Smart Meter Guard Product Review

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Smart Meter With A Smart Meter Guard

A Smart Meter Guard or Cover is a metallic mesh cover designed to fit snugly over a smart meter and directly against the metal box the smart meter is attached to. You can see one in the picture above. The Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation emitted by smart meters and other WiFi devices, cannot travel through parallel lines of metal very well, if the metal is a good highly conductive metal.

A smart meter cover like this blocks 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation emitted by a smart meter. It allows enough signal out to where the power company will still get its readings, but significantly reduces the radiation output (by 90% to 95%) that endangers your family.

RF Radiation cannot go through the metal electrical box your smart meter is attached to. However the radiation travels right around the box and into your home. Once you put a Smart Meter Guard over your smart meter, as long as it is tight against the metal box, the only place for the radiation to escape through is the Smart Meter Guard. That is why it is so effective at blocking such a high percentage of the radiation.

The Smart Meter Guard is my favorite smart meter cover made. It is better constructed. But most importantly it allows enough signal out that the smart meter can still connect to the power company and do its thing. Then it is not freaking out working overtime trying to reach the tower and the power company has to send out a technician to ask you to remove the meter guard. And yet is still blocks almost all of the radiation. I really like the Smart Meter Guard. It is the one I put on my home.

In the video below I measure the radiation emitted from my digital meter both with and without the Smart Meter Guard on, so that you can see exactly how much radiation it stops. It is also very simple to install. The video is short but very informative. I highly recommend you watch it.

Most people do not realize that we have a lot of other WiFi devices in our homes that are often just as dangerous as a smart meter. I go over the top 7 of these items and what to do to protect yourself from these radiations in my article entitled “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“. On that page I also have links to a few of the many studies that link RF Radiation to cancer and other biological ailments in case you would like to research some of them as well. On the Recommended Protections page of this website, I have a link to the best places to get a Smart Meter Guard.

Smart Meter Radiation

Smart meters cause RF Radiation to be emitted in two different ways. The first is from the device itself as shown in the above video. Many countries have safety limits on how much RF Radiation is considered “safe”. Most European countries say that below 100 to 350 (depending on the country) micro-watts per meter squared is what they consider safe. The U.S. says that below 1,000 micro-watts per meter squared is safe. Dr. Laura Pressley Ph.D., who has a doctorate in Physical Chemistry and holds four U.S. Patents in semiconductor device technology, says that the smart meters that she has measured average emitting around 60,000 micro-watts per meter squared. That is 60 times the U.S. safety limit.

Smart Meter Dirty Electricity

Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter And FilterThe second way smart meters cause RF Radiation is by causing the wires in the building to emit “electromagnetic smog” or “dirty electricity”. Dirty electricity is erratic surges and spikes of electrical energy moving along building wiring and power lines where only standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity should be. It becomes airborne and radiates through the walls into the rooms of buildings. These spikes are of a high enough frequency that they are dangerous to living organisms. It is caused most often by appliances that try to alter the normal flow of alternating electrical current in some way. Since a smart meter is connected to every circuit in the building, all of the wiring in the building is affected. Digital meters like smart meters are the largest cause of dirty electricity in most homes.

In the below video I use a meter to test for dirty electricity on a circuit in my home. The video is short but very informative and is worth watching. I show you how to identify if you have a problem with dirty electricity, and if so how to correct the problem and bring it back down to safe levels. I highly recommend watching it.

On the Recommended Protections page of this website, I have a link to the best places to get both of the meters I used to do the tests in both of the above videos.

Smart Meter RF Radiation

Smart Meter TestIt turns out these smart meters are pulsating and sending information back and forth to your power company 24/7, usually about ever 30 seconds.  All that exchange of information emits RF Radiation. When smart meters were first introduced, power companies claimed these smart meters only transmitted information once or twice a day.  It’s simply not true.  Smart meters aren’t so smart after all.  In fact, all the radiation from a smart meter can cause serious health problems, such as cancer, depression, sleep problems and so on.  You don’t have to live this way!

This high-tech device sends wireless signals back and forth 24/7.  According to the World Health Organization, this type of radiation is a “possible carcinogenic” in humans.  In public forums across the country, considered consumers say they noticed major health changes after a smart meter was installed on their home.  Common health complaints from a smart meter include: depression, headache, anxiety, dementia, heart disease.

The health problems associated with these meters are so prevalent, some cities have banned the use of the them all together.  Several well-educated doctors across the country are now speaking out against the installation of smart meters.  Dr. David Carpenter is one of those docs on a mission to educated consumers about the health implications of smart meters.  “”What is the evidence that smart meters are safe and have no adverse health effects and the answer is there is no such evidence and when in fact no one has actually done human health studies in relation to people living in homes with smart meters.

We have evidence from a whole host of other studies of radio frequency exposure. That demonstrates convincing and consistently that exposure to RF radiation at elevated levels from long periods of time increase risk of cancer, damage to immune system, causes electro-sensitivity, has adverse reproductive effects,” Dr. David Carpenter.

Smart Meter Guard Installation

Smart Meter GuardSo now you know the dangers of smart meters and you’re probably terrified.  I was too.  You’re not alone.  My fear led me to take action.  I started researching the best options to protect my family against radiation from smart meters and other radiation emitting devices and I found the smart meter guard.

I was under the impression, my new home has a smart meter, but it turns out it’s a digital meter.  Even so, it still emits high levels of radiation.  Using my HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer, I measured the radiation levels before and after covering my meter with the smart meter guard.  The results were amazing.  The simple, well designed and easy to use meter guard blocks 98% of the radiation from my meter.  While experts will tell you, there is no safe level of radiation, I feel pretty good about these results.

