How To Protect Yourself From Bluetooth Radiation – Get The Facts!

Bluetooth Earbuds
Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that emits the harmful RF (radio frequency) Radiation. It is used to connect devices for the transfer of voice or data such as connecting a cellphone to a Bluetooth earpiece, or your cellphone to your car speaker system. It is also used to connect wireless mice and keyboards to a computer. It is even used to connect a cellphone, tablet or a computer together for the transferring of document or data files.

To protect yourself from Bluetooth Radiation follow these steps:

  1. Test your electronic devices with a meter
  2. Replace your Bluetooth headset with an Air Tube Headset & Ferrite Bead
  3. Replace your cordless mouse and keyboard with corded ones
  4. Learn how to connect your cell phones to your car stereo with cords rather than with Bluetooth
  5. Connect your smart home devices using cords instead of using wireless methods
  6. Avoid wireless devices in your home & office

Protecting yourself from Bluetooth radiation involves finding alternative ways to perform these functions using cords instead of Bluetooth WiFi. There are some very simple things that you can do. Above I have given you a short bullet point list. In the rest of this article I will go over each step in detail. You might be giving up a tiny bit of convenience, but reducing your exposure to the exact same Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation a typical microwave oven uses to cook your food, is worth it.

Table Of Contents:

I turned the below bullet points list into links to each of the sections in this article. This way you can skip to the topics you want to read first. Just remember to get back to this bullet point list all you have to do is to hit the back button on your web browser. Okay let’s get started!

Bluetooth Radiation Dangers

Bluetooth operates using the same Microwave or Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook food. It is lower wattage, but the exact same RF Radiation. In the RF Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous the radiation is to living organisms. Your microwave oven, Bluetooth device and cellphone all operate using the same 2.45 GHz RF Radiation frequency.

In 2011 the World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic”, meaning “cancer causing”. Also there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking RF Radiation to things like cancer, crib death, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses), and male infertility. On the “scientific studies” page of this website, I have links to quite a few of these studies.

I remember when Bluetooth first came out. You would see some man or woman walking down the street talking to themselves. It was funny. Nobody was around them. They did not have a cellphone to their ear. And yet they were talking to someone. I remember wondering if we needed to call the psyche ward. Then they would turn and they had this earpiece in their ear. Now it is commonplace and nobody is surprised any longer. But I digress.

Testing For RF Radiation With A Meter

First let’s do a test with a meter so that you can see for yourself how much RF Radiation a small pair of Bluetooth earbuds emits. In the below video I test a Bluetooth headset as well as a cellphone. You will be surprised how much RF Radiation they emit. Then in the video I explain and demonstrate some simple things you can do to protect yourself from this radiation. As mentioned I will go into a lot more detail about this in the article below. The video is very short but informative. It is definitely worth watching. I highly recommend it.

There are a few points I make in that video that since I have learned more I feel slightly different about now. So just remember as you go through this article if you find any different information in the text below, than what I said in the video, go with the text in the article. There is not any huge differences. Just some slight changes.

So many things are coming out using Bluetooth technology now that it is getting more and more important to have a meter. I have learned that people just do not make educated decisions unless you know which devices are emitting the different kinds of harmful electromagnetic radiation, and how much they are emitting. In my book you just need to bite the bullet and get a meter.

TriField EMF Meter Model TF2
TriField EMF Meter Model TF2

Their are 3 types of dangerous electromagnetic radiation that are emitted from electronic devices. They are 1. RF Radiation, 2. Electric Fields and 3. Magnetic Fields. I recently found a meter that tests for all three that I really like. It is called the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2. It is about half the price of the HF 35C High Frequency Analyzer that I normally use that only tests for RF Radiation.

I recently did a full detailed review on this meter which you can find here at “TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 Review – A Helpful Guide“. It is really great to have such a inexpensive meter that also tests for Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields. I am really glad I got this meter.

