Best EMF Protection Pendants And Necklaces of 2023 – A Complete Guide!

Aulterra EMF PendantAn EMF Protection Pendant is a pendant made out of either a single mineral or multiple minerals that form a natural paramagnetic field around them that alter man-made EMFs (such as 5G) and change them into a more natural less harmful form. Not all EMF protection pendants are created equal. Some work much better than others.

The best EMF protection pendants are those that we know work because they have been thoroughly tested in peer reviewed scientific studies. The next best are pendants made of single or mixed minerals known and tested to have EMF protection characteristics. 

If you have come to this article with a healthy dose of skepticism, that is good. Many companies create gimmicks that they claim work but are actually a fraud. Or the way they perform their “tests” are the gimmick, as you will see an example of later in this article. The point of this article is to talk about what I have found through my own research to be based upon real actual science. But I hope you don’t just agree with me. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

EMF Protection Pendants – Science or Gimmick?

When I originally began studying the harmful effects of Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, (the most powerful form of EMF Radiation), I almost mocked “mineral filled stickers”, pendants, or any kind of mineral or rocks that claimed to protect from RF Radiation. In my mind the only logical way to protect yourself was to shield or block yourself from this radiation coming in contact with your body.

The whole idea of some invisible field some how altering man-made RF Radiation seemed like a gimmick or hoax that I was just not willing to accept. In fact when I would look on other websites on the internet as soon as they spoke about these types of “protections” it completely discredited their entire credibility in my mind. I only trust scientifically proven “protections”. The problem was so many of them talked about this topic that I kept running into it; but none showed any scientific evidence.

Then I watched the below video. The reason the video below was so powerful in my mind was because in it they perform a scientific test, the results of which completely destroys my original way of thinking. This experiment involves testing the effects of RF Radiation on the blood of a person before and after using a cellphone, by putting a sample of their blood under a microscope.

I know this putting blood on a microscope slide type of test all too well. I have had that very same test done on me after a myriad of other medical tests having been completed. And this simple blood test diagnosed a medical condition they had not been able to figure out with all of the previous more expensive tests. So I personally know the power of this type of blood test. Take a quick watch:

After watching that simple test my mind was opened and my interest was peaked. I went to the Aulterra website and found more actual scientific studies. The developer of the Aulterra mineral combination Kim Dandurand, first discovered them while working as part of a major environmental cleanup project, cleaning up a radioactive waste site in 1996.

He was so intrigued by the effects of these minerals in neutralizing radioactive wastes that he paid for a bunch of studies to be performed to see if they would have similar effects on RF Radiation from things like cellphones. Reading these actual studies are what finally convinced me that there was something to this idea that natural magnetic fields can absorb and change man-made electromagnetic radiation.

Example Of A Gimmick

The below video is an example of what I consider a gimmick “test”. This is a video I found on a website as an example of scientific proof that the mineral Shungite blocks EMF Radiation. Her premise is completely faulty. Shungite does not “block” EMF Radiation (so silly). Shungite is believed to have the ability to absorb and completely neutralize the dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation, not block it.

All she is doing is blocking the RF (radio frequency) Radiation, the most powerful form of EMF Radiation, from reaching her meter’s sensor. And any piece of conductive metal such as aluminum or copper held that close to the sensor would do the same thing. All she is proving is that RF Radiation cannot go through Shungite. But how does that help anything? Her problem is she does not even understand how Shungite is supposed to work.

I am sure the website was well intended and I am sure the lady in this video is a nice lady. Give the video a quick watch for me if you would and then I will explain more about how Shungite actually helps protect you.

Shungite has EMF protection benefits, such as its magnetic field and the fullerenes in the stone. What minerals like Shungite do is they emit a paramagnetic field around themselves and the things around them. Then when harmful man-made RF Radiation travels through that paramagnetic field it is “harmonized” or “neutralized”, which basically means it is changed from its man-made form into a more natural less harmful form of radiation. It is not blocked, but changed. She is performing the completely wrong test. It is things like this on the internet that make people write this stuff off as crackpot.

The Best EMF Protection Pendants Are:

1. Aulterra EMF Pendant

Aulterra EMF PendantWhy do I list the Aulterra EMF Pendant as number 1 on my list? Because of all of the science behind it. They have combined the best minerals that protect from EMF Radiation and then paid for peer reviewed scientific studies to be run to prove their formula does what they say it will do. For an in depth analysis of these scientific studies please see my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“, but I will touch on the basics of it here.

A man by the name of Kim Dandurand was working on a large radio active waste environmental cleanup project in 1996 where they were using a combination of natural minerals to neutralize the harmful effects of this radiation on living organisms. Kim was so impressed at the effectiveness of this process and technology that he hired a lab to perform tests to see if these minerals would have the same neutralizing effect on the harmful effects of cellphone RF Radiation.

