Are Low Radiation Cordless Phones Safe?

By now, you’ve heard all about the dangers of cell phone radiation.  It’s terrifying.  We know.  World renowned doctors, scientists and policy makers acknowledge cell phone radiation can cause cancer, sleep problems, ADHD and other biological changes.  So what’s a person to do? Don’t switch to a cordless phone.

Cordless phones, even many “low emission” cordless phones, put out more Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation than cell phones do. This is because a cordless phone base, as well as each of its handsets, emit massive amounts of radiation full blast constantly, 24/7, whenever they are turned on. A cell phone only emits comparable amounts of RF Radiation when sending or receiving a call. There are hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking RF Radiation to cancer and many other problems. Even the World Health Organization lists it as a possible carcinogen, meaning “cancer causing”.

See “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home” for links to some of these studies.

In the video below I test a typical cordless phone with a meter so that you can see for yourself exactly the power and quantity of the radiation that come out of cordless phones. The video is definitely worth watching. Seeing is believing. You will not want a cordless phone after watching that test.

There are many other things in our homes (think WiFi) that emit large amounts of RF Radiation. Some of them in all honesty (like a baby monitor) hopefully I will convince you to just get rid of. But some (like maybe your WiFi Router) you will choose to keep. If you do there are items you can get that will block some or most of this radiation. See the Recommended Protections page of this website for examples of those and links to where I think are the best places to get them should you decide to.

“Safer” Phone Options

Let’s look at the difference between a cordless phone and a low radiation alternative, also known as an Eco-DECT cordless phone.  Right now your normal run of the mill cordless phones emits high levels of radiation 24/7. The cordless phone and the base are constantly sending signals back and forth all day, every day. Some experts believe the base of a cell phone acts much like a cell phone tower- except this ‘tower’ is right in your living room, kitchen or bedroom.

“Cordless DECT phones constantly transmit electromagnetic radiation from the base”.  Cell phones also transmit, even when you aren’t using them.  The World Health Organization classifies RF radiation as a possible carcinogen, in the same category as DDT, lead and engine exhaust. WHO Press release, May 2011

This radiation creates a toxic environment for your family and your neighbors as the radiation transmits for a long distance, even through walls,”  Some doctors believe cordless phones and cell phones are the new cigarettes of the modern world.

The best way to prevent this consistent source of toxic radiation from entering your home, is to get rid of the source. Throw that cordless phone away. While this seems like common sense, for many families and businesses the cordless phone is a necessity.  Phone manufacturers are listening, and several companies have since developed a low radiation cordless phone. These low radiation phones have been available in Europe for years.

Eco-Mode Cordless Phones

In the past year, the Eco-DECT phones have finally been made available to consumers in the United States.  An article recently published on a website dedicated to educating people about the dangers of radiation exposure, explains in-depth how to make a low radiation phone safer than its counterpart.

“Siemens has brought this technology to the US market under the name of ECO DECT. These cordless phones are equipped with different mode settings that enable you to reduce the transmission power. However, it does not automatically turn into a low radiation DECT phone mode. You need to program the phone into an eco mode setting.

-ECO-MODE reduces the transmitting power by 80% in comparison to when ECO-MODE is not activated.

-ECO-MODE-PLUS reduces transmitting power by 100% in stand-by. The base station only transmits a signal when necessary. The phone is in stand-by and transmitting power is turned OFF when not in use. The base station only transmits a signal when a call comes in or when an internal connection is established.

-ECO DECT phones can cut power consumption by 60% when compared to energy use of other conventional cordless phones,”-

Did you catch all that? Depending on the setting, you can reduce your radiation exposure greatly.  But, make sure you do your research before you buy a low radiation phone.  Some consumers have been surprised to find their new fancy phone is not safe at all.

“Not all ECO DECT phones that are being sold today are really low radiation phones. In those that are low radiation you usually will need to setup the phone to actually be in ECO DECT and ECO DECT PLUS modes. The best thing is to take electromagnetic high frequency meter with you and to try it out in the store,”

Are Low Radiation Cordless Phones Safe? Maybe a better question is how much radiation is too much? Depends on who you ask. Some expert will tell you there is no safe level of radiation.  In fact, some believe it’s the low level of radiation, for long periods of time, that can cause the greatest damage.  How much radiation exposure are you comfortable with?  I’d like to avoid it all together, if possible.  In my research, I stumbled upon this fascinating article dissecting the low radiation cordless phone claims.

“They may be described as being ‘low radiation’ or ‘energy saving’ but as far as we can see, there I little information available on these phone in the U.S. and we are just not sure how much lower the radiation really is. We guess it is the same as smoking ‘lower tar’ cigarettes instead of regular.  You are still being exposed to obnoxious toxins, either way, and in our, and other expert opinions, no level of either of these toxins is safe.

Where cigarettes and cordless phones are concerned, the reduction in tar as well as microwave frequencies, respectively, isn’t enough, in our opinion, to significantly reduce the potential ill effects to the user.  Any level of radiation coming from a cordless phone can be harmful, whether it is a so-called ‘low radiation’ phone or not,”

If you can’t go without a cordless phone, at least opt for an energy saving model.  However, remember there is still some level of radiation emitted from an eco phone, even if it’s lower than the tradition cordless phones.  If you can say goodbye to all the conveniences that come with a cordless, replace it with a corded phone.  Your future self will thank you!

For more information on cordless phone RF radiation please see our articles entitled Do Cordless Phones Emit RF Radiation? and How Safe Are Low Radiation Cordless Phones?

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