5G Health Risks Debunked – Get The Facts!

5GWhen you read articles on the internet about 5G health risks it really depends who wrote the article as to what opinion they give. The common theme that you hear from any government or technology website is that since Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation is a “non ionizing” form of electromagnetic radiation, there is no way it could be harmful to us.

However there are literally hundreds of peer review scientific studies that link RF Radiation to things like cancer, brain tumors, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses), and male infertility. I list links to these and many other scientific letters and studies on the scientific studies page of this website. Also the World Health Organization was finally forced to list RF Radiation as a “possibly carcinogenic” in 2011. This put it in the same category as DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane).

Further, the scientist in this below video is a British Physicist named Barrie Trower who specialized in microwave radiation (which 5G Radiation is) his whole life. He is an expert in this field. In this video he describes just how dangerous it is to us, especially our children. It is a very important video to watch. In the beginning you get a feel for his experience and credentials, but he gets to the meat of it at about 6:21.

5G Dangers

The thing that is unique about 5G RF Radiation, as compared to previous technology generations, is that 5G uses ultra high intensity, and ultra high frequency. (Related Article: “5G Radiation Dangers – Get The Facts!“)


Kevin Mottus of the US Brain Tumor Association says that within the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous the radiation is.

Earlier cellular generations use between 1 GHz to 6 GHz frequency (anything over 1 GHz frequency is considered “microwave radiation”. A typical microwave oven cooks food using the 2.4 GHz frequency). Kevin Mottus says from the sources he is listening to, 5G will use between 24 GHz to 90 GHz frequencies. I have read other sources that estimate some things in 5G could use as high as 300 GHz frequency.


5G is ultra high intensity because of the short length of the radio waves a lot more of them are hitting you all of the time. More energy is hitting you within the same amount of time. Another way that 5G is more intense is in how much of it we will be exposed to. For the technology to function well they will have to install many times the number of mini cell towers throughout our neighborhoods than we have already with the large cell towers.

This translates into a lot more exposure coming from every direction than human beings have ever been exposed to before. The truth is we are guinea pigs.  There is no way for them to test in advance what the effect will be on human and animal life once these systems are rolled out. As mentioned above, we have considerable data now on the diseases the previous generations have caused within us. And we know that 5G ratchets up the most dangerous parts of RF Radiation.

New 5G WiFi Routers

As of mid 2019, the 5G WiFi routers that are being sold are coming out at around 60 GHz. WiFi routers at this frequency can carry a tremendous amount of data, but they are limited in the distance they can travel and have trouble going through the walls of homes. Like most 5G devices that will be coming out, these 5G WiFi routers also use the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies as well so that they can still get the signal to all places within the home or office needed.

The obvious limitation of these routers will be that not every room in the home will get the faster 5G upload and download speeds. As a result there are boosters being built into some home systems to extend the areas covered by these higher speeds. And remember with these 5G speeds come all the dangers scientists are warning us about resulting from 5G.

Technology Industry Bias

To me the reason for the technology industry bias seems obvious. The 5G technology is worth big, big money. 5G is expected to be a 85.84 billion dollar industry globally by the end of 2023! Most aspects of the tech industry stand to profit huge as it rolls out. And like most of us, those in the industry really like their techy gadgets too. They do not want to believe there is a problem.

For example, I have a good friend who is a computer programmer and who loves his techy gadgets. He is very excited about all of the new cool features the 5G technology promises to deliver. He has absolutely no desire to read any of the scientific studies linking RF Radiation to cancer and other medical problems. I have all of these studies, and letters from scientists from all over the world to governments calling for a stop to 5G, and I cannot get my friend to read even one of them.

He did go on the internet on his own and read an article on www.digitaltrends.com about 5G radiation. Then he came back to me and said “see it’s non ionizing which means it is not harmful”. So I looked up the article he was talking about and read it too. It was written with an obvious biased tone, and it only showed government sources (which typically whitewash the science). On this website we show you the scientific studies that support what we are saying.

5G Government Bias

In my humble opinion you have to be pretty much living under a rock in today’s world to not realize how much “pay for play” and other corruption we are getting in all levels of our government. I hate to say that, and I wish it wasn’t so, but it really is. Big industry, including big tech, are a strong lobbying influence to our politicians and government agencies. Lobbying influence is a polite way to say that these industries buy off our politicians and bureaucrats.

