Are Baby Monitors Safe or Dangerous? – Get The Facts.

For most parents there is absolutely nobody we love more or want to protect more than our children and grandchildren. These “precious cuties”, as I call my grandchildren, cannot protect themselves. And it is our desire to protect them and keep them safe that motivates us to want to get a baby monitor so that we can keep an eye on them while they are sleeping. But we are unknowingly risking their lives and potentially causing them future health problems.

Baby monitors are very dangerous. They are one of the largest emitters of Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation in our homes. If you don’t believe me take a few minutes and watch the below video where I actually test a baby’s room for radiation. About the only things in our modern homes that emit this much harmful RF Radiation are smart meters and WiFi Routers. And the most dangerous part of all is parents typically put the baby monitor very close to the baby’s head, when they are sleeping. And babies are smaller, have thinner unattached skulls, and are more vulnerable to this harmful radiation than adults.

In the below video I am testing a baby’s room for radiation. This video was part of a larger series that I did where I went room by room through an entire home and tested each room for both RF Radiation and “electromagnetic smog” (or “Dirty Electricity”) and then show how to correct each of these problems. The idea is to reduce all of the radiation in our homes back down to safe levels. You can see the rest of this video series in my article “The Protect Your Family From RF Radiation Guide“.

Taken by itself this video seems a bit scattered and not well planned out. So for that I apologize. It goes better as part of the entire series. But it does show how much radiation is emitted by a basic baby monitor.

What Is RF Radiation?

To explain what RF Radiation is let’s first start with the regular kind of electricity that flows through the power lines in our homes and lights our light bulbs and powers all of our appliances. When normal AC Electric fields and AC Magnetic fields approach higher frequencies, the fields become airborne becoming “Electromagnetic Radiation”. Below is a chart of something called the “Electromagnetic Spectrum” .

Electromagnetic Spectrum

As this airborne electromagnetic radiation gets higher and higher frequencies, (which means shorter and shorter wave lengths) it becomes different things. The chart illustrates this. On the lower end of the spectrum are things like AM and FM radio waves. A little bit higher are microwaves. And on the very high end are things like x-rays and gamma rays.

RF Radiation, or Radio Frequency Radiation includes both the “Radio waves” and “Microwaves” portions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (as shown on chart). Within the RF Radiation portion of the spectrum, the higher the frequency (or shorter the wave length), the more dangerous it is to living organisms.

Is RF Radiation Dangerous?

The RF Radiation that a baby monitor emits is the exact same type of radiation that a microwave oven uses to cook food. And in fact some baby monitors even use the exact same frequency as a microwave oven. When I randomly ask parents if they would ever set their infant child  down on a counter just inches away from their microwave oven while they were using it to cook dinner, most often I get a horrified look and an adamant “no!”

 Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor

Yet most of these same parents have a baby monitor that emits RF Radiation in one of the microwave frequencies. For example the picture on the right is of a common baby monitor that uses the 2.4 GHz RF Radiation frequency. To put this into perspective a typical microwave oven uses 2.45 GHz.

The microwave portion of the Electromagnetic Spectrum ranges from 1 GHz to 300 GHz. (So please don’t buy that baby monitor in the picture! If you insist on having a baby monitor instead see my article “7 Examples of Lower Emission Baby Monitors“.)

RF Radiation Scientific Studies

There are literally hundreds of peer reviewed scientific studies from scientists in over 40 countries linking RF Radiation to things like cancer, DNA damage in both adults and human eggs while still in ovaries, and male sperm sterility. If you would like to read some of these studies for yourself I link to some of them on the “Scientific Studies” page of this website.

I am not a fan at all of the World Health Organization. However in 2011 even they were forced to classify RF Radiation as a possible “carcinogenic“, which means “cancer causing”. But at risk of sounding like a tin foil hat wearer, it seems like the technology companies have bought off some of our politicians. I say this because nothing seems to be slowing the roll out of these RF Radiation emitting devices.

