Do Baby Monitors Emit Radiation?

Baby MonitorsAs a parent of four, and now a grandparent of ten, the EMF Radiation emitted by baby monitors really concerns me. And you would think with all of the research I have done on this topic, especially for this website, that at least my own married children would share my concern. But since every parent has a baby monitor, my kids just find it so hard to believe that they could be emitting a toxic form of radiation.

So do baby monitors emit EMF Radiation? Baby monitors emit 3 types of EMF Radiation, 1. electric fields, 2. magnetic fields and 3. Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. All 3 types are highly toxic. Scientific Studies link these forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation to things like cancer, crib death, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses), brain tumors, breast tumors and male infertility

In this article I am going to go over each of these types of EMF Radiation that baby monitors emit, what risks each poses as well as how to reduce your child’s exposure should you still choose to use a baby monitor.

3 Types Of Baby Monitor EMF Radiation 

All baby monitors emit these same 3 types of EMF Radiation, electric fields, magnetic fields and RF Radiation. And in my opinion the safest baby monitor, is no baby monitor. However if you insist on using one, some baby monitors are safer than others, and so you might like to read my article entitled “6 Best Examples of Low EMF Emission Baby Monitors in 2023“.

Electric Fields

Wikipedia defines an electric fields as “An electric field is the physical field that surrounds electrically charged particles and exerts force on all other charged particles in the field, either attracting or repelling them. It also refers to the physical field for a system of charged particles.”

Every electronic device, from an electric car to an electric razor, emits an electric field. From measuring these electric fields with a meter I have found with small electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones and baby monitors the electric fields do not travel very far from the device and dissipate with distance. So as long as your baby monitor is farther away than a foot or two, the device’s electric field should not reach your child.

Now that is just an estimate based on my own testing of baby monitors. I always recommend everyone getting their own EMF Meter and test their own baby monitor to be sure.

Magnetic Fields

Wikipedia defines an magnetic fields as “A magnetic field is a vector field that describes the magnetic influence on moving electric charges, electric currents, and magnetic materials. A moving charge in a magnetic field experiences a force perpendicular to its own velocity and to the magnetic field.”

As with electric fields, every electronic device, from and electric car to an electric razor, emits a magnetic field. From measuring magnetic fields on small electronic devices, I have found that these fields also do not travel very far from the device and they also dissipate with distance. So again as long as your baby monitor is at least a foot or two away from your baby, the device’s electric field should not reach your child.

Again that is just an estimate based on my own testing of baby monitors. I always recommend everyone getting their own EMF Meter and test their own baby monitor to be sure.

RF Radiation

Unlike electric fields and magnetic fields, RF Radiation travels a whole heck of a lot farther than one to two feet. It too however dissipates with distance. RF Radiation includes starting from the lowest frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum (see image below) up to the top of the microwave portion of that spectrum.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

It is the most powerful and farthest distance traveling of the forms of EMF Radiation. Depending on its frequency and power of signal it can travel many miles as in the case of cell phone signals. The good news with baby monitor RF Radiation they typically only travel as far as a WiFi router’s signal, which can travel into one’s neighbor’s home.

Placing your baby monitor only a foot or two away from your infant will protect him or her from electric field and magnetic field EMF Radiation. But your baby will be blasted with the more powerful and more toxic RF Radiation.

So if you are determined to use a baby monitor, my advice is to keep your baby monitor as far away as is practically possible from your baby. But even more importantly I recommend getting the safest baby monitor that you possibly can. The safer models will expose your baby to the lowest possible frequencies as well as to the least amount of RF Radiation.

For more information on these types of baby monitors again please see my article entitled “6 Best Examples of Low EMF Emission Baby Monitors in 2023“.

Protecting From Baby Monitor Radiation

If you use a baby monitor there are two main methods I would recommend to protect your baby from its EMF Radiation. We talked about the first method already which is reducing how much RF Radiation your baby is exposed to; the less the better. You do this again by getting one of the safer types of baby monitors as I discuss in my article entitled “6 Best Examples of Low EMF Emission Baby Monitors in 2023“.

The second method is to “neutralize”, or change to a more natural less harmful form, the radiation that your baby will still inevitably be exposed to. For this the products that I trust the most (because they have the best peer reviewed scientific studies supporting them) are those made by the U.S. company called Aulterra Global.

These have minerals in them that are scientifically proven to put a paramagnetic field around the electronic device they are on and change the harmful man-made radiation into a more natural, less harmful form of radiation. So since your baby is going to be exposed to some EMF Radiation, Aulterra products can help protect him or her from it.

These types of products I used to believe were snake oil and wanted nothing to do with them. People send me products like this all the time from various companies and none of them ever have any scientific studies done on their products. There is no telling what is really in their products. But with Aulterra you can go read their studies for yourself just like I did. Here is a video I did that does a really good job of explaining why I trust the Aulterra Global products.

Aulterra Neutralizer On Baby Monitor

So briefly I want to talk to you about how you would use Aulterra Global’s products with any baby monitor system. What you want to do is to put Aulterra’s neutralizing stickers on each part of your baby monitor, such as one on the monitor and one on the camera etc. And by the way you will want to also put a sticker on any WiFi device in your house, such as your cell phone and WiFi router.

Next you will want to stick Aulterra’a “Whole House USB” into the plug end of an old cell phone charger and plug that into the outlet in your baby’s bedroom. This will attack the RF Radiation from both ends. The whole house USB will work on neutralizing your baby monitor’s RF Radiation coming at it through the electricity that runs it, while the sticker will catch the RF Radiation as it comes out of the machine.

Final Thoughts

I really hope that this article was helpful and beneficial to you. In my opinion there is no other RF Radiation emitting device that I would more like to get the word out on than a baby monitor. The reason this is so important to me is because our infants are our most innocent and vulnerable family members. They are not only so precious to us, but they are the most easily affected by RF Radiation because they are smaller and still developing.

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