Is WiFi Safe or Dangerous? – A Brief Look At The Science!

WiFi SafetyPeople ask me all the time if WiFi Radiation is safe. Word is getting out more and more about the harmful health problems associated with the “non-ionizing” RF (radio frequency) Radiation that WiFi routers emit. The concern has grown even more since the new 5G (60 GHz frequency) WiFi routers started hitting the store shelves.

So is the typical WiFi signal safe? The typical WiFi signals (in the microwave range) used today, deform, enlarge and damage blood cells. They also unwind and break down DNA. The 60 GHz frequency, which is what the first “5G” Wifi routers used, also effects the orbit of electrons within oxygen molecules which is believed to reduce the oxygen molecule’s ability to bind with blood hemoglobin in the lungs. WiFi Radiation is also linked to things like cancer, brain tumors and infertility. (See the “scientific studies” page of this website.)

In this article we are going to go over each of these dangers in more detail. I will also mention briefly, where appropriate, ways to protect yourself from this harmful radiation. In the above paragraph I have linked to many sources. These will be good places to start for the person who is wishing to really research this topic fully after reading this article.

WiFi Radiation”s Effect On Blood Cells

Blood CellsOur bodies make 2.5 million blood cells every second. So within about two minutes our blood has completely changed. Because of this we can test the effects of WiFi Radiation on our blood cells by taking a drop or two of blood while we are being exposed to this radiation and examining it under a microscope.

When doing this a sample of blood is taken first while the person is not exposed to any WiFi or Cell signal (both WiFi and Cell Phones emit RF Radiation). Then the blood is looked at under a microscope so that they can see what the person’s normal blood looks like.

Then while the person is talking on their cell phone to be exposed to WiFi Radiation, a second sample of blood is taken. Blood taken while being exposed to RF Radiation typically shows deformed, enlarged and damaged blood cells as well as the blood cells all clumped together instead of free flowing like they are supposed to.

There is a product that is scientifically proven to stop the damage to blood cells caused by RF Radiation. I explain the science and talk more about these products in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Review“. Below is a video that shows the before and after blood test we have been talking about in this section. It also shows how when a sample of blood is taken from a person while being exposed to RF Radiation (talking on their cell phone), if they have the Aulterra product on their phone there is no deformation, enlargement, damage or clumping of the blood cells.

WiFi Radiation’s Effect On Human DNA

DNA Unwinding

In a study done in China (here is a link to this study) they found that RF Radiation (such as cell phones and WiFi routers emit) induce oxidative damage to mitochondrial DNA in primary cultured neurons. Oxidative damage can even cause breaks in DNA strands. So this study found that RF Radiation can actually damage and break mitochondrial DNA.

In an in-vitro study (here is a link to this study) that was done in September of 2007 by Maria Syldona, PH.D. at the Quantum Biology Research Lab in Ridgway Colorado, the lab found that RF Radiation caused an “unwinding” of the two strands of the DNA helix. Put simply, they found that RF Radiation breaks the two strands of DNA apart.

When this experiment was repeated using the same cell phone, but with an Aulterra Neutralizer placed on the back of the cell phone, the breakage of the DNA was reduced by 95%. That is a pretty significant improvement by anyone’s standards.

In the conclusion of this study Dr. Syldona says “This finding, when taken together with experiments demonstrating that the shielding device also reduced the intensity of cellular phone radiation, supports the conclusion that the Aulterra Neutralizer inhibits the effects of cellular phone radiation on DNA in-vitro.”

60 GHz WiFi Radiation Oxygen Absorption

60 GHz Oxygen AbsorptionAs you can see in this graph that I borrowed from, at the 60 GHz frequency there is a 98% of the energy absorbed by oxygen molecules. This is something that not very many lay people know, but it is a main reason why this frequency was selected for WiFi routers and (soon to be) cell phones.

The oxygen atom as you know is O. The oxygen molecule however is O2, which means two atoms held together forming the oxygen molecule by each sharing some electrons. The 60 GHz frequency causes electrons around oxygen molecules to spin.

This is similar to how high-powered microwave ovens running on 2.45 GHz impact water molecules in food. The heating is caused in part by impacting the molecules to rotate or oscillate with each wave. And then the movement energy from the rotation of the super tiny water molecules helps heat the rest of the food.

The concern with the way this 60 GHz interacts with oxygen is, will it effect the ability of humans and animals to absorb oxygen in their blood. 60 GHz frequency affects the orbit of electrons in the oxygen molecule, and this affects the oxygen molecule’s ability to bind with blood hemoglobin. Here are some articles and a video that talk about the 60 GHz frequency’s oxygen absorption.

Links from the above video:

Cancer & WiFi Radiation

One of the biggest emitters of WiFi or RF Radiation is our cell phone. They typically emit multiple frequencies of RF Radiation. The below chart which I borrowed from shows the different frequencies from different cell phone carriers. I imagine these frequencies are just for the data, cell signal and WiFi. I don’t see it mentioning the cell phone’s Bluetooth frequency which they all have which is always at 2.45 GHz.

Cell Phone Frequencies ChartOne bad habit that many women have is carrying their cell phone in their bra. As a result all of that RF Radiation is penetrating that one spot on their breast all the time. On the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health’s website their is a study on this very topic. In this study they report a case series of four young women ages from 21 to 39.

Each of these four women all carried their cell phone’s in their bras in the same spot around 10 hours per day for at least several years. Each of the women developed cancer right in that exact spot where their cell phones were always sitting.