Below is a video of a British Physicist named Barrie Trower. He spent his whole career, first in the military and then as a university professor, studying microwave radiation. His video is a very important one to watch. Please try to watch it to the end if you would. At first he goes through his background which explains his credentials, and then he gets into the how normal household microwave RF Radiation, like that emitted by baby monitors, can cause crib death and DNA damage to children. It is really worth watching.

Low Frequency Analog Baby Monitors

I want to start here by saying that the best answer is not to use a baby monitor. Or at least if you do, be sure and put it in a steel mesh waste basket like this image on the below left and then set it as far away from the baby as you can, and still hear them. The metal mesh basket will reduce

Walmart Mesh Basket

90% to 95% of the radiation, and the distance will dissipate the rest. (disclaimer: be sure and get a meter and test for yourself to be sure.) But if you insist on having a baby monitor, or if your spouse insists, then lets talk about which ones are the lowest emitting, or most safe.

Here are the three analog baby monitors that I have heard the best things about. These are all by Safety First. I am showing the ads for them on so that you can click on each of them and read about them if you wish to. Here we go:


With these I believe they all operate using 49 MHz frequency. If so these are all analog and in the regular “Radio waves” portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means they are much, much, safer than digital baby monitors that emit microwaves. Remember radio waves are not microwaves until at least 1 GHz. The trade off is you won’t have all of the features, and probably less range than with a digital baby monitor.

As long as a baby monitor operates on 49 MHz, I think you would be okay not having it in a metal mesh waste basket. Any of the digital or higher frequency ones, even if they have Eco-Mode I would not use them without sticking them in a metal mesh waste basket, but that is just me. Some analog baby monitors use the 900 MHz frequency. That is pretty close to 1 GHz. Although safer than a higher frequency baby monitor, I would still stick it in a metal mesh basket and as far from my baby as I could.

Higher Frequency Analog Baby Monitors

Alright here are 3 900 MHz frequency monitors. Be careful with the one that has a video camera. It is digital and I could not tell by reading about it if it operated using Bluetooth or other higher frequency WiFi. It is 900 MHz, but if it also uses Bluetooth to connect to the monitor that is 2.45 GHz. Just know that the more features, the higher the frequency they typically need and the less safe they are. Here are these:


 By the way on all of these be sure and read the reviews and make your own educated decision. I am just listing examples of the different frequency models here, I am not recommending any particular model. The lower the frequency the safer is my point.

Eco-Mode Low Emission Baby Monitors

On these Eco-Mode I want to start off with my buyer beware disclaimer. I have people that have read this website, gone to Amazon and picked out an Eco-Mode baby monitor only to get it and not be able to figure out how to turn on Eco-Mode. I am not sure what the issue was because I had not ordered that model. Just please do your research before you buy one. I am giving you what to look for and why, but I have not checked out every model.

Eco-Mode are digital baby monitors that put out microwave range RF Radiation. The only reason they are considered “low” or “lower” emission is because they only emit RF Radiation when they sense motion in the room or pick up noise. The rest of the time they emit zero RF Radiation. Me personally I would have to recommend the lower 49 MHz models which are undoubtedly the safest.

If you do opt to go with a Eco-Mode model be sure and stick it in a metal mesh basket and keep it as far as possible from your baby. This may interfere with the camera feature. I would not care, but that is just me. Here we go:


If You Buy A Baby Monitor

Okay let me preface this paragraph with the fact that in saying what I am about to say I do not mean to insult or belittle anyone, least of all you who read this. But my job with this website is to give you the facts, the blunt facts, and not sugar coat anything.

One thing that I have noticed is the people who take the time to look up the scientific studies I linked to earlier in this article, and watch the videos I insert, typically choose to either go with no baby monitor, or a 49 MHz model.

Those who just read this article without watching the videos or reading the studies usually end up with buying either an Eco-Mode, or a regular digital baby monitor. I am basing this off of friends I know who read this material or who I explain it to and show them.

