Are Smart Meters Dangerous? – Get The Facts!

Have you wondered what all the hubub you hear about smart meters and how they will manage and save you a bunch of money on your electric bill? It turns out that a lot of people have seen their bills increase after the power company installed their smart meter. And when smart meters first started being installed some people in homes with older electrical systems actually had their smart meters catch on fire. True story.

But what makes smart meters dangerous is the amount of RF Radiation (including Dirty Electricity) that they cause. Not only did the World Health Organization classify this as a possible carcinogen“” in 2011. “Carcinogen” means “cancer causing”. But there are many scientific studies that show a link between this radiation and cancer. I list some links to some of these below in this article. I list some additional links in our article calledThe 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“.

What Is RF Radiation?

Below is a chart illustrating something called the Electromagnetic Spectrum. RF Radiation includes both the “Radio Waves” and the “Microwaves” frequency sections on the below chart. In that part of the spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous the waves are to living organisms.

We are all familiar with regular AC Electricity that powers the lights and appliances in our homes. As AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming Radio Waves, or electromagnetic radiation.

The radio waves section of the below spectrum includes from the lowest airborne frequency up to 0.3 GHz. Microwave Radiation consists of the radio frequencies between 0.3 GHz and 300 GHz. As mentioned above, both are considered RF Radiation. The typical microwave oven uses the 2.45 GHz frequency. And so do cellphones and most WiFi devices today. So it is true to say that your cellphone, WiFi router and even your Bluetooth earbuds emit the same exact radiation your microwave oven uses to cook your food. The power or amperage used may be different. But it is the exact same radiation.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Protect Yourself From Smart Meter Radiation

In the below video I test the digital meter on my home so that you can see the amount of radiation it puts out. Then I put a Smart Meter Guard on the meter and test it again. The radiation is reduced by around 95%. The video is short, but worth watching.

So what can we do about this problem?  The first thing I recommend is to get your meter tested like I do in the above video.  This is pretty easy to do yourself.  You can buy the devices you need to do your own measurements fairly inexpensively. Or if you know someone who already has the meter then you can borrow theirs. The reason you should test it for yourself is so that you can see with your own eyes how much radiation is coming out of your smart meter. Seeing is believing and is a great motivator to get us to solve the problem. Then you can take the meter room by room through your house and identify everything else in your house that is emitting this type of radiation. You will be surprised I promise. On the Recommended Protections page of this website I put links to the best places to get a Smart Meter Guard, and the meter you would need to test it.

Once you measure the radiation in your home for yourself you can see where you have a problem. Then you can easily put together a strategy to keep your gadgets (except your smart meter – it is better if you can get your power and gas companies to remove them and replace them with a standard analog meter) and not be exposed to the dangerous cancer causing radiation. Most people who reduce the RF Radiation in their homes down to safe levels often tell me that they notice benefits to their health almost immediately.

Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity is a form of RF Radiation. It is erratic surges and spikes of electrical energy moving along power lines and building wiring where only standard 50/60-Hertz AC electricity should be. It becomes airborne and radiates through the walls into the rooms of buildings. It is caused most often by appliances that try to alter the normal flow of alternating electrical current in some way. These spikes are of a high enough frequency that they are dangerous to living organisms. Digital meters like smart meters are the largest cause of dirty electricity in most homes.  Not all digital meters are considered “smart”.  But if they are digital rather than analog they cause the RF radiation and dirty electricity dangers discussed in this article.

In the below video I do a test to measure the dirty electricity on a circuit in my home. Then I show you a simple inexpensive way to solve the problem and bring it back down into the safe range. This video is short but very informative. It is definitely worth watching.

The good news is the meter to test for dirty electricity in your home is very inexpensive.  The best one is even available online.  Check out the price for the best one, the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter on our “Recommended Protections” page of this website.

RF Radiation and the Thyroid Gland

There is an article in PubMed that shows the results of a study on microwave radiation and its harmful effects on the thyroid gland.  The article is called The Effect of Microwave Irradiation on the status of the Thyroid Gland“.  The conclusion of this article reads:

“Abstract: Multiple irradiation of rats with microwaves of continuous generation (2450 MHz, 1 mW/cm2) increased and of pulsed generation (3000 MHz, 0.1 to 2.5 mW/cm2) decreased the functional activity of the thyroid gland with no changes in the tri-iodothyronine and thyroxin in blood serum. The role of the thyroid gland in inducing behavior effects of microwaves was demonstrated by the method of extirpation.”

Scientific Study Findings

In 2013 the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) Smart Meter Case Series they did a report called The Smart Meter Case Series on the health risks of RF radiation put out by Smart Meters.

The report says “many of the symptoms reported including fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms have been shown to be triggered by electromagnetic field exposure under double blind, placebo controlled conditions”.

In another report known as “Bioinitiative 2012, A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)” they discuss the health effect related to wireless radiation exposure.  The BioInitiative 2012 Report was “prepared by 29 authors from ten countries, ten holding medical degrees (MDs), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs”.

In the “Conclusions” section of the report it reads “Bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and RF Radiation. Bio-effects can occur in the first few minutes at levels associated with cell and cordless phone use. Bio-effects can also occur from just minutes of exposure to mobile phone masts (cell towers), WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters that produce whole-body exposure. Chronic base station level exposures can result in illness…

Many of these bio-effects can reasonably be presumed to result in adverse health effects if the exposures are prolonged or chronic. This is because they interfere with normal body processes (disrupt homeostasis), prevent the body from healing damaged DNA, produce immune system imbalances, metabolic disruption and lower resilience to disease across multiple pathways. Essential body processes can eventually be disabled by incessant external stresses (from system-wide electrophysiological interference) and lead to pervasive impairment of metabolic and reproductive functions.”

Smart Meter Data

A Texas woman by the name of Dr. Laura Pressley Ph.D,  who has a doctorate in Physical Chemistry and holds four U.S. Patents in semiconductor device technology, states that the average smart meter puts out about 60,000 micro-watts of power per unit squared.  Most homes without RF radiation emitting devices have a baseline of 3 micro-watts per unit squared or less.

So 60,000 is a very very large increase. Below are the safety standard limits imposed by some different countries.  The United States’ safety limits are much larger than the rest of the world which makes me curious how much influence the tech industry had on that decision.

Comparison of our limit alongside other countries’ standards:
  • USA\Canada = 1000 micro-watts /cm2 (same as ICNIRP 1998)
  • Australia = 200 micro-watts /cm2
  • Auckland (New Zealand) = 50 micro-watts /cm2
  • Italy, Russia, Poland, Luxembourg, Paris (France),   Hungary, Bulgaria, China, Switzerland = 2.4 to 10 micro-watts /cm2
  • Salzburg (Austria) = 0.0001 micro-watts /cm2

These safety limits are a lot less than the 60,000 micro-watts of power per unit squared a smart meter sends pulsing through the average home.  It is even 60 times the US safety standard.  Imagine what it is when you include all of the additional radiation we are exposed to by the many other wireless devices we may have in our homes.

For general information on the RF radiation effects that come out of other wireless devices please check out our articles entitled Are There Any Privacy Concerns With Smart Meters? and How To Protect Yourself From Smart Meter Radiation.

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