Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer / Brain Tumors?

It’s hard to imagine a world without cell phones. Not too long ago, think 20 years ago, cell phones were a novelty-reserved for the fanciest cars and people with real fancy jobs.  The first cell phones sold to consumers were about the size of a brick, literally.  Fast forward to today and every one has a cell phone.  But could cell phone use be killing us?

There is a lot of evidence suggesting that cell phones cause cancerous brain tumors. Malignant brain tumors have increased in the area of the head where cell phones come in contact. In 2011 the World Health Organization classified cell phone radiation as a possible “carcinogenic” to humans. And there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies linking this radiation to things like cancer, DNA damage (especially in infants and fetuses) and male infertility.

Cell phones emit three different forms of electromagnetic radiation which are electric fields, magnetic fields and Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. Cellphones transmit using a microwave frequency, which is a form of RF Radiation. This is the exact same kind of radiation your microwave oven uses to cook your food. The amperage’s or power level used are different, but it is the exact same radiation.

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Since knowledge is power, and seeing is believing, the video below is really worth watching. It is short but informative. In the video I test a normal Samsung Smartphone to see how much RF Radiation it emits just in the on mode. You will be surprised how much it puts out. And in the video I am not even making a phone call. The phone is just turned on. Cellphones emit their most powerful radiation when sending or receiving a phone call. The video is worth watching.

In the above video I go discuss and show you some basic ways you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation. I will go over that process in more depth later in this article. You also might be interested in reading our article entitled “How To Protect Yourself From Cellphone Radiation“.

Can I Use My Cell Phone Safely?

The short answer is yes, but you will have to make some changes to the way you use and keep your cell phone. The biggest challenge when people first start learning about the dangers of RF Radiation is getting them to believe it. When I say believe it I mean believe it enough that it is a real danger to them and something that they need to take action on to correct.

Since the vast majority of the world is not at all concerned with it people have a hard time letting the information sink in enough so that they take it seriously. But when you start reading the actual scientific studies I have on this website (some are below in this article and more are on the scientific studies page of this website) it becomes really hard not to take this seriously.

So I recommend studying this subject. Get educated about it. I don’t have links to all of the studies on this website but I have links to enough for you to get started. And when you get to the studies websites the studies I list are on you can search for other related articles as well. If you do that I promise that this topic will become more real in your mind and it will be easier to take action.

As I continue in this article I am going to go over what kinds of things you can do to still have a cell phone, but not be exposed to so much RF Radiation. I really hope this article will be helpful both to motivate you to take action as well as showing you the simple steps you need to follow to do so.

How To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

Creating Distance

Speaker PhoneThe most important thing to know about how to use your cell phone safely is the importance of creating as much distance between you and your cell phone as possible. In the picture to the left you will notice the man is talking on his cell phone speaker phone. This creates distance between your cell phone and your head. Even better would be if this guy could set the phone down on a desk in front of him and talk on speakerphone.

As I go through all of the ways to protect yourself from cell phone RF Radiation, the common theme will be distance. There are things that you can do to block or neutralize the harmful radiation, but even with those anything you can do to create distance between you and any RF Radiation source is important. This is because RF Radiation dissipates with distance. And the higher the RF Radiation frequency, the more this is true.

So as we go through all of the things that you can do to protect yourself from RF Radiation keep in mind that with all of that, the more distance you can keep the better.

Air Tube Headsets

Air Tube Headset

The most vulnerable organ in your body to cell phone RF Radiation is your brain. In one of the scientific studies that I discuss below it found that since more people have access to cell phones the temporal lobe of the brain (the part of the brain where cell phones are held up next to) has had an increase in the amount of brain tumors.

