9 Best EMF Protection Cellphone Cases of 2023 – My Top Picks!

SafeSleeve EMF Protect Cellphone CasesSo many people are purchasing “anti-radiation” or “EMF Radiation protection” cases for their cellphones. There are starting to be multiple brands out there now so how do you know which ones work the best? Well that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

So what are the best EMF protection cellphone cases? What makes one EMF protection case better than another is not only how well it blocks EMF Radiation from going through it, but also how well it reduces the amount of radiation going around it as well. I noticed this when I did my own test. (See my test video below.)

In this article I assume that you already understand the harmful health problems that the different kinds of EMF Radiation cause. (If not please see the scientific studies page of this website.) So because of that I will get right into the specific details of my “9 best” list so that you can read about and check out each one. Immediately following the list I show a video of myself testing with a meter some of the cases on this list. And then finally I will get into showing you some other important ways to protect your self from cell phone radiation.

My EMF Cellphone Case Test

In this below video I actually test several different EMF protection cell phone cases so that you can see how they measure up. This is critical information for you if you are considering purchasing a cellphone radiation protection case of any kind. This is a very important video to watch!

Not all shielding cellphone cases are created equal! This should not be a surprise to anyone. Not all brands of any kind of product are built with the same standard of quality and functionality. So let’s dig in and talk about which are the best shielding cellphone cases on the market today, and why.

The 9 Best EMF Protection Cellphone Cases Are:

First I want to say for the sake of full transparency, that even though the WaveWall case blocked the EMF Radiation slightly better than the Safesleeve in my test video above, the difference was only slight. But in my opinion the design and practical usability of the Safesleeve was so much better, that my wife and I chose to use the Safesleeve on our phones.

1. WaveWall Radiation Protection Cellphone Case

WaveWall Radiation Protection Cellphone Case

The WaveWall Radiation Protection Cellphone Case is a great protection cellphone case. The WaveWall uses a fabric with metallic fibers woven in just like the Phone Guard I test in the first video at the top of this article. The material blocks 99% (or close to it) of the RF Radiation. However you need to remember, like I showed in that video, some RF Radiation will still go around the case and into your body. But it does reduce enough that as I explained in more detail above, I think a case like this is worth having.

In my above video you will see that this is one of the cases that I test with my RF Radiation meter. Out of the cases I tested this one actually performed the best. I was actually quite surprised that this one performed the best because I expected SafeSleeve to do the best because their company seems to be stronger in the marketing department and so they are better known. However I will say in SafeSleeve’s defense that their case performed almost identically to the WaveWall.

Being a better marketer however does not make your products better.

These WaveWall cases have a great design as you can see in the picture. They also have a flip style for people who prefer that. This is another great one that I would gladly use if they would make one to fit my oddball smart phone, and if I wasn’t so partial to SafeSleeve.

2. SafeSleeve Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

SafeSleeve Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

Safesleevecases.com. This is another really well built protection cellphone case that I like very much. In fact it is by far my favorite. It is very high quality. Mine has lasted two years already and still looks great. It has a really well designed phone case too that I really like. And it also has that  feature where you can keep credit cards in it as well.

Be sure to stay away from the Safesleeve detachable style anti radiation phone case. The detachable style has a metallic back which blocks the antenna of most phones and since it is a solid piece of metal it reflects more of the radiation around the front flap than it otherwise would. Their non-detachable style anti-radiation cases are great though!

3. Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet Case

Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

The Vest Anti Radiation Cellphone Wallet Cases is a really nice leather case. The company is not as well known as the first two companies, so I don’t know much about them. I really like how Vest’s wallet cases have the shielding material throughout the front and the back. The front flap that covers the front of the phone is the most important, but having it go around the back will block a bit of the radiation from coming around that one side. So this is a feature that would reduce the RF Radiation a bit more.

Be sure to stay away from their non-wallet style “anti radiation case” that does not have a flap that covers the front of the phone when you are making a call. I would totally stay away from those kind of cases. They do not work at all. They are a waste of your money.

4. RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone Cases

RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

The RFSafe Anti Radiation Cellphone Cases claim to have one of the very best, if not the best, protection materials used in their cellphone cases. However as you will see in my video above, they did not perform as well as some of the others when I tested them with my meter.

The other problem I have always had with them is the plastic cover that you fit your phone into has never fit my cellphones very well, even though it was made for my phone (this was for an older version phone I used to have). It fit, and I could use it, it just did not fit well.

Also it did not have the nice wallet features many of their competitors have. There is a slot where you could stick a credit card in it. But that’s it. So I do not like the case design they have, but I love their protection. To me the protection outweighs the less appealing design.