Bluetooth Car Stereo System

I would like you to ask yourself this serious question. Would you ever set an infant (a baby) inches away from your microwave oven while you were heating up your dinner? Most people I ask that question to very adamantly insist “no, absolutely not!” Then why do you basically do the same thing to yourself and your family while driving in your car, especially on long road trips? The Bluetooth coming out of the dashboard of your car is strong. And as has been explained earlier it uses the exact same RF Radiation as your microwave oven uses to cook food. And this is such a simple thing to correct. It is very convenient and avoids all of the RF Radiation coming from the Bluetooth in your car stereo.

Auxiliary Cable

Auxiliary CableFirst let’s address the issue many people have of wanting to play music over their car stereo system from their cellphone. To do this you basically have 2 very practical options. 1st most newer car stereo systems now come equipped with an Auxiliary In port. To do this all you need is a Auxiliary Cable that connects your cellphone to your car stereo. The previous text link and the image to the right are both links to Amazon where you can get the cable shown in the image. All you need to do is plug one end into your cellphone, and the other end into your car stereo system, and wala, what you play on your cellphone will play through your car stereo system. The only downside to this method is you have to control everything from your cellphone, and not your car stereo system.

USB Phone Charge Cord

Your second option is a bit better. Most of the newer cars are also coming equipped with a USB Phone Charge Cord port that also allows you to plug your cellphone in and play your music through your car stereo, similar to using the Auxiliary Cable. The difference is using the USB port you are able to control the music, songs and volume from your car stereo controls, rather than having to use your cellphone. This offers more of a hands free option which is safer for driving. Again both the image to the left and the previous text link take you to Amazon where you can get either the one in the image, or one for your specific phone model.

Add A USB Port

Add USB Port To Car StereoIf you drive an older car, or one that does not have either an Auxiliary In port, or a USB port, it is a very simple upgrade to add to your car stereo system; and not very expensive either. The previous text link and picture to the right link to Amazon to where you can get one. These are very simple and quick to install and cost around twenty bucks-ish. And now you can charge your cellphone and play music from your cellphone through your car stereo and control it all with the controls on your car stereo rather than your cellphone.  Pretty snazzy.

Hands Free Cellphone

Cup Holder Phone MountThe last issue when deciding not to use the car stereo system Bluetooth is the issue of talking on your cellphone hands free. The best way to solve this in my opinion is to get a Cup Holder Phone Mount like the picture on the left. Then either use your speaker phone on your cellphone, or use the corded headset with a ferrite bead I talk about both earlier and later in this article. This is a great solution, and very handy.

Now you may be thinking that you will still be being blasted with RF Radiation from your cellphones in the car, so why does it matter if your Bluetooth is on. There are a couple of reasons. First off you do need to protect yourself from your cellphone while driving as well which I will talk about in a moment. Second, your cellphones do not blast their full power of RF Radiation unless they are using Bluetooth, GPS or sending or receiving a phone call. Bluetooth on the other hand is like a WiFi Router in that it blasts its full power RF Radiation all the time constantly whenever it is turned on. You get no break.


Radiation Protection So here is what we do if we go on a road trip. Usually every person in the car has a cellphone. We typically tell everyone who may be calling us to all call only one of our cellphones. Then we turn the rest of the cellphones onto airplane mode. A cellphone on airplane mode does not emit RF Radiation. Usually we keep the phone in the Cup Holder Phone Mount on airplane mode because we can still use the music on the phone. The cellphone we use for phone calls we keep in a WaveCage. That way it can still send and receive calls, but its RF Radiation is reduced by 95%.

Using GPS

GPS If we ever need to use the GPS on one of our cellphones, we only use it we only use it once we get into the city we are going, which is really where you need a GPS. (If you need it during the long road trip you can turn it on briefly and zoom in on the map and look ahead and jot down notes of highways you will be turning on and so forth.) When we do get to the city and turn on the GPS, we stick it into the cup holder so the driver can see it well too. But this way you are only blasted with radiation in short sperts, and not for your entire trip, and not by 14 devices.

Now if the way we do it is over the top a bit for you, at least having all of these options will give you the ability to control and choose when you and your family will be exposed to the radiation, and when you won’t. I hope this is helpful.