By far the safest way to talk on the phone (other than while on speaker phone with the phone sitting on your desk) is through an Air Tube Headset (as long as you have a Ferrite Bead on the bottom of it). You can check out the prices and reviews of a couple of different Air Tube Headsets here on these links that take you to  1. Defender Shield Headset   2. Tuisy Air Tube Headset    3. Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset

You do not want to use a Bluetooth headset because they emit RF Radiation too. A Bluetooth headset is probably worse than holding the cell phone up to your head because it is like sticking a mini WiFi router in the hole in your head called your ear. Then there is only a little soft tissue between this RF Radiation emitting device and your brain. (And Bluetooth emits the exact same 2.45 GHz RF Radiation frequency that a typical microwave oven uses to cook your food.)

An Air Tube Headset works similar to a doctor’s stethoscope. They provide great sound, but the sound travels up to your head through plastic tubes called “air tubes”. You see the problem with a corded headset is the RF Radiation from your cell phone grabs onto the wire in your headset cord and travels up the cord into your ear. A regular corded headset is not much better than a Bluetooth headset because it takes the RF Radiation up into your ear.

But an Air Tube Headset only takes the RF Radiation up the cord to the little speakers and it stops there. It cannot travel up the air tubes to your head. The only problem with an air tube headset is the radiation still travels up the bottom 2/3 of the headset from the cell phone to the speakers. Putting a Ferrite Bead at the bottom solves that problem as I discuss below.

Ferrite Bead Laptop Charger

Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Beads

As I described above the problem you have with any type of corded headset is that the RF Radiation grabs on to it just like it was an antenna and runs right up the cord. In the case of a normal corded headset the RF Radiation goes right up into your ear. So a corded headset by itself is not a whole lot better than a Bluetooth headset.

With an Air Tube Headset the RF Radiation goes up the cord to the speakers. It can’t go past the speakers up the air tubes to your head. The problem with that is that the RF Radiation is still traveling most of the way up the headset cord. Then whenever the cord touches your body the RF Radiation it is carrying goes into your body. It is like holding the cell phone to your body instead of to your head.

Ferrite Beads

Ferrite Beads

Ferrite beads solve this problem. They block or filter the frequencies higher than those that are supposed to be flowing through the corded headset. In fact the higher the frequency, the better job a ferrite bead does. It basically acts like a resistor and stops the high frequency RF Radiation from traveling up the line. Check out the very cheap prices for Ferrite Beads on Amazon by clicking one of these two links. 1. Black Ferrite Beads     2. White Ferrite Beads

If you look at the image on the top left of the Ferrite Bead section, it is a picture of a Ferrite Bead on a normal laptop power cord. Manufacturers put these on a lot of power cords for many different types of electronic devices. This protects the device from high frequency spikes and surges that would other wise travel up the cord and damage its circuit board. This is a commonly used technology.

Just like the permanent Ferrite Beads manufacturers include as part of their device power cords protect the device, the snap on type of Ferrite Bead will protect you from the high frequency RF Radiation that is emitted from cell phones. If you watch the below video I show you how to put a Ferrite Bead on, and I explain in more detail how it actually works.

If you search on YouTube for “how ferrite beads work” you will find a video where the guy has a professional scope and literally shows on the scope’s monitor how Ferrite Beads block the high frequency types of radiation. He also shows you how two Ferrite Beads work better than one, and three work better than two. And he shows you how winding the cord through the Ferrite Bead twice (as I show you in the above video) also dramatically increases how well it protects you.

Phone and RFID Guard

Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard

The Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard is the cloth looking cell phone bag you see to the left of this paragraph. It may not look like much, but it does an almost perfect job of stopping the RF Radiation from passing through the bag. The reason I like this bag so much is because having a bag like this is wider and longer than your actual cell phone. What this means is that it is harder for the RF Radiation to travel around this bag than it is to travel around a shielding phone case.

A Shielding phone case typically is only slightly longer and wider than the phone itself. So the RF Radiation has an even easier time going around one of them. A shielding cell phone case is a little easier to use and so it is more convenient. So you will want to consider both and weigh out the pros and cons and make your own decision as to which one is right for you.

