Belly Armor Review

As I first began researching into the dangers of Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, I learned about some of the Belly Armor products. Their fabrics interwoven with highly conductive metallic fibers are designed to block RF Radiation, as well as electric fields and magnetic fields.

Baby Armor is a company that specializes in creating EMF protection blankets and clothing that protect expecting mothers and their babies from this radiation. They make baby blankets and clothes as well as “belly bands” and other clothes for the mother to wear. As I show in the below video their items are very high quality and work very well.

The Belly Armor Story

Belly Armor Co-Founder and CEO Aileen Chen
CEO Aileen Chen

Belly Armor started when Co-Founder and CEO Aileen Chen was pregnant with her first child. She was a bank executive who was constantly on her cellphone and laptop. Like many pregnant mothers she began researching things like the best foods to eat and what toxins to avoid, such as alcohol etc.

My wife was the same way when she was pregnant. She would not even drink soda pop or take pain relievers if she had a headache, when she was pregnant. – But I digress.

One component in her life that bothered her, was all of the RF and EMF Radiation she was exposing herself to. And in her search for information she was not finding a lot of information on the subject.

When she did finally find credible information she was shocked at the risks she was exposing her body and those of her family to. She was particularly concerned when she learned about the DNA damage that it can do, especially to the DNA of developing children during pregnancy. This is the time when the DNA and cell replication rates are at their highest.

If you look at the below video, it is of a British Physicist who specialized in microwave radiation, which is the same kind of radiation emitted by our electronic devices like our cellphones and computers. If you watch this video to the end he talks about how this radiation can cause things like crib death, cancer and the DNA damage that Aileen Chen was concerned about. It is about a 14 minute video but very much worth watching.

So as Aileen and her friends became more and more educated on the danger associated with RF Radiation, they set up this company with a two fold mission. First they wanted to educate and make more people aware that there was a danger. And two, they wanted to provide quality practical solutions that would help protect people from RF Radiation.

It seem like that is pretty much what happens to most people as they begin to read actual science and learn that RF Radiation is a real Danger. The next step for many people is to want to do something about it. I know that is exactly what happened to me, and why I built this website.

RadiaShield® Fabric

RadiaShield® Fabric Belly Armor

The Belly Armor website says that RadiaShield® Fabric is “a conductive silver textile with high shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic radiation emitted by common cellular and wireless devices (non-ionizing radiation in the range of 10MHz to 8GHz). Belly Armor products DO NOT shield against ionizing radiation (like X-rays and gamma rays).

RF Radiation does not pass through parallel lines of highly conductive metal very easily. RadiaShield® Fabric is woven with very fine silver strands throughout the fabric. It boasts a 99.9% blocking rate against RF Radiation. This is about as good of protection as you can get. About the only thing better would be a solid plate of metal, which would not make very good apparel.

I wrapped my cellphone up in a fabric like this one time and then I tried to call it from another cellphone. It blocked so much of the signal my cellphone would not even ring. I left my phone like that for a while and it did not even update the time, so little signal was getting out. My point is this stuff works.

“In addition to internal testing, RadiaShield® Fabric has been independently tested in FCC-certified and NVLAP-accredited labs to have shielding effectiveness of 99.9% for the range of everyday radiation (<10MHz – 8+GHz) (See report here.)”

Belly Blankets

Belly Blankets

Belly Armor Belly Blankets are blankets that a woman can lay comfortably over her tummy while she is working on her laptop, or using her cellphone or tablet. The idea here is that while her tummy is covered, her baby is completely protected from the RF Radiation being emitted from a cellphone, laptop or tablet. (See pictures.)

Belly Blankets

The great thing with Belly Armor is they come in a whole bunch of different colors and designs. If you click on the link in the above paragraph it will take you to the “Belly Blankets” page of the website, so that you can take a look at all that they have to offer.

This is like night and day compared to the other companies that I have worked with when I first started looking for clothing that protected from RF Radiation. This stuff works better and is actually cute!

Maternity Apparel

You can click on this link to get to the Maternity Apparel page of the Belly Armor website. Living through my wife having our four children, and now going through my kids all having grandchildren, I understand two things. 1. The need for a mother to protect her baby, and 2. the need for good maternity clothes! The Baby Armor website won’t yet fulfill your entire desire for baby clothes, but it will give you some very nice looking designs that will protect your baby from RF Radiation!

Belly Bands

Belly Bands

Belly Bands are bands of cloth that you can wear around your belly and back that will protect that part of your body from RF Radiation. Again, if you go the the link in the above paragraph you will see they have different colors and styles to choose from.

The idea here is to protect your baby from radiation, while at the same time add some style and aid in fashion as your tummy grows. On the website it says that it can fit snugly over and hide an unzipped zipper as your tummy grows.

Belly Bands can be designed for a snug fit, or a more pleated loose fit, depending on preference. They can help turn shirts that no longer button up into a sort of a fashion statement, as in the picture right.

