Top 7 Ways To Reduce Home Radiation

We live in a world of technology and gadgets. They are luxuries and conveniences in our lives. Most people would be totally shocked if they knew the health danger these items were putting them and their family members in.

To lower RF or EMF Radiation in our homes we will have to do the following.

  • First, we must identify all of the devices in our homes that emit this radiation. We must measure that radiation so that we know the amount, or seriousness of the radiation being emitted. 
  • Next we need to make some tough choices. Some devices, such as maybe a cordless phone, baby monitor and smart meter, we will choose to remove or throw a way. The items such as our cell phone, and maybe a WiFi Router we may choose to keep. Items that we keep will need to be put in protection devices that will block or shield us from the majority of the radiation emitted.

In the rest of this article I will discuss this process in much more detail. I will get down to the nitty gritty. But before I get started with my 7 ways to reduce home radiation I have to mention a personal story briefly.  I have mentioned this story in some of my other articles so sorry for any repetition.  When my wife and I first learned about the dangers of all of the RF radiation these devices are putting off in our homes I ordered the meters right a way so I could test the radiation myself.

I highly recommend that by the way.  Then I began installing the protections I talk about in this article until I was able to get the radiation levels in my home back down to almost nothing.  The safe normal levels.

The first thing my wife and I noticed was that we were sleeping much deeper and more restfully.  And we were dreaming again!  Neither she nor I could remember the last time we had dreams, at least that we could remember.  As soon as the radiation was gone both of us started dreaming vividly every night and remembering them.  Now we can’t turn it off lol.

No but seriously this radiation interferes with the electric pulses in your body, particularly in your brain and nervous system. It interferes with your brain’s ability to rest at night.  We sleep so much better now and with much more restful sleep!

rexburg smart meter 1. Reduce Smart Meter Radiation

Okay so the first largest source of in home radiation is your smart meter.  In fact it typically sends bursts of 60,000 micro watts of power per unit squared of Radio Frequency (RF) or microwave radiation through your house each times it pulses.  Most people with meters that have measured them say they pulse about every 30 seconds or so.  60,000 micro watts of power per unit squared is 60 times the US safety limit and 300 times the safety standards in most other western countries.

So what can you do about it?  Well by far the best thing is to get your power company to remove the meter.  When you first call your power company, depending on where you live, they may not have had very many people call and make this request of them.

So you might be plowing new ground.  In many states power companies have what they call “Opt Out” programs where they charge you an extra monthly fee to have and old style analog meter rather than a smart meter.  It usually isn’t too expensive but it is well worth it to be able to avoid the electromagnetic radiation.

When you call them simply explain to them that you would like them to come out and remove the smart meter on your home because it puts out harmful microwave radiation.  Then ask them if they have an opt out program.  If they do then it is pretty simple you just set up a time with them for them to come out and meet you at your home to remove the meter.

If they don’t then it will be more of a challenge.  It might take some persistent effort from you and any other home owners you know with a like mind.  This is how it started in most areas and so far power companies eventually come out and remove it.

The reason why removing it is the best option is because not only is it blasting electromagnetic radiation through your home as wifi, but it is blasting it through your electrical lines as well causing dirty electricity radiation.  Also the power company knows every time different smart appliances turn on and off in your home and what time of day you use what power.

To many people feel there are privacy issues by the power company knowing too much about your power usage throughout each day.  And the power company also could choose to turn off the power in your home remotely if it chose to as well.  That is just kind of big brother creepy.  They don’t even have to send anyone out to your home anymore.

That being said the biggest danger is the radiation.  This can be reduced by 90-95% very easily by simply purchasing a smart meter guard.  The guy who makes the best quality ones for the best price is based out of Northern California.  Here is the link to check it out:  Smart Meter Guard.

In the below video I take my High Frequency Analyzer and test my digital meter so you can see exactly how much RF Radiation it emits. Then I stick a Smart Meter Guard on it and test it again so you can see how much radiation it really does block. It is a short video but very much worth watching. I highly recommend it!

It really is very clever and effective.  Since the meter box is solid metal and grounded the radiation can not go directly through the box.

So the radiation comes out through the plastic part of the meter and goes out in all directions.  That is how it pulses through your home.  By putting the smart meter guard over your smart meter you have a metal screen cover connected to the metal grounded box.

