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Frank Edelman
Frank Edelman

For our business review this month we decided to do an auto repair service. The business we chose to highlight is an extremely reputable shop called A-1 Auto Tech. Their official name and contact information is A-1 Auto Tech, Inc., 89 Pioneer Way, Mountain View, CA 94041, (650) 487-2240. Their website is They have been in business since 1978, and have been the go to shop where other shops send their more difficult work that they themselves did not want to tackle.

The owner and President of the shop is a man by the name of Frank Edelman. He has been working at the business since it’s inception. He personally oversees all of the work to make sure that each technician does every job correctly, to the highest industry standards. We have all heard the stories of the auto repair shop who repairs things that don’t need repaired or who charges you for repairing something, but the problem still continues. If you take a quick scan of A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.’s reviews, most comment on the integrity and honesty of Frank and his technicians and of the high quality work that his shop puts out consistently.

And Frank invest in the training and education of his technicians. Cars are ever changing and to stay on top of how to repair the nicer cars driven around the Mountain View, CA area, Frank pays for his staff to be trained on the latest vehicles and tools. And he invests in the very best tools as well.

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc Shop
A-1 Auto Tech, Inc Shop

State Of The Art Auto Repair

Frank says “We take great pride in the work that we perform here! Whether it is something as small as replacing a light bulb, or as technical as installing a new engine or transmission, we do it with pride and precision!” They have invested int the tools, technology and training of our technicians needed to repair any vehicle in today’s world. Because of their investment in the latest state of the art tools, and in the same cutting edge scanners that new car dealers use, A-1 really does have what it takes to do the best possible repair on any vehicle.

In talking to Frank we found out that he gets customers from all over the nearby area. Many people drive the extra distance to come to a shop where they trust Frank, and know that the work will be done right. They have many customers driving from as far as Atherton, CA and Menlo Park, CA (which is even beyond Palo Alto, CA) in one direction, and Milpitas CA, Santa Clara CA, Saratoga CA and even Portola Valley CA in all other directions. Most of their new customers come from being referred by their existing happy customers.

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. News Article

On April 4, 1990 there was an article written about Frank and A-1 Auto Tech, Inc., in the San Jose Mercurey News highlighting the business and their outstanding reputation in the community. They quote Frank Edelman as having said “”We want to be able to handle a car as well as any dealer can”. Then they tell a bit of the history of the business as follows:

“He started out in the automotive business at age 16, Edelman worked after school for Bob Witter’s Shell, an independent service station in Sunnyvale. “The very first day I didn’t have anything to do, and I picked up a broom and started sweeping the (service) bays, and Bob was floored,” Edelman said. Witter sold the shop four years later (Edelman sees Witter as a mentor and continues to consult him for advise), and Edelman got a job with a Ford dealership. But in the week between jobs he started serving customers’ cars at his Sunnyvale home. “The first week out of my garage I did $3,500,” Edelman said. He earned only $14 an hour at the dealership. Two months later he had a booming business.”

Old Picture Of Team
Old Picture Of Team

A Great Shop To Work At

Now this is a very old picture of the team from the 1990’s. Most of these technicians still work with Frank today. That says an awful lot about the integrity of the owner of this shop. Not only does he treat his customers good, but he treats his workers so well that they never want to leave. And even his manager is one of the original employees in this picture. I don’t think you could have a better recommendation than that.

Just A Quality Auto Repair Shop

This  is our honest impression of this business. But in reading the 1990 news article, the many reviews of this business, and of his customers, this is the feeling that one gets.  If you live in and around Mountain View California, and find yourself in need of auto repair services, this is where I would go. I really like the fact that the original owner is still at this shop after all of this time and is still making sure that things run the right way.

Whether you need a 60k service, an oil change, wheel alignment, radiator repair, transmission repair or a complete engine overhaul, the guys at A1 Auto Tech have the experience and tools to get the job done right. A couple of things that they specialize in is smog/emission repair and auto electrical repair. Electrical repair is something that a lot of shops refuse to do because it can be so difficult. A-1 has done a ton of auto electrical work and have a reputation around the area of being really good at it. Big or small, simple or complicated, whatever your auto repair needs are you will be happy you took your vehicle to A-1.


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