So the only thing I ask is if you go with one of the digital baby monitors, please at least use the metal mesh waste basket idea I discuss above. You can set the monitor in one and then set it 6 to 10 feet away on a dresser or end table. It does not eliminate all of the radiation, but it will most.

Smart Meters

There are some other devices that most of us have in or on our homes that emit a lot of this same RF Radiation. First lets start with gas and electric smart meters. Unlike a baby monitor or WiFi Router, smart meters do not emit RF Radiation in a constant full power stream.

They emit smaller amounts of RF Radiation continuously, and then emit full power blasts approximately every 30 to 45 seconds, depending on your power company. Smart meters typically use either the 902 MHz or the 2.4 GHz frequencies.

These blasts, according to “Dr. Laura Pressley Ph.D. from Austin TX, of (who has a doctorate in Physical Chemistry and holds four U.S. Patents in semiconductor device technology), emit up to 60,000 micro-watts per meter squared.

This is 60 times the United States RF Radiation safety limit. Most WiFi Routers or Baby Monitors emit less than 5,000 micro-watts per meter squared, which is 5 times the US safety limit. Plus since smart meters are attached to every circuit in your home, they cause Dirty Electricity,

rexburg smart meter

another form of RF Radiation, to be emitted from every circuit in your home. If you see the picture above right, it is of a smart meter covered with something called a “Smart Meter Guard“. A Smart Meter Guard installed properly will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation coming out of a smart meter.

The only way for RF Radiation to escape a smart meter is through the face and sides of a meter. It cannot go through the metal electrical box. It will go around the box like it was not there, but cannot with a Smart Meter Guard installed covering it. They really work slick.

WiFi Routers

Another serious RF Radiation emitter is the WiFi Router. From my tests these emit very close to as much radiation as a baby monitor does. However they are always using either the 2.4 GHz,  or 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. There even some newer 5G Routers out now that emit the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 60 GHz frequencies!

WIFI Router Guard

Just like a regular baby monitor a WiFi Router emits at full blast twenty four hours a day seven days a week as long as it is on. They usually emit somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 micro-watts per meter squared.

There is a really cool product out now however that you can stick a WiFi Router in that will block 90% to 95% of the RF Radiation a router emits, while still letting enough out where you can still use the WiFi. It is called the “WiFi Router Guard“.

My son still lives with us while he is in college and really likes to have WiFi to use with his laptop. With the WiFi Router in the WiFi Router Guard, in most of the house I don’t even measure any RF Radiation coming from the router, because of the WiFi Router Guard blocking it, but still anywhere my son is in the house he can still watch YouTube, Netflix or Hulu on his laptop, and never complains.

Again, hard wiring your internet, plugging in your computers and turning off the WiFi feature is best. Then it emits zero RF Radiation. But if you must have a WiFi Router the WiFi Router Guard is an excellent alternative.

Cordless Phones

A lot of people don’t even have land lines anymore. However of the ones that do, it surprises me how many have a cordless phone, or two. Cordless phones are worse than cellphones. They are just as bad as baby monitors and WiFi Routers because the emit at full power, from both the base, and from each handset, all the time 24/7 whenever they are on. And they typically use the 2.4 GHz frequency just like WiFi Routers.

My advice for cordless phones is to throw them in the garbage. Get a good corded phone if you want to have a landline. Corded land line phones emit zero RF Radiation. I don’t think it would be very practical to stick your cordless phone in a metal mesh waste basket, unless you really are throwing it away! Some cordless phones do however come with “Eco-Mode”, just like some baby monitors. These emit zero RF Radiation unless sending or receiving a phone call.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of other things in our homes that emit RF Radiation like baby monitors. More than I have time to go over in this article. Just remember that if you want me to teach you how to go through your home room by room and lower all of your radiation emissions in your home down to safe levels, I do that in my article entitled “The Protect Your Family From RF Radiation Guide“. If you will do that, lower every room in your home down to safe RF Radiation levels, you family will be healthier as a result.

Please see also my article entitled “7 Examples of Low Emission Baby Monitors” and “Are Video Baby Monitor’s Safe? Here Are The Facts.

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