Is Cell Tower Radiation Harmful? – A Brief Look At The Science!

Cell phone tower

Cell phone towers emit mass amounts of Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation also known as “microwave” radiation. If you have ever seen the huge size and quantity of power cables that run these towers you know that the amperage they use is significant as well.

But is cell phone tower radiation really harmful? According to many scientific studies, there is a significant increase in cancer and other diseases, the closer one lives to a cell tower. For example this study, which was published in 2004, showed that “the risk of newly developing cancer was three times higher among those patients who had lived during past ten years (1994-2004), within a distance of 400m from the cellular transmitter, in comparison to those who had lived further away.”

In this article we will first briefly discuss what cell tower radiation is. Then we will look at several scientific studies comparing cancer rates in people living close to cell towers vs. those living further away. And finally I will show a video of myself testing the radiation coming from a cell tower and talk about the best ways I know of to protect yourself from this radiation.

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What Is Cell Tower Radiation?

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Cell tower radiation is radio waves (RF Radiation) from within the microwave frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is part of the “non-ionizing” portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Anything “wireless” or “WiFi”, such as cell phones, baby monitors and WiFi routers also all emit this same kind of radiation.

Many government and technology industry funded (such as MSM) sources claim that since RF Radiation is non-ionizing (meaning it cannot completely remove an electron from an atom or molecule) it cannot possibly be harmful. The only negative effect they claim is that it can have a thermal (heat) effect that could be harmful if powerful enough (such as a microwave oven).

However this view completely ignores the many experts and hundreds and hundreds of peer reviewed, non biased and independently funded scientific studies that link non-ionizing RF Radiation to things like DNA breaking, breast tumors, brain tumors, general cancers, crib death and infertility.

How Is Cell Tower Radiation Harmful?

The simplest most credible way to answer this question in my mind is to show you some scientific studies done specifically on people living near cell towers looking to see if there was an increase in disease in them. Spoiler alert, they found that there was; a significant amount. Let’s take a look.

German Study Published in 2004

Berlin Germany.

This is the study I linked to in the beginning of this article. It is entitled “The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer“. In this study they wanted to compare the cancer rates of people living within 400 meters of cell towers, compared to those that lived farther away.

The personal data of almost 1,000 patients living in Naila Germany between the years 1994 and 2004 were evaluated for this study. The study found that the risk of developing cancer was 3 times higher among those patients who had lived within 400 meters of cell towers than those who lived further away. And they found that out of all of the people who developed cancer during the studied time period, those who lived within 400 meters of cell towers contracted it 8 years earlier in life.

French Study Published in 2002

Paris France

This study did not look specifically at cancer, but I thought the findings were applicable. This was a survey questionnaire study where they asked 530 people (270 men, 260 women) a series of questions. They found that more people complained of tiredness, headache, sleep disturbance, discomfort, irritability, depression, loss of memory, dizziness, libido decrease, etc. when they lived closer to cell towers; and women significantly more often than men.

Their target distance from cell towers in this study was 300 meters. And they found an increase in symptoms the closer people lived to the cell towers. This study is entitled “Investigation on the health of people living near mobile telephone relay stations: I/Incidence according to distance and sex“.

Israeli Study Published in 2004

Jerusalem Israel

In the article about this study entitled “Increased incidence of cancer near a cell-phone transmitter station“. This was a study that looked at increased cancer incidence in small towns in Israel based on the distance people lived from cell phone towers.

The target point used in this study was the distance of 350 meters from the towers. In this study they found 129 cancer cases per 10,000 people living within 350 meters from cell towers as compared to 16-31 cases per 10,000 people that lived more than 350 meters from cell towers.

Brazil Study Published in 2011

Brasilia Brazil

This study entitled “Mortality by neoplasia and cellular telephone base stations in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil” was a 10 year study (1996-2006) examining the distance from cell towers and cancer clusters. The target distance for this study was 500 meters from a cell tower.

In this study they found that there was a significant increase in people developing cancer in those living within 500 meters from a cell tower. They also found that there was also an increase in deaths in those living within 500 meters from a cell tower.

Indian Study Published in 2015

Mumbai India

This study entitled “A cross-sectional case control study on genetic damage in individuals residing in the vicinity of a mobile phone base station” used a simple DNA test called “comet assays” to test for DNA damage in the people in this test group. The target distance in this study was to compare DNA of people living within 300 meters from a cell tower.

Again this study, as in the previous studies, found a significant increase in disease in the people living closest to the cell tower as opposed to those living farther away. The difference in this test being that they were testing for DNA damage rather than cancer.

Microwave Expert & Physicist Barry Trower

Barry Trower, a British physicist who spent his whole career working with and studying this radiation, gives us his expert opinion. In the below video he discusses all of the harmful health effects he witnessed personally caused by this radiation.

Barry Trower has also given a lot of interviews on the harm that will be caused by the roll out of 5G technologies. You can find some of his interviews on this topic on the scientific studies page of this website.

