10 Top Ways To Avoid EMF Radiation

Frontal Lobe Brain Tumor

Since there are many scientific studies linking EMF Radiation to things like crib death, cancer, brain tumors, breast tumors, DNA damage and infertility, avoiding exposure is very important.

The purpose of this article is to go through the 10 most important ways to avoid exposure to EMF Radiation based on my years of research on this topic including the reading of many scientific studies. My goal is to do it in a simple easy to read and understand format. Please see the scientific studies page of this website if you want to do a deep dive into the dangers of EMF Radiation.

I always encourage people to not take my word for anything. It is much more important that people look at the science and hear from the experts for themselves and formulate their own opinions. That is the only way that we are going to ever get enough people knowledgeable enough to not only protect themselves and their families, but to push for change in our communities.

1. Keep Cell Phone Away From Body

Speaker Phone

Our cell phone is the powerful EMF device that we keep close to us all the time. So since EMF Radiation dissipates with distance, distance is our friend. I was glad to see that other sources like Bastyr University and Healthline emphasize the importance of keeping distance from EMF emitting devices.

Whenever possible talk to people on speakerphone as the man is in the above image. And the farther you can be from your phone when in a call, the better. Set your phone on a table or desk as far away from your body as you can and still be able to comfortably carry on your phone conversation.

If at times it is not practical to use a speakerphone, then use some sort of a corded headset with a Ferrite Bead attached to the bottom of it. Never use Bluetooth earbuds. These use the exact same RF frequency a microwave oven uses to cook food. Sticking Bluetooth earbuds in your ears is directing RF Radiation directly through a hole in your head and into your brain. Not a healthy plan.

Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation will also grab onto a corded headset just like it was an antenna and travel up to your ears as well. But putting a Ferrite Bead or two on the bottom of the cord next to the phone removes it from traveling up the line. Ferrite Beads have been around along time. Electronics manufacturers include them in the power cords of things like laptops to protect the laptop circuit bords from being exposed to high-frequency spikes and surges that would otherwise travel up the cord.

I used to recommend Air Tube Headsets. They are the safest form of headset. They work like a doctor’s stethoscope with the sound traveling the last part of the way up the cord through air tubes so that no radiation makes it to your head. You still need a Ferrite Bead on the bottom of these to absorb the RF Radiation traveling up the lower half of the cord.

I don’t use an Air Tube Headset myself so I have a hard time recommending them. To me they are heavy and clunky and a pain to use. And with the Ferrite Bead at the bottom of a regular headset, so little radiation makes it to your head that to me fussing with an Air Tube Headset just doesn’t seem worth it. If you do want to try one out go to the link above. It takes you to SafeSleeve. Their headset is the one I would wear if I wore one. In the below video I explain more details about Ferrite Beads.

2. Put Cell Phone In A Faraday Basket At Night


The most important time to eliminate all exposure to EMF Radiation is at night when you are sleeping. EMF Radiation disturbs your brain waves and can dramatically effect your ability to sleep, and rest while you are sleeping.

The above image is my old cell phone sitting in a small Faraday basket called a WaveCage. Even though these have an open top that EMF Radiation will come out of, I have found that as long as I keep mine sitting on a shelf higher than my body and at least 5 to 6 feet away from me (the farther the better), I cannot detect any RF Radiation making it to where I sleep when I test it with my RF meter. It works really sweet.

I also keep one in my office on a shelf to set my phone in, just to limit the radiation there as well.

3. Put Your Router In A WiFi Router Guard

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra Sticker

The best way to reduce any WiFi device’s EMF Radiation output would be to turn off your WiFi router and any other WiFi device in your home, and then connect each of them by hardwiring them with EMF shielding ethernet cords.

If you are building a new home, that is the time to do this. It will be easier and not as expensive while building a home because they can run the ethernet cables at the same time as they do your other wiring. Doing it after the fact, after the home is built, can be quite expensive. But it is still the preferable method.

If this is not possible, and you have to have WiFi, then I recommend putting your router and other WiFi devices in Faraday boxes like the WiFi Router Guard. In my tests router guards block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation, while still allowing you to use the WiFi in your home. Below is a video where I test my WiFi router with a meter both within and without a WiFi Router Guard.

4. Get EMF Shielding Pads For Your iPad & Laptop

SafeSleeve ipad tablet EMF pad

As I said earlier, EMF Radiation dissipates with distance. So distance is our friend. So you never want to keep an electronic device like a cell phone, iPad or laptop on you lap. Always keep it away from your body such as out in front of you on a desk, as far away as it practical.

Also it really helps a lot if you get an EMF blocking pad to set the device on such as I show in the above image. I still don’t recommend putting the device on your lap, but if you have to put it on your lap it will block almost all of the EMF Radiation from going into your lap. And if you have it on a desk in front of you keep it on the pad. This will still reduce much of the EMF Radiation from going down into your body. Also again keep it as far away from you on the desk as possible while still comfortably able to do your work.

5. Get A EMF Shielding Cell Phone Case

SafeSleeve EMF Protect Cellphone Cases

I really like to have an EMF shielding cell phone case on my phone. Some people in the EMF Radiation online space say that these are a waste of money because no matter how good the material is at blocking the EMF Radiation, some radiation still comes around.