These studies found that these minerals created a “paramagnetic” field that changed the man-made RF Radiation to a more natural form of radiation that did not cause the damage to the human body. For example RF Radiation has been found to cause an “unwinding” of the two strands of the DNA helix. This breakage of the DNA was attenuated by 95% by the presence of the Aultera minerals in this pendant, and their other products.

Just as kind of a personal testimony that these minerals do emit something that effects our bodies I tell a story about that in the below video. To me this was just another witness that minerals do emit a magnetic field that is real and that can effect us. Here is the video.

If you go to either my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review” or the “Scientific Studies” page of this website, you will find links to scientific studies paid for by the Aulterra company explaining how they work.

EMF Protection PendantsAulterra’s newest pendant is their new heart pendant. This one is really popular and is a bit less expensive than their original pendant. See Aulterra Heart EMF Pendant.

It is filled with the same EMF protection minerals. The women in my family like the looks of this charm and neckless. I really think this one is going to be a very big hit.

Okay I have talked about Aulterra long enough. (They are my favorite.) So let’s move on to another very high quality pendant.

2. EMF Harmony Pendant

EMF Harmony Pendant NecklessThe science behind this product is really solid as well. When you go their website here at, go to the menu bar at the top of their website and click on the “Research” tab, to read all the scientific studies that have been done on their products. I only show these kinds of products that claim protection if they have actual scientific studies behind them that are real. If you go to the “Research” tab on the on their website they even have studies done by independent third parties, which is important.

I am not overly impressed with this video that I am going to show you below. It seems like a marketing kind of video that doesn’t actually give you meaty information about how the products actually work. I show it here only because it does give a bit of an overview of their products, and a bit of the technology’s history.

The image below is a partial screenshot I took off of their website. This shows a similar blood test done like I showed by Aulterra above, and the results are very similar. Again since I have had this type of blood test done on me personally and it helped identify a medical condition I was suffering with, this particular test has credibility with me.

EMF Harmony Blood TestThe real thing I recommend doing if you are interested in this product is to click on their website link, and then click on the “Research” tab on the website’s main menu, and read over all the studies and tests for yourself. This is an area where you have to be willing to read scientific papers or you are going to get scammed; just my opinion. I suggest you do the same with the Aulterra EMF Pendant as well. They have a “Research/Studies” tab that shows all their science.

3. AiresTech Life Tune Pendant

AiresTech Life Tune

I just recently ran across this company. This product shown in the above image can be worn like a pendant. The only reason that I decided to show this is because it is so rare to find a company that has had actual peer reviewed scientific studies, to test their products to verify that they actually do what they claim to do. Until I first ran into Aulterra that I talked about above, I had never seen one of these companies with quality logical peer reviewed studies that gave me confidence in the product.

AiresTech Life is the third company I have found with quality peer reviewed scientific studies. At the time of this writing I have not had the time personally to go through and read all of these studies. But if you go to the link I listed above it will take you to their site and you can read them all for yourself.

AiresTech takes a completely different approach that either Aulterra or So I am anxious to get into reading their studies so that I understand their technology as well.

4. An “Elite Shungite” Pendant

Shungite PendantNot all Shungite is created equal. Elite Shungite (also called “Type I Shungite”) is the purest and rarest form. It contains very uncommon molecules called “fullerenes”. According to Wikipedia “A fullerene is an allotrope of carbon whose molecule consists of carbon atoms connected by single and double bonds so as to form a closed or partially closed mesh, with fused rings of five to seven atoms. The molecule may be a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, or many other shapes and sizes.” Here is an example of an Elite Shungite Pendant I found on Amazon.

The National Library of Medicine, on their website here, lists this scientific study where they test the shielding capability of Shungite to be able to protect rats from EMF Radiation. So this is a mineral that has been tested in at least this one scientific study for its EMF protection properties.

Shungite is a very old mineral (as minerals go). It is the world’s oldest hydro-Carbon based rock. It has an extremely unique molecular structure consisting of unusually hollow, stable and large carbon structures that have a very high reductive and oxidative capacity. This is where Shungite gets its “antioxidant” properties.

It also has a very high hydrogen and carbon content, as well as containing other elements like Silicate minerals, Titanium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Aluminum, and Calcium. This gives it a high electrical conductivity, unlike most other types of rocks and minerals.

According to the 2013 International “Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research“, one of the main characteristic features of a fullerene structure is that carbon atoms are arranged at the “vertices of regularly-occurring hexagons and pentagons, covering the surface of a graphite formed sphere”. Due to the “reticulated-spherical structure”, the regular naturally formed fullerenes are ideal “absorbents and fillers.” The journal also claims that fullerenes are able to neutralize, destroy, and magnetize free radicals.

As an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, it is believed to help cells recover better from the harmful biological effects of radiation. Similar to the studies discussed above performed by Aulterra, Shungite is said to reduce oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation. I am yet to find actual scientific studies to this effect. Aulterra’s studies convinced me minerals can have this effect, and Shungite, especially Elite Shungite, is the naturally occurring stone most widely believed to possess these characteristics.