The smart meter guard is simple to install, and you can just tell its high quality.  According to the manufacturer, the guard blocks radiation from outside and inside the house. And it’s made to last.  The package indicates, the high-quality materials are made to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.  It seems like it’s so hard to find anything that lasts longer than a few months, nowadays. Here’s some more information I found helpful: “It is constructed of three stainless steel support ring that are spot welded to high grade stainless steel meshing for support and strength.

Being made of stainless steel means it won’t rust, corrode or deteriorate in the sun’s UV rays.” The meter is also designed to fit on meters around the world.  If you plan to order a meter guard, double check where the product is made.  According to the manufacturer, there are knock off meters manufactured in Korea that have not been certified to meet specific RF blocking standards.

What I really like most about this product was how easy it was to use.  Anytime you are dealing with electricity, it can be slightly nerve wrecking.  So, when the package arrived, I was relieved to see it was all in one piece and there was no assembly required.  Phew. That was a relief.  Have you ever ordered anything from IKEA, only to spend three days putting it together and then you suddenly have three extra bolts? Then you have to take it all apart and start from scratch? Yep.  I’ve been there too.

Thankfully this was not the case.  I opened the package and it was ready to go.  The guard literally fits snug right over the meter and stays in place.  You don’t need any bolts or screws to hold it into place.  However, you will need a screwdriver to tighten the base of the guard.  This will keep it firmly in place.  I forgot to do this the first time and a wind storm knocked it off. Fortunately, it didn’t go far, and I was able to secure it back into place pretty quickly.

How Smart Meter Guard Works

Now, that it’s place I couldn’t help but wonder how this mesh cage can actually block all that harmful radiation.  An engineer invented the smart meter guard after he noticed more and more people becoming concerned about the dangers of radiation from smart meters and other wireless devices.  According to the manufacturer, “the smart meter uses the technology of a Faraday cage.

And from a purely technical standpoint, RF waves can not pass through parallel lines of metal. Smart meter guard is essentially parallel lines of metal. So, there is a spectrum of products on the market that will block RF.  Most of them contain plastic or polyurethane, which deteriorates under Exposure, the sun.”  I was impressed to learn all the guards are made to order in California!

Because this is a fairly new product on the market, I had a lot of questions about the legality of using the guard.  I mean, would the power company know I put a guard on their meter? Would they send SEAL Team 6 to remove it in the middle of the night? After extensive research, it turns out the smart meter guard is in fact legal and the power company will still be able to get the data it needs for my monthly bill.  The manufacturer warns that it is illegal to break the security seal on your meter.  Don’t do that!

What’s great about this technology, is that it can be used to block radiation from other sources in your home.  Using the same design and materials, you can purchase a router guard for your WIFI router.  I purchased one of these for about $50 on Amazon as well.  I recently tested my home with a HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer and I was blown away by the amount of radiation coming from Wi-Fi router.  Once I placed the router inside the guard, my analyzer showed an immediate reduction of radiation by about 98%. What a relief.  It’s so refreshing to find a product that actually does what it is designed to do.  Very impressed!

If you have a gas and water smart meters, there’s a product for that too.  Those meters are typically really big, so I was impressed to see a flexible, cloth version of the metal mesh smart meter guard.  I have not used this product, although after looking at reviews on Amazon, I may be tempted to add it to my shopping cart.  This smart meter guard is made of a high quality, “dense, copper material that is capable of blocking RF at an average of 80 dB across a wide frequency range, higher than any other material.  The copper material is very corrosion resistant and will withstand the harshest weather conditions.

This type of smart meter guard also utilizes the Faraday cage technology, as I mentioned earlier in this product review.  So, what is this Faraday cage technology? Great question.  Michael Faraday was a scientist in the 1940 who studies electromagnetism and electrochemistry.

According to Wikipedia, Albert Einstein was so impressed with Faraday’s work, he kept a picture of the scientist on his study wall.  So basically, Faraday was brilliant and discovered parallel metal blocked radiation waves effectively.  And, that is your history lesson for the day.  Take notes because there will be a pop quiz next week.  Bottom line, this discovery is making its way into modern day applications.

After using the smart meter guard on my digital meter and with my WIFI router, without a doubt I recommend these products to consumers trying to reduce their exposure to radiation.  While you’ll need to spend a few dollars to purchase these products, it’s worth it.  Think of it as an investment in your health and in your future.  The truth is there is just too much at risk.

Research clearly indicates there is a direct correlation between cancer, depression and heart disease and long-term exposure to radiation from smart meters and other high-tech devices.  Some experts in this field of study believe we won’t know the full implications of radiation exposure, such as that from smart meters, for decades.  I’m not going to wait that long to find out if I’m going to be a statistic.  If you have kids, you’ll really want to protect them from radiation exposure. Kids are more vulnerable to these sources of exposure because their brains and bodies are still developing.

Bottom line, if you want to protect your home and health, a smart meter guard is a good way to reduce radiation exposure.  Information is power.  You now have the power to keep you and your family safe.  Let me know how it goes!

Smart Meter Privacy Concerns

They’re watching you.  No, seriously your power company is watching you and monitoring you every second of every day.  Turns out that nifty smart meter your power company installed on your rancher a few months ago is collecting a lot of data about you and your energy consumption.  So, who cares about that? Well, it turns out these smart meters are prone to data breaches and if this information lands in the wrong hands it could put you at risk for identity theft, profiling and even home invasion. Yes, home invasion.

The smart meter detects when you are home and the lights are on or off.  This information, if used by the wrong people, could make your home a target for burglars.  Pretty scary stuff.  You know what’s even more terrifying? The radiation emitted from a smart meter.

To learn more about the privacy issues associated with smart meters please see our article Are There Any Privacy Concerns With Smart Meters?  To learn more about the problems associated with smart meters please see our article What is Wrong With Smart Meters?

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