Is The Bluetooth in My Car Dangerous?

5G Bluetooth In CarBluetooth in your car provides some pretty cool features. With the touch of a button, you take the call and schedule an appointment for later that day, all while cruising down the open road. Pretty cool. But are we unknowingly radiating ourselves with carcinogenic microwave radiation?

The Bluetooth in your car is dangerous. Its signal is a “non-ionizing” form of electromagnetic radiation that uses the same 2.45 Gigahertz microwave radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook food. The amperage or power level is different, but it is the exact same radiation. Their are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking this radiation to cancer, and a host of other biological problems. Even the World Health organization was finally forced to list this as a “possible carcinogen” in 2011. 

In this article first I will test some Bluetooth earbuds just so you can see what testing with a meter is like. The Bluetooth in your car is the same frequency, just more powerful. Then we will go over some alternatives to using the Bluetooth in your car.

Bluetooth Earbuds Test

In the below video I take a meter called a High Frequency Analyzer and I test a typical 4G smart phone and a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Most people I show this video to are shocked to see how much RF Radiation these devices emit. It is well worth watching. The video is short.

Since you just watched the above video I am going to discuss Bluetooth earbuds for a brief second. As you saw also in the above video a safer alternative to Bluetooth earbuds is just a regular corded headset as long as you put something called a ferrite bead on the bottom of the cord. If you do not have the ferrite bead, the cord acts just like an antenna. The radiation travels right up the cord and into your ears. Remember your ears are a hole in your head. You want more than just soft tissue between your brain and any type of electromagnetic radiation.

Bluetooth In Cars

Let me ask you a hypothetical. If you were a parent with a brand new baby, would you set that baby inches away from your microwave oven while you were cooking food? When I ask that to most questions they do not even hesitate with their answer. They are adamant that there is no way they would do this. Even people who think it is safe to be next to a microwave oven while it is cooking tell me they would never put their baby next to it. Riding in your car with the Bluetooth turned on is just like you had a microwave oven in the dash of your car, and you were running it cooking for the whole time you are in that car. If you are taking a road trip this could be for hours or even days at a time. How is this a good idea?

And Bluetooth is more like a WiFi Router or a baby monitor than a cell phone. As long as the car is on the Bluetooth is emitting at its most powerful output constantly. At least a cell phone is only blasting at full speed when sending or receiving a call. So literally in that way Bluetooth is more powerful and more dangerous than regular cellphone radiation. This is true at least when viewed from the overall daily output point of view.

How To Stay Safe

This one is easy. Don’t have it turned on! Never, nada, nein. Not for a second. And out of all of the forms of RF Radiation sources we are exposed to, this is the easiest to do without. What is Bluetooth in a car used for? It connects your smart phone to your dashboard so that you can play music from your phone through your car speakers, or talk on your phone hands free. Okay the hands free feature is very nice and convenient. But it is easily replaced. Just stick a corded headset with a ferrite bead in your phone, and put your phone in your phone stand (or a cup holder) and wala, you are hands free! And there are very simple ways to connect your phone to your car via cord to use it to play music. It is not necessary to be blasted with with Bluetooth from your car.

Car Stereo Bluetooth Alternatives

I want ask you this very important question. Is there any way you would set your newborn child (an infant) inches from your microwave while you were warming up your supper? The vast majority of people I make that inquiry to in all respects stubbornly say “no, in no way, shape or form!” Then why do people essentially do the same thing to themselves and their family while driving in their car, particularly on long trips? The Bluetooth emitted from the dashboard of your vehicle is very powerful RF Radiation. What’s more, as has been clarified before it utilizes the exact same RF Radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook your food. Furthermore, this is such a simple thing to correct. Simply turn off the Bluetooth in your car and use one of the below alternatives.

Auxiliary Cable



First how about we address the issue numerous individuals have of needing to play music over their vehicle sound system from their cellphone. To do this you essentially have 2 exceptionally commonsense alternatives. First most more up to date vehicle sound systems currently come outfitted with an Auxiliary In port. To do this all you need is a Auxiliary Cable that connects your car stereo to your cell phone. The previous link and the picture to the left are both links to Amazon where you can get the cable shown in the picture. All you need to do is insert one end into your car stereo system, and the other end into your cell phone, and there you go, what you play on your cell phone will play through your car stereo speakers. The only down side to this idea is you have to control everything from your cellular phone, and not your auto stereo system.

USB Phone Charge Cord



Your second alternative is somewhat better. Most of the modern cars are coming equipped with a USB Phone Charge Cord port. This also allows you to insert your cell phone in and play your songs through your car speakers, similar to using the above Auxiliary Cable. The primary difference with using the USB port is that you are able to control the music, songs and volume from your vehicle stereo controls, rather than having to use your cell phone. This gives you more of a hands free way to do it which is safer for on the road. Again both the picture to the left and the previous link take you to where you can get either the one in the picture, or one for your particular phone model.

Add USB Port To Car Stereo



If you drive a more dated car, or one that does not have either a USB port, or an Auxiliary In port, it is a very basic upgrade to add to your vehicle stereo system; and not very pricey either. The previous link and image on the right link to where you can check out the price or even get one if you wish. These are very basic and fast to install and cost around twenty dollars-ish. Then you can charge your cell phone and play your favorite songs from your cell phone through your vehicle stereo system and control it all with the controls of your vehicle stereo system rather than your cell phone.  It is pretty great.

Cup Holder Phone Mount



The last potential problem you may have when deciding not to use the car stereo system Bluetooth is the problem of speaking on your cell phone hands free. The best way to resolve this in my mind is to get a Cup Holder Phone Mount like the image shown on the left. Then you can either use your speaker phone on your cell phone, or use the corded headset with a Ferrite Bead I talk about in my article entitled “Cellphone Radiation Protection Items“. This is a great idea, and extremely convenient.

Bluetooth Security Risks

So, we know the health dangers associated with Bluetooth car technology. But, what if I told you these modern day devices could expose your personal information, especially in rental cars. According to an article in USA Today, connecting your phone to a rental car’s Bluetooth system is a bad idea.

“If a hacker or previous renter compromised the car’s system, hooking up your phone would give a hacker access to your information. . .When you connect your gadget to a car with Bluetooth, the car stores your phone number to make it easier to connect later. It also store your call logs, including any contacts you dialed,” -USA Today.
The author for the article recommends deleting your phone from the Bluetooth history before returning the car to the rental kiosk.

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