In the below video Dr. Oz had a young woman on his show that also had this same experience. She too always carried her cell phone in her bra. And after several years she developed breast cancer in that exact same spot. Both this young lady, Dr. Oz and another medical doctor explain her situation and case in this video. It is worth watching.

Breast Cancer Cell Phone Video

WiFi Radiation’s Effect On The Brain

Brain Tumors Temporal Lobe ChartOne thing that scientists have observed since the onslaught of WiFi Radiation, particularly since cell phones became commonly used, is an increase in brain tumors. The increase was not in all areas of the brain however, but specifically in the temporal lobe area. This is the area of the brain next to where our cell phone’s and Bluetooth headphones sit. has a really interesting article on this topic showing the image above. In the article they talk about studies that show the increases in brain tumors in the temporal lobe of the brain shown in the above chart. Going back from about 1995 to the present, since cell phones have been continually more common, these malignant brain tumors have increased in that area of the brain.

Below is a list of articles and studies. The ones I have been talking about are in this list as well as others on this topic:

WiFi Radiation & Infertility

Sperm & WiFi Radiation

I got the chart above from a scientific study entitled “Mobile Phone Radiation Induces Reactive Oxygen Species Production and DNA Damage in Human Spermatozoa In Vitro“. If you go to this link on it explains the image in detail.

To put it in simple terms what the study is saying is when sperm cells are exposed to WiFi (RF) Radiation something called “reactive oxygen species” occur in the cells. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are natural byproducts of cellular oxidative metabolism, which is when oxygen is used to create energy for a cell.  A build up of reactive oxygen species in cells may cause damage to DNA, RNA, and proteins, and may cause the cell to die. Reactive oxygen species are free radicals.

So exposure to WiFi Radiation causes a build up of free radicals called “reactive oxygen species” in sperm cells that damage the DNA, RNA and can even cause the cells to die. This process can lower and inhibit the fertility of male humans and animals.

This process also can affect the fertility of female eggs. In the below video British Physicist Barrie Trower is an expert on the health effects of this radiation. Since the frequencies used for cell phone and other WiFi radiations are in the microwave range on the electromagnetic spectrum, Dr. Trower calls it microwave radiation. He spend his whole career studying this radiation.

In this video Dr. Trower discusses how this process can cause generational infertility. He has even seen it be responsible for crib death. Take a few moments and watch this video to the end. He explains the negative health effects making it simple to understand.

WiFi Radiation Misinformation

I have noticed that all of the government, technology industry and technology industry funded sources are the ones that insist that since WiFi Radiation is non ionizing, it can’t possibly be harmful to one’s health. But these are sources with a bias. They are not honest sources. They ignore all of the multiple hundreds of scientific studies that have shown that this radiation causes all of the health problems I have spoken above and linked to above. You can find more studies on the scientific studies page of my website.

For example this article from says “There are no health risks from exposure to radiofrequency EMF from Wi-Fi devices in your home“. What a lie. Unbelievable.

In this article, they talk about many of the studies and their findings, but they downplay them and twist the findings. I recommend reading each of the studies this article links to for yourself and see if what the article says about it is accurate.

This article by is the most accurate of these types of articles I have read lately.

Protecting Against WiFi Radiation

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra StickerAfter years of researching the negative health effects of WiFi Radiation as well as ways to protect myself and my family from it, I have two main approaches that I trust. The first is to block or reduce my exposure to the radiation. This is just common sense. And at least within the walls of my own house, so far this has been quite simple.

Blocking WiFi Radiation: 

One example is something called the Wifi Router Guard, the conductive metal mesh basket shown in the above image. There are similar metal mesh baskets for other WiFi emitting devices. For example there is one called the Wavecage, which is designed to put your cell phone in at night, and then set it up on a shelf at least 4-5 feet away from your body.

These metal mesh baskets block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation while still allowing you to use your WiFi. But you still want to have distance between your body and the basket (RF Radiation dissipates with distance). At least 10 feet in the case of a WiFi router and at least 4-5 feet in the case of a cell phone in a Wavecage. Here is a video test I did of myself testing a competitor to the WiFi Router Guard called the WiFi Router Cover.

Neutralizing WiFi Radiation:

Aulterra EMF PendantThe second way, and in my opinion equally important, is to neutralize or harmonize the WiFi Radiation. What the heck is that? right? Well this is a technology that I used to scoff at until I read the science. Put simply what these products do is they create what is called a “paramagnetic field” around the device that changes the harmful man-made WiFi Radiation into a more natural less harmful form.

This is the Aulterra Neutralizer product I spoke about above when talking about how WiFi Radiation effects the blood and DNA. I linked to the scientific studies up there. And I go over the science a lot more in my article “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Review“.

I like to block and reduce my exposure while at the same time neutralizing any radiation I am still exposed to. The pendant in the above image has enough of the active minerals in it that it creates a paramagnetic field around the wearer. This is especially important in my view as 5G devices become more and more around us.

Final Thoughts

The scientific studies find that WiFi Radiation is extremely dangerous because it causes so many health problems in our bodies. We can choose to ignore it as I did for years, or we can educate ourselves, look at the actual independent science and come to our own conclusions. Once we have done that then most of us feel a desire to spread the word.

The best way to begin spreading the word is to email the articles and videos from this website to your friends and family as well as sharing them on all of your social media accounts. There has been a huge awakening I have noticed from people doing those sorts of things just in the few years since I have started this website.

Thank you for reading this article and educating yourself. Please click on the links and do your own research as well. I have linked to quite a bit of science with the links in this article. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and thank you in advance for spreading the word! You might also want to read my article entitled “How To Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation – A Helpful Guide!

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