Plus a Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard is not designed to be used while you are talking on the phone like a shielding cell phone case is. What it is designed for is something you can stick your phone in to be carried in your purse or loose jacket pocket so that there is some distance between the phone and your body. You always want to have the shielding side of this guard facing your body.

Another nice thing about this Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard is the fact that it does such a good job of stopping RF Radiation that it makes a really secure place to store credit and debit cards when you are traveling. I think it is worth its price if that is all you ever use it for. Check out the price of the Phone Guard in this link: Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard

In the below video I do a full video review of the Phone (& RFID) Guard and tell you what I like about it and what its limitations are. It is a short video but will tell you a lot more details about it. And you will actually see it in the video. I recommend watching the video if you are at all interested in getting one.

A Shielding Cell Phone Case

SafeSleeve Radiation Cases

A cell phone shielding case is simply a case for your phone that has a metallic shielding material in one side of the cell phone case.  The side that has the shielding material covers the side of the phone that you would hold up to your head as seen in this picture to the right of this paragraph.

A cell phone case is not a perfect solution because even though it is designed for you to hold up to your head to talk into as it shows in the picture to the right, you should never do so if you can help it. Remember we always want to keep distance between our bodies and the cell phone. Some RF Radiation is still going to go around the shielding case and into your body even if you hold it flat against your head.

But having talked about a shielding cell phone case’s limitations, I still believe you should have one; either a shielding cell phone case or a Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard. I don’t believe either should ever be used so that you can hold the cell phone up to your head or in a pocket right next to your body (if you can help it). But if I had to hold the phone up to my head because I forgot my Air Tube Headset, I would rather do so with some shielding between me and the phone.

Both a shielding cell phone case or a Cell Phone (& RFID) Guard block a significant amount of the radiation. It is my personal opinion but I believe they are worth having. My favorite one is the case by SafeSleeve. It is a great quality case that is not too pricey. I think it is the best bang for the buck. You can check out its price here on  My second favorite one is the case by DefenderShield. This one is a bit more expensive but really good as well. Check out its price here on Amazon.

Radiation Protection

Walmart Mesh Basket

Conductive Metal Mesh Bucket

One of the most overlooked exposures to cell phone RF Radiation comes at night when people are sleeping. People use them as their alarm clocks and either set their phone on their night table or they actually sleep with it in bed with them (please do not do that)! And same type of exposure often happens during the day while we are at work. We either leave it on our desk in front of us or we keep it next to our body in a pocket. Some women keep it in their purse which is much better because then at least their is more distance between them and the cell phone.

For both at night when you are sleeping and when you are at work sitting at your desk, a great protection is to get some form of a conductive metal mesh basket or bucket that you can keep the phone in. If you keep them at least 4 to 6 feet from your body these baskets and the distance will eliminate almost all of the RF Radiation hitting your body. In my keeping your cell phones in baskets like this during the night (and day when possible) is one of the most important things you can do.

Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy

This first link will take you to where you can get the WaveCage so you can check out its price. The following 2 links take you to where you can check out the prices for each on Steel Mesh Waste Basket and Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy

Just putting them into the baskets and elevating the basket so that it is higher than your body blocks about 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation coming out of your cell phone by itself. RF Radiation has a very difficult time traveling through parallel lines of conductive metal. Since they have a open top some RF Radiation will get out of the top. This is why you are more protected if you can keep it higher than your body and as far a way from you (at least 4 to 6 feet) as reasonably possible.

As you can see from the pictures both on the above left and on the above right, there are different size Steel Mesh Buckets available. The picture on the left is called a WaveCage, and is just right for keeping a smart phone in at night. The picture on the right is a image of a Steel Mesh Waste Basket that I purchased from Amazon. They are not as aesthetically pleasing of an option, but they do quite nicely. The image on the lower left is an basket called the Steel Mesh Condiment Caddy.

