Cell Phone Tower Radiation Dangers

The World Health Organization recently classified Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, like that from cell phones and cell phone towers, as a possible “carcinogenic” in humans.  Studies around the world directly link cell phone tower exposure to brain tumors, cancer, depression, dizziness, headaches and other serious health ailments. I list links to some of these scientific studies in my article “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“.

Cell towers are particularly dangerous because of their sheer size, and the amount of electricity it takes to run them. It takes a great amount of energy to transmit RF Radiation for so many users such long distances. It used to be that they would not put these towers near a building without written consent from the owners. Not any more. Now they are putting them everywhere. In my town we have a neighborhood on top of a hill right next to 5 of these huge cell towers. And they are putting towers like this next to schools as well.

In the video below I am standing next to an office building with a cell tower right next to it. I used to have an office in this building. From the edge of the building I test the amount of RF Radiation being blasted down on this office building. The video is short, but worth watching. I highly recommending taking a minute or two to watch it.

(Note: Cell towers are dangerous, but most people do not realize how much of this radiation they already have inside of their own home.  And this is true even if you don’t live near a cell tower. See our Recommended Protections page that shows the things that we recommend to help you protect yourself from 5G Radiation.)

Cell Phone Tower Health Dangers

Because, cell phone towers have only been around for about the past 25 years or so, researchers have been able to compare health data for people before and after the towers were installed. The results of these studies are shocking and troubling. In Germany, a doctor studied a village of about 100 people who lived near two cell phone towers for about a decade or so.

The study found that people living the closest to the tower had a cancer rate three times higher than those who lived a little farther away from the tower.  The Naila Study, as it’s called, found that those living near the cell tower suddenly suffered from skin cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. And there is the study in London called the ‘Tower of Doom.’

In 1994, a cell phone tower was installed at the top of an apartment building in London.  Almost immediate after the tower was installed, tenants living on the top floor, closest to the tower, became sick.  According to the study, seven of the residents were diagnosed with cancer in the following year.  Other studies link cell phone tower exposure to sleep disorders, memory loss, depression, headaches, heart problems, increase in infections and more.

So how does all this radiation effect the human body? Turn out RF radiation from cell phone towers has the ability to heat our tissues and change our cellular structure.  According to some experts, RF radiation is capable of breaking the blood brain barrier.  This is a big deal because the blood brain barrier is the body’s last night of defense from toxic chemicals.

According to several experts in this field of study, radiation from cell phone towers may also impact fertility.  One study exposed male and female mice to ‘safe’ levels of RF radiation over a long period of time. The higher the exposure, the longer it took for the mice to get pregnant, due in part to a drop in sperm in the male mice.  Pretty scary stuff. The study suggests a rise in infertility rates in humans over the years, may be linked to radiation exposure from various sources, including cell phone towers.

“Harvard trained Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona’s medical center recently observed, in January 2008, the National Research Council issued a report saying that we simply don’t know enough about the potential health risks of long-term exposure to RF energy from cell phones, cell towers, television towers and other components of our communication system.  . .Because so much of cell phone technology is new and evolving, we don’t have data on the consequences of 20, 30 years worth of radiation exposure,” East County Magazine.

Other health experts believe the lack of data is the very reason why exposure from cell phone towers should continued to be studied.  A recent study linked cell phone radiation to an increase risk in a rare form of cancer around the tissue of the heart.  It’s clear though based on the information available on this subject, all this radiation is a recipe for disaster.

Cell Phone Towers and Kids

The next time you drop your kids off at school, see if you can spot a cell phone tower nearby.  I bet you five dollars you can find one right about now.  As more and more school districts face budget cuts, administrators are searching for more ways to make money.  Wait a minute, cell phone companies have money?

To boost revenue, district are leasing or selling land to cell phone companies to build cell phone towers. A school district in Washington D.C. makes more than $100,000 a year in cell phone tower fees.  That’s a lot of money for extra school books, teacher salaries and extra circular activities.

But, all this extra funding is coming with a big trade off.  In exchange for a bigger school budget, kids are getting sick.  According to some researchers, cell phone towers near schools is a bad idea because our children are more vulnerable to the harmful health effects of radio frequency radiation. Kids are still developing physically and emotionally during their school years.

Their skulls are a lot thinner than adults, making them more susceptible to getting sick from radiation exposure.  Some experts link radiation exposure, like than from a nearby cell phone tower to ADHD, vision problems, autism, headaches and trouble concentrating.  It’s tough enough to go school as a kid, but throw in some radiation exposure and the odds are really stacked against them.

Recently In California, parents urged a cell phone tower near a local elementary school to be taken down after two children were diagnosed with rare forms of cancer. The students diagnosed with cancer both underwent invasive surgeries to save their lives.  According to an article on KCRA, thousands of people in the community signed a petition to remove the tower and others in the same school district.

“Parents said the money the school district gets from having the tower on campus isn’t worth any potential risk, even if the science on health impact or wireless radiation is still uncertain. We just wanted them to be open minded and hear what we are saying,” KCRA.com.

