe from this kind of radiation. While you may choose to give up some, there are ways to keep many and still be protected from this harmful radiation. I list many of these ways on my “Recommended Protections” page of this website. The below bullet list will name the most common we have around us in our places of work as well as in our homes:

  • Cellphone Towers
  • Cellphones
  • WIFI Routers In Home, School Or Office
  • Cordless Phones
  • Baby Monitors
  • WIFI Televisions
  • WIFI Printers
  • Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Bluetooth Car Systems
  • Other Wireless Smart Appliances

Cellphone Towers

If you are like most people in most cities across the world, with “progress” comes more and more cell towers. It used to be I just saw a few around, mostly on high hills and every so often on a freeway. Now it seems like almost every month or so I spot a new cell tower that was not there before; on of those really big kind. And in my area they have not even started implementing 5G cell towers yet. Just wait until they start installing the mini towers on street light poles and on the tops of buildings. See me test the radiation coming from a cell tower in the below video.


Everyone has a cellphone nowadays. A few months ago I spent about 3 weeks in the Philippines. The area we went was way out in the tiny towns and in the country. I was far away from any of their larger cities. And still every person had a cell phone.

This was even true in some of the most humble and poorer areas. Most people lived in houses they made themselves out of plywood or concrete. And these houses were extremely tiny. Yet everyone had a cell phone. Most had a satellite dish and a TV as well which surprised me.

Our cellphones blast out this radiation and yet everyone sleeps with it or leaves it on the stand by the head of their bed. People carry these in their pockets and women carry them in their shirt pockets or stuck just inside a bra. And we wonder why breast cancer is on the rise. We have an increase in brain tumors in the area of the head near our ears, yet nobody blames the cellphone.

WIFI Routers At Home, School & Office

My wife works at an elementary school. Just 100 to a 150 yards from the school is a huge cell tower. And if that were not bad enough every room in the entire school as access to WIFI. This to me seems completely unnecessary. A school can afford to hard wire their classrooms with internet cables.

There is no reason for WIFI in a place like that. Now all the new WIFI routers they are coming out with will be 5G. So these teachers and precious kids will be radiated all day long with the new 5G millimeter wave radiation. In the below video I test my 5 GHz router with a meter so that you can see how much RF Radiation they emit.

And why would they put a huge cell tower that close to a school? Those things have high voltage and put out huge amounts of radiation. It is amazing to me that the parents are not up in arms complaining about this, but nobody minds. As long as our cellphones download and play games faster we are all for it.

And our work is the same way. Most offices have WIFI in every room, even if they do have the building hard wired for computers. And it surprises me also how many office buildings have a cell tower right next to it. Of course most will as soon as they start setting up all of the 5G mini cell stations.

And our homes are no different. It used to be if they were going to put a cell tower near a home they had to get the home owner to sign a waver and agree to it. No more. They just put them up and the home owner is not even notified about it. And then we bring the same radiation in our home with our WIFI routers. It is truly unbelievable to me that very few are concerned.

I had a conversation the other day with a lady and I mentioned about how the radiation from her cell phone and WIFI was the exact same radiation that her microwave oven used to cook her food, only with less wattage. She looked startled at first. Then she said “oh they wouldn’t let us have them if they were unsafe”. And that is the mindset of almost everyone today.

Cordless Phones

Cordless phones may be on their way out. You don’t see many of them any more. However they put out a constant blast of the worst kind of RF radiation, and the newer the model the higher the frequency seems to be.

The biggest problem with most cordless phones is that the radiation they emit is constant at its highest output. At least a cell phone only emits its highest amounts of radiation when it is doing something like sending or receiving a call, or checking GPS or data. A cordless phones emits at its highest power 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The exception is if you have an model that has an EcoMode setting. What EcoMode does is it only puts out RF radiation when sending or receiving a call, not constantly. I think it is funny how these manufacturers call it an “EcoMode” and refer to the radiation as “pollution” yet nobody even thinks about it. In the below video I test a cordless phone with a meter so that you can see how much RF Radiation they emit.

Baby Monitors

Now this one is very sad. I was in a home the other day with my HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer testing the radiation in a home for some people. They were very tech savvy people and had lots of WIFI devices in and around their home. But I was surprised to see that the device that pegged my meter from the farthest away (from the bedroom doors) were the baby monitor they had sitting near the head of their boy’s bunk beds, and at the head of their own bed in the master bedroom.

Every night that family is sleeping not only near their cell phones, but with their heads right next to these powerful radiation emitting baby monitors. Baby monitors are like cordless phones and WIFI routers in that they blast their highest amount of radiation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are always at full strength. Just a side not here, They do make lower emission baby monitors. And they also make baby monitors with and EcoMode setting where they only emit radiation when they sense noise or motion.

In the below video I test an actually safe baby monitor. It operates only at 48 Hz. It works great as long as there are not too many other items on the same frequency in your neighborhood.

WIFI Televisions, Printers And Other Devices

Smart HomeIf you like your smart devices be smart and hard wire them in. If you use wireless for everything you are exposing yourself to extra RF radiation unnecessarily. Things like a smart thermostat, or a smart sprinkler system control box all can be hard wired in. It may cost more money upfront, but in the long run it may save your health.

All of us have WIFI televisions nowadays. They just come that way. Most of these television sets have settings where you can go into your settings and turn off the WIFI completely. And a TV is one of the easier items that most people hard wire in anyway so that they get better reception.

Printers and scanners are other items that all they take is a simple cord. There is no reason to use WIFI on a printer. It is not that much work to just plug in the cord and it will protect your from a whole lot of WIFI radiation from a source that most of us sit next to all day while we are working. If you have a laptop, that is not excused. Plug in your laptop too and turn off your WIFI there as well. It is fine to use your laptop WIFI once in a blue moon when you are out and about and have no other options. But when at all possible it is safer to avoid using WIFI.

Bluetooth Headphones/Earbuds

Has anyone ever told you that your ears are actual holes in your head? If you stick Bluetooth earbuds in your ears there is not even your skull between your brain and the radiation. All of that Bluetooth RF radiation is poring directly through soft tissue into your brain. If you have ever tested Bluetooth earbuds with a HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer they put out almost as much radiation as your cellphone does when making a call. It pegs the meter. I show you an example of this as I test Bluetooth earbuds in the below video.

A much safer alternative is a corded headset with a ferrite bead at the bottom. Be careful and don’t use a corded headset by itself. The cord acts just like an antenna and pipes the radiation straight up into your ear and then into your brain about like a Bluetooth does. But if you stick a ferrite bead on the bottom of the cord, just above where it plugs into your phone, it will filter out 95% of the radiation. This is the second safest option. The first safest option would be put your cell phone on speaker and set it a few feet away from you on a table, but that is not always practical. If you go to the “Recommended Protections” page of this website I show you a good place to get these as well.

Bluetooth Car Audio System

I have to confess when my wife and I take shorter road trips we turn on our Bluetooth car audio system so we can listen to our news shows we like to listen to all the way. So basically we have our cellphones and our Bluetooth car audio system all cooking us steady throughout our whole road trip. Again we make stupid choices because of laziness and convenience. But we are repenting. We are going to get a cord system so we can hard wire our phones to our sound system. And then we will stick our phones in the little metal mesh buckets that will block 95% of the cellphone RF radiation. These buckets allow enough radiation that the phones can get a good signal but block 95% of the radiation hitting us. Please also see our article “How To Protect Yourself From RF or EMF Radiation

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