The RF radiation goes in to long of wavelengths as I understand it so that it cannot go through rows of metal lined together like a metal screen.  So this absorbs the radiation, or most of it.  There is still about 5-10% of the radiation that escapes and gets out.  But it stops 90-95% of it.  It works great.  I have tested it with my  HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer.

By the way I think everyone nowadays should own one of these High Frequency Analyzers.  It is such a peace of mind help to just check these things for yourself.  The meter is very simple to run.  If you check on the videos page of this website the video with Dr. Laura Pressley Ph.D. show an example of how to use it.  When I get a protection device I can immediately know how well it works.

Also when a new electronic gadget comes out I can test all those as well.  It really is great.  Plus you can show friends and family members so they can see the radiation readings you have been telling them about and they believe you instead of them thinking you are nutty.  Please see also our article called The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home.

2. Reduce WiFi Router Radiation

The second largest source of microwave or RF radiation in the average home is your wifi internet router.  It is important to remember that anything “wifi” is sending RF or microwave radiation blasting through your home.  If you ask the average parent if they would stick their microwave oven next to the bassinet in their baby’s room so that they could tend the baby while heating up meals they would say “no, absolutely not!”

But yet they stick a wifi baby monitor right next to the bassinet which puts out the same kind of radiation.  And they have the biggest most powerful wifi router they can afford sending its radiation through the whole house.  The more powerful the better because then our wifi internet is faster!  Yay!  But at what cost?

Okay but now in talking about how to reduce wifi router radiation what is the absolute best way to do it?  The answer is “don’t have a wifi router”.  If you can run fiber optics and ethernet cables through your house and to your computer there is no need for wifi.  That is the safest and by far best way to do it.  Many people are doing that especially when they are building new homes.

Some people will have their house and normal computers hardwired but then have a backup wifi router for those if guests ever come over and need wifi.  Then they only turn on wifi for short spurts and rarely.  But if you do determine that you have to have a wifi router, that your just can’t live without it, then you can still block out 90-95% of the radiation by putting it in a router guard as shown in the image above.

Router guards only cost around $50 or $60 on Amazon.  Here is the link in case you want to check it out:  Wifi Router Guard! It only takes a minute to put your router in there and you have significantly reduced your family’s exposure.

In the below video I test a 5 GHz WiFi router with my High Frequency Analyzer so that you can see how much RF Radiation it emits. I then put it in a WiFi Router Guard and measure it again so that you can see the difference! Another short video but very much worth watching!

A wifi router guard let’s enough wifi signal out that you can still get wifi in your home.  Most routers blast way more radiation through the home than is needed.  That is why when we check for wifi to connect to we often see several neighbor’s wifi signals as well.  That is all radiation.

There are ways to reduce the radiation coming from neighbors homes as well, or even from cell towers that are too close to your house, but that we will save for another article.

It is pretty neat if you have a High Frequency Analyzer to test the radiation coming out of your router (it will usually max out the meter!) and then stick the wifi router in the wifi router guard and watch the meter drop by ninety plus percent with your own eyes!  It’s a good feeling.  But it will also make you realize exactly how much radiation is still coming out.

Again if your going to keep a wifi router the best rule of thumb is even with a wifi router guard shut it off at night.  Also shut it off anytime you are not using wifi.  Hard wire your house even if you have to run Ethernet cables a bit inside your house.

If you have a jack just behind a couch where you might often use a laptop it is not big deal to just run a short Ethernet cord up from the wall to your laptop.  It is no more trouble than plugging in the power cord when your laptop is running low on power.  But it will reduce your RF radiation exposure significantly, as well as that of the other people in your home.

3. Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

The third most powerful source of microwave radiation is your cell phones. And we put them right up next to our head!  Not a good plan. There have been an increase in brain tumors in the part of the brain where cell phones are close to since cell phones have become popular.  And these kinds of brain tumors are particularly deadly.

Believe it or not the radiation coming out of your cell phone is similar in power to that of a wifi router.  The only difference is the cell phone does not emit its strongest radiation until you are making a call.  It still puts out radiation when you are not making a call, but as soon as you make a call it will max out the meter.  Again I tested this with my High Frequency Analyzer.  (So handy!)

In the below video I test both a smartphone and Bluetooth earbuds with my meter so that you can see exactly how much radiation they emit. You will be surprised! It is a short video but very much worth watching! Seeing is believing!