Then governments also have the global militaristic competition factor to consider. What do I mean by that? Well there is a technological arms race going on right now in the world between all of the major world powers. It is called the space race. It has to do with real outer space as well as cyber space. 5G is a large part, if not most, of that space race right now. So our political leaders are pushing for the 5G rollout in a very big way for these reasons.

How Do We Protect Our Families?

SafeSleeve Lap DeskThe most important thing we can do is limit the amount of exposure to all frequencies of RF Radiation. Because of the short wave length of the millimeter waves 5G uses, it will not travel far and will get interference by objects such as houses, trees and even rain. For this reason the plan is for them to put mini 5G cell stations every 2 to 8 houses, so that people still have a strong signal. This will increase exponentially the amount of RF Radiation we are exposed to.

But you can make your home a safe haven. If you go to the Recommended Protections page of this website. On that page each image links to a page. And each of those pages talk about different things you can get that will protect you and your family from this RF Radiation.

We already have a ton of electronic devices in our homes right now that are exposing us to this radiation. In those pages I go over how you can lower the amount of RF Radiation you and your family are exposed to, and still not feel like you are living like the Amish.

5G Radiation Myths

I have had several people commenting on videos that I have done saying that since 5G radiation does not travel as far, and will get interference from things like buildings, trees and even rain, it will not increase our exposure or be more unhealthy for us. So let me explain the logic in this myth so that it is more clear, and then I will explain its fallacy.

You see with 5G technology since the wavelengths of the radio waves are so short, they do not travel near as far as earlier technology generations. And they get interference in signal from things that did not bother earlier generations such as rain, trees and walls. So for people to still have good connections there will need to be more mini cell towers closer together, I have read as frequent as every 2 to 8 houses. That way when the signal gets blocked, it can just be grabbed up by a closer cell tower, without the customer realizing they were getting interference with their signal.

So the logic is that if there is that much interference with the signal, wouldn’t that mean that 5G from nearby cellphone towers would not get into your home? The short answer is no, but let me explain why that is.

5G Radiation Will Get In Homes

Just because something like a wall blocks enough of 5G radiation to interfere with reception, does not mean some of the radiation is not still penetrating into the structure. And the fact that there will be stations every few homes, our homes will be getting bombarded from every direction.

And since 5G radiation is a higher frequency and intensity, the radiation that does get it will be potentially more harmful that those of earlier lower frequency technologies. As I stated at the beginning of this article, there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies showing major health dangers of the lower frequency earlier technology generations. The 5G studies are only now just starting to come out. And they are already indicating that the frequencies used in 5G will magnify the dangers from earlier generations.

There are large groups of doctors and scientists from around the world that are banning together and writing letters to various governmental entities calling for a halt to the roll out of 5G. You can find access to many of these studies and letters on the scientific studies page of this website.

Interior 5G Dangers

The other reason why 5G is such a concern is because we are getting so many WiFi devices in our homes. 5G is supposed to increase this by creating “the internet of things”. Everything from having Alexa devices everywhere to smart coffee makers and clothes washing machines will be connected through 5G technology. So not only will we be getting more cell towers on the outside of buildings, but more WiFi devices within out homes and offices emitting the exact same RF Radiation (here are some ways to protect yourself from this harmful radiation) (here are some ways to protect yourself from this harmful radiation).

All of the 5G devices that come out will most likely also emit the lower frequencies (such as 2.4 GHz) from earlier generations, so that obstructions do not limit the connections altogether. For example a 5 GHz WiFi router also emits 2.4 GHz as well for this same purpose. So an increase in 5G devices as part of the internet of things will bring exposures to many lower frequencies as well as the higher more intense 5G frequencies.

Final Thoughts

There is so much attraction by many in our society to technology and the convenience and “cool factor” it brings. I get that and I am very much pro technology. I love my gadgets as much as the next person. The thing tho is that we could do all we are trying to do in a much healthier way. If we hard wire all these devices using low emf computer cables, and turn off our WiFi, we can have our technology and our health too.

When we hard wire things however it is important that we do so in a way to limit dirty electricity (another form of EMF Radiation), or we are just replacing one EMF carcinogenic for another. It is more expensive to hard wire everything. That is the great appeal to doing everything through wireless technology. But it is this wireless RF Radiation that is the primary danger.

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