Camisoles & Rouched Tees

Rouched Tee

Peach Lifestyle Camisole

Now I have to be honest here, I am no expert on women’s maternity fashion. But I can tell you from all of the other companies I have seen, this looks like by far the nicest looking RF Radiation protection clothing I have ever seen. These were obviously designed by moms who wanted both practical protection, and nice looking design as well.

Again you will want to go to the Maternity Apparel page on their website and look it all over for yourself. You might want to bookmark that website too so that as they come out with new items and designs you can keep up on what is available.

Again remember the whole point of these clothes is that more to give you something to wear that will protect you and your baby from the radiation. The fashion is secondary.

Again that being said, as my married daughter who just had a baby was looking over there site with me (as I am writing this article), she kept ooing and ahhing about how pretty things were. She said that they looked like normal maternity clothes to her. She really liked them. And she is one who says what she thinks too. She is not just saying what she thinks I want to hear.

Things For Baby!

Nursing Cover

In this section so far they only have two types of things. First they have protection nursing blankets, as you see in this picture on the left. And second, they have some very cute baby hats made out of the same RadiaShield® Fabric. My daughter really liked this section and thought everything in it was very cute.

They have several different colors of blankets to choose from. They are just the right size, and don’t look any different from any other nursing blanket that I have seen. My daughter really liked them a lot and wants me to get her some.

Baby Hats

The baby hats are really cute as well, as you can see in the picture. I am sure they will be coming out with more and more styles as time goes on. But this way your little one can have his or her brain protected from the onslaught of RF Radiation all around us.

This will be more and more of an issue going forward as they start rolling out the new 5G networks. When they do that the plan is for them to install mini 5G cell towers every 2 to 8 houses. We will be bombarded with RF Radiation whether we like it or not. They also have different sizes for the different ages of your kids.

Protection Briefs For Men

Protection Underwear

Believe it or not one of the big problems with cellphone radiation is men keeping their phone in their front pockets, and women keeping their phones in their bras. This has been blamed for causing breast and testicular cancers.

In men this not only can cause cancer, but it can also cause male infertility. That is one of the big problems blamed on cellphone radiation. That is why these products are so important. We want to live long, be healthy and enjoy our technology, not die early because of it.

Be Safe While Keeping Your Technology

If you have read the main page on this website, which has my article called “The 7 worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“, you will notice that Belly Armor and have the exact same goal and philosophy. We want to be able to keep the wonderful technology we love, but be protected from the harmful effects of its radiation. We don’t want to have to go live like the Amish in other words.

Products like those at Belly Armor make this truly possible. One other quick thing I want to point out her in this article. Did you notice that I spent very little time debating whether or not these products protect you the way they say they will. That is because they do. And they have tests to prove it. If you have a meter you can easily do your own test as well.

Because these are such simple products, clothes. The only question is does the fabric block the RF Radiation? If it does, then all of the clothes made from it will block the RF Radiation. As you noticed if you reviewed the test results chart I linked to earlier, they block 99.9% of the RF Radiation from passing through it. These clothes work. They do what they promise.

That is why so much of my article is focused on how nice the clothes look, and what types of clothes are currently offered. So this means when you order these products you can rest assured you are getting exactly the protection that they promise. You can take that to the bank.

RF Radiation Dangers

The fact that your are reading this article usually means that you are someone that is already somewhat educated on the danger of RF Radiation. If you have heard it referred to as EMF Radiation they were basically talking about the same thing. It is all referring to electric and magnetic fields of a high enough frequency to be “radiating” (moving through the air) and into your body.

RF Radiation includes both the Radio-waves and the microwaves portion of the below electromagnetic spectrum chart. Within the RF radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous it is to living organisms. This is not true necessarily as it gets up into the infrared and visible light portions of the spectrum.

Microwaves are basically just higher frequency Radio-waves. Microwave ovens use the exact same RF Radiation cellphones, WiFi & Bluetooth use. And microwave ovens use it to cook your food. Also the US Military uses microwaves to heat people’s skin up to 1,000 meters away with their crowd control weapon Active Denial System. This weapon uses a frequency very close to what the new 5G technology will use.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

People often get this confused with ionizing radiation which are things like X-rays and Gamma-rays. RF Radiation is non-ionizing radiation. Even though non-ionizing radiation does not carry enough energy to break molecular bonds, this does not mean that it is not dangerous.

In fact there have been literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking RF Radiation to different ailments such as cancer, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses), crib death and male infertility, just to name a few. Even the World Health Organization classifies RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic”, which means that it is “cancer causing”.

Final Thoughts

In summary out of every company that I have seen on the market that offers RF Radiation protective clothing I have not seen any that blocks a higher percentage of RF Radiation than Baby Armor. I can say that with complete certainty.

Likewise I have not seen any company in all of the time that I have been studying these issues, that does a better job at producing an attractive, practical and useful clothing line. And one other side not which is important as well. Just in the short time I have known about this company, and the few interactions I have had with them, they are so much better to work with than the companies I have dealt with before.

It is important not only to have good attractive products, but you need to be honorable, honest and dependable. You need to do what you say you will do. So far that has been my experience with Baby Armor

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