Ipad/Laptop Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!

Do you have an Ipad, Tablet or Laptop? If so these emit harmful RF Radiation. It is the same kind of radiation your cellphone or microwave oven emits! The good news is there are some very nice cases and lap covers that will block RF Radiation from going into your lap from these devices! Below I show you my personal favorites and I put links to the best places to buy them as well!

1. Ipad/Tablet Radiation Shield


Now there are a couple of different models of these that I like, so I am going to link to both of them and let you look them both over and decide. The first is by DefenderShield. It is a really good quality one. It works great and is built very well. Check out the price here on Amazon.

The other model I really like is by Safesleeve. Check out the price here on their website Safesleevecases.com. Or you can check out the price here on Amazon. The Safesleeve one is a good quality one as well. It is slightly less expensive, but both are great quality and will do a great job. I think with the DefenderShield you are paying a little extra for the brand name. I recommend you look them both over, check out the design of each, and go with the one you think will work best for you. Both will do a great job.

2. Laptop Radiation Pad

defendershield-laptop-emf-radiation-sleeveThe first one again is by DefenderShield, and it is a really nice one. What I like about it as well is that it is just the perfect size to fit on either your desk or your lap to go under your laptop. Most of them I have tried were either way the heck too big, or too small.  Again this one is built with quality. It will hold up nicely. Check out its price here on Amazon.

And then again the second one is by Savesleeve, and I like it equally as well. It is slightly less expensive, but of about the same quality. Again you will want to look them both over and decide based on price and style which one you like best. Check out their price either on their website Safesleevecases.com, or on Amazon.

3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses - OrangeCheck out these cool looking Blue Light Blocking Glasses! Check out the price here on Amazon. Blue light from a Ipad or Laptop is very hard on your eyes. What makes it particularly harmful is the fact that t penetrates all the way to the back of the eye into the retina. If you spend a lot of time one electronic devices you should get yourself a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses. If you click on the link you will see they have a variety of styles. And they have yellow lenses as well. So you can protect your eyes and look stylish in the process!

4. Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker

Laptop With Aulterra Sticker

The Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker is a product that has an incredible amount of science behind it. I go over all of the science in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“.

Kim Dandurand developed this technology in 1996 when he was engaged in a major environmental cleanup project where this technology was used to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

He then funded a bunch of studies to see if these same paramagnetic minerals would neutralize RF Radiation. What he learned was that they do 2 things. First they decrease the intensity of the RF Radiation. And second they neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation rendering it harmless to human DNA.

Basically, the way I understand it, the paramagnetic minerals within the Aulterra stickers form a magnetic field that changes the man-made waves emitted by a tablet or laptop into a more natural form. This reduces the damage they cause by about 95%. Check out Aulterra’s price here ether on their website Aulterra.com.

Aulterra stickers will reduce the intensity and the damaging affect of RF Radiation. All of the rest of these products I talk about on this page limit the quantity of RF Radiation that you are exposed to. In my estimation both methods are equally important.

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