5. Black Tourmaline Pendant

Black Tourmaline PendantA Black Tourmaline Pendant is the next most widely touted natural occurring stone believed to have beneficial EMF protection abilities. Like Shungite I have not been able to find any scientific studies to this effect. Again the studies are on Aulterra and unfortunately Aulterra does not share with us the minerals included in their specific formula. Black Tourmaline is just another mineral famous for these abilities. But you have to take this all with the knowledge that we don’t have actual scientific studies to rely on.

In the picture I show a natural stone made into a pendant. There are also polished and decorative stone pendants made out of Black Tourmaline. I will list a few examples of these here also in case these are more to your taste. They are: Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Necklace, Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Healing Pendant Necklace, Black Tourmaline Black Spinel Black Onyx, and the Anti EMF Radiation Protection Pendant.

6. Other Mixed Mineral EMF Pendants

Mixed Mineral PendantsThere are numerous other types of EMF pendants, mostly mixed mineral pendants, all over the internet. Many of them, such as the one pictured in the above image which you can find here, may work to some degree or another. It is just hard to know with many of them if the minerals they claim are actually in the pendant as they claim. There are a lot of scams out there.

As for me I trust peer reviewed science that I can trust such as with the Aulterra EMF Pendant the most. Then I trust the minerals that have established known characteristics and qualities the benefit us regarding EMF radiation. And I would only ever purchase those if I had a good reason to trust the company.

So that is my best advice. Focus on companies that don’t just say they have peer reviewed science, but that link to it and allow you to read it. And with those that don’t have science, if you choose to go that route stick to companies that you trust will actually put minerals in it that are known to have EMF protection benefits.

EMF Protection Methods In Addition To Pendants

WiFi Router EMF Protection

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra StickerWhile I am now a believer in the science behind minerals creating paramagnetic fields that can change the harmful man-made RF Radiation into more natural and less harmful forms, I am still very much a believer in the importance of physically protecting yourself from coming in contact with RF Radiation at all. In other words attacking the problem from both sides, if that makes sense.

In the image on the above left I show a metal mesh box (called a Wifi Router Guard) made out of highly conductive metal designed to hold a WiFi internet router. Anything that produces any kind of WiFi signal, the most powerful generally being our routers, should either be removed from our homes completely, or at the bare minimum put in a protective box like this to dramatically reduce the radiation they emit. And you will notice in the picture I also put an Aulterra mineral sticker on my WiFi router as well; attacking from all angles!

In the below video it shows me doing a test on my 5 GHz WiFi router both before and after putting it in a WiFi Router Guard. It reduced the RF Radiation by 90% to 95% while still allowing me to use WiFi throughout my small 3 bedroom home. Take a quick look at this video as I believe this is a type of protection that is also very important.

Get An EMF Meter

Best EMF Meters!Like just about everything in life, in the EMF Radiation world Knowledge is power. The more accurate information you have the better job you can do at knowing if you have a problem in a certain area or not, and if so correcting without over correcting. Having the correct EMF Meters and Detectors are invaluable tools that give you this knowledge and ability.

In my article the “7 Best EMF Meters and Detectors – My Top Picks!” I go over each of the types of EMF Radiation and the best meter options to read each type; and I highlight the meters that read multiple types. If you are on a budget this article is the one you want to read before you buy any meter. I highly recommend reading that article and getting the meters that best fit your budget. It will help you protect but not waste money over protecting.

Other Recommended EMF Protections

If you look at the main menu at the top of this website page you will see a tab entitled “Recommended Protections“. On that page you will see a bunch of images. Each image will take you to an article that goes over the very best specific products I have found for protecting yourself against the various sources of EMF Radiation we are all now exposed to in our homes.

And if you need motivation to get yourself to start taking action to protect yourself and your family, see the Scientific Studies page of this website. On that page I link to many of the thousands of peer reviewed independent scientific studies linking EMF Radiation to things like cancer, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses), crib death and infertility.

Final Thoughts

After all of the scientific studies that have been done that show certain links between non-ionizing EMF Radiation and a host of serious negative health conditions, still so many main stream sources ignore all these studies and say “studies that have been conducted on adults show no evidence of a link between EMF exposure and adult cancers, such as leukemia, brain cancer, and breast cancer“, which is an out and out lie.

I have linked to some studies that show links to those conditions in this very article. And I link to many more on the scientific studies page of this website. One more quick example of these main stream entities lying is this National Cancer Institute article. Frustrating.

I hope that this article was helpful to you! I recommend going up to the main menu on this website and looking up the categories tab and checking out the articles on the topics where you think you might be exposed to EMF Radiation.

If you have gotten value out of this article please consider emailing it to friends and sharing it on your social media websites. We always really appreciate it when people do this. It really helps us spread the word or get the word out!

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