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Many people I know use various Bluetooth headphones or earbuds such as the Apple AirPod. Even people who know me really well and who know about this website, wear them quite a bit. Honestly, I just cringe.

So are AirPods safe? Apple AirPods, as do all Bluetooth devices, emit Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation at the 2.45 GHz frequency. That is the very same frequency your microwave oven uses to cook your food! The WHO classifies this form of non-ionizing radiation as “possibly carcinogenic”, which is the same classification given to banned toxic chemicals like DDT. Studies link this RF Radiation to things like brain tumors, cancer, DNA damage, crib death and infertility.

In this article I will first show you a video where I test the RF Radiation amounts coming from a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Then I will talk in more depth about why non-ionizing RF Radiation is so dangerous. And finally I will go into ways to protect yourself from RF Radiation, besides not wearing wireless earbuds.

Bluetooth Earbud RF Radiation Test

In this video below I test my son’s pair of Bluetooth earbuds. It obviously is not a pair of Apple Airpods, but they are Bluetooth. And all Bluetooth devices emit the same frequency of RF Radiation. They only vary in the strength of the emission. But this will give you the idea of the radiation that comes out of a set of Bluetooth earbuds similar to Apple AirPods.

I want to show one other video here just to show you how different types of earbuds emit different strengths of emission signals. In this video two different types of earbuds are tested, Apple Airbuds and another type. I show this video so that you can see that the Apple Airbuds emit a strong signal.

How Do We Know AirPod’s RF Radiation Is Dangerous?

We know that this radiation is dangerous from the many scientific studies that have been done, as well as from experts in the field that have studied and worked with this radiation for many years. We will look at both of these below:

Independent Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies

Frontal Lobe Brain Tumor

The first way we know that this form of non ionizing radiation is dangerous is from the hundreds of independent peer reviewed scientific studies that have been done testing it. The tests were not done specifically using Apple Airpods, but they were done of the very same RF Radiation that they emit.

An expert by the name of Kevin Mottus from the US Brain Tumor Association has said that within these  “non-ionizing” portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency the more dangerous it is to living organisms.

RF Radiation goes from very low frequencies, such as AM radio signals which transmit at about 535-1605 kHz, up to the top of the microwave radiation range at 300 GHz. The first generation of cellular signals used from 850 MHz to 1900 MHz frequencies. And 5G will be using from around 25 GHz possibly up to the 300 GHz frequency.

Most of the studies that have been done have been done on the lower, less dangerous frequencies. And yet if you read them they are still dangerous. Here are a list of some that I have found. Don’t be afraid to read them. Even though they talk in scientific jargon they are not that difficult to understand.

Breast Cancer Cell Phone Video

Shameful Misinformation

Now after my listing links to so many scientific studies and scientific expert opinions that link RF Radiation (as emitted by Airpods) to all of these various health problems, it would be laughable to read articles like this “Are AirPods Safe?” (by, and so called “fact checks” like this Reuters article “Fact Check-No established evidence that Apple AirPods harm your health“, if it were not so sad.

Scientists Who Are Experts In RF Radiation

There are literally hundreds of doctors and scientists from all over the world who are speaking out against RF Radiation, especially the higher frequencies used in 5G. The links below will take you to hundreds of these doctors and scientists. Please at least read a few.

Barrie Trower is an expert in this field. He is a physicist who spent his whole career (beginning in the British military) studying this kind of radiation in all its forms and uses. He saw it used both as military weapons and in communication. It is a very excellent video on this topic. (See Barrie Trower’s paper on the bees and microwave radiation.) Below is an interview of Barry first describing his career and credentials, and then at about the 6 minute mark getting into the actual harms he has seen this radiation cause.

How To Protect Yourself From AirPod Radiation

Stop Wearing Apple AirPods & Other Earbuds

Temporal Lobe

People don’t seem to realize your ears are just a hole in your head. If you stick a microwave transmitter in your ears, such as Apple AirPods, you don’t even have any bone filtering the radiation going into your brain, your temporal love to be exact! Think about that for a moment! How is that a good idea?

