What Smart Appliances Emit Radiation? – Get The Facts!

Modern technology makes our lives easier.  We can remotely turn on our oven, pre-start a load of laundry and program our television to record our favorite television shows while we are at the grocery store, again.  Much of this modern-day technology however emits something called Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation.  But most people are completely unaware.

Any appliance that can communicate wirelessly, and any device that manipulates the normal AC electricity in in order to function, emits RF Radiation. But they do so in different ways. Wireless devices emit RF Radiation themselves. That is what makes them “wireless”. It is how they transmit data or communicate. Devices like a smart meter, or even a simple light dimming switch, cause the electrical wiring in the building to emit RF Radiation called dirty electricity.  

There are hundreds of scientific studies that link RF Radiation to cancer. I link to some of these studies in my article “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“. In 2011 The World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic“, which means “cancer causing”.

Testing For Wireless RF Radiation

In the video below I test a WiFi router for RF Radiation with a meter so that you can see how much radiation it emits. Then I demonstrate a simple solution that blocks 90% to 95% of the radiation that it emits while still allowing people to use the WiFi to access the internet. It is a short video, but very informative. It is definitely worth watching. I highly recommend it.

On the Recommended Protections page on this website I list links to where you can purchase these meters. I also list links to things like the WiFi Router Guard and other protective items that will help protect your family from RF Radiation. The links are to the best places to get them.

Testing For Dirty Electricity

In the below video I test a circuit in my house for dirty electricity so that you can see a circuit tested that is above the safe range. Then I show you a simple solution that corrects the problem and brings the circuit back down into the safe range. Again it is a short video, but very informative. It is very much worth watching.

On the Recommended Protections page on this website I list links to where you can purchase these meters. I also list links to things like the WiFi Router Guard and other protective items that will help protect your family from RF Radiation. The links are to the best places to get them.

Smart Appliances in the Kitchen

Brain TumorRF radiation is linked to heart disease, cancer, tumors, sleep problems, anxiety, depression and more ailments.  RF radiation is also coming from appliances that create and emit dirty electricity.  Dirty electricity is created when an appliance or device requires more energy than the standard 60 Hz.  Dirty electricity is corrupted energy.

The appliance creates bursts of energy to function, and those bursts create dirty electricity and in turn emit RF radiation.  We’ll explore this phenomenon later on in this article.  RF radiation is everywhere, hiding and coming from the most unexpected places. Let’s take a tour around the typical high-tech home and explore which smart appliances are emitting harmful radiation.

Show of hands, who loves to cook? I do too.  I love an evening in the kitchen whipping up a soup, I recently dubbed The Kitchen Sink soup.  This soup literally has everything in it, except the kitchen sink, thus the name.  Creative, I know!  Our oven and cook top are smart appliances.  Some experts believe standing close to the oven while cooking can be harmful to your health.

I’m not sure how much RF radiation is coming from my oven, I have yet to test it with my High Frequency Analyzer, but I plan to very soon.  Other sources of RF radiation in the kitchen include your microwave, refrigerator and freezers.  In fact, the freezer and refrigerator are probably the biggest sources of RF radiation in your kitchen.  RF radiation typically is produced toward the back of the freezer and refrigerator where you’ll find the motor.  So how much radiation are we talking about?

It depends on your make and model. The newer refrigerators claim to use less energy than the previous models, but a lot of them can be connected to your home WIFI network which can create a whole host of problems.  Test your device with the High Frequency Analyzer to determine how much radiation is coming from each appliance in your home.

Let’s take a look at the microwave.  Who doesn’t love to nuke up a slice of left over pizza in 25 seconds or less? I’ll take a slice, please.  Microwaves emit harmful RF radiation and it can change the nutrition value of your food to boot.  Safespaceprotection.com does a great job of explaining in depth the dangers of using a microwave everyday:

“Microwaves are radio waves with frequencies ranging from around 300 million cycles per second (300 MHz) to 3 GHz. RF. A standard measure of exposure for microwave energy is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) or rate of tissue energy absorption measured in watts per kilogram of tissue.  Microwave radiation leakage can damage human cells and tissues.

All appliances working on electricity produce a toxic electromagnetic field (EMF) of approximately 60 hertz. This is over and above potential microwave leakage from appliances or devices.  Microwave leakage is serious enough that the FDA sets strict limits on it for the manufacturers. But once door seals age, leaking tends to exceed those limits, often at head level. That’s bad news, because the microwave energy inside a microwave oven is massive!

-Frequency inside your microwave 2.45 BILLION hertz.

-Frequency shown to start harming the human body: over 10 hertz

That’s 2.45 billion vs. 10 hertz. It doesn’t take very big leak for the damage to begin. (One top culprit: aging door seals),” safespaceprotection.com.

Well, there goes my dinner.  I’m tossing the microwave and I’m eating cold pizza from now on.  Just kidding, kind of.  You should be careful when using a microwave.  Experts in the field of RF radiation believe you should stand as far away as possible from your microwave while heating up a beverage or food.  Some experts believe only spending short amount of time standing in front of your stovetop and oven will reduce your RF radiation exposure by about 80%.

I’m not sure how realistic this is: I mean who walks away from the stove while making scrambled eggs.  They’re not going to scramble themselves. Sheesh.  Also, keep your refrigerator and freezer in tip top shape.  The older and more worn down these appliances get, the more likely they are to expose you to RF radiation.