Parents are fighting back to protect their children from the dangers of cell phone towers on school property.  No child deserves to get sick just from where they go to school.  A recent article indicated many kids are misdiagnosed with health ailments because parents and doctors don’t think about exposure to dirty electricity as being a problem.  In turn, kids take medication for a problem that won’t resolve itself because they have a cell tower outside their classrooms.

Cell phone towers to cell phones is like water to humans.  Cell phones can not operate without the intricate network off cell towers around the world.  And soon, there will be more towers and smaller base stations as cell phone companies work to upgrade the current network to 5G capabilities.  Because 5G network will use shorter wavelengths, there will need to be more cell towers than ever before.

We’re talking thousands, if not millions of small base stations on the side of buildings, poles, fences, houses, etc.  When this network is available in 2019 or 2020, it will allow you to download, upload and send information at lightening speed.  All that speed however, means more power being used and more harmful radiation entering out environment and our bodies.  It means the need to protect ourselves from RF radiation is greater than ever before.

How Do Cell Phone Towers Work?

Great question.  Cell phone tower are everywhere and where you would least expect to find them. In a recent blog post, I told the story about the time I was hiking in the middle of no where, only to stumble upon a cell phone tower disguised as an evergreen tree.  It caught me off guard.  But, if there was an emergency, thankfully there wasn’t, I would be grateful for the cell phone reception.

Cell phone towers primary function is to “elevate antennas that transmit and receive radio-frequency signals from mobile phones and devices. Wires run from the tower antennas to base station equipment, typically located at ground level in sealed telecom equipment cabinets,” unisonsite.com .  Basically, when you use your phone , either to make a phone call or use the internet, your phone sends and receives signals from a nearby cell phone tower.

That tower than pings another signal to another tower and so on to connect your call, maintain your 4G wireless network and so on.  It’s kind of like a cordless phone base.  The base sits in your living room and it is sending signals and data to the handset.  Except, clearly a cell phone tower is a lot taller and built to withstand all the elements of all four seasons (depending on where you live).

According to Unisonsite.com, to guarantee the best cell phone coverage, towers are built between 50 and 200 feet tall.   Cell phone towers use different levels of power and emit different levels of dirty electricity depending on the geography and population density.

Cell Phone Towers and Dirty Electricity

Experts around the world agree, cell phone towers emit harmful levels of RF radiation also known as dirty electricity.  So what is dirty electricity? Dirty electricity is the corruption of power.  You often find it In high tech devices that require more energy than the typical 60 Hz.  We talk a lot about dirty electricity polluting our homes with RF radiation.

Source of RF radiation/dirty electricity in our home include cordless phones, compact florescent bulbs, computers, wireless printers/laptops and WIFI routers.  Cell phone towers fall into this same category, except on a much, much bigger scale.  Cell phone towers are emitting high levels of RF radiation 24/7, 365 days a year.  Every time someone is making a phone call, sending an email, text, uploading pictures, downloading a show, a nearby cell phone tower is using energy and emitting harmful RF radiation.

So exactly how much radiation are we being exposed to?  The legal limit in the United States is 1000 microwatts per square meter.  We have the highest legal levels of radiation from cell phone towers in the world.  According to emwatch.com,  China and Italy have legal limits of about 10 microwatt per square meter.

Research does indicate, low levels of RF radiation for long periods of time can make people really, really sick. According to a recent article I read, the Federal Communications Commission acknowledges there are health risks to people who work on cell phone towers, and we’re not just talking about the danger of falling.  Some lawmakers believe more needs to be done to protect the public from cell phone tower radiation, especially to keep workers safe.

Dirty electricity in general is a public health crisis.  Dr. Sam Milham is an epidemiologist and is an expert in the field of dirty electricity and its impact on our civilization.

“Dr. Milham warns that because of the most recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, WIFI and personal electronic equipment, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality,” Dr. Sam Milham.

The landscape of our country is changing.  Wide open farm fields, lush mountain tops and dense urban metropolises now share more things in common than ever before: cell phone towers.  Go outside and take a look around you.  Chances are you are going to spot a big fancy cell phone tower hovering over corn fields, on the top of buildings and right next to your child’s school.

Cell phone towers are everywhere. It’s estimated there are more than 200,000 cell phone towers across the country.  That’s a lot of towers.  Cell phone towers are the reason you can call your mom while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

All those cell phone towers make it so you can download your favorite television shows in a matter of seconds and why you can upload a picture to Facebook mid-flight to Fuji.  Our modern technology, the reliability and the lightening fast speed in which we use are devices is all made possible by the intricate web of cell phone towers strategically placed across the country.

It’s what we’ve come to expect. As our cell phones are able to serve more and more functions in our daily life, we become impatient and want more power, more speed and in turn, more cell phone towers.  While those towers serve a very important function, they come with big risks.  Cell phone towers and the radio frequency radiation that is constantly emitted is dangerous to our health and our future, especially children.  Our need for more speed the digital world, may actually be slowing us down.

For additional information on the dangers from RF Radiation coming from cell towers please see our articles entitled Is Cell Phone Tower Radiation Harmful? and 5G Radiation Dangers.

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