Air Tube Headset

Air Tube HeadsetFerrite Bead By far the safest way to protect yourself from the 2.45 GHz RF Radiation emitted by your Bluetooth Headset is to use an Air Tube Headset with a Ferrite Bead attached to it. An Air Tube Headset works similarly to a doctor’s stethoscope. You get great sound but since you only have “air tubes” going from the middle of the headset up to your ears, there is no radiation going up to your head; none, nada, zip. And since your brain is the most sensitive organ to RF Radiation, this is important.

The only short coming of an Air Tube Headset by itself is the fact that the lower half of the headset is a normal cord. RF Radiation from your cell phone travels right up the cord to the base of the Air Tubes just like they were an antenna. If that cord touches any part of your body the RF Radiation goes right from that cord into your body. But this problem is very simply and cheaply solved by adding a Ferrite Bead to the base of the cord as you see in the picture on the above right.

Ferrite Beads – Very Important

Ferrite BeadsFerrite Bead Laptop ChargerAs mentioned above, just replacing your Bluetooth headset with an Air Tube Headset will only solve part of the problem. The RF Radiation will cling to the wire in the cord and run up the cord just like an antenna. You need the Ferrite Bead at the bottom. The Ferrite Bead is a commonly used device used on electrical cords all over the world. If you have ever seen a round cylinder tube on the base of a cord for your laptop or other electronic device (see image on the right), it is a Ferrite Bead. They filter off or reduce the “noise” on the line. The “noise” consists of surges and spikes of high frequency electricity that run up electrical wires.

A Ferrite Bead absorbs 95% of these higher frequency electromagnetic surges and spikes and only allows the frequency that is supposed to go through the wire to pass through. This protects your laptop and other electrical devices. It also will protect your body from the RF Radiation traveling up the cord to your ear. RF Radiation is high frequency spikes and surges running up the cord. A Ferrite Bead on a corded cellphone Air Tube Headset is a very important RF Radiation protection from both Bluetooth and cellphone RF Radiation.

Connecting Cellphones, Tablets & Computers

As cool and techy as it might seem to hold your smart phone next to another smart phone or laptop and transfer a document or data file wirelessly, you are unnecessarily exposing yourself to multiple Bluetooth devices blasting at full power, just to be “cool”. How much trouble is it to just attach a cord to both and do the transfer? Often using a cord the transfer is significantly faster. Most cellphone charger cords now come with a detachable USB end that plugs into your laptop and makes data transfers a snap. You can also by cords with double small USB ends, or whatever ends you like, to make these data transfers between devices quick and easy.

If you don’t have a cord, you can turn on the Bluetooth on both devices to make a quick transfer if you have to. Just be sure and turn off the Bluetooth option on both devices immediately after so that you are not radiating yourself 24/7 after that. Again with a small investment in a few cords, and a little organization to wrap them up and keep them where you can find them, there is no reason to use Bluetooth to transfer files at all.

Wireless Mice & Keyboards

Simple answer, just get corded ones. There that was easy. No, but seriously, using a wireless mouse and keyboard is exposing yourself to two Bluetooth mini WiFi Towers a foot from your body 8 hours a day (or however long you are on your computer). It is unnecessary RF Radiation exposure. In my experience the corded ones work better anyway. And you don’t have to deal with weak signal because the batteries are running low.

A USB computer mouse like this one “VicTsing Wired Mouse” is less than $7.00. I have not tried this particular one but most of these work great and are cheap. Click on that link which takes you to and look around and find the one you want. It will save you a ton of completely needless Bluetooth RF Radiation exposure. Such an easy fix.

And the same thing goes for your keyboard. Throw away the wireless one. Don’t give it to anyone and poison them. Just trash it. Then go here again to and check for whatever USB corded keyboard fits your fancy. Here is one “HP Wired USB Keyboard” for about $15.00. Again such a cheap and easy fix! It will save you so much unneeded Bluetooth RF Radiation exposure!

