What Is Dirty Electricity? – Get The Facts!

Electromagnetic smog, also called “Dirty Electricity” is becoming a larger and larger danger to our society with each new home or office technological advance. What 30 years ago was a very small problem is now getting people sick and sometimes worse.

We are all familiar with normal AC electricity that flows through the electrical wiring in our buildings and powers all of the lights and appliances in our homes.  This AC electricity creates electric and magnetic fields. As AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming Radio Waves. This is a form of electromagnetic radiation, called dirty electricity, that radiates through the walls of your home. 

Normally the electricity that flows through our home electrical lines is at a 60 Hz frequency. Dirty Electricity is created anytime we have an electrical device that manipulates the normal AC current in any way, such as converting it to DC current. This causes spikes and surges of higher frequency electricity that then become airborne and radiate through the walls and into our living space. So that you understand why this is dangerous, lets talk a bit more about electromagnetic radiation.

If you look on the below chart you can see that it graphs out something called “The Electromagnetic Spectrum”. If you think of the ripples on a pond when you through a pebble in, that is kind of how radio waves travel in all directions. These waves as shown in the squiggly line in the chart start out longer, meaning the distance from the top of the wave is farther from the top of the next one. As we move to the right on the chart the wave lengths get shorter an shorter. The longer the wave length, it is said to be a “lower frequency”. And the shorter the wave length the frequency is said to be higher.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

On the left side of the chart we have lower frequency radiation like radio waves and microwaves. And on the right side of the chart we have the highest frequency things like X-rays and Gamma-rays. The “Radio waves” and “Microwaves” section of the chart is referred to as “Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. Microwaves are just higher frequency radio waves.

Why Dirty Electricity Is Dangerous

There are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies that link the various forms of EMFF Radiation to numerous ailments. I link to some of these studies on the “scientific studies” page of this website. One of the most common things EMF Radiation is linked to is cancer. It is also linked to things like DNA damage (especially in infants), and sterility in men. Even the World Health Organization classifies RF Radiation, a form of EMF Radiation, as a possible “carcinogenic”, which means “cancer causing”.

One of the biggest reasons dirty electricity is so dangerous is because it is so constant. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week it is radiating into the living spaces of our homes. A constant low power exposure to EMF Radiation is more toxic than shorter duration more powerful exposures. Dirty electricity is a fairly high powered constant source of EMF Radiation.

Do You Have Dirty Electricity?

The short answer is “yes”, everyone has some. We get a little bit from the power company. The question is do you have enough that it is considered “in the danger range”?  Most homes in my experience have at least some circuits emitting levels in the danger range. But you won’t know exactly which circuits you have a problem with, or how severe the issue is unless you get it tested.

Dangerous Dirty Electricity In order to test for Dirty Electricity you need a high frequency meter that is designed to test for Dirty Electricity on your electrical circuits. The one that I like the best is one called the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter. The reason I like it is because it is inexpensive, very accurate and extremely simple to use. The meter is important so that you know if you have a problem, and so you can know for sure once it has been corrected. Without a meter you are just guessing.

Most of the time when you have a circuit that has a Dirty Electricity problem, it is pretty simple and inexpensive to solve. On rare occasions people will actually have an electrical problem, such as a grounding issue for example, that is causing the issue. If that is the case then it will take hiring an electrician to correct the problem.

You need both one of these meters and at least one filter in order to know if you need an electrician or not. If you measure a circuit that has a Dirty Electricity problem, and putting a Graham-Stetzer Filter in the circuit does not solve the problem, then you know you need an electrician.

Graham-Stetzer Filter

Graham Stetzer Filter
Graham Stetzer Filter

Most of the time when you find a circuit that has a dirty electricity issue simply putting a Graham-Stetzer Filter into one of the electrical outlets (like in the image on the right) will bring the Dirty Electricity back down into the safe range. How it works is it creates an magnetic field that absorbs all of the higher frequencies moving through the line other than the normal 60 Hz frequency that is supposed to be flowing through our wiring. This works just like a big ferrite bead if you have seen any of my articles on how to protect yourself from cellphone radiation.

In the below video I do a quick demonstration and show you how to test a circuit for Dirty Electricity, and then how to install the filter to correct the problem. The video is short but definitely worth watching. I highly recommend it.

How To Test For Dirty Electricity

As I show in the video the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter is very simple to use. Basically all you do is plug it into an electrical outlet in a circuit that you want to test. If the meter reads 50 or higher you have a problem that you need to correct. If it reads 49 or less you are in the safe range zone. Technically there is no “safe” level of RF Radiation. But keeping Dirty Electricity below 50 is what everyone is striving for. So that is what I mean by “safe range”.

If your circuit reads 50 or above, what you do is then stick a Graham-Stetzer Filter in an electrical outlet on that circuit. And then you test it again. Normally the filter will bring it down below 50 into the safe range. If it does not, you might try a second filter. You will get a diminishing returns when adding additional filters to a circuit. If two filters do not bring it down into the safe range then you know you have an electrical problem and need to call an electrician. This is very rare. 90% of the time people go through their whole house and solve every problem circuit with one filter.

When I first was learning about this my plan was just to buy a filter for each circuit in my house. As it turned out at least half of my circuits did not read above 50, so in my situation buy the meter saved me a lot of money one buying filters. So in my case there was an additional side benefit to having a meter.

The best way to do it is to purchase the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter and 2 filters. That is what I recommend. A lot of time if you to the High Frequency Meters & Filters page of this website and click the link I have for the best place to buy them. If you look around a lot of time they have packages where you can buy them together like that and get a discount.

Final Thoughts

Dirty Electricity is a real hazard that is causing people to get sicknesses such as cancer, DNA damage and sterility. Children are especially vulnerable because they are smaller and still developing. If you invest the money and go through your home and reduce the Dirty Electricity down to the safe range your family’s health will be your payment.

You can also see my guide entitled “Protect From RF Radiation: A Helpful Illustrative Guide“. In that guide I film myself going room by room through a home testing for both regular RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity. I also describe for you how I would go about correcting each of the problems I find in that home.

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