5. The DefenderShield EMF Protection Cellphone Case

Defendershield Cellphone Case

Check out this cellphone case on amazon here: The DefenderShield. The reason I put this product here on my list is because it does have a reputation for being an extra good quality anti-radiation cell phone case. But honestly that could be just marketing. The company is very good at marketing and getting their name out there. And their products are also the most expensive. I have contacted this company several times and found their customer service to be very poor. I was not impressed at all.

DefenderShield uses their “Ultra Armor+™ Shielding Technology” which they claim is superior to other shielding systems. People I know that have their cellphone cases never have any complaint about the quality. About the only complaints I have ever heard about them is that they are a difficult company to deal with.

People claimed that they were so proud of their products that they had almost a take it or leave it attitude, especially when it came to their customer service. I found this to be so much the case when I tried to deal with them that even though I was impressed with the science behind their products, I chose to go with SafeSleeve. I talk about what I like about SafeSleeve cases in my below video. Their attitude affected me so badly I chose not to even buy one of their cases for my above video test.

6. Alara (Formerly Pong) Radiation Protection Case

Alara Radiation Protection Cellphone Case

Alara Radiation Protection Cellphone Case just does not give me any confidence whatsoever. There is nothing between you and your phone blocking the RF Radiation. When you watch the test video on their website it looks good. However when it is tested with an RF Radiation meter it still pegs the meter. I am far from convinced. This is not one I would recommend at all.

This is the same “technology” that Vest uses (above) for their non-wallet style “anti radiation” cellphone cases. Again either of these are tested with an RF Radiation meter, they peg the meter. I don’t think they work at all. I think they are a total waste of your money.

7. Waves Protect Radiation Protection Cellphone Case

Waves Protect Radiation Protection Cellphone Case

The Waves Protect Radiation Protection Cellphone Case is that I really like as well. They also have their protection material in both the front and back of the case. And they have a really nice case design as well that has a pocket for credit cards that make them RFID protected as well as a pocket for you to place and extra sim card for your phone.

They have a highly conductive metal mesh material that they use to block the radiation. That is a very good material to use. It works very well. So over all it is a great design and I really like it.

8. RadiArmor Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cellphone Case

The RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cellphone Case is another really good one that I really like. It has a metallic fiber material layer in the case as well so it does a really good job of blocking RF Radiation. It also has a really good design and RFID protection pouches and wallet for money and wallet on the inside of the case.

If you click on that above link it will take you to the RadiArmor page on Amazon. I put that as the link so that you could check out their different style designs and other protection items they have as well.

9. Shield Me Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

Shield Me Anti Radiation Cellphone Case

The Shield Me Anti Radiation Cellphone Case is another one with a similar design as to many of these. This is one I have not actually tested so I was left to reviews I could find which were pretty much non-existent. And least I could not find any. The website was nice but did not give me much technical information so I would know how it was made, and what it uses as a radiation blocking material.

So if you are looking for a case, it looks to me like it might be a good one. But I would have to either get one so I could physically test it with my RF Radiation meter (I just ordered one by the way so I will update this when I get it and can test it), or have them give me a bit more information on the shielding materials used in its construction. I did reach out to the company and when or if they get back to me hopefully I will be able to update this article.

Do I Use An EMF Protecting Phone Case?

Defendershield Cellphone CaseYes I do. It is not the only item I use to protect myself (as you will see later in this article), but since these cases do reduce the radiation ( I have tested many and have proved it over and over to myself) I would rather have them than not. When it comes to something as harmful as RF Radiation coming out of the phone, less is better. Radiation shielding phone cases do reduce the radiation.

The cellphone I have at the time of writing this article is a Samsung Galaxy A6. I like it but apparently it is not a huge seller for Samsung, because I have not been able to find a radiation shielding phone case company that makes one for that model size. So I have just been using the bag called the “Phone Guard” I show in the above video. It is not as aesthetically pleasing as a nice phone case.

What I like about the Phone Guard is that it is bigger than my phone, so I find that even though it only shields on one side, I get less RF Radiation coming around the bag. But if I could get a case that fit that model I would do that instead. That being said I just want to say that the other items I use to protect myself from RF Radiation that are so very important I go over later in this article.

Protections That Compliment These Cell Phone Cases

Keep Your Distance From EMF Emitting Devices

Cellphone Safe DistanceAll types of EMF Radiation dissipate with distance. Distance is your friend. For example even though I have my cellphone in the Phone Guard, I do not keep my cellphone in my shirt or pants pockets. It is way to close to my body if I do. I don’t even want the RF Radiation coming around the Phone Guard hitting my body as such close range.