Smart Home Wireless Devices

Okay I have been writing for a long time today and my brain is starting to get a little like jello. So please forgive my corny use of a pun. But using wireless smart home devices is not very smart! Okay I know that was so bad it was not even funny! But it is true. Why would anyone knowingly fill their home with smart devices that emit throughout your house the exact same 2.45 GHz RF Radiation that a typical microwave oven uses to cook food?

If you fill your house with these devices you and your family will literally be bathing (or perhaps slow cooking) in this RF Radiation. I get the whole cool techy gadget attraction thing. I have it to. But what you need to know is the reality of what this will be doing to your health. Get your smart gadgets but spend a little more and get the kind that hard wire into your house with regular computer cables.

Don’t Use Smart Devices That Connect Using Regular Electrical Wiring

PowerLINE 1000 + WiFi What do I mean by this? I will give you a simple example. There is a lady on the internet, (I won’t use her name or give her website address) who warns about the harmful RF Radiation that baby monitors emit. I agree with her on that. A baby monitor is one of the worst RF Radiation emitters in the typical home. But her solution is just as bad.

Her solution is to use a wired baby monitor (which I also like). The problem is she tells you to have them communicate with each other over the normal electrical wiring in the home using these devices similar to the ones I show in the image on the right. What this does is create massive Dirty Electricity in your home. Below is a short video where I test her solution so you can see for yourself the problem it causes.

Dirty Electricity is one of the most dangerous forms of electromagnetic radiation we can be exposed to. All she is doing is changing the form of cancer causing electromagnetic radiation she is exposing her family to. Her intentions are good but her solution is not.

You might be saying to yourself “but David you just told us to replace wireless smart devices with wired ones.” Yes I did, but this is the wrong way to do it. Remember I said to “get the kind that hard wire into your house with regular computer cables”. So I am talking either regular Ethernet cables or fiber optic cables.

When you try to run the higher frequencies that these smart devices use to communicate with each other over your regular electrical wiring it emits into the lines higher frequencies than the normal 60 Hz that normally travels on electrical lines. You get the higher frequency spikes and surges that are a high enough frequency that they become airborne and radiate through the walls of your house.

Dirty Electricity

Dangerous Dirty Electricity Now even if you hard wire in (the right way) a bunch of smart devices, they are going to produce Dirty Electricity. They won’t produce near as much as if you have them communicate over the normal electrical wiring, but they will still produce a significant amount. Generally speaking this can be overcome by using Dirty Electricity Filters as shown in the image to the left.

Let me be very clear here. If you have your smart devices communicate over your normal electrical wiring instead of via Ethernet cables, it will produce much more Dirty Electricity than a Dirty Electricity will be able to filter off. But if you connect them using Ethernet computer cables in most cases you can correct the problem by adding filters to the problem circuits in your home.

Please do not try to do any of this however with out getting a Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter. (In the above left image I show both the meter and the filters.) You need to have the meter because not all of the circuits in your home generally have high Dirty Electricity. With the meter you can test each circuit, and then test to see if the filter you put on solves the problem.

I show you how to use this meter to test for Dirty Electricity in my article entitled “How To Test For Dirty Electricity: A Helpful Illustrative Guide“. I also show you in that article how to correct the various problems you may find with the Graham-Stetzer Filters. In this article I literally go room by room (I include videos) through a home and test each room. Then I tell you what I would do to correct each problem I find.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, Bluetooth is something that can easily be avoided, with very minimal inconvenience. It just takes an investment in a few cords, and maybe a bit of organization and planning. I just want to reiterate here that Bluetooth is a very toxic carcinogenic (see the scientific studies page of this website). It is dangerous enough that with enough power it can be used to cook food.

My motive in putting together this website more than anything else is to hopefully give people enough information and sources that they can be persuaded to take the steps they need to take to protect themselves and their families from all of the forms of harmful electromagnetic radiation that we are being exposed to in today’s world. I hope that this article was helpful in achieving that purpose. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

You might also be interested in our related articles entitled “Do Bluetooth Earbuds Cause Brain Tumors?” and “Is Bluetooth Harmful To Babies?“.

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