In the image above I show a radiation proof case for your smartphone.  These do a great job of blocking close to 100% of the radiation (depending on the brand) coming out of one side of your cell phone.  They don’t put the shielding material on the other side of the phone case because if they did we would have a hard time getting a phone signal.  So what does this mean?

Always keep the shielding side towards your body.  You can even hold your phone up to your head to speak as long as the case is closed without radiating your head!  That is cool.  In case you want to check out the price on Amazon here is the link Anti Radiation Phone CaseOne of my favorite brands is SafeSleeve. They claim to block up to 100% of the radiation.

Now one thing that is very important with these phone cases is that you read the instructions on how to properly use it.  It only blocks the radiation in one direction.  So if not used properly it won’t be effective.  However if used properly it will be a great protection to you. I tested this phone case with the High Frequency Analyzer as well and verified that it blocks the radiation.

One thing that I discovered is that some radiation still slips around the edges of the phone. When they say that it blocks up to 100% they mean it blocks the radiation from going directly through the shielding material.  It obviously can’t protect from the radiation slipping around the sides of the shield.

Since some radiation still leaks around the sides it is still a good idea to put the phone on a table away from your body as much as possible.  And getting a radiation free headset to talk is a very good idea.  Holding the phone to your head protects you from the direct radiation but not from the radiation seeping around the edges.  So the next section in this article will be talking about these important headsets.

4. Reduce Headset Radiation

This is part of the third most powerful source of RF radiation because it still relates to your cell phone.  When you need a headset most people don’t realize that corded headsets act just like an antenna and port the powerful radiation right up the cord and into your ear.  In case you didn’t think about it your ear is a hole in your head. That means the radiation is going directly into your brain.  And Bluetooth buds are bad too because they are little wifi transmitters blasting wifi radiation through the hole in your head (your ear) right into your brain.

However they do make these handy dandy things called “air tube headsets”.  These are very good at keeping the radiation away from your head, which is what they are designed for, but they have one major drawback.  I will get to the drawback in a minute.  The reason they are so good at keeping the radiation away from your head is because the wires don’t go all the way to your head.  Remember the wires are like antennas and port the radiation along the wire.

But about half way up the Air Tube Headsets the wires go into little speakers and the speakers pump their sound into air tubes (hence the name) which carry the sound up to the ear pieces.  It sounds weird but they actually work and sound great!  It sounds every bit as loud and clear to me.  To check out the price on Amazon try this link Air Tube Headset.

Okay now what is the big drawback you say?  Glad you asked.  The wire in the headset still comes out of being plugged into the phone and halfway up to your head.  And that wire is literally a radiation blasting antenna.  So if the cord is laying against your body it is radiating your body.  This is especially a problem for pregnant women with unborn children in their womb.  We don’t want to be radiating ourselves but especially not our developing children.

So is there a solution to this? Yes there is. It is called a Ferrite Bead. A ferrite bead is a well know technology that surrounds the wire and absorbs almost all of the radiation out of the wire.  This makes the wire no longer a radiation blasting antena.  So if the cord lays along your body it won’t radiate your body near as much.  Again it blocks about 90-95% of the radiation from what I have read.  Since some radiation still does go up the wire an air tube headset makes it so you don’t have any radiation going directly into your ears.

Now before I leave the section on headsets I want to talk for just one more minute about the dangers of Bluetooth headsets.  I put the High Frequency Analyzer next to a Bluetooth headset and I had to get the analyzer close to the Bluetooth to get the full reading but when I did it pegged (or rather maxed out) the meter.  Now think about that for a minute.  People put these wifi Bluetooth earpieces right in their ears.  In their ears which is a hole in their head.

The radiation would go through someone’s skull anyway but when you put them in your ear you don’t even have what little protection the skull would be.  That radiation that maxes out the meter going directly into the person’s brain.  Really it is the same thing when you put a cell phone up to your head because the radiation will go through the skull of your head.  But it seems awfully silly to stick all that radiation intentionally into your ear so that it radiates directly into your brain.  Just saying.

5. Reduce Laptop and Ipad Radiation

This would be the 4th most powerful cause of radiation in and around our home, our laptops and Ipads.  Most companies are changing the names of laptops and not calling them laptops any longer because there is so much information out now about how the radiation that comes out of the bottom of a laptop can be dangerous to one’s lap. There are major concerns about cancer and infertility issues coming from holding these microwave blasting machines against your body.

