How To Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation – Get The Facts!

Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, also often referred to as EMR or EMF Radiation is talked about quite a bit nowadays. Unless you have been living under a rock somewhere, most people have at least heard the rumor that cellphones might cause brain tumors. And then if you are like I used to be, you just ignore it as nothing to worry about. However once I did my own research and read some of the scientific study findings, all of a sudden knowing how to limit or reduce my exposure seems a lot more important.

Protecting yourself from RF Radiation involves 6 basic steps.

  1. Getting access to two specific kinds of High Frequency Meters.
  2. Measuring The Interior & Exterior Of Your Home For RF Radiation
  3. Installing The RF Radiation Corrective Protection Devices
  4. Measuring Each Circuit In Your Home For Dirty Electricity
  5. Correcting Any Dirty Electricity Problems
  6. Protecting Family Members From Cellphone Radiation

As we go through the rest of this article I will be going over each of the above 6 steps, and explain them in more detail. For a list of the most common and largest sources of RF Radiation in your home please see my article “The 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home“.Protect Your Family From RF Radiation Cover Also before we get started I should mention an Video/E-book Guide I put together that might really help you in this process. In it I filmed myself going through this entire process on a friend of mine’s home. You get to see me take both RF Radiation and Dirty Electricity readings of every part of their entire house. And their home had some pretty good problems to solve. Then I go through and tell you specifically what I would do to solve each problem.  To get the protection items I discuss in this article see the Recommended Protections page of this website.

On that page I also have links to where to get the best deals if you need to get either of the two meters I discuss below. And also any of the protection items I discuss below in the cellphone section I have links to where you can get them as well.

The Two High Frequency Meters

HF-35C High Frequency Analyzer! As I mentioned above there are two basic High Frequency Meters that you will need to get access to. The first is called a High Frequency Analyzer. The model I recommend, especially for beginners, is the “HF 35c High Frequency Analyzer”. This one is directional which means that it reads RF Radiation in the direction that you point it. This makes life much easier to identify what item is emitting the radiation when you can point it at something and that is the direction it is reading. The other nice thing about this meter is there is only a couple of option switches on the meter. This makes it much simpler to use.

Dangerous Dirty Electricity

The second meter you will need access to is a High Frequency Pollution Meter. This meter is also called a “Dirty Electricity Meter. The one I recommend is the “Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter”. You could not have a simpler meter than this one to use. It is a meter with a cord with a AC electrical plug on the end of it. All you do is plug it into one AC electrical outlet in each circuit to take your reading. Pretty darn simple.

Now I say that you need access to them. You do not necessarily need to buy them. If you know someone who has them then you can borrow them rather than purchasing your own. You can test everything in the average home in about an hour. Related article: “7 Best EMF / RF Meters and Detectors – My Top Picks!

Measuring For RF Radiation

This can get a bit intense. The other day I was measuring a master bedroom in a home for a friend. The guy was mister smart gadget guru. He had multiple WiFi emitting devices in pretty much all directions in his bedroom. So I had to unplug them all, and then turn them on one by one and take each reading. The reason you have to do this is because some of the devices may not be emitting radiation. This was the case with this guys bedroom. There were several electrical items that looked WiFi, but emitted no radiation when turned on. This is also why having a directional meter was helpful.

Okay now let’s go through the process. Basically what you do is first start on the outside of your house and take a reading on your gas and electric smart meters. It is important to do this because it helps you access the urgency of each issue. For example on my house I had what looked like a smart meter, but it turned out to actually only be a digital meter.

Real quick I wanted to insert this short video where I actually do what we are talking about here. I test my digital meter and show you how much RF Radiation it emits. Then I show you a simple product that will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation that it emits. I put a Smart Meter Guard on and test it again. It is a short video but very much worth watching!

While both emit RF Radiation and cause dirty electricity to be emitted by every circuit in the house, my digital meter causes problems on a much lower scale than a smart meter. My digital meter was still a serious enough emitter that corrections needed to be made, but it was about a sixth of the output of a smart meter. While you are on the outside of the house be sure and take a reading on any exterior WiFi devices you may have on your home, such as a WiFi sprinkler control box etc.

And if your homes in your neighborhood are fairly close together, if your neighbors smart meter is facing your home, it may be emitting enough to affect your living area. Take a reading from both your property line, and from the exterior wall of your home. I have heard of cases where the homes were close enough together that this caused a problem. In one case a home owner found that his neighbor’s smart meter radiated the heck out of his master bedroom.

Do not forget your garage. Many homes have their sprinkler control box actually inside the garage. And if it is smart at all, you will want to test it in case it is wireless. Also there are Bluetooth wireless smart garage door openers now. These put off a fair amount of RF Radiation. So remember to test your garage.

Before you start the interior of the home you will want to first test your WiFi Router. And test how far away from your WiFi Router you can still read RF Radiation. You will be amazed out how powerful some of these are. Once you have taken your readings on the WiFi Router you will want to unplug it while you test the rest of the house. Having your WiFi Router on will skew the readings you take in the rest of the home if you leave it on.

