How Do I Protect My Home From RF Radiation?

I am going to get technical for a moment so please try to follow me. When electricity is of a high enough frequency that it becomes airborne, it is considered to be electromagnetic radiation. From there, about 3 KHz frequency, up to 300 GHz, is considered Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. From 300 MHz to 300 GHz, RF Radiation is Microwave Radiation. So Microwave Radiation is the higher frequency majority of RF Radiation, if that makes sense.

Why does this matter? Because almost all of the “WiFi” or “Wireless” devices we use in our home and offices today use the same microwave frequency, some higher and some lower, as our microwave ovens use to cook food. The amperage is different, but it is the same radiation. 5G, the new technology being prepared to be rolled out soon, actually uses much higher frequencies in the microwave spectrum.

A typical microwave oven uses 2.45 GHz frequency of microwave radiation. A typical Bluetooth earbud uses 2.45 GHz frequency of microwave radiation. My WiFi router I have in my home is a 5 GHz router, using over double that of a microwave oven. The new 5G technology will use between 24 GHz to 90 GHz! And when the World Health Organization in 2011 listed even the lower frequencies of RF Radiation as a “possible carcinogenic” which means “cancer causing”. 5G will be a higher frequency than we have been exposed to before. Our article called “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home” lists links to some of the other scientific studies that have done tying RF Radiation to cancer.

That in fact, the radiation emitted from all our gadgets and gizmos was actually making us sick.  I’m not talking about the common cold here.  Think cancer, ADD, unbearable headaches, weakened immune system, elevated blood pressure and even depression.  Who would’ve thought a garage door opener could make you sick? Shocking, I know.  But, you don’t have to live that way.   You can have some modern day conveniences without putting your family at risk.

Our Recommended Protections page of this website highlights items that will shield and block most of the RF Radiation from many of the devices in our homes and offices that emit it. I highly recommend that you check that page out. Some devices that emit radiation you may just decide to do without. But many you will want to keep and there are ways to block or shield yourself from most of the radiation.

Radiation Sources

You can’t see it but it’s there.  The very laptop you’re using to read this article is emitting radiation into your home as we speak.  Do you have one of those fancy washing machines? Yep. That’s a source of radiation as well.  Blowing out your hair before work? Hello, radiation!  It’s everywhere.  To better understand how to protect your home from radiation, let’s take a look at RF (radio frequency) radiation and how it works:

Radiation occurs when energy is emitted by a source and then travels through a medium, such as air, until it is absorbed by matter. Radiation can be described as two basic types, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,” – Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

According to, a website dedicated to taking a closer look at the health effects of radiation, “Radio frequency radiation is electromagnetic radiation that is lower in frequency and therefore longer in wavelength than infrared radiation… “radio frequency is the name given to that section of the electromagnetic spectrum from frequencies of 300 kHz to 300 GHz,”

Okay. Enough of the technical jargon. Most appliances and smart technology operate in the 300kHz to 300Ghz spectrum.  So why should you care? Well, some experts believe long term exposure to this level of radiation can cause serious health problems.

Sources Of RF Radiation In Your Home

Let’s look at the sources of radiation.  According to, radiation is being emitted from your washing machine, dryer, stove, wireless phones, baby monitors, heated blankets, heated floors, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and freezer.  Oh, and don’t forget the smart meter your electrical company installed a few years ago.  Smart meters are a major source of radiation.  Electrical companies across the country have been slowly switching from analog meters to smart meters as a way to better determine your energy use.

You’re probably feeling overwhelmed right now.  After all, it seems as though everything in your home is giving off some form of radiation.  Take a deep breath.  You make small changes right now to lower your exposure to RF radiation.

So again how do I protect my home from RF radiation you ask? Let’s start with your cell phone.  This is a major source of radiation and it’s probably in your pocket right now.  Take it out.  Never keep your phone in a pocket when it’s turned on.  Also, throw the blue tooth ear piece out and buy a corded pair instead.  Some experts believe you should not sleep with your cell phone near your bed.  If you do, turn it off.  In fact, Dr. Jack Kruse a neurosurgeon and wellness coach recommends turning WiFi off at night as well.

“This gives your parasympathetic nervous system a break and space to sync up to the Earth’s magnetic field. Nighttime is the most crucial time to eliminate EMFs because they interfere with the core goals of the parasympathetic nervous system during sleep: restore, rejuvenate, detoxify,” said Dr. Jack Kruse.

The Best Solution To RF Radiation

If you want to take it a step further, hard wire your computer into your home.  This may seem old school, but you will see a dramatic decrease in the level of radiation throughout your home.  After that, walk from room to room and take a mental inventory of all the gadgets and appliances you have.  What can you do without? Do you really need a video baby monitor or can you check on your baby every few minutes? Some appliances you need to keep, clearly.

We’re not going back to the caveman times.  I’m not asking you to cook over an open fire. At least, not yet.  Switch out your cordless phone for a landline.  Stay out of your laundry room while your clothes are drying.  Stand away from your microwave while heating up food.  Or better yet, heat up your food on the stove.

Let’s talk about the smart meters too.  In some states, you can have the opt out of the smart meter program and have it replaced with an analog meter.  Smart meters are a major source of radiation in a home. Check with your local utility company to explore your options.  If you can’t get the smart meter replaced, there are several products, such as a mesh metal shield, to secure to the meter and block the harmful radiation from entering your home and the environment.

The suggestions above are all simple steps you can take right now to protect your home from RF radiation.  However, to truly understand the extent of RF radiation in your home you need to test your living space with an EMF meter.  An EMF meter measures the level of radiation emitted from various appliances, gadgets and other sources in your home.  You can pick up a meter from Amazon and have it on your doorstop in a few days.  The meter offers invaluable information about how much radiation is in your home.  Once you know the problem areas, you can come up with a specific timeline on how to reduce your exposure.  Ready. Set. Go!

Don’t burn your house down just yet.  As I mentioned, there are ways to use technology and reduce radiation exposure all at the same time.  Habits may need to change.  Maybe next time you can FaceTime with family in person. It’ll be worth it.  I promise.

For more information about the health symptoms caused by RF radiation exposure please see our article entitled 21 Negative Health Symptoms from RF Radiation.  And for information about ways to protect your home please see our article entitled Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Home from RF Radiation.

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