For the laptop the main radiation comes when the wifi feature is turned on.  That is by far the majority of the radiation.  Turn the wifi off and you still would not want to hold it on your lap.  There is still too much radiation for that.  But just to sit in front of it to work on it is fine. Ipads and other tablets are different.  They always have data streaming and wifi going on.  That is how they access the internet.  But a laptop can be plugged into an Ethernet cable.

So with a laptop all you really need is to keep the wifi off, keep it hardwired to the internet whenever possible, and keep it on a table or have a Laptop Radiation Shield to set it on if you do put it on your lap.  For an Ipad or tablet you really need something like the a Tablet Shield. (Both of those links I put in there so that you can check out the prices on Amazon in case you want to.)

An Ipad or tablet put out microwave radiation just similar to a cell phone when it is not making a call.  You still have it accessing the internet wirelessly and accessing GPS systems and so forth.  That is a lot more RF radiation than a laptop with the wifi turned off.  So radiation protection like a sleeve is very important.

6. Reduce Dirty Electricity Radiation

“Dirty electricity is erratic spikes and surges of electrical energy traveling along power lines and building wiring where only standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity should be. Also called electrical noise, line noise, and power line EMI, it is one fast-growing source of electro-pollution in homes, schools, and businesses today.

Dirty electricity is created by many electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other devices that run on electricity. It is more common now than ever before. Why? Because many modern devices no longer use standard AC electricity “as is.” Instead, they must “manipulate” electrical current in one way or another in order to operate.

For example, many electrical devices today must convert standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity (alternating current) into other forms of electricity — such as low voltage direct current (DC) or higher frequency AC — in order to operate. And many devices now draw power from wiring intermittently, in short burst, rather than continuously.

They do this by turning the flow of power to a device “on” and “off” repeatedly, often thousands of times per second. These processes interrupt the smooth flow of standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity, which creates harmonics and erratic surges and spikes of electrical energy (i.e., voltage transients).” –

Smart meters are one of the largest creatures of dirty electricity in modern homes.  So if at all possible get the smart meter removed.  If not, or if you still have too high of dirty electricity without having a smart meter, you will need Graham-Stetzer FiltersThese are filters that you plug into outlets in your home that similar to a ferrite bead absorb the dirty electricity out of the power lines in your home.  Depending on your levels you may need 5-10ish of them, but they will bring your dirty electricity back down to safe levels.

The meter you need to have to detect the dirty electricity on your power lines is called the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter.  To learn how to use the meter (it is extremely simple) you can watch the below video.

That video gives you an example of how to use the meter.  Dirty electricity cause RF radiation to radiate from the electrical wires in your home.  It can be cause all of the health problems of any other kind of electromagnetic radiation.

7. Reduce RF Radiation From Other Miscellaneous Sources

Okay you may be wondering why I would show an image of a role of aluminum window screen.  Well RF radiation does not go through metal screens like this.  Or rather I should say it blocks 90-95% of it generally.

So what you need to do now is go through your home with your  HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer and check all of your electronic devices that you think might put off Wifi radiation.  Things that will are things like cordless phones (get rid of it and get a land line), baby monitors (either get rid of it or get an analog one and keep it as far away from your baby as you can) and printers and other “smart” items.  Having the meters to check the radiation on these things helps you make intelligent decisions and put together a plan to balance your needs and keeping your family radiation free.

Uses for the aluminum screed are things like hanging it up along the inside of the fence around your yard to block the wifi radiation coming from your neighbor’s smart meter and home wifi.  It is amazing how well this works, at least for protecting the lower story.


In conclusion you can make most homes RF radiation free (or close to it) with a little planning and effort.  Get the High Frequency Analyzer and the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter so that you can test the things in your house, know exactly what you are dealing with and put together the best plan for you.

That way you can also test friends and family’s homes and help them put together plans as well.  There is something about seeing the radiation reading on the meter that turns the skeptic into recognizing reality and making good decisions.  I think it is very important to have the meters.

Then you can go about putting together plans of action.  I can tell your from personal experience it will bring you peace of mind and you sill sleep and feel better.  If you would like to check out our article entitled “21 Negative Health Symptoms from RF Radiation” that as the title states describes many of the health problems RF radiation causes people.

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