Now go room by room and take a reading on every device you find giving off RF Radiation. Don’t forget to check for things like smart thermostats in hallways and things like that. Also be sure to keep a list and write down the reading you get on every item in each room. And keep notes on things you learn that you want to remember. You will be amazed at how much RF Radiation you are being exposed to every day. You will need this information in the next step.

Installing The Corrective Protection Devices

wifi router guard

Okay this step is both difficult and satisfying. It is difficult because you will be needing to make some tough decisions. You might be choosing to give up one of your beloved smart gadgets if you can’t find an acceptable or affordable way to protect from its radiation. But it will be satisfying because you will be taking some important steps forward towards really protecting the health of all who live in your home. In the below video I test my 5 GHz WiFi router with a meter and then put in in a Wifi Router Guard so that you can see the difference it makes. They work really well.

The Wifi Router Guard, with picture to the above right, (and demonstrated in the above video) should be a no brain-er and a painless decision. The largest emitter of RF Radiation inside your home, (rivaled only by maybe a baby monitor), is your WiFi Router. If you get it into a router guard you will still have WiFi but will reduce 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation it emits.

Walmart Mesh Basket

So what you need to do now is take the list of notes you accumulated in the last step, and go through each RF Radiation emitting item on your list. You just need to decide if you really have to have it, or not. If not, your decision is simple. Just take it out of your house and problem solved. If you really have to have it you have basically 2 options to reduce the RF Radiation and keep it.

1st, if it is something you can stick in a WaveCage (see picture below), another Router Guard, or this (click on link) steel mesh waste basket works well. If it is something you can deal with the aesthetics of having it in an item like that then that is one way to solve the problem.

Your other option, like for a smart thermostat, are items that you can replace with a smart item that is not wireless. If you have a smart device hard wired into your home, and no WiFi feature turned on, you can have your gadget without it emitting any RF Radiation. It still may cause some dirty electricity on that circuit, but a Graham-Stetzer filter should be able to reduce that down to safe levels.

So that is what you do. You now know how much RF Radiation each item in your house is emitting. And you decide what you want to do to solve the problem. There is a third solution that may work for some items. For example lets say you have a cordless phone you simply refuse to part with. Perhaps turning it off at night, or when you know you will not be using it. At least then it would not be radiating your family during sleep. But they do have some pretty amazing corded office phones that might be a better solution. Just saying. My point is you get to decide.

Measuring For Dirty Electricity

Now this part is pretty straight forward. You take your  Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter through your home room by room and plug it somewhere into each circuit of your house. (Remember some rooms in your home may have some outlets on different circuits.) If the meter reads in the safety range, your good, nothing to do. If it reads above the safety range then you know you have a problem to solve. The only other thing you need to do is each time you run into a circuit that reads too high, just stick a Graham-Stetzer Filter in one of the outlets and see if it solves the problem.

Here is one more short video where I demonstrate exactly what we are talking about here. I show you how to measure for Dirty Electricity and then how to correct the problem if it measures too high. Again it is very short, but very much worth watching!

If it solves it write that down. If it doesn’t write that down. And write down the before and after the filter readings you get for each circuit. So that is pretty much it. You just do that for each circuit in your home, and write down the reading you get from each circuits in your notes.

Correcting Any Dirty Electricity Problems

Okay now you know for each circuit which read above the safety limits, and which read within the safety limits. And you know which that read too high were solved by the a  Graham-Stetzer Filter, and which were not. So you know how many Graham-Stetzer Filters you need to buy; one for each circuit that read to high where the filter solved the problem.

A filter should solve almost all of the circuits that test with a problem. But if you do have a circuit or two that the filter will not bring it down into the safe range, you know you have an electrical issue. Yes that means you need to hire an electrician. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But sometimes issues like that are fire hazards too. So it is good that you found this out! A fire is a lot more expensive than an electrician.

Protecting Family Members From Cellphone Radiation

Ferrite Bead

First, and most important, don’t ever hold your cellphone up to your ear. And don’t ever use a Bluetooth or regular corded headset. Instead attach a Ferrite Bead on the bottom of your corded headset, and use that. A ferrite bead will filter (just like a Graham-Stetzer Filter 90% to 95% of the radiation out of the cord so that it is safe to go to your ear.

In the below video I show you ferrite beads as they are used commercially and how you can use them to protect yourself from the Bluetooth and RF Radiation of your cellphone.

Protected Cell Case

Get a quality cellphone case that will block 99% of the cellphone radiation exiting one side of your phone. Keep that side towards your body and store it in a purse or loose jacket pocket; not in a pocket right next to your body. If you do have to carry it in a pocket, make it as rare as humanly possible. And always be sure and have the protected side towards your body.

Radiation Protection

Get a WaveCage or a steel mesh waste basket for everyone in the house that has a cell phone. Keep everyone’s cellphones in those at night, and keep them at least 10 feet away from you, and above your body, while sleeping. This is amazing and will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation from the phone at night. If you keep it at least 10 feet away from your body while in the cage or basket, the rest of the radiation will disapate and you none, or very close to it, will get to you while sleeping.

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