Why Is Dirty Electricity Dangerous?

There are signs of pollution all around us. Thick smog hovering over a growing metropolis, indicates the air is toxic to breathe. The ever-growing mountains of garbage at local landfills, signify a wasteful culture. Take a stroll along the beach on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and watch as plastic bags wash ashore. We know pollution can wreak havoc on our water supply, our planet and our health. But, what If I told you there is a deadly form of pollution inside your home, down the street and in your child’s school. You can’t see it. But, it’s there. It’s called dirty electricity and it’s slowing killing us.

Dirty Electricity is caused by spikes and surges in the electrical wiring in our homes. As AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming Radio Waves. These radio waves are a form of RF Radiation, and are often referred to as electrical “noise” or “smog”. These spikes and surges are usually caused by devices plugged or wired into electrical circuits that try to manipulate the power in some way, (such as changing AC power to DC). In 2011 the World Health Organization classified RF Radiation as a possible carcinogen. And there are hundreds of scientific studies linking RF Radiation to cancer. I list links to some of these studies in my articleThe 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“.

In the video below I show you how to test for dirty electricity, and a simple solution that works in most situations. In the video I use a very simple meter called a “Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter”. The name sounds complicated but the meter its self is very simple to use. I test a circuit in my home for dirty electricity, and then install a filter that reduces the radiation down to safe levels. The video is short, but very informative. It is definitely worth watching. Knowledge is power. I highly recommend watching it!

Most people don’t realize how real of a health hazard RF Radiation is, and how many sources of it we have no in our modern homes. The good news is that now there are many simple items you can buy to shield you and your family from the majority of this radiation. On the Recommended Protections page of this website I list links to the best places to get many of these protection items. Some sources of RF Radiation you will want to just remove from your home if possible, (like your smart meter), others that you need to keep these devices can shield you from 90% to 95% of the radiation.

More About Dirty Electricity

The term ‘dirty electricity’ was first coined by Dr. Samuel Milham a few decades ago. Dr. Milham is an epidemiologist and recently published a bestselling book about dirty electricity and what it means for our health and our future. Dr. Milham was recently interviewed by Dr. Jospeh Mercola, another leading expert in the field of radiation:

“In Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization, epidemiologist Sam, MD points out that the major diseases plaguing modern man — heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. — may be triggered by a prevalent, yet nearly entirely overlooked, cause: dirty electricity. You generally cannot feel or touch electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and electricity in your environment, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that your cells are indeed impacted,” Dr. Mercola.

Dirty electricity is basically corrupted energy. So, what does that mean? Corrupted energy is energy that changes to power a specific modern device, such as a dimmer light switch. I’m not an engineer, so I’ll leave the explanation to the experts:

“Items such as CFL bulbs, cell phone transmission antennas, power supplies for portable computers, cell phone chargers, dimmer switches, variable speed fans and many other electronic devices that require a transformer to convert the voltage will “dirty” the electricity that enters your home. This form of dirty electro-magnetic fields (EMF) is invisible to the eye, but has a biological effect on the human body and has been associated with a wide variety of illnesses, ” said Dr. Magda Havas.

Dr. Milham has dedicated his life to researching the health impacts of dirty electricity. His findings are eye opening and terrifying. According to Dr. Milham, dirty electricity is responsible for the rise in diabetes, cancer, suicide and heart disease. And other experts agree with him.

Firefighters And Electromagnetic Radiation

“Most cancer in firefighters is due not to exposure to inhaled carcinogens, but to their exposure to EMFs and radio frequency radiation (RFR) from mobile two-way radio communications devices and firehouse and fire vehicle radio transmitters. Milham has even linked an increased incidence of cancer among teachers at one California school with high frequency voltage transients in the school environment.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, the attributable risk of cancer associated with electrical exposures at the school was 64 percent, and a single year of employment at the school increased a teacher’s cancer risk by 21 percent.

It is interesting to note, too, that Dr. Milham’s work has shown that the Old-Order Amish, who don’t use electricity, have lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, suicide and cancer than would be expected. They also have uncommonly low levels of neurodegenerative disease and not one case of ADHD on record,” Dr. Joseph Mercola.

So why is dirty electricity dangerous and what makes dirty electricity so much more dangerous that regular electricity? Great question. It turns out the transformation in electricity to power modern day devices, such as cell phones, really messes with our bodies at a cellular level. According to Natural News 365, dirty electrify started to become a problem in during the 1990s.

“There is the issue of ground current. According to Dave Stetzer ground current has become a major problem in the U.S. since 1992 when the electric utility companies started using the earth, the ground we walk on, as if it was an electric wire. Previously utility companies used a neutral wire to return unused electricity to their substations.

Since 1992, energy companies have decided to just run wires down the side of electrical poles into the ground. In North America ground current is now practically everywhere. These dangers are compounded by the presence of large amounts of dirty electricity – which flow through the ground and our electrical wiring.

Dirty electricity does not stay in your wiring. It manifests the skin effect. It travels on the outer skin of the wire and can easily radiate through walls into our living spaces and our bodies,” Natural Health 365.

As I mentioned earlier, dirty electricity has the power to change our bodies at the cellular level. According to Dr. Milham, those biological changes make us more susceptible to disease. An article on Health Impact News breaks down the theory:

“Such currents were never intended to be in the human body. Researchers are able to measure the high frequency voltage transients that are in electrical wiring. They can measure these same frequencies in the electrical fields that pass out of our walls into our living spaces, and the same frequencies can be measured in our bodies when we spend time in our homes.

High frequency voltage transients easily pass through walls and enter our bodies, and then couple with the human energy system and alter its normal functioning. The result is weakness, depression, and numerous illnesses,” Health Impact News.

So, what’s a person to do? Dirty electricity is everywhere, after all! You can start by purchasing a specific device designed to determine the levels of dirty electricity in your home. You can order a Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter to measure it.

While you’re waiting for package to arrive, switch out your dimmer switches to simple on and off switches. Look at your light bulbs. If you’re using low-voltage halogen or CFL light bulbs replace them halogen incandescent light bulbs. Turn off your cell phone at night and cover your WiFi router with a Wifi Router Guard. Reducing your exposure to dirty electricity may seem overwhelming, but it’s worth it!

For information about what causes dirty electricity in a home please see our article entitled What Causes Dirty Electricity in a Home?

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