If I could find an actual radiation shielding cellphone case that fit my odd ball smart phone, I still would not put it in my shirt or pants pockets. Now this may surprise some of you, but I try to never even hold my cellphone up to my head, even with my Phone Guard or shielding cellphone case. I try to devise ways to keep my cellphone as far away from my body as possible, such as in the waist pocket of a loose jacket, or in my briefcase. My wife carries hers in her purse.

And when I use my phone to make a phone call, I try never to hold the phone up to my head if I don’t have to. And this is true even with an emf protection cellphone case. What I do instead is I use an air tube headset with a ferrite bead at the bottom of it, or I set the phone on my desk and use the speaker phone. I will go into the specifics you need to know about the ferrite bead and air tube headset later in this article.

You may be asking yourself “then why do I need an emf protecting phone case?” That is a valid question. My answer is because there are rare situations when I have no choice but to hold the phone up to my head. And if I have to, I want that protection there. Also, when my wife carries it in her purse, or when I have it in a loose jacket pocket, we always make sure to keep the shielded side of the phone towards our body. Again, we would rather have them than not, and that is how we use them.

Air Tube EMF Protection Headsets

Defender Shield EMF Protection Headsets

First, the image to the right is a picture of a woman using the very top of the line Air Tube Headset that you can get on Amazon. This next link is a link to a more moderately priced Air Tube Headset that seems to still be good quality. Both are great and you can’t go wrong with either.

When you use a normal headset the sound is carried up to your ears (which are holes in your head) through electrical wires. These electrical wires carry Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation just like they were antennas. It is not much better than having a Bluetooth wireless headset on. Its bad news.

An air tube headset works very similar to how a doctor’s stethoscope works. Instead of sound being carried up to your ears through RF Radiation carrying electric wires, the sound is piped through air tubes. This keeps the RF Radiation away from your head.

The only RF Radiation exposure you still get with an air tube headset is from the bottom half of the cord. There are still electric wires (antennas) carrying RF Radiation up to the speakers and the speakers are about half way between your head and cellphone.

So if the lower half of the cord is close to or touching your body, you are getting “radiated” as I like to say. This is a simple fix however if you just place a ferrite bead (or two) on the base of the cord. In the next section I will explain how and why to use a ferrite bead.

In this below video I test a cellphone and a Bluetooth headset for RF Radiation. And I also explain how a ferrite bead and an air tube headset works, and show you one. It is worth watching.

EMF Filtering Ferrite Beads

Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Bead Laptop Charger

When you use any kind of a cellphone headset the RF Radiation travels up the cord similar to an antenna. With an air tube headset it only travels halfway up the cord to the speakers. This still puts radiation into your body if the lower half of the cord gets close or touches you. But with a regular corded headset it travels all the way up the cord into your ears, which pipes the radiation right into your ears.

Ferrite Beads are not a new technology. They are used all the time by companies that make computer equipment. The image on the top right shows an example of a ferrite bead computer manufacturers put on chargers for things like a laptop. The ferrite bead protects the laptop from spikes and surges of high frequency electricity that travels up the cord and could damage the device circuit board.

A ferrite bead designed to be manually placed on a cord (see image above left) will do the same thing to the RF Radiation traveling up the cord. RF Radiation is high frequency electricity that could damage you. A ferrite bead will block around 90%$ to 95% of the RF and other EMF Radiation traveling up the cord. Some will still make it through, but it will filter off 90%$ to 95% of it. In the above video called “Cellphones & Bluetooth, How Much Radiation?” I show you how to use a ferrite bead. It is worth watching if you have not already watched it.

Steel Mesh EMF Blocking Baskets 

Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy

Radiation Protection

Whenever you are not using your phone it is still emitting mass amounts of RF Radiation at you, unless you have it turned off or on airplane mode. A highly conductive metal mesh basket such as the ones shown on both the left and the right, will absorb 90 to 95% of the harmful radiation.

Here are links if you want to check out the prices of these baskets. The image on the left is called a WaveCage, and is perfect for keeping a smartphone in at night. The image on the right is a picture of a Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy from Amazon. Here also is a Steel Mesh Waste Basket you can get on Amazon. It is not as aesthetically pleasing, but it works really well as you will see in the below video.

Metal Mesh Baskets do not all work equally as well. Some are not as conductive as others. In the below video I test a bunch of baskets by putting cellphones in them and then testing the radiation drop with a RF Radiation meter. It will be a bit eye opening if you watch this video.

One of the times of the day when we are not using our phones but exposed to a bunch of RF Radiation is at night when we sleep. Another time is when we are working at a desk and we have our cellphones right next to us or in our pocket. A steel mesh basket like these can reduce the amount of this RF Radiation hitting you by 90% to 95%. I demonstrate this in the above video.