So the best way to protect yourself from the RF Radiation emitted from AirPods is to stop wearing them! It is not rocket science. Get a corded headset instead. Corded headsets will still emit RF Radiation in your ears, but a much lower frequency and at a lower strength. And if you put a Ferrite Bead on the cord, just above the phone, all the harmful higher frequencies are filtered off the cord and don’t make it to your head!

Change The AirPod’s RF Radiation Into A More Natural Less Harmful Form

Aulterra Neutralizer Stickers

There are two companies that I am aware of that have a technology that will change the form of the Bluetooth RF Radiation your AirPods emit into a more natural, less harmful form. They are Aulterra and EMF Harmony.

Aulterra uses the same technology they use to help clean up and neutralize old toxic nuclear waste sites. The owner of Aulterra worked on one of those cleanups and was so impressed that he paid a lab to run several scientific studies, and then have them peer reviewed, to see if that technology would also work for the harmful effects of non ionizing RF Radiation.

I used to totally ignore products like these. They seemed like a gimmick, or a placebo at best, until I ran across Aulterra who actually had scientific studies that were credible and made sense.

For several years they were the only one that I would recommend for people. I looked at many other companies with similar products, but none of them had any scientific studies done by reputable labs that I could read for myself.

Then in late 2021 I was sent information on EMF Harmony. I was impressed with their studies as well. My favorite in all honesty is Aulterra, but EMF Harmony is a close second in my mind.


By telling you about Aulterra and EMF Harmony I am not recommending that you wear Apple AirPods or any other Bluetooth earbud. If you insist on wearing them, or you don’t have a choice in the matter, then I would get Aulterra products to neutralize the effects.

My personal philosophy is to avoid as much RF Radiation as possible, especially from devices that must be close to the body. And then I still use Aulterra knowing that I am going to be exposed to some RF Radiation regardless of how careful I am. So that is what I recommend to others as well.

I do have Aulterra products on all of my EMF Radiation emitting devices such as my Wifi Router, cell phone etc..

Alternatives To Using Apple AirPods

Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Bead: There is a very nifty and inexpensive device called a Ferrite Bead that you can add to the bottom of a corded set of headphones (just above the phone) that will act sort of like a resistor and filter off all of the higher RF Radiation frequencies that would otherwise travel up the cord like it was an antenna!

A Ferrite Bead is an established technology. Most of your laptop or other electronic devices have them as a permanent part of the cord. They are put there to protect the circuit boards from any high frequencies traveling up the cord and damaging the circuit boards. They will likewise protect your body.

Speakerphone: RF Radiation dissipates with distance. So you should always keep as much distance between yourself and any electronic device as possible.

So for example whenever possible I try to talk to people on my cell phone on speakerphone. Then I can set it on my desk a ways a way from me. I think that is just a good habit to get into.

Air Tube Headsets: An Air Tube Headset is an option many people concerned about this radiation choose to do. An Air Tube Headset is a headset where the cords don’t go all the way up to your head. About midway in the cord, it divides into two with a speaker on each end. And then tubes go from the tiny speakers up to the person’s ears.

It works similar to a doctor’s stethoscope. The idea here is to keep the electricity from going all the way up to the head. But if you choose this option you would still want to have a Ferrite Bead on the bottom of the cord so that RF Radiation doesn’t travel up the cord and into your torso.

My personal feeling is Air Tube Headsets are too heavy and don’t feel comfortable to me. I prefer using my phone on speakerphone as much as possible. And when I do need a headset to use a standard corded one with a Ferrite Bead at the bottom. That is my personal preference.

Final Thoughts

If you have gotten all the way here to the end of this article I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the whole thing! If this is a topic you are interested in or feel is important, please share this article on your social media! That the best way to help us spread the word!

Thank you so much and we will talk to you in the next article!

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