It is true that some radiation still comes around these cases, but it reduces it a lot. In the below video I test a bunch of these cases with my meter and prove this. As I said above the most important thing is distance, so never hold your phone up to your head as it shows in the above image, even if you have a case. But sometimes you don’t have a choice. For times like that I feel much better having an EMF shielding cell phone case. My preferred case is the SaveSleeve brand. I would rather significantly reduce my exposure, than hold it to my head with no protection.

That being said, use your cell phone on speakerphone or use a corded headset with a Ferrite Bead whenever possible. But if you must hold it to your head, the EMF shielding cell phone case will reduce your exposure.

6. Get A Low EMF Baby Monitor

Bebcare iQ Smart HD Baby Monitor

In my humble opinion the safest baby monitor (as far as EMF is concerned), is no baby monitor. But if you really feel you need a baby monitor please read my article entitled “6 Best Examples of Low EMF Emission Baby Monitors in 2023“. This article will show you the lowest emission models I was able to find in my research. Plus it will teach you what to do to reduce your baby’s exposure to the monitor as much as possible.

Even my own married kids insist they have to have a baby monitor for our little grandkids. But at least this article can teach them as well as you how to protect your baby as much as you can while still using a baby monitor.

7. Install A Smart Meter Guard

rexburg smart meter

I probably sound a bit like a broken record, but the best way to protect yourself from smart meter EMF Radiation, is to not have one. They only benefit the power company, not the home owner. And many power companies will remove them and replace them with an analog meter. They typically charge you a small fee each month because it is less convenient for them. But then you have much less RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity in your home.

If your power company is like mine, and completely refuses to remove the smart meter, you can block 95% of the RF Radiation coming off of your smart meter by installing a Faraday type cover over the smart meter like a Smart Meter Guard.

You will still have a lot of extra Dirty Electricity radiating through the walls from the wiring in your home caused by your smart meter. But we will tell you how to reduce that as we work through the next 2 steps in this list.

8. Measure & Correct The Dirty Electricity In Your Home/Office

Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter And Filter

For this step you need a Dirty Electricity meter, the type that plugs into electrical outlet as shown in the above image. My two favorite are either the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter or the Satic Dirty Electricity Meter. (If you go with the Satic you can use the discount code “radiation” to get 10% off.)

What you do is you take a measurement from one outlet from each circuit in your home. If it reads in the safe range, then you are good. If it is high then you plug a Graham-Stetzer Filter (as shown in above image) also into the outlet to see if that reduces the Dirty Electricity on that circuit down to the safe range. If it does, great. If not, you might have an electrical problem and need to call your electrician out to check it.

What I did was I had an electrician install a Satic Whole House Dirty Electricity Filter in my home. (Again for anything Satic you can save 10% by using the discount code “radiation”). In this below video I show you how to test a circuit in your home.

9. Neutralize Any EMF Radiation You Are Still Exposed To

Woman Wearing Aulterra Pendant

No matter what we do, in today’s world we are still going to be exposed to some EMF Radiation. For this there is a scientifically proven way to “neutralize” or change EMF Radiation into a more natural form that is far less harmful to the body.

Before you write me off as a crack pot with this list item, let me explain a bit about the science to you. I used to totally think these types of products were snake oil myself, until I read the science studies done on Aulterra’s Products.

The founder of Aulterra, Kim Dandurand, was working on a chemical and radioactive waste cleanup site where certain minerals were used to neutralize the harmful effect leftover after the chemical and radioactive waste was removed from the area.

He was so impressed with how well these minerals worked, that he paid Quantum Biology Research Laboratories to do some studies to determine if these minerals would have a similar effect on non-ionizing EMF Radiation.

What they determined was that the minerals produced a paramagnetic field around the person and/or their device that changed the harmful man-made EMF Radiation into a more natural form that was much less harmful to the body. Below is a video where I explain about this in a bit more detail.

10. Get The EMF Meters You Need

Smart Meter Test

If you do not have a meter that measures RF Radiation and one (that you can plug into an electrical outlet) that measures Dirty Electricity, you are traveling blindly. You have no idea if you have a problem, how bad it is, and if your corrective measures solved the problem.

Since I have both types of meters I have been able to go through my home and reduce my EMF exposure down to next to nothing. There is no way I could have done it without having the meters.

Don’t waste your money on EMF meters that only measure electric and magnetic fields. You don’t really need one of those. What you need to be able to measure is RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity. If you want to be able to measure electric and magnetic fields get an RF meter that also measures those.

In my article entitled “11 Best EMF Meters and Detectors of 2023 – A Complete Guide!” I take you through a list of all of the meters I am familiar with and explain the pros and cons of each, so that you can make educated decisions based on your needs and tastes.

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope you found this article helpful. This article is the some of years of researching the various forms of EMF Radiation that are around us, and the scientific studies showing the harmful effects they have on our bodies. As my knowledge has increased over the years I have fined tuned this down to the things that really matter.

Thank you for reading this article! If you made it this far then I know if you apply the information in this article it will benefit your and your loved ones.

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