Is 5G Safe? – Let’s Take A Look!

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Since the roll out of the 5G cellular networks in early 2019 in major cities, the larger carriers have been rapidly expanding 5G service in towns and cities all across the world. This has caused many questions about the safety of the microwave millimeter waves these systems use.

So is 5G safe? Because 5G millimeter waves are much shorter in length than waves from previous cellular generations, they pulse and hit living cells more times per second. This interferes with the electrical fields of living organisms more, disrupting signals from the brain to organs as well as the body’s ability to regulate hormones. This causes disease. Some 5G frequencies also absorb oxygen, limiting the ability for humans and animals to absorb oxygen.

In this article we are going to talk first briefly about exactly what 5G is, then we will talk about some specific things about 5G frequencies that make them more dangerous than previous cellular generations. And finally I will discuss what can be done to protect yourself from 5G radiation.

What is 5G?

What Is 5G

5G stands for “fifth generation”, as in the fifth generation of cellular technology. What makes 5G different from the previous generations (1G, 2G, 3G & 4G), is the frequencies used and the capabilities those frequencies allow.

When people refer to “5G frequencies” or “5G millimeter waves”, they are talking about the microwave millimeter frequencies that give 5G the faster speeds and massive data carrying capacity, which run from about 24 GHz up to 300 GHz.

However people often confuse “5G frequencies” with those frequencies used in “5G cellular networks”. 5G Cellular Networks use more than just the 5G (24 GHz to 300 GHz) millimeter frequencies, they also use frequencies from within the ranges used by previous cellular generations (1G, 2G, 3G & 4G) which ranged from around .45 GHz to 6 GHz. 5G cellular networks need to include those lower frequencies because the higher 5G millimeter frequencies do not travel as far and get obstructed by things including inclement weather.

Are The Higher 5G Frequencies More Dangerous?

Kevin Motus

Kevin Mottus of the US Brain Tumor Association says that within the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous the radiation is. There are a couple of reasons why Kevin says that this is the case.

First, the higher the frequency the more energy the waves carry. Since the millimeter waves are basically from .5 to .1 inches in length, not the several feet of 4G, it is very dense wireless radiation hitting our bodies.

And second, the 5G waves pulse more, more waves per second hit our bodies, and therefore it beats up our cells more. Microwave radiation doesn’t cause cancer directly through the direct pulling on an electron like happens with ionizing radiation, but it causes cancer indirectly by increasing free radicles and by damaging DNA.

5G Millimeter Waves Disrupt Our Body’s Energy Fields

Human Energy Fields

Every living creature emits an electric or energy field around it. Some people claim to be able to see it and we have machines that can detect it. These energy fields are one of the ways that the cells of our bodies communicate with each other. This communication is an important part of our body’s ability to stay healthy.

Microwave waves as used in cellular and WiFi devices disrupt our bodies energy fields interfering with our cells ability to communicate with each other and heal. Since the millimeter wave lengths from 5G (24 GHz up to 300 GHz) are so much smaller (see below chart) than the waves from previous cellular generations, they pulse more often per second and disrupt our body’s energy field more times per second.

Gigahertz Chart

As Dr. Barrie Trower (a British physicist & microwave expert) put it, our bodies have internal clocks of sorts that control various functions of the body. They do things such as regulate hormones as well as functions of particular organs.

If our body’s communication energy fields are disrupted it can mess up our heart beat or brain activity for example as well as how our hormones are regulated. This can cause a whole host of different problems within our bodies. These manifest as various diseases.

5G Frequencies Absorb Oxygen

60 GHz Oxygen Absorption

The 60 GHz frequency, which was used for a short time in new WiFi routers, absorbs oxygen. Because of this there has been great concern by scientists that being around this frequency can make it hard for people to absorb oxygen themselves.

Other frequencies within the 5G range do this too, but the 60 GHz frequency is known for it.

Below is a video that talks about the oxygen absorption characteristics of the 60 GHz frequency. It shows scientific studies on the topic as well.

5G Causes Increased DNA Single And Double Strand Breaks

DNA Strands

Because 5G frequencies beat up on the cells with more hits per second, and because it carries more energy, it causes more oxidative damage to DNA strands than the lower frequencies. This literally breaks DNA single and double strands.

Besides the damage to the person receiving the DNA strand breaks, DNA damage can also be passed down to future generations. Eggs in a woman’s ovaries are particularly vulnerable to this DNA damage, affecting the woman’s future children.

Pretty much every health issue known to be caused by microwave radiation, such as cancer, DNA damage, brain tumors, breast tumors and infertility, are all increased with increase in frequency.

Why Do Many Main Stream Sources Say 5G Is Safe?

Pinocchio Lies

The short answer is they lie, plain and simple. There are no two ways about it. Let me explain by giving you a bit longer of an answer.

If you asked most people in America today if politicians are corrupt, they would quickly say yes (except their guy). The technology industry, especially telecom, is a very large lobby. And corrupt politicians have very creative ways of getting kickbacks from lobbyists.

I have noticed since I have been researching and studying this topic the last several years, that it is always government, technology or technology industry funded (even through advertising) sources that claim 5G and other EMF Radiation is safe. They completely ignore the hundreds of independently funded (no dog in the fight) scientific studies showing that this non-ionizing radiation causes things like cancer, brain tumors, breast tumors, DNA damage, crib death and infertility.

PC Magazine Example

A good example of this is an article published by PC Magazine entitled “Is 5G Safe?“. In this article the author Sascha Segan says:

“Online conspiracy theories have blamed 5G for everything from cancer to coronavirus, but they tend to fall apart at the slightest tap of actual facts. Low-band and mid-band 5G are based on radio frequencies that have been used for decades.