In the below video I actually test four types of metal mesh baskets with a meter. I turn on my cell phone and stick it in each of these baskets. I test both before and after putting the cell phone in each basket so that you can see exactly how much RF Radiation they block. These baskets are very important. This video gives you a chance to see on a meter how well they protect you. It is definitely worth watching in my opinion!

Once my wife and I made all of the adjustments that we needed to make to get the RF Radiation reading in our home down to about 3 micro-watts per meter squared, we noticed a crazy huge increase in our ability to sleep and sleep restfully at night. For one thing it had been years since either she or I could remember having a dream so vivid that we could remember it.

As soon as we reduced our RF Radiation down to the 3 micro-watts per meter squared, it was like we could not turn our vivid dreaming off! And we both sleep so much more restfully. The metal mesh baskets are a very large and important part of that reduction.

Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker

Galaxy A6 Back with Sticker

The Aulterra Neutralizer Sticker is a product that has an amazing quantity of scientific studies behind it. I go over many of these studies in my article entitled “Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products Review“. At first I wasn’t so sure about these types of products. I thought people that liked them must just be getting a placebo affect. My opinion changed when I started reading the scientific tests.

Kim Dandurand developed this technology in 1996 when he was engaged in a major environmental cleanup project where this technology was used to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites.

Aulterra Neutralizer Products

He then funded a bunch of studies to see if these same paramagnetic minerals would neutralize RF Radiation. What he learned was that they do 2 things. First they decrease the intensity of the radiation. And second they neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation rendering it harmless to human DNA.

Basically, the way I understand it, the paramagnetic minerals within the Aulterra stickers form a magnetic field that changes the man-made waves emitted by a cellphone into a more natural form. This reduces the damage they cause by about 95%. Check out the price here on their website at

Aulterra stickers will reduce the intensity and the damaging affect of cellphone Radiation. All of the rest of these products I talk about on this page limit the quantity of RF Radiation that you are exposed to. In my estimation both methods are equally important.

I think it is critical to our health to do everything that we can to reduce the quantity of RF Radiation we are exposed to. However since in today’s world we are still going to be exposed to some, to me that is why Aulterra Neutralizer Products are important. Put stickers on your cell phone so that whatever exposure you still get after doing your best to reduce it, gets neutralized. I don’t believe either method is the fix all by itself. We need both in my opinion.

In the next section we are going to get into the a few of the actual scientific studies that link cell phone RF Radiation to cancer. There are many many more. This is just a few that I picked to get you going. But like they say, “knowledge is power”. The very fact that you are on this website at all shows that you are someone who believes in finding out for yourself what the real facts are, rather than just listening to popular opinion. So good job!

Cell Phone Radiation Scientific Studies

In this section I am going to go over five peer reviewed scientific studies that link RF Radiation to cancer. This will not be the most exciting section to read. I tried to keep my description brief and to just summarize the findings of each study. However in case you want to do a thorough review of these studies I have provided links to the studies so that you can go directly to them and read them in their entirety if you choose.

1. Inter-phone International Case-Control Study

Temporal LobeIn this study I am going to look at a summary article published on entitled “Brain tumour risk in relation to mobile telephone use: results of the INTERPHONE international case-control study.” Some of their articles have very long titles as you can see!

In this study they studied 2708 cases of people who had glioma and 2409 cases of people who had meningioma from 13 different countries. They observed that the group of people that were consistent cell phone users had a higher rate of cancer in the Temporal Lobe of the brain, than in any other part of the brain. This is significant because this is the area of the brain where cell phone are held up to and where Bluetooth headsets are close to.

In this particular study they did not find an overall increase in cancer in the brain as a whole, but they did find an increase in the Temporal Lobe of the head closest to cell phone and Bluetooth use.

2. Pathophysiology Journal

In a study printed in the article entitled “Use of mobile phones and cordless phones is associated with increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma” on it shows an increase in cancer risk for people who use both cellular and cordless phones. In the highlights of the article they say very specifically “There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma associated with use of wireless phones.”

