Protect Your Family From RF Radiation E-Book Course

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Protect Your Family From RF Radiation E-Book Course just $24.95!

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I call this an E-Book Course, but it is much more than that. A typical E-Book is a pdf file that you download. This is not that. When you purchase this course you will login to the member area of this website. There you will find both the written content as well as actual videos to watch. I take my video camera through a real home, room by room, and test each room for both dirty electricity and for RF radiation!

I really wish I would have had access to something like this when I was first learing this stuff! You get to see a real home with normal problems being tested, and learn what to do to solve each problem. This is both a written and video course. If you want to protect your family but are not sure where to start, this course is exactly what you need.

5G and other RF Radiation is a huge problem! Not only are they putting cell towers everywhere now, but without knowing it we are filling our homes with devices that expose our families 24/7 with the very same radiation. 

See below is the actual first part of the introduction to this course. As the course goes on I show you exactly how to identify how much radiation you have in the different parts of your home, and how to reduce it down to safe levels. This course is already getting rave reviews by those who have purchased it!