T-Mobile’s low-band 5G uses UHF TV bands, which have been in use since 1952. T-Mobile’s mid-band has been in use at least since 2007; parts of it were first used in 1963.

AT&T’s low-band 5G is on cellular frequencies used since 1983, and it is no more powerful than previous systems on those bands. Verizon and AT&T’s DSS systems are on existing 4G bands.”

He is the one ignoring actual facts. I could write a whole article just shredding his deceit and misrepresentation in this article. But for now I will just talk about this one quote.

There are two fundamental problems with his statements. First even those frequencies he is referencing have been proven by many independently (non biased) scientific studies to cause all of the things I listed above. And second the frequencies he lists that have been used for a long time are not 5G at all. This is where he gets really deceptive.

5G cellular networks use both 5G and 4G frequencies. When scientists talk about “5G Radiation” they are referring to the 5G millimeter wave frequencies which range from around 24 GHz to 300 GHz. Since these frequencies don’t travel as far and get obstructed easier, cellular companies also use frequencies from the lower ranges typically thought of as 1G, 2G, 3G & 4G systems.

So Sascha Segan is basically calling these lower frequencies (from 1G, 2G, 3G & 4G) “5G” because they are being used in 5G cellular networks, even though they are not the 5G millimeter frequencies. They are just added to “5G networks” to help the 5G frequencies. So he is lying in other words. Here is an article that explains how both the higher and lower frequencies are used in 5G cellular networks “What Is the 5G Spectrum? Definition“.

Forbes Magazine Example

Forbes is another example of misinformation out there on this topic. In their article “Is 5G Making You Sick? Here’s What Experts Say” the author Emily Laurence states:

“While ionizing radiation at high doses may be linked to cancer, both experts say nonionizing radiation has currently not been proven to do the same.”

Oh brother. It is amazing to me that they can write this kind of stuff with a straight face. Again there are literally hundreds of non-biased, independently funded, peer reviewed scientific studies that link this radiation to the diseases I listed above and a host of others. There are also hundreds of scientists and doctors from more than 35 countries writing letters to their respective governments warning of the harm that will come from the 5G roll out. I link to many of the studies on the scientific studies page of this website.

BMJ Medical Journal Example

I found their article entitled “Stop global roll out of 5G networks until safety is confirmed, urges expert“, which is actually very fair. They did real journalism in this article. Instead of saying the main stream normal “since 5G Radiation is non-ionizing, it can’t possibly be harmful”, like many claim, they quoted scientists stating their claims as to why it is harmful. It didn’t say on the article who the author was, but I am impressed with whomever it was.

Best Ways To Protect Yourself From 5G Radiation

When it come to protecting yourself from 5G frequencies as well as all EMF Radiation, I take a two pronged approach. First I try to block and reduce as much radiation as possible so that my exposure is minimal. And since these methods only reduce, and don’t eliminate the radiation, I also use products that change the harmful man made EMF Radiation into more natural less harmful forms.

Blocking And Shielding 5G Radiation

WiFi Router Guard with Aulterra Sticker

As is shown in the above image showing a Wifi Router Guard , a lot of companies now make faraday containers and metallic mesh shielding pads and cloth that can block most of the RF Radiation cellular and WiFi devices emit, if used properly. I think every person should both have their WiFi router in a Wifi Router Guard, and their smart meter covered by a Smart Meter Guard. Those are very important first places to start.

The next thing to focus on is protecting yourself from the 5G and other EMF Radiation emitted by your cellphone, laptop & iPad. They make shielding phone cases and shielding laptop & iPad pads that will block a significant amount of the radiation from these devices.  SafeSleeve is my favorite brand for these items. They are designed so much better than most of their competition, and they use top notch shielding fabrics.

SafeSleeve EMF Protect Cellphone Cases

Also I would not hold your cellphone up to your head like cellphone protection case companies show in their marketing. While these shielding cases do block a bunch of the radiation, some still goes around the case and into your body. It is my personal opinion that they definitely block enough to be worth having; I have tested them with meters my self (see my YouTube video). But it is still important to keep distance between the phone and your body.

One thing that helps with that is talking on speaker phone with the phone sitting on a table when possible. When this is not practical then I use a regular corded headset with a Ferrite Bead or two attached to the bottom. If you decide you want to use an Air Tube Headset, you will still need a Ferrite Bead attached to the bottom. I personally don’t use my air tube headset because they are all heavy and clunky. I talk about how to use all of these items in my article “Best Cellphone Radiation Protection Items – My Top Picks!“.

Neutralizing 5G Radiation

EMF Pendants

I used to consider these types of products snake oil until I finally read the science on them. Now I am very excited about them and I use them on all my devices. If you would like to read the science for yourself I explain it and link to the studies in my article “Aulterra EMF 5G Neutralizer Review“.

The secret of the Neutralizer lies in the crystalline matrix mixed into the ink of the Neutralizer patch. It literally changes the harmful man made EMF Radiation into a more natural, less harmful form. The neutralizer’s developer, Kim Dandurand identified the crystalline properties while engaged in a major environmental cleanup operation in 1996, in which it was used to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

He then paid a reputable lab (Quantum Biology Research Laboratories) to do some studies to determine whether the paramagnetic substance could be used to neutralize the EMFs from electronic equipment like it did the radioactive waste.

In the below video I explain exactly what it is in the science that convinced me more than anything else that these products worked. If you are interested I highly recommend that you watch the video.

Final Thoughts

Well in closing I just want to encourage everyone reading this article to go the the links I linked in this article and do your own research. Don’t take what I or any other source says as truth without double checking it for yourselves.

Thank you for reading this article, especially if you made it here all the way to the end.

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