Low Emission Cordless Phones

In the below video I test a cordless phone with a high frequency analyzer so that you can see how much RF Radiation they actually emit. It is a short video but very much worth watching. I highly recommend it!

Low Emission Phones:

A normal cordless phone literally is like having a mini cell tower in your home. When you have multiple handsets it is like having multiple mini cell towers in your home. What I mean by that is they emit Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation full power 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, as long as they are turned on. A cellphone at least only emits smaller amounts of RF Radiation unless it is searching for GPS or data, or sending or receiving a call.

So if your goal is to protect your health and lower the RF Radiation exposure levels in your home you basically have 3 options. These options are: 1. Replace With A Corded Landline Phone, 2. Get rid of landline phones altogether and just use cellphones, or 3. get a low emission, also known as “Eco-Mode Cordless Phone”. For the purposes of this article we are assuming that you have chosen the 3rd choice.

Eco-Mode phones are phones that emit zero RF Radiation unless the phone is sending or receiving a phone call. You have to have the Eco-Mode setting turned on for this to be the case. And remember when sending and receiving a call, including when you are holding it up to your ear, it will be emitting full power just like a normal cordless phone. But again whenever not sending or receiving a call, it will emit zero RF Radiation. So this is much better than a normal cordless phone.

Following are some links to Eco-Mode Cellphones that you can order on Amazon should you choose to. One word of caution with these. I have had several people comment and tell me that they ordered an Eco-Mode phone, that said it was Eco-Mode on Amazon, but when they got the phone they could not find any switch or setting to turn it on Eco-Mode.

So buyer beware. These all say they are Ec0-Mode but I have not purchased any of them. I only show you these as possibilities. The best thing is to use a corded landline.

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