Smart Cleaning Appliances

If you’re like me, my washing machine is always running at full capacity.  Between kids, pets and living in the country, it seems we process two loads of laundry every day.  That’s a lot of Tide and a lot of RF radiation.   The most recent smart washing machines can be linked to your smart phone and help a technician troubleshoot your machine remotely.  Pretty cool, until you think of all the power and harmful RF radiation that is emitted from having this modern day conveniences.

Long gone are the days of taking the entire day off work for the repair guy, only to have him call at 6 p.m. and tell you he isn’t going to make it today. Ugh. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a washing machine repair guy! The new smart washing machine takes the whole waiting thing out of the mix.  Instead, you get a high dose of RF radiation.

A user manual for a high-tech LG smart appliance specifically warns people to stand a certain distance away from the machine: “This equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20 cm between the radiator and your body.”

Say what? That should tell you something right there that this product is not safe to have in your home.  The level of RF radiation varies depending on what kind of washing machine you have and how often you are using it.  Again, the only true way to determine the amount of RF radiation to use a High Frequency Analyzer to give to an exact reading.

Your vacuum is also source of RF radiation.  Who knew? Turns out while you clean up all the cheerios from breakfast, your giving everyone in your home a dose of RF radiation. I recently read a blog post where a mom would become anxious and agitated every time she would turn on her high-tech vacuum to clean up the house.  They used a High Frequency Meter and the smart appliance maxed the meter. Here’s an excerpt from her experience:

“Our Stetzerizer GS-M330-A Microsurge Meter is the meter we use to check for dirty power. Stetzerizer recommends keeping the levels shown on the meter below 50. If you would like a more through explanation of dirty power, be sure to check out our article on dirty power (coming soon).

But to give you a general sense of what dirty power readings mean, in our home we do our best to keep our dirty power levels below 30 through a combination of giving up dirty appliances and the use of dirty electricity filters. So, what was the dirty power level of the canister vacuum? Drum roll please…Our canister vacuum’s dirty power reading was OVER FIVE HUNDRED,” emfs.com.

Well, that’s scary! After the high levels of radiation were discovered she quickly stopped using her favorite smart appliance and now cleans the floor with a less high- tech device.

Smart Appliances in the Living Room, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Look around your living room, bedroom and bathroom.  I’ll wait right here.  Do you have a smart television connected to your WIFI router? A digital wireless baby monitor? How about a cordless phone? I know you have a hair dryer and an electrical toothbrush? I picked up an electrical toothbrush ever since my dentist said I needed to brush better.  I digress.

All of these appliances and devices are sources of RF radiation in your home.  Experts believe a wireless baby monitor has no place in a child’s room or in your home as a matter of fact.  Wireless baby monitors emit the same level of RF radiation as a microwave.  Would you ever heat up a breakfast burrito next to your sweet little bambino? Probably not. Toss that cordless phone while we’re at it.

I know you love talking to your mom in Minnesota while folding the tenth load of laundry for the day, but it has to go.  Cordless phones emit more radiation than a cell phone and cell phones give off a lot of RF radiation.  In fact, the World Health Organization recently classified RF radiation, like that from a cell phone and cordless phone as a possible carcinogenic in humans.  Pretty scary stuff.

Let’s take a look at your WIFI and all the devices using the signal to operate.  If you’re like most modern-day families you have an Amazon Alexa in every room of your house.  I get it.  It comes in handy for an impromptu dance party with your kids and when you’re three-year old wants to know why ladybugs are red.  Your WIFI router is a major source of RF radiation in your home.

But, you can greatly reduce your exposure with a WIFI router guard.  It’s super easy and simple to use.  For more information about this product check out my blog and review of the WIFI router guard.

Other sources of RF radiation from smart appliances include: wireless security cameras, wireless thermostats and smart meters.  While a smart meter isn’t technically an appliance, it is a major source of RF radiation and I think it’s worth mentioning.  Smart meters are the new digital meters on the side of your house that constantly send data back to your power company.

They use bursts of energy to communicate with your power company. Those bursts of energy happen more than a thousand times a second.  Every second, means more RF radiation/dirty electricity exposure.  If you can, opt out of the smart meter program and ask your power supplier for an analog meter or get a smart meter guard to block the RF radiation.  You’ll feel better, I promise.

What Smart Appliances Emit Radiation? Phew.  Well, it turns out nearly every appliance in your home is emitting some level of RF radiation. Some appliance giving off more RF radiation than others.  The best way to reduce your exposure is to test each appliance with a High Frequency Analyzer.  From there, you can come up with a game plan to mitigate your exposure.

Small steps, such as not using your microwave as much, replacing your cordless phone with a landline or forgoing the blow dryer, will greatly reduce your RF radiation.  Making small changes now could have a major impact on how you feel.  Some experts believe we won’t fully understand the risks of all this RF radiation exposure for decades.

Studies suggest low levels of RF radiation over a long period of time cause brain tumors and other rare heart problems.  I don’t want to wait that long to find out if my fancy fridge is the root cause of a brain tumor or years of insomnia. I guess we’re ordering take out tonight!

For information on the types of telephones that do not give off RF radiation please see our article entitled Do Landlines Give off RF Radiation? For information on smart appliances that spy on us please see our article entitled What Appliances are Spying on Me?

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