And in the Abstract of the study they make reference to the IARC’s, part of the World Health Organization, recent classification of RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic”. They say “The IARC carcinogenic classification does not seem to have had any significant impact on governments’ perceptions of their responsibilities to protect public health from this widespread source of radiation.” In other words the fact the the WHO came out and made that classification no government seems to care or to be making any effort to improve the safety standards.

3. Study On Cancer Based On Distance From Cell Phone Towers

This study is entitled “The Influence of Being Physically Near to a Cell Phone Transmission Mast on the Incidence of Cancer“. The point of this study was to determine whether people living close to cell phone towers were under higher risk of developing malignant tumors than people not living near cell phone towers.

In this study they studied people who lived near a particular cell phone tower over a ten year period, from 1994 to 2004. What they found was that people that lived closer than 400 meters to the cell towers had significantly higher rate of cancer than those people who lived farther away from the cell phone tower. On average they found that people who would get cancer got it about 8 years earlier than those people who lived farther away from the cell phone tower.

From the years between 1999 and 2004 (which is five years after the installation of the cell phone tower) the relative risk of these people getting malignant tumors had trebled for the residents of the area living within close proximity to the cell phone towers compared to those people living further out side of the area.

4. Ramazzini Study On Radio-frequency Cell Phone Radiation

This artcle’s full title is “Ramazzini Study On Radiofrequency Cell Phone Radiation: The World’s Largest Animal Study On Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link“. These study articles have super long titles too lol. This is the largest animal study on cell tower radiation in the world and it confirms RF Radiation link to cancer.

The results of this study state as follows “A statistically significant increase in the incidence of heart Schwannomas was observed in treated male rats at the highest dose (50 V/m). Furthermore, an increase in the incidence of heart Schwann cells hyperplasia was observed in treated male and female rats at the highest dose (50 V/m), although this was not statistically significant. An increase in the incidence of malignant glial tumors was observed in treated female rats at the highest dose (50 V/m), although not statistically significant…

The RI findings on far field exposure to RFR are consistent with and reinforce the results of the NTP study on near field exposure, as both reported an increase in the incidence of tumors of the brain and heart in RFR-exposed Sprague-Dawley rats. These tumors are of the same histotype of those observed in some epidemiological studies on cell phone users. These experimental studies provide sufficient evidence to call for the re-evaluation of IARC conclusions regarding the carcinogenic potential of RFR in humans.”

5. National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies

The whole title of this study is the “Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley® SD rats (Whole Body Exposures)“. Another long name. In this study, in rats that were exposed to RF Radiation while in the womb and throughout their lives scientists found neoplastic and hyperplastic tumors. “These studies found low incidences of 12 malignant gliomas in the brain and schwannomas in the heart of male rats.”

More Links To Studies

The above studies will give you a taste of what the studies are like. There are many many more, literally hundreds. I have links to more of them on the “Scientific Studies” page of this website. I hope that this information is helpful to you. It is very important that we share articles like this one you are reading now on social media so that we can raise public awareness about how dangerous this radiation is.

Articles About Cell Phone Radiation


“Lennart Hardell, professor of oncology at Orebro University in Sweden,  comparing 1,617 patients diagnosed with brain tumors between 1997 with the same number of healthy people, found that cell phone users were 2.5 times more likely to have a temporal brain tumor on the side of the head where they held their phone. The risk of auditory nerve tumors was increased 3.7 times for mobile phone users. Probably the most significant conclusion of Dr. Hardell is that use of mobile phones for up to 10 years increased the risk of brain cancer by 26%, but the risk jumped to 77% for more than a decade’s use. This study is the first to examine the long-term effects of using a cell phone,” –