The important thing to remember when using these metal mesh baskets is to keep them sitting on something (like maybe furniture or a shelf) that will keep them higher than your head. Radiation can still come out of the top of these so to get the best effect you want it sitting on something so that it is higher than your head.

I am telling you that I believe that these metallic mesh screen baskets (as long as they are made out of highly conductive metal), are a super important radiation protection strategy. Using them whenever you not on your phone (as long as you keep them above your head as describe above) really reduces the amount of radiation you will be exposing yourself to. I cannot recommend these things highly enough. They are very, very important.

EMF Neutralizing Stickers

Galaxy A6 Back with Sticker

The Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker is a item that has a surprising amount of scientific research behind it. I detail all of the scientific research in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“. At first I was a doubter about these types of radiation protection products. I thought people were just getting a placebo affect. However my opinion changed significantly for Aulterra’s products when I started reading the scientific studies this company ran on their products.

Kim Dandurand came up with this technology in 1996 when he was working with a major environmental cleanup project that used this technology to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

Kim was so impressed that he then paid for a bunch of scientific studies himself, in order to see if these same paramagnetic minerals would neutralize RF Radiation. The tests showed him that this technology does 2 things. First they reduce the intensity of the radiation. And second they neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation and render it harmless to human DNA.

Simply put, the paramagnetic minerals within the Aulterra stickers form a magnetic field around the cellphone or other device they are attached to. This changes the man-made waves emitted by the device into a more natural form. The stickers reduce the damage RF Radiation causes by about 95%. Check out the price here on their website at Aulterra.com

Below is a review video I did showing you all of the Aulterra products, and discussing my experiences with them. If you are interested in this the video will be worth your time to watch it.

I never thought that I would promote this type of a cellphone radiation protection item. But researching the science was very convincing. I still do all of the other radiation protection items I talk about above even though I put the stickers on them. But I am convinced enough about the Aulterra products that I put them on my WiFi router, cellphones, and any other Bluetooth or WiFi items I have. And I put them in metallic mesh cages etc.

Do EMF Shielding Phone Cases Work?

There are some EMF protection companies that claim that cell phone radiation protection cases provide a false sense of security and therefore they should not be used. To me that is like saying because some people don’t think, nobody should. Frankly that kind of logic insults the intelligence of people in general. I sure do not mean to be critical of anyone, but that sounds like flawed logic to me.

Even these companies on their websites acknowledge that the materials used in these cases block and reduce RF Radiation. I know they do. I have tested them over an over with my meters (just like how the metal electrical box a smart meter is attached to reduces the amount of RF Radiation emitted by the smart meter coming into the home). Yes radiation will still come around the radiation shielding cellphone case. But if putting a barrier between you and the radiation emitting device reduces the radiation, isn’t that a positive?

Radiation Shielding Material Used In Cases

If you watched the above video I showed you the shielding material used in the Phone Guard. It is a cloth fabric with tiny metallic fibers woven in the material. They make materials woven with various different metals. The important thing is that it is a highly conductive metal. If it is, it will protect you.

In radiation shielding cellphone cases they sometime use material like that in one side of their case. Other manufactures use a conductive metal screen which basically has the same effect. Some also use a solid metal like an aluminum foil. I don’t recommend using those kind of cases because instead of absorbing the Radiation they tend to reflect it. I suppose this is still better than not having anything blocking the radiation. But some testers claim that more RF Radiation comes around a solid metal.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line when it comes to “Anti Radiation” or “Radiation Protection” cellphone cases is that as long as they have a flap that covers the front of the phone that includes a layer of highly conductive metallic mesh or fibers woven in a cloth, they will block like, or very close to, the best of them.

It is very important to remember that this does not mean it is okay to carry your cellphone in your shirt or pants pocket or hold it up to your ear (except in rare emergencies). Make a practice of keeping distance between you and your cellphone even with a protection case. And this includes when you are carrying it.

If it is an emergency and you have to put your cellphone up to your ear, my personal opinion is I would rather have something that is blocking a good portion of the radiation, than not. To me that is just good solid common sense.

And important of all, I highly recommend getting the other protection items I list in the middle of this article. They will do a lot to protect you, even more than a radiation shielding phone case. They will protect you when you are not on your phone, when you are sleeping or sitting in your desk at work.

I really hop this article was helpful. If it was please share it on your social media sites. That really helps us get the word out and we really appreciate it when people do that. Thank you for reading this article!

For different takes on this topic from other EMF Radiation researchers please see these three articles emfacadamy.com, irda.org, and techwellness.com.

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