Other Non-Biased, Peer Reviewed, Scientific Studies

Also remember on the scientific studies page of this website, I link to many, many, other independently funded studies (by scientists who don’t have a dog in the fight) that show similar results to what we have seen above.

The Non Scientific Other Side – i.e. Main Stream Sources


It seems that government, government funded, tech industry and tech industry funded sources (including advertising money) are the ones that always claim that all forms of EMF Radiation are safe. I only use CNN’s logo here because they have become the standard in bought and paid for biased propaganda (even though none of the articles I quote here will be from CNN). I can’t even dignify CNN by calling their drivel “news”. But I digress. Let me give you a few examples of articles and claims from these types of sources, and then I will give you my thoughts at the end of this section.


In the article entitled “5G technology, cell phones, cell phone towers and antennas” from Canada’s official website ““, they say “Based on the available scientific evidence, there are no health risks from exposure to the low levels of radiofrequency EMF which people are exposed to from cell phones, cell phone towers, antennas and 5G devices. Thousands of scientific studies have evaluated the safety of radiofrequency EMF. Evidence from these studies establishes only 2 adverse health effects that can occur at levels above the Canadian limits: – tissue heating, such as the warming of your skin – nerve stimulation, which can cause a tingling sensation in your skin”. First notice they don’t link to or quote any of these “thousands” of studies.

Another example is this article from the American Cancer Society’s website entitled “Cell Phone Towers“. In this article they regurgitate the same “non-ionizing” argument which states that since cell phone tower (microwave) radiation comes from the non-ionizing portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, it isn’t harmful.

American Cancer Society

The website ““, which is just a site that quotes government, government funded, tech industry and tech industry funded sources, has an article entitled “AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY – LATEST ON CELL PHONE TOWERS“. In this article they state “there is no evidence in published scientific reports that cell phone towers cause any other health problems” than heating up a person’s tissues.

The government websites “” and both make very similar claims.

Normally main stream colleges (especially leftist colleges) follow these same narratives. Berkeley surprised me however. While they didn’t quote or endorse any studies by independently funded (no dog in the fight) scientists, they did a very fair job interviewing one of their own staff who is well researched on these independently funded studies. Their article was called “Moskowitz: Cellphone radiation is harmful, but few want to believe it“. In it they interview a scientist from Berkeley’s staff named “Joel Moskowitz”. They ask him some tough questions and give both sides, and they allow him to tell about his research.

My Response To What I Call “The Non Scientific Other Side”

If you read the various scientific studies I talk about and link to above, as well as all of the studies, letters from scientists, and video interviews I show on the scientific studies page of this website, you won’t get very far into all that before it will become obvious to you that all of the so called “main stream” sources that claim cell tower radiation is safe, are lying to you plain and simple. Follow the money and the power.

We tend to project our decency onto the media and our government officials. Because we don’t want to lie to, hurt or take advantage of anyone, it is hard for us to believe they would. My plea is for everyone reading this article to not take my word for anything. Go to the sources I list, the studies etc., and study this out for yourself and come to your own conclusion. It really is not complicated and would take you less time than you might imagine. And then you will know the facts; reality.

I Test A Cell Tower’s Radiation

In the below video I test the radiation coming from a huge cell tower standing right next to an office building. I am standing right next to the building and the amount of radiation they are being exposed to is tremendous. The video is short, but definitely worth watching. You will be surprised by the massive amount of radiation this cell tower is emitting.

It is totally amazing to me that they are putting these huge cell towers next to homes, office buildings, schools etc., and nobody seems to care or mind. Crazy.

How To Protect Yourself From Cell Tower Radiation

The first thing I would say after reading all of the studies we just went through above, don’t live by one. If you do move away. That would be my first advice.

Second, I recommend that you check our my article entitled “10 Top Ways To Avoid EMF Radiation“. We get exposed to this very same radiation from our cellular and WiFi electronic devices we have in our home. This article will walk you through 10 quick steps you can take immediately to reduce and/or eliminate your exposure from those types of devices.

And finally, since in todays world we will always be exposed to some of this type of radiation, there is a scientifically proven way to “harmonize” or “neutralize” the RF radiation you are exposed to. Neutralize basically means taking the harmful man-made radiation and turning it into a more natural, less harmful form. I talk about how to do this in my below video. You might also want to check out my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article was both informative and helpful. Please do not just read this article. Please take the time to click on the various links above and read those sources. That way you can form your own educated opinion, instead of just getting the information filtered through me.

I think we should all do that by the way. We should all go to the original sources and read them and see if based on them, we come to the same conclusions as the article we are reading. I do this a lot and I find that I often come to different conclusions than the author of the article that linked a source. I hope as readers of this article you do the same. I am fallible and may be wrong from time to time.

Thank you for reading this far into the article. For more information on the harmful radiation effects coming from cell phone towers please see our articles entitled Cell Phone Tower Radiation Dangers and Why 5G Cell Towers Are More Dangerous. Please see also our article called “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“.)

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