Just this year, the largest study of its kind in the United States also revealed a link between cell phone radiation and tumors.  Over the course of the past couple years, researchers at the U.S. National Toxicology program, exposed female and male rates to consistent levels of radiation, similar to the exposure in humans. The in-depth study found male rats developed rare tumors, but the female rats did not. A recent article in Reuters explains the significance of this study:

“However, the two 10-year, $25 million studies – the most comprehensive assessments of health effects and exposure to radio-frequency radiation in rats and mice to date – do raise new questions about exposure to the ubiquitous devices.  In the studies, about 6 percent of male rats whose entire bodies were exposed to the highest level of cell phone radiation developed schwannoma – a rare type of tumor – in nerve tissue near their hearts, while there were no schwannoma in animals that were not exposed to radiation.

‘The intriguing part of this is the kind of tumors we saw were similar to tumors noted for quite some time in some epidemiological studies in heavy duty cellphone users,’ John Bucher, a senior scientist with NTP, said in a telephone interview. Of course, these were in the nerves in the ear and next to the brain, but the tumor types were the same as we saw in the heart,’” –Reuters


The research and studies clearly indicate the link between tumors and cell phone radiation.  But, how? How could companies sell devices that have the potential to create such major health problems. This is a deeply divided issue across the cell phone industry and health advocates.

The cell phone companies will tell you their devices are safe and fall within the recommended levels of radiation exposure, set by the Federal Communication Commission. The truth is recommended ‘safe’ levels for radiation exposure are outdated and based off a grown man in the 80s.  Just think about what these ‘safe’ levels mean for a child and their developing brain.  Just recently, the State of California Public Health Department issued guidelines to reduce radiation exposure from cell phones.

“Although the science is still evolving, there are concerns among some public health professionals and members of the public regarding long-term, high use exposure to the energy emitted by cell phones,” said CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer Karen Smith in a statement. . . .Children and teens seem to be at a particular risk, she added, since their brains are still developing and more vulnerable to the radiation emitted by cell phones. “Children’s brains develop through the teenage years and may be more affected by cell phone use,” said Smith. “Parents should consider reducing the time their children use cell phones and encourage them to turn the devices off at night,” –Forbes.

The Independent

In fact, some doctors believe an dramatic increase in the cases of rare childhood brain cancer can be attributed to cell phone radiation.  It makes sense. Children are exposed to cell phones, tablets, baby monitors and other kinds of high tech radiation emitting devices from birth.  A study in 2008, revealed teens are at higher risk for developing brain tumors than ever before.  Here’s another excerpt from the Sweden study I mentioned earlier:

“Those who started using mobiles young, he added, were also five times more likely to get acoustic neuromas, benign but often disabling tumors of the auditory nerve, which usually cause deafness.  By contrast, people who were in their twenties before using handsets were only 50 per cent more likely to contract gliomas and just twice as likely to get acoustic neuromas.  Professor Hardell told the IoS: “This is a warning sign. It is very worrying. We should be taking precautions.” He believes that children under 12 should not use mobiles except in emergencies and that teenagers should use hands-free devices or headsets and concentrate on texting.

At 20 the danger diminishes because then the brain is fully developed. Indeed, he admits, the hazard to children and teenagers may be greater even than his results suggest, because the results of his study do not show the effects of their using the phones for many years. Most cancers take decades to develop, longer than mobile phones have been on the market,” –Independent

Final Thoughts

So, what now? How are we supposed to communicate in a modern world without a cell phone? The good news is that you can protect yourself and still keep your cell phone..  Here’s some simple tips: don’t hold your phone to your ear. Put your phone on speaker to talk, or use a special Air Tube Headset designed to minimize radiation exposure. Also, get a radiation protection case for your phone.  These special covers are available online. I have links to where you can get them in the article above.  Don’t give your kids a cell phone. They can make do without it.  The risks far outweigh the benefits.

For general information about the biggest RF radiation dangers in your home please read our article entitled 7 Worst Radiation Dangers In Your Home.  For more information about cell phone radiation please